Sunday, June 04, 2006

Danger Will Robinson !!!!!! Captain Beamish clear the decks. Comander Warren send wommen and children to high ground. BEAKERKIN RANTS NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank our three stooges of dementia for this rant. This has been building for a while but now is the time and place for a John Brown decapitation.

Brown defines stupidity each and every day on this blog. He cries about racism and slavery but is an apologist for the two largest practitioners of Slavery Communists and Jihadist. He also uses a racist term to describe Warren as " Sambo" the indian killer. No doubt that if one of us used the term to describe Veggietown he would scream. Uptown is a classic joke as he ignores Ducky's use of a racist term to describe Condi Rice as Aunt Jemmimah as well as Brown's use of Sambo.

Lets see who was the last group to massacre actual Native Americans. It was none other then the darlings of the left the Sandanistas massacre of the Miskito Indians. Chomsky the supreme moron of the left still defends the Sandanistas today. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means took up arms against the Marxist thugs . Guess which group sent mercenaries to aid the slaughter of Indians ? John Brown's favorite fake indigenous people were among foriegn internationale vermin serving as merceneries. The person who sent arms to the Indians was RONALD REAGAN.

Moving on to slavery guess what is the religion of those who practice it today ? That is right folks Muslims are still enslaving and killing Blacks today. Moreover, the Eastern Slave trade was far more numerous then the western one railed at by Veggietown and Brown. Both have little to say about the rampant history of Islamoslavery. Nor was Islamoslavery limited to blacks as Europeans were also sold.

Brown also forgets that his beloved Communists had their own variant of slavery called Gulags. Brown defends an ideaology that created a series of penal plantation slavery and rails about Rikers Island and Tookie Williams . Rikers Island is a tourist spot compared to the hell holes created by Marx. Many of the inmates of the Gulags were of the wrong class, ethnicity, political and religious prisoners but Brown is so worried about Mummia.

Colonialism is another area where Brown needs to buy a clue. Veggietown has a labotomy and has an excuse. The greatest practitioners of Colonialism are those wonderful people of the religion of rest in peace. They have invaded a series of land and occupied wide swaths for 1400 years. Indigenous Jews, Christians, Hidooooos, Bhooooodists, Zoroastrians and Pagans were treated to Jim Crowe, Ethnocide, Slavery and Sometimes Genocide all in the name of Allah. How this group with its history of brutality becomes the prime victim remains unknown to all but Marxist clowns.

Speaking of colonialism the Soviet Union had a nasty habit of invading other lands. This habit was also repeated by China who have their own mess in Tibet with a genuine indigenous people. Communists also trained a cadre of thugs and started insurections in a host of countries.

Other wonders of Marxism liberation of the people by planned starvation in the Ukraine and Eithiopia. Who can forget Killing Fields or Boat People ? Or the first nation in recorded history that built walls to keep people in. Lets see Brown rails about the Israeli defense wall but is an appologist for a system that built walls to keep people in.

Moving ahead to ethnic cleansing a topic Brown loves to talk about. Who put Muslims on cattle cars and deported them to die in a frozen wastland. The wonderous commies starved Ukrainians and sent Poles, Balts and a whole series of others to die in Siberia. He points the finger at Israel but ignores a Judenrhein and increasingly Christofrei Muslim states. He also ignores massacres of blacks by Arabs in Sudan.

Brown is also part of the growing contingent of the flat earth society. His former Soviet Union listed Jew as a nationality. Every reputable version of history has Jews being the indigenous people of Israel except . Brown seems to think Arab invaders are indigenous except that they arived around 1400 years ago and have plenty of real estate allready.

What we have seen here is the total hypocrisy of Brown, Duncy and Veggietown. Slavery , Colonialism, Ethnic Cleansing, Jim Crowe and Human rights abuses are OK when sanctioned by the Koran or Manifesto.

The best use for Browns head is as a Bowling Ball as he hasn't used his brain in years. Maybe some of his buddies from the religion of rest in peace will help him out. Sing it Abdul Allah Ahkbar Baby and slice away Brown will even blame the Neocons and Zionists as you chop his head . Who can ask for better service then that ? A beheading in Browns case qualifies as an improvement.

Comming up next round two of Communism as an Alternative Lifestyle featuring 167, Ducky, John Brown, Robert Lindsay with a special guest cameo by Uptown Steve.


the merry widow said...

Rant on, a work of art and truth! It's like the joke about why a man's brain costs more for transplant, because it's never been used! jobro's should bring a premium amount! It has really never been used! uppity's would run a close second!
Good morning and G*D bless all!


JINGOIST said...

That ladies and gentleman, in one well packaged rant is the Marxist "reality" that we've all come to know and love.
Beak these people are just brainwashed. I know you've seen that same LOOK in the eyes of a Hari Krishna or even Tom Cruise when he jumped on Oprah's couch. They are nothing more than practioners of a malignant religion.


Always On Watch said...

This has been building for a while...

And the wait was worth it, from my point of view.

How did you hold this in for so long?

JINGOIST said...

That's a good question AOW. I really enjoy a well delivered rant. Which is why Ann Coulter happens to be one of my favorites. Now if she would only take her tapeworm medicine...


Always On Watch said...

Ann Coulter doesn't hold back, so I read most of what she writes. I've gotta get her new book.

But she does indeed look anorexic.

Elmer's Brother said...

i haven't bowled in years. this should up my average.

Always On Watch said...

i haven't bowled in years. this should up my average.


Last time I bowled, I threw 16 gutter balls in a row, followed by a strike!

beakerkin said...

AOW this rant has been building for a while but now I am in full mode.

John Brown said...

Blah, blah, blah, Toady. You simple-minded rhetoric demonstrates the same sort of anti-historical, anti-factual mindset AoW looks for in its "Amerikaner Training" class. You're a fool who wallows, revels, and glorifies in ignorance. Meanwhile, life goes on all around you.

You sit there on your knees, denying reality and sucking off Uncle Sam, who is at the moment slaughtering unarmed civilians - attacking pregnant women, children, and the handicapped - in Iraq and in Afghanistan and running torture chambers and concerntration camps from Guantanamo to Chicago to Bagram.

You're an apologist for African slavery and ethnic cleansing - from Palestine to New Orleans to the genocide of those native to Sam's Plantation.

And you do so while defending the Nazi-loving, alCIAda collaborating, Saddam arming Bush family.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam's ass-kicking in Iraq and the resulting HEAD COFFINS continues...

John Brown said...

It's been more than a month, Toady, since you said you'd serializing your favorite pro-Nazi book.

Any word on a timeline yet?

Brooke said...

Hey Beak!

I feel your pain, to quote an infamous quasi-socialist whom we all know and don't love.

Check this out.

beakerkin said...

Lets see zero points adressed by Brown. Nor is the mention of who invaded and slaughtered more then 1,000,000 Afghans in the first place.

Speaking of Books I have a nice one on the KGB. It explains how the plethora of conspiracy books about the JFK assasination were underwritten with KGB dollars . They were trying to divert attention from Oswalds Communism. They generally centered around big oil.

The J Edgar Hoover as a homosexual bit was KGB disinformation.

The KGB also tried to undermine Martin Luther King and replace him with a more pliant Commie type.

The KGB also gave money to Mark Lane through a second party. Oooops Lane has ties to Lurch dating back from his days as the leader of a Communist front group VVAW. His co founder Al Hubbard was a fake Vietnam veteran, fake pilot and actual Communist. When did John Kerry know this ?

There is more to come

Elmer's Brother said...

JB I have an appointment at Brunswick for a couple of games today. Could you do me a favor and get a shampoo before you show up.

Elmer's Brother said...

btw I used to have a bowling bag but now I just use a HEAD COFFIN

Mr. Ducky said...

Now let's see slavery is indeed practiced by some muslims. It is also common in non-muslim southeast asian countries. It is also practiced in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Now what does Beak propse be done to eradicate slavery. Start ranting about the ragheads? That won't do beak. Checj back in when you have something to say.

Warren said...

Excuse me, I want to make sure the pervert doesn't ignore this:

Warren said...

Juan said,
" Duck,

It gets no more "low grade" than someone who pretends to understand Marx pulling the lever for a slave to Bank of America like John Kerry.

Sambo Warren the Injun Killer is who he is for obvious reasons."

Yes, the reason is that you are a deviant that uses the Internet for sexual gratification, (plus a smooth brained idiot), and I pointed that fact out.

When people find out that you're masterbating while reading their replies to your juvenile posts, you go all limp, (so to speak), so the main point of your posting is negated.

Its quite evident you have a problem with syntax, (that means you don't understand what words mean when they are put together in things called "sentences"), or semantics, (thats means that you don't understand the connotative meanings of words used in context).

I could go on and on trying to explain the meanings of words to you but its like casting pearls before Marxist swine.

I've even tried to correct your stupid and improper use of mixed racial slurs to no avail.

Do you care to respond to those Marx quotes I posted showing his support of slavery and racist nature? (I won't hold my breath).

In fact, when anyone has addressed you in a civil manner you simply attack them and pull a well worn slogan from your filtly, over used, bag of revolutionary marxist bullshit and tripe.

Where does "head coffins" come from?

I know and I've pointed it out. Its another example of your inability to comprehend.

From, Bob Dylans "High Water".

"High water risin', six inches 'bove my head
droppin' in the street
Like balloons made out of lead
Water pourin' into Vicksburg, don't know what I'm going to do
"Don't reach out for me," she said
"Can't you see I'm drownin' too?"
It's rough out there
High water everywhere"

You're simply unable to comprehend that the words "head" and "coffins" should be seperated by a full stop, (period). The song probably appeals to your vanity as an armchair "revolutionary" as does the appeal of a bogus "folk hero" like little Bobby Zimmerman.

You have the presumption of trying to propagandize the history of American Indians without knowing anything about their various cultures and traditions, (that you would gladly destroy for the sake of meaningless "revolution"). I suspect that you believe that your sexual deviancy would be accepted in such a world.

I won't tell you the same thing I told l'il stevie, you have nothing to "get over". My advice to you is, blow your brains out and do everyone in the world a favor! (I'll pay for the bullet.)

beakerkin said...


Glad you asked about slavery but alas you forget about its greatest practitioners in Cuba and North Korea. Sadly the rainbow scarved European ex commie types have zero interest in actual human rights.

They just pay lip service to fake indigenous people and watch as people die around the world. Scores dead in Sudan is passe, Scores near starvation in Mozambique passe lets run with underwear on the head at Abu Gharib.

I am reading a book about the KGB and the Joooo and Gay obsessions are interesting. The KGB searched long and hard for evidence of Scoop Jackson's Judaism and homosexuality, They were also firmly convinced that Zbigniew Brezinski had Jewish roots. This Jew obsession reached its comedic apex when the KGB started the story of a Jewish cabal aimed at Soviet Emigation to Israel led to the end of the Nixon presidency.

This Joooooo obsession seans constant with you guys on the left.
The historic homophobia on the far left is under reported.

John Brown said...

Sambo Warren the Injun Killer,

Here's one thing I know about those indigenous to Sam's Plantation: they were exterminated by the same GI Joes to which you pledge allegiance like an unthinking, ignorant, ahistorical moron.

You chose your loyalties, and that choice mark you as a turncoat of the highest order. Got that: you're a coward and a traitor!

By the way, you never replied to my offer to post a condemnation of the Nazi-loving Bush family's theft of Geronimo's skull. Just a reminder: that's a standing offer. But we know you won't respond. After all, you are Sambo Warren the Injun Killer.

PS: While I love Dylan, John Brown's HEAD COFFIN SHOP arose organically out of Uncle Sam's campaign to slaughter the handicapped in Iraq and torture the innocent at Guantanamo. And damn, business is good...

John Brown said...


Still trying in vain to distract from Uncle Sam's campaign to murder pregnant women, assassinate the handicapped, brutalize children and torture all of the above at their concentration camps, huh?

At some point, if you had a historical consciousness, you would feel embarrasment at your own blindness.

But I wont' hold my breath.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Isn't it funny that all LoBrow, Ducky, Uptownseteve, or any other leftist has to do to prove our central premise wrong is to demonstrate that they have brain activity in their skulls.

And they can't even do that.

Because they're idiots, like all good leftists are.

John Brown said...

You're a real lover of humna rights, Toady.

That is, unless the violations are committed by Nazi-loving, alCIAda training, Saddam funding people that you suck off. Right? If they do the crimes in realtime, it's ok by you.

In fact, you cheer them on.

John Brown said...

Is there be a bigger idiot in the world than CENSORMAN?

I mean, for the love of God, does he just paste the same bullshit over and over again - 'leftist' this 'leftist' that.

Does he pay a therapist to remain such a numb, foolish, servile stooge to torture, murder, BringItOn and his Nazi family? It takes a great deal of skill to remain as stupid as you do while consciously ignoring the day's news every day?

I guess you take your lessons from BringItOn, huh? Mindless repitition of meaningless words... absence of coherent or rational thought... detachment from reality.

Yep: you two are like twins, CENSORMAN.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yeah Beak, there's a jew angle in everything that happens in the world. Grow up or shut up.

Ditch the kahanist mantra. it's over. Time to move on.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Once again, let's examine the hyperbole of the tragically dimwitted, as provided by our patient who is suffering from advanced leftism:

Still trying in vain to distract from Uncle Sam's campaign to murder pregnant women, assassinate the handicapped, brutalize children and torture all of the above at their concentration camps, huh?

While most people would look at that senseless statement and wonder why "Uncle Sam" would bother "murdering pregnant women" and "assassinating the handicapped" only to transport their corpses to concentration camps for "torture," but apparently to the leftist mind, the "murdered" and "assassinated" can also be tortured afterwards.

Insensitively, we could laugh at such construction, if it weren't for the fact that we're acutely aware that leftists, having little to no developed or developable brainpower to call their own, can't help but to insist upon convincing people of their stupidity.

Pity the leftist, for he does not know, and can not know, anything.

And he'll prove it.

the merry widow said...

I see boring showed up again. With his pal ducky, I still think a good Peking Duck recipe is called for. As for jobro, nothing new out of his mouth.

P.S. EB- I believe jobro's head is too small for bowling, except for maybe a small child!

Elmer's Brother said...

tmw- I thought it was so large my kid woulnd't need bumpers?

beakerkin said...


Speaking of Kahane and your own Marxist stupidity why did the KGB fake letters from Kahane trying to incite a race war between Jews and blacks. This Jew obsession is a constant with you commies. An actual Kahanist would still be your moral superior. I find it amazing that actual commies would have the nerve to point their finger at anyone. Communism is just the class based variation of Nazism. Not that actual Commies haven't ethnically cleansed scores of people either.


The best remedy for human rights is to rid the planet of Marxists.
Marxist have a near monopoly on human misery from 1950 to the present date.

beakerkin said...

I want everyone to notice Ducky has no explanation for why we should make a distinction between deaths caused by marks and the economic system. I am certain Nazi and slavery apologists can spin the good sides of both evils.

John Brown has not adressed Islamo colonialism or the Sandanista massacre of Indians. Sorry Brown I know my history quite well and it doesn't change either. Is Ward Churchill left enough for you ? He had to go to Nicaragua and take up arms against the Sandanista butchers.

Warren said...

I see Juan, you still don't care to address the issue of Marx's racism and apologetics for black slavery.

We Injuns seem to move around a lot for "exterminated" people. Too many "Living Dead" movies?

Once again you prove your stupidity, (like anyone needs further proof).

I'd try to educate you but its like catching rain in a sieve. Here's a hint; words have meanings. You don't know what they are.

With your juvenile use of invective, (that ought to keep him busy with a dictionary for hours), I'm beginning to suspect you're a high school drop out.

Does your mommy know you're on the Internet?

Duck, since slavery was OK with Marx, I guess its OK with you.

John Brown said...

Is there be a bigger idiot in the world than CENSORMAN?

I mean, for the love of God, does he just paste the same bullshit over and over again - 'leftist' this 'leftist' that.

Does he pay a therapist to remain such a numb, foolish, servile stooge to torture, murder, BringItOn and his Nazi family? It takes a great deal of skill to remain as stupid as you do while consciously ignoring the day's news every day?

I guess you take your lessons from BringItOn, huh? Mindless repitition of meaningless words... absence of coherent or rational thought... detachment from reality.

Yep: you two are like twins, CENSORMAN.

John Brown said...

Sambo Warren the Injun Killer,

Marx wrote essay after essay in which he talked about Uncle Sam's Second Revolutionary War. They're easily available if you bothered to look.

But we all know that's laughable.

You've demonstrated time and time again how you'd prefer to rather remain a simple-minded, brainwashed ignoramus who prefers to suck-off Nazi-lovers than learn about the world.

What should one expect from an Injun Killer, though?

John Brown said...


Don't forget that you glorify Nazis by offering to serializing their books Nazi-lovers by refusing to condemn and demand the withdrawal of Uncle Sam's GI Joes from Iraq where it's torturing civilians, assassinating women, murdering the handicapped, and torturing whoever they feel like torturing in their little concentration camps.

Because people like you don't condemn Sam's genocide in Iraq... HEAD COFFINS every morning, afternoon, and night.

John Brown said...

Oops, I repeated that Uncle Sam is torturing civilians in the last message.

I'm sorry to have been redundant in repeating that Uncle Sam's torture squads torture Iraqi civilians in torture chambers.

But they do, don't they? I mean, we've got lots of pictures.

Warren said...

Still can answer those questions about Marx's racism and support for black slavery?

Imagine that!

Did he ever apologize, of course he didn't.

It seems you follow the ideology of racism and slavery, which is readily apparent to anyone reading your comments.

You must be a little upset. When a pervert gets outted, that happens.

What's the matter shit stain, are you so strapped for material that you repeat your posts in the same thread at different times?

No one even bothers to really read your posts anymore, its just the same old tired crap.

uptownseteve said...


You're not black are you?

Please don't tell me that your a black man.

Warren said...

Look retard (Stevie),
If you could read or were interested in anything besides your incessant whinning and own useless self, you'd know what I am.

uptownseteve said...

So are you black or not?

MissingLink said...

New headlines this morning are interesting:

Bystanders killed in shootings
From correspondents in Gaza
June 05, 2006

PALESTINIAN gunmen killed five bystanders in two separate shooting incidents in the Gaza Strip today as tension between rival factions in the impoverished territory deteriorated even further.

In the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, gunmen killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and another family member and wounded her husband and his brother, a Hamas militant, hospital sources said.

This is what happens when mujahadeen use civilians as their shield.

There weren't any Joos around.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Here we have some more stark examples of the devastating effects that leftism has on the human mind's ability to outsmart tree stumps.

Just as history shows that every truly racist government policy or program in Western civilization sprang from a leftist ideological initiative, we can expect leftists to openly and unashamedly broadcast their racism at every opportunity.

LoBrow, who has notably gone the extra far left mile to convince even his fellow leftist Ducky that he's an idiot, stands out with his continue calling of members of various ethnic groups that disagree with him "Sambos" and anyone opposed to Communism is a "Nazi." Particularly malicious (and absent of any sense of intellectual activity) is LoBrow's rude labelling of Jewish people as "Nazis." Never mind that the historical Nazis were both anti-Jewish and very much as left-wing as LoBrow.

No doubt when LoBrow and Uptownseteve disagree upon something, LoBrow will promptly inform Uptownseteve that he's a just a "nigger."

Speaking of Uptownseteve, his current inquiry into Warren's racial ethnicity should prove fun, given the totalitarian left's keen interest in racial identity.

It will be really funny to see what Uptownseteve's version of the Nazi Race Laws say a black man should be.

beakerkin said...


There is no affirmative action on this blog. You gave a condition for your departure. The condition was met and then you try and weasel your way out of a deal you offered. It makes zero difference to me what you do on other blogs. However days of discussion of La Shawn who I do not read is annoying . In the end your own description of your posts was sexual harassment. You denied the motel part and that was clearly in the post. Moreover you lied about the entire episode.

However we will hold you to your word just like anyone else. Moreover I did not seek you out nor do I care if you live or die.
This blog will not have to go over basic points of history that you have not bothered to read.


John Brown

The Black Book was written by French Socialists. If you had spent the time to read the first batch of pages you would know this. The crimes of Communism remain a historical fact. Gulags, Killing Fields, Ethnic Cleansing are all facts not opinions.

The book Sword and the Shield shows how the KGB opperates. Aids was created by the US Army was a story written by the KGB. The series of anti black letters written by Meier Kahane was also KGB forgeries. Let us not forget the classic big oil killed JFK to deflect attention from Oswalds Communism.

I could care less what your assesment of anything is. You are an ignoramus on countless subjects.
Colonilism, Slavery, Jim Crowe and ethnic cleansing are fine in your book as long as they are sanctioned by Koran or Manifesto.
Still no response to Commies killing Indians in Nicaragua. Still no response to genuine ethnic cleansing in the Soviet Union, China and Nicaragua. Still no response to planned famine in the Ukraine and Eithiopia.

You are a red genocide denier and a flat earth type. How anyone can take a mentally ill nut job like you seriously is beyond belief. Why don't you join your friend Veggietown on Florians site ?

Warren said...

Well, cuz,
I'm not going to tell him.

Everyone else seems to know so why can't this idiot figure it out?

Did you ever see this?

Marx's second daughter, Laura, married Paul Lafargue who, Engels said, had "one eighth or one twelfth Nigger blood". In 1887, Paul was a candidate for the Paris Municipal Council, in a district which contained the Jardin des Plantes and the Zoo. In a letter to Laura (April 26, 1887), Engels referred to:

"Paul, the candidate of the Jardin des Plantes - and the animals" and added: "Being in his quality as a nigger a degree nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us, he is undoubtedly the most appropriate representative of that district."

This letter (in German translation) is in Marx & Engels Werke vol. 36, 1967, p. 645

Warren said...


Engels used both the neutral term "negroes" and the derogatory "nigger". So he clearly knew what the different implications of the two terms were. "Nigger", is after all, an English word. Marx and Engels, both, used it in their German writings.

FLORIAN said...

Nice rant Beaker. Uppity does take the cake for being the most ignoramous.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Racism is a form of stupidity. Should it really be surprising to find racism articulated by leftist champions?

JINGOIST said...

I'm with you Beamish. These lefties do seem to notice a person's race before they even hear what's coming out of their pie hole.
Being somewhat new here I'm really surprised at how brain damaged John Brown and uptown sound.
You conservatives and libertarians will have to humor me for a minute as I hand out a bit of wisdom to our leftist flunkies.
The essence of a human being is between their ears and in their heart. It has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THEIR CONCENTRATION OF PIGMENTATION! Call that a free lesson for uptown. What a retard.
I hesitate to even post that since Jesse Jackson may steal the bold typed lines.


kevin said...

As the "Emancipator", I am opposed slavery and racsism.

the merry widow said...

That's probably why the commiesin the USSR considered Americans, mongels! Must have fried thier grits to lose the Cold War to the US! Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. heeheehehehe!
And there are people who still cling to that false philosophy from the pit of hell! The ability of the human mind to be so "flexible" is astounding!



John Brown said...


Sambo Warren the Injun Killer is himself an Injun. I wrote a profile of him a while ago.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Duck, since slavery was OK with Marx, I guess its OK with you."

Beautiful, warren. The symmetry of the reasoning is perfect.

How did a truck driver from the thumper regions of Indiana get so smart.

Go clean your weapon, dopey. You're firing blanks and boxing outside your weight.

beakerkin said...

Adios Steve you make a promise and are held to it.

Warren said...

What Ducky?

No answer?

Remember, we are talking about your prophet here.

Since St Karl supported black slavery are you for it too?

If you didn't consistantly make stupid statements, I wouldn't have to ask!

A couple more things, stupid, if I were a truck driver, I would still be your better.

You never did answer my question about your snake gun. If TSHTF are you going to shoot yourself with it?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Before I can properly deconstruct your argument into its component meaningless assertions, we first must deal with your unspoken and yet ridiculously indefensible hidden premise that leftists are actually physically capable of rational thought.

Now I know I harp on the left's inherent intellectual shortcomings damned near daily, so forgive me for overstating the obvious so much.

But humor me. If leftists are actually capable of rational thought, why do they fastidiously avoid doing so in front of witnesses?

John Brown said...





And so it goes.

John Brown said...


Since you're obviously well-versed in the writings of Marx, could you tell your captive audience who he suppored during Uncle Sam's Second Revolutionary War?

For what reason?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Although it warms my heart that you've learned to use the word "leftist" as a pejorative, you still have some targeting issues.

Real leftists, such as Robespierre and Marx, and their ideological children Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Guevara, Ortega, Chavez, Ted Kaczynski and the rest, all like you, are idiots.

Calling me a "leftist" because your ideology and the history of your ideological brothers is indefensible is, while yet another useful example of how leftists aren't equipped for rational discussions, still pretty encouraging if you think calling your right-wing intellectual superiors "leftists" is a insult.

I don't expect someone driven as you are by leftism to display ignorance at every turn to recognize that you're attempting to insult me with what you see in the mirror. It's your face, live with it.

Whoa. Hold on there pilgrim. Stop yourself. I know you're just itching to cut and paste one of your stock immature "I know you are but what am I" reply to my posts, but if I teach you nothing else, take to heart that Pee Wee Herman is not an intellectual. Try more brains, and less convincing imitations of a four year old whiner sentenced to a corner.

We wouldn't have these asides if you would just acknowledge that as a leftist, you're not ready for the heavy lifting involved in productive discussion.

But, to not disappoint, I wasn't aware that America had a "Second Revolutionary War" so I assume you mean the American Civil War that was contermporaneous with Karl Marx's life. Marx himself was critical of the Confederacy, but the tone of his support of the North (they had "superior weapons") and his romanticized highlights of nationalist / racial components (he believed soldiers of German descent carried the North to victory) coupled with Marx and Engels sub-intellectual conclusions that blacks were in a Darwinian evolutionary sense closer to the animal kingdom than white people (especially German white people) serve only to suggest Marx's actual place in history as a typical leftist might-makes-right racist proto-Nazi.

Got any hard questions?