Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where Do I Fall on the polical spectrum You decide

Many people assume that I am far right because I lothe Marxists of all stripes. Marxists are the enemy of America and Western Civ. Most are mental patients like John Brown who are codled by the system. Even the Duck who I like is missing a few cards from his deck. Ducky should be given a luxury suite and cable at club Gitmo.

The far left has made the war on terror and abortion its litmus tests. As a Jew I am concerned about thocracy. However, it is not likely to come from Christians who recognize the division between Civil and theological law. In fact I have never been the recipient of any anti semitic abuse from Christians who have welcomed me as a friend into their homes and churches as a Jew. The groups most likely to impose actual theology are the deranged accolytes of Marx and Jihadi lunatics.

There is a global problem with the followers of Allah being unable or unwilling to get along with others. If you are viewing Islam through the prism of your own religon think again. Does your religion advocate global hegemony and Jim Crowe? If you are Ducky the answer is yes but for the rest of us the answer is no.

Lets go down the list


I am for a Jared Diamond type approach of sustainable and responsible use of resources. Lets drill in ANWAR but use the reasonably safest approach to minimize risk to the environment. The notion is sustainable development and hunting is a part of the process.

Safety net

I understand that some are unable to work due to disability. Most welfare recipients are children. Drug and alcohol testing should be required to maintain benefits. I support workfare as more humane then welfare.

Government Regulation

I support regulatory agencies suck as OSHA, EPA and FDA. However I would like to streamline rules so that the average person could understand them. The notion is balance between government and the private sector.


I am a Union member and support the right of workers to unionize. I would chane the laws and require officers to have worked at least a decade.I would also like to reduce political contributions to one percent of Union dues. Unions are a public trust and not a slush fund for far left nuts.

Health Care

I favor the creation of tailored default national insurance. This would allow people to buy policies suited to their needs and would end the state by state mayhem. I do not need aroma therapy and am willing to pay for a policy that excludes that option.


I favor legal vocational based immigration from countries that the US has historic ties with or are crucial to our future like India and China. The notion of family based immigration is no longer optimal.

Gay Rights.

I favor civil unions but am against marriage. Gays should be entitled to respect and human dignity like the rest of us. I define marriage as a religious term and I do not want Ruth Bader Ginsburg deciding my religious terms. I use the term respect rather then tolerance. All humans deserve respect except for Utopians whose lunacy endangers all of us.


I loathe nanny state taxes on gasoline, tobacco and alcohol. Regressive taxation is an abomination.

Second Amendment

I am against gun control as disarming the population is often a prelude to genocide.

Foreign Policy

I would like to see a more Pro Indian US foreign policy. India,Canada, China and Brazil are part of our future France is part of our past.

I will answer more questions as they are raised. I have always been an anti Communist Liberal. The problem is that term is now the home of John Kerry who has a record of appeasing Communists. I do not negotiate or work with Communists and believe that they should be placed in a suitable environment such as an insane assylum. If Commies break the law they should be denaturalized and deported even if they were born here.

Beamish in 08


the merry widow said...

Beaker- I agree on the environmental issues, wise use and not so common sense! I call it good stewardship!
Punishment should be unpleasant, not a danger to life and limb, but an experience the sane person doesn't want to repeat!
As for Europe, yes we have an historical tie, but India is a better choice for future alliances, for now. Europe seems hellbent on suicide, I don't want to join them in the morgue!


kev said...

I've been reading you for some time and, based on that and on your current post, it is my opinion that you are a thinking conservative. Please pardon my redundancy!

Always On Watch said...

If Commies break the law they should be denaturalized and deported even if they were born here.

Might open up a lot of teaching positions at the universities.

beakerkin said...


I certainly respect Conservatives but I am more on the moderate side.

the merry widow said...

AoW- Ever aspired to professorship? Even deptment head?


FLORIAN said...

No Kev--Beaker is a right-wing zealot. J/K. He's moderate I would say. I'm probably an extremist in his eyes.
Beaker, I like your perspective on relations with India. We need them--more than most Americans realize.

Jason_Pappas said...

Ed Koch called himself a “common sense liberal.” Of course today’s Democrats call him a conservative. I assume no automatic stigma to the labels liberal or conservative. I may part way with moderates on some issues but it is with respect.

Sadly, today’s Democratic Party can’t tolerate their moderates. Look at the flak Lieberman is getting. Moderate in the Democratic Party have had to keep their mouth shut or risk ostracism. Many just leave. Most moderates I know, they say the Democrat Party has changed and left them.

Truman, Scoop Jackson, etc. ... we need a sane Democratic Party for a real debate. The Far Left is too absurd. It's my thesis that the absurdity of the Far Left has been the main asset for Republican electoral victories.

The last two Democratic Presidents (Clinton and Carter) campaigned as moderates or conservatives. Carter ran as a born-again conservative. And Clinton called himself a New Democrat. Now they may have been wearing sheep's clothing but they knew a Far Left image was a losing proposition. As Billy-boy discovered, you can't run as a moderate and assume you can govern as a radical (no socialized medicine) ... especially if you only got 40% of the popular vote.

Dems need to go back to their grass root constituency.

Always On Watch said...

I guess that I'm pretty happy where I am--with homeschoolers. But the possibilities of Beak's proposal are indeed interesting.

The Dems whom I personally know aren't happy with their Party these days. Nevertheless, many are still voting the Party line. But not all!

Ed Koch called himself a “common sense liberal.”

Common sense today seems to be a rare commodity on the political scene.

It's my thesis that the absurdity of the Far Left has been the main asset for Republican electoral victories.

I think so, too.

Always On Watch said...

HERE is something you might be interested in. Maybe you have a particular name you'd like to reserve?

I don't personally know anyone who perished on 9/11, but I'm joining the project. Perhaps my student who likes to write free-verse poetry will write a special piece.

Mr. Ducky said...

Sounds like a Libertarian approach, or as I call them "The People of the Do Not Disturb Sign". The sandbox kids.

Everything is fine so long as it works to your favor.

When you dig down it's not a viable philosophy and it is also one that it's adherents refuse to analyze deeply.

beakerkin said...

I will let the readers ponder the comedy of a " Marxist" claiming that Liberterians do not have a viable philosophy. I am not a Liberterian but I respect that approach and am somewhat sympathetic. Marxist still have 100,000,000 failures to explain.

the merry widow said...

I guess I'm more of a Constitutionist, though I'm registered as a Libertarian. I'm for common sense approach that respects people enough to get out of thier way when they are legally out to improve thier lot in life and thier childrens! I'm for a strong military because you don't deal with bullies by making nice!
And don't even think of taking my guns away!


Mr. Ducky said...

merry widow, your guns bore us. We don't want to take them away and we aren't particularly interested in what you own.

as for the strong military...do you ever stop to think we are the bully at times?

I am curious why you would support, first Raygun, who engineered a massive wealth transfer from the working class to the upper class and now Bush II who is engineering the same thing.
To me it seems unfortunate that you can't see were your self interest lies.

the merry widow said...

If you think I am a candidate for leftistahood, forget it. Actually, we did better with Reagan, the economy did so well for Clinton because of the headstart given it by Reagan! Our taxes were less, I'm not totally happy with Bush, but mostly unhappy about the turn the Rep. took. As for my guns, I don't care, I was making a political statement in agreement with Beakerkin, it wasn't aimed at you!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Beamish Report Card on Beakerkin's politics:

Environment: B+
Safety Net: F
Government Regulation: D
Unions: F
Health Care: F
Immigration: C
Gay Rights: C
Taxes: B
2nd Amendment: A+
Foriegn Policy: B

Notes: You can raise your grades by advocating the destruction of "safety nets," government regulations, unions, and national socialist health care plans.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


No one brings their own water to the river.

Mr. Ducky said...

They do if the river is plluted.

kev said...

Ducky, regarding your last sentence, I've thought that so many times about those of us to the left. I suppose it's all individual interpretation. On the subject of military bullies, however, has anyone here read that an Iraqi general described the two soldiers found dead as having been brutally tortured? Wonder if anyone from the left, kennedy, kerry, and murtha (moe, curly and shemp--sorry, it just came out) included, will make raging speeches against their "freedom fighters," since they've gotten so much mileage out of their portrayals of our people as torturers. Now they'll have a gauge of what real torture is like from expert torturers for future reference.

Mr. Ducky said...

kev, myself I would ask Attorney General Gonsalves about his "tortur memo" and ask folks what they think of the Guantanamo screw up.

Now some where trying to make the point that the convention was also in place to protect our soldiers also. Was it Rummy the Dummy who said that the Geneva convention is quaint?

Now just what do you want, kev? Someone standing up and saying this is proof that we haven't killed enough iraqis? An eye for an eye and we go blind. Sheer unecessary loss and the continuation becomes nothing short of stupidity.

Robert Bayn said...

Beak your just right of Center, which is a good spot, The wingers will always have a problem with your positions, and that's a good thing, because if your pissing them both off, you must be doing something right.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
You're one tough grader! ;)

thedecider said...

beaker, you said...

"Gays should be entitled to respect and human dignity like the rest of us."

So why shouldn't they be free to marry the person that they love and have made a committment to?

Why should YOUR beliefs interfere with a gay person's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

How does a gay relationship affect your life?

thedecider said...

"Sadly, today’s Democratic Party can’t tolerate their moderates. Look at the flak Lieberman is getting."

Can you name a Republican liberal?

Lieberman is getting no flak from the Democratic establishment.

He's right in sync with the corporate-enabled, Iraq war supporting DLC faction that is presently dominant in the Democratic party.

beakerkin said...

Decider Welcome to the blog.

I do support civil unions as do a surprising number of fairly Conservative posters. Civil Unions would have all the benefits of marriage and this the position supported by such Conservaives as Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

I define marriage as a religious term. Most religions have strict rules about marriage. I believe in the cleavage between Civil Law and theological law. I do not want an ACLU freak like Ruth Bader Ginsburg
deciding my religious terms.

A gay relationship does not affect my life. However, I do not think you have the right to redefine my religious terms. Civil Unions offer you every benefit and are a Civil remedy to a practical need.

thedecider said...

Why does "your" religious terms determine how gay people, many of whom are more responsible and committed to their relationships than straights, live their lives and raise their families?

A gay relationship has nothing to do with "your" religion.

You seem to want to determine how they conduct their lives when it has nothing to do with yours.

zinla said...

Ducky, they'll only bring it to the river if you spell polluted right.

And, I'm nuts about kev..loved his first post.

And, Beak..........I hate to admit it, always thought I was FAR more conservative than this, but I pretty much agree to your whole list. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! GOD HELP ME!! zinla

MissingLink said...

It all depends where you are Beak.
I was astonished to learn I was a conservative in Oz.
Back in Poland I was a radical.
And the funny thing is I haven't changed my views.
In my opinion being a conservative doesn't mean a supportin or not a list of issues. It means how we rationalize our /stand/decisions and how we go about implementing change.
People who must have a system to rationalize life for them - are born totalitarians.
Just an opinion.

BZ said...

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Follow BZ to the IntrepidFlame

beakerkin said...


As you are new to this blog I am not a religious person. I have a deep respect for religious people. I do not want government in your personal life and I want government out of houses of worship.

The question is not "my" religious views or lack of them. Who gives you the right to redefine the religious terms of millions? Will you want to redefine Bar Mitzvahs or Baptisms next?

Religion is not PC and by nature it has a set of followers who have the divine messsage. I am not troubled by those who preach as a Jew that I am hell bound. I do not care if I am excluded from a house of worship. The reality is many Churches have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. I do draw the line when clergymen start exhortation to criminal acts of violence and this does happen.

Most religious people understand the division between theological and civil law. A Civil Union is a remedy created largely to ensure the reality you seek. The Civil Union has all the benefits of marriage and you have the opportunity to have every right available to heterosexual couples.

beakerkin said...


You have me confused with someone else. I am a Cold Warrior and have zero patience with far left types.
The history of your movement is rife with treason and deception. I wish you good luck on promoting your site but try your luck with people more inclined to your point of view.

beakerkin said...


In reality most of us are individuals and do not fit into neat packages. I have always maintained that I was a moderate who as a patriot loathed Marx and racial power nuts.

The problem we have is that the left has lost all perspective of what it means to be a conservative.
Historic liberals oppose tryanny of all stripe. John Kerry has made a career out of appeasing communists and he is not alone.

You are always welcome here.

The Merry Widow said...

You have it Felis, conservatives tend to think things through for themselves. There are those who just vote party! I find them to be intellectually lazy, one man's trash is another man's treasure! You are the latter!


Mr. Ducky said...

zinia, I apologize. My keyboard sticks, I don't proofread, so letters are dropped.

You abviously understood the text but thanks for playing. When a rethug is in a corner they often resort to spelling correction.

"Conservatives tend to think things through for themselves". Like the war in Iraq, merry widow?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You have just got to get over this absurdly ludicrous notion that leftists are capable of rational thought. It makes you seem uninformed and rather apathetic to the fact that people generally view you as a moron.

I understand that my "No one brings their own water to the river" analogy went over your underdeveloped head, so perhaps I should spell it out for you.

All governmental forms, good, bad, and ugly, are in the business of redistributing wealth. Some as a purpose, others as a side effect.

The "river water" is what people get out of participation in the social contract that formed their government.

You criticize "libertarians" for wanting their arrangements in the contract (the distribution of the "river water") to be beneficial, even gainful.

But you, as a leftist, want to call a desert a "river" and serve cups of sand to everyone.

The Merry Widow said...

Ducky- Yes, I did. Ever deal with a schoolyard bully? What works with a bully person works for a bully nation! Have there been anymore planes flown into buildings since that teenager in Tampa? Hmm? Maybe a right cross discourages bullies.


Possum said...

Merry Widow,

Yes! What is so hard to understand about that? A bully MUST be punched in the nose! If you don't he WILL keep hitting you. For sure. Every single time. Were these people who don't know that born yesterday? Punch him in the nose and he goes home crying to his mamma. Because bully = coward.

Bullying is an ACT to CONTROL by TERRIFYING, like a cat does when it hisses and its fur stands all on end and it puts a look right through you that curdles your blood. But if you step toward it and yell "Boo!" Kitty flees. It's a way of winning by scaring the enemy to death.

Backing down one inch in any way is as self-destructive as it is stupid. The only language terrorists/bullies speak is the old punch in the nose.


I found but few minor points of disagreement with you, mainly on civil unions, though my mind is still open on that. I too consider myself a liberal. My party left ME. The only change in my opinions is that I now know how my perceptions of the Republicans had been manipulated to paint me a false picture of them and all their economic proposals as bad, or worse -- diabolical plots to fatten the rich at the expense of the poor. Those tax cuts worked. Socialism in Russia and the rest of Europe is proving that it's unsustainable. New Orleans proved how helpless people become when nannied by the government. So, my views in that area have shifted a little rightward, but not much. Like, I don't want Social Security privatized, but supplementing it with individual accounts is a good idea. I no longer trust the Democrats. It seems to me that they just bribe votes by promising to play Robin Hood with other people's money -- no matter what the consequences would be. I think the moderates in both parties have more in common with each other than they have in common with the extremists in their own party.