Friday, June 02, 2006

This blog is not a special ed class

I was very patient with Uptown Steve before I decided to ban him. The reason he was banned is his never ending word games and general stupidity. We expect our readers to
have a general level of education. How Veggietown is unaware of the Soviet Nazi pact is beyond me. A typical stupid rant was complaining about the race of the DC sniper. The race of the DC sniper team was never mentioned in the post. His insane comparison to David Berkowitz was so absurd that it did not warrant the excellent response of Mr Beamish.

Veggietown likes to call other people Liars . This is fairly common on the far left as 167, Veggietown and many others do this so often they project their own behavior onto others. When you enter my blog you are entering the Beakerkin electronic bar . If you don't mind your manners out you go, hint to John " Demented " Brown.

Uptown started playing a series of word games. Prove this.... and when you do he ignores the evidence anyway. Thus this game was prove I harassed La Shawn and I will leave. His own description of La Shawns looks and inability to attract men is text book sexual harassment. The quote produced by Florian was exactly the quote I saw on La Shawn's site and indeed mentioned a group of White Boys in a Hotel room. This clearly was sexual harassment above and beyond all legalism.

They Veggietown and Ducky start crying that La Shawn hates black men. Number one I am not La Shawn Barber. Number two this is speculation at best and probable slander.
Then Veggietown starts to cry about right wingers. La Shawn is an American writer and as an American she can write whatever she pleases. If you don't like it start your own blog or dissent like a gentleman on her blog. Veggietown did neither and behaved in typical low class manner.

Being that Veggietown did not honor his word I honored it for him. As my friends in Union City say " Vaya Con Dios Puto and don't hurry back".


Elmer's Brother said...

good riddance

MissingLink said...

Well, it was getting a bit boring, repetitive and it was getting your posts miles off topic.
Just an opinion.

John Brown said...

Cut'N'Run Toady strikes!

FLORIAN said...

Oh well, uppy was entertaining while he lasted...perhaps he can troll around at my blog--THAT'S RIGHT UPPY, I'M INVITING YOU TO PLAY YOUR SILLY WORD GAMES AT MY BLOG! COME ON DOWN........
I won't ban you either-just ask John Brown.

nanc said...

just stopping by with the short bus to see if you have any riders - ALL ABOARD!!! beep-beep! hop on brownie - we'll getcha where you're going!

beakerkin said...


If you do not clean up your act you will follow. The bottom line is you come here for eyeballs. You will be punted in short order if you do not clean up your act.

You do not determine content or the direction of this blog. If you wish to designate me in the klan watch section that is your perogative.

Uptown was booted as he gave a condition for leaving it was met and he tried to weasel out. If you are stupid enough to make a promise I will hold you to it capish.

the merry widow said...

Agreed, Felis! And EB! I was getting turned off by the ganging up of the leftistas and hijacking of threads to satisfy thier craving for attention.
Generally, the denizens of said electronic bar are well behaved and a fun bunch to hang with, the conversations are stimulating and I learn quite abit, especially when you and Jason are around.
Thanks for the making an interesting place, Beaker!


FLORIAN said...

Beaks blog has been one of the most entertaining as of late. Keep it up buddy.

uptownseteve said...

I'm banned.


uptownseteve said...

"If you do not clean up your act you will follow. The bottom line is you come here for eyeballs. You will be punted in short order if you do not clean up your act."

What did brown do wrong?

Disagree with you?

beakerkin said...

Brown has been warned to knock off the ethnic slurs and stay on topic.
However the administration of my site is determined by me.

You made an offer the condition was met and you did not keep your word.

Florian has made an offer and you are encouraged to move on.

Warren said...

L'il stevie said,
"What did brown do wrong?

Disagree with you?

Oh, boo hoo, let's have some sympathy here for the mental miget tag team.

beakerkin said...


My response about the etnic cleansing done by Communists before the Nazis ever set foot in Russia is staggering at least 300,000 Poles and 1,200,000 Germans
not to mentions millions of others shipped in cattle cars to Siberia to die. A commie pointing the finger at Israel and talking about ethnic cleansing is cheap comedy.

uptownseteve said...


Florian did not produce my quote.

And I haven't seen any ethnic slurs from jb.

In addition to the fact that both jb and myself have been viciously attacked and insulted by your buddies.

But it's obvious what's going on here.


Were would righties be without it?


FLORIAN said...

What about all the Ukrainians, Fins, Lats, Ettes, Romanians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Czechs, Slovaks, Armenians, Georgians, Azeris, Chinese, Hungarians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, N.Koreans, Mongols, Tartars, and Belorussians that have been slaughtered by Communists?
The amount of death leftists have brought about on the world makes the efforts of Tamerlane and Salahaddine look like a kindergarten choir practice.

FLORIAN said...

I damn sure did produce your quote. YOU LIAR!

"One thing that comes through loud and clear about you LaShawn is that you DESPISE black men.

Have you found any white boys willing to take you any place but a roadside motel?

Have you met their parents?"

I said said motel...big deal.

Here's LaShawn's info on your computer uppy:
CustName: PaeTec Communications
Address: 600 Willowbrook Office Park
City: Fairport
StateProv: NY
PostalCode: 14450
Country: US
RegDate: 2005-04-05
Updated: 2005-04-05


Elmer's Brother said...

uppity you're the one that stuck around despite the "viciousness" of the attacks...Tell me do wear leather and a carry a whip while you blog? oh wait that's ducky

beakerkin said...

Uptown Florian did produce the quote and hotel/ motel is no great faux pas. Your post was clearly sexual harassment of Ms Barber. In fact if you did this at a work place you would be terminated. The quote as is proves the alllegation you harassed Barber. Moreover you did not honor your word to depart.

Brown deserves all the abuse he gets . Moreover you must be stupid to miss his Sambo the indian killer routine.

You may cry about censorship but you are owed nothing by me. Posting off topic and word games is enough. Keep your word and quit crying.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Why do we always hear from people who feel censored? Is this some sort of "I'm stupid enough to be leftist" mating call?

Elmer's Brother said...


do you ever hear "ride of the valkyries" when the morons post?

Always On Watch said...

Warren has it right when he says, "My site, my rules." The banned are free to rant at their own blogs.

I can wade through only so many repetitve hijackings before I cry, "Enough!"

Mr. Beamish,
Why do we always hear from people who feel censored?

Because they have to say something. "Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

the merry widow said...

AoW- They are a hot wind that brings no rain! I can enjoy differing opinions, I'm not that insecure, but juvenile behavior in "supposedly" grown men is a major turn off! I haved disagreed with Ecology on several things, but we have enough that we agree on and we treat each other with respect. Plus, sometimes when he gets going, he's a scream. Probably feels that way about me, the main thing is, he rarelly cusses, it's always to the point and about passion and he is honest about himself. Altogether someone well worth spending time with. Ducky is redeemed by not being a one note samba.


Always On Watch said...

The one-note samba is soooo boring. There is so much more to life!

John Brown said...

Is there be a bigger idiot in the world than CENSORMAN?

I mean, for the love of God, do you just paste the same bullshit over and over again. Mindless tripe: 'leftist' this 'leftist' that.

Do you pay a therapist to remain such a numb, foolish, servile stooge to torture, murder, BringItOn and his Nazi family? It takes a great deal of skill to remain as stupid as you do while consciously ignoring the day's news every day?

I guess you take your lessons from BringItOn, huh? Mindless repitition of meaningless words... absence of coherent or rational thought... detachment from reality.

Yep: you two are like twins, CENSORMAN.

John Brown said...


Don't exclude yourself from the censor parade.

Now, go back to your job of making people dumber, more racist, and more idiotic.

After all, Vanilla Sam's little classrooms are for training Amerikaners.

John Brown said...

Sambo Warren the Injun Killer has not made one serious point about any issue at any time, Toady. If you want to censor me for responding to his attacks, so be it. I don't bring up Sambo Warren or the fact that he's an Injun Killer until he attacks me. Otherwise, I have no need to address him, preferring instead to stay focused on the issue of Uncle Sam's daily massacres of innocent civilians - pregnant women, children, and the handicapped - and their European colonial settler ally's theft of Palestine. He's got nothing to say on these matters, preferring instead to to suck off BringItON and remain ignorant and clueless about the world.

That's his choice, and that's fine. But it does mean that I ordinarily don't have any interest or need to engage him. So if he wants to keep showing everyone that he's a loyal soldier to BringItOn, fine. But, if he attacks me, I will respond by pointing out the self-evident fact that he is Sambo Warren the Injun Killer.

You censored Uptown Steve because he made you look like a fool and dismembered your silly little arguments. He proved how easy it was to turn a couple dozen Amerikaner's into sputtering idiots.

So you got rid of him.

And now you - an ignorant apologist for Uncle Sam's racist gulags, racist attacks on pregnant women and the handicapped, and the racist use of chemical and nuclear weapons - may use my 'racism' as a pretext to censor me is a beautiful irony. Not unlike Uncle Sam citing the victim's 'Right to Privacy' (which doesn't even exist on the Plantation anymore) to censor photos from its torture chambers and rape rooms.

Meanwhile, Head Coffins.

nanc said...

beamish said, "Is this some sort of "I'm stupid enough to be leftist" mating call?"


nanc said, "must be because i cannot hear it and am therefore immune."

the merry widow said...

You're right Nanc, can't hear a thing...(crickets chirpping), isn't nature wonderful?


Elmer's Brother said...

C.S. Lewis wrote "Quarrelling means trying to show tht the other man is in the wrong. There would be no sense in trying to do that unless you and he had some agreement as to what right and wrong are; just as there would be not sense in saying that a footballer had committed a foul unless there was some agreement about the rules of football."

Arguing with these fools is useless, their sense of right and wrong is skewed.

Mr. Ducky said...

AOW, yes, JB's "sambo" attack is quite boring but no more so than beamish's warmed over Michael Savage routine.

Hell, at least JB has original material even if it is lowgrade at times.

Then thre's Beak accusing someone of playing "word games". Now how ironic is that?

beakerkin said...


Uptown made an offer to depart the conditions were met and he attempted to Weasel his way out.

John Brown is a low class , brain impaired bufoon who should never be mentioned in the same breath with the great Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish , Jason, Warren and myself regularly make him look absurd.

Your attack on La Shawn was at best second hand gossip and most probably second hand gossip. Since when have you psychoanalized someone who is clearly your superior.

Your silence on the post below Duck season is revealing. Are there any other great ideas you want to sanitize slavery, female infanticide ? The post should be titled dementia of the waterfowl.

Uptown made a promise and like any other person he is held to his word.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Mr. Ducky,

Be fair. I only point out that the extremely stupid among us claim to be leftists.

It's not my fault there's a uniformity to leftists all being stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker!Sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner.I'm slowly getting around to all the others sites our friends have got up and running.So UptownClown found his way over here.You were more than gracious to give him a platform to rant.Funny how the toxic types like him,you hate themselevs and you,me,all of us conservitives and just about any one else who is objective,yet they come here,they go to FPM,they just can't stay away,like moths to aporch light.You've cut ol'Stevies boy to the quick now though;you done the worse thing imaginable to an angry loner like him,you've ignored him,you've silenced him and his type HATES to be ignorned.Bravo!How you doing otherwise?Can't complain myself.Johnnymac.

Anonymous said...

Typo,meant to say ''who hate themselves''.J'Mac.

the merry widow said...

JMack- Yep, that's it, self hatred, loneliness and self induced mental abberations!


John Brown said...

Is there be a bigger idiot in the world than CENSORMAN?

I mean, for the love of God, do you just paste the same bullshit over and over again. Mindless tripe: 'leftist' this 'leftist' that.

Do you pay a therapist to remain such a numb, foolish, servile stooge to torture, murder, BringItOn and his Nazi family? It takes a great deal of skill to remain as stupid as you do while consciously ignoring the day's news every day?

I guess you take your lessons from BringItOn, huh? Mindless repitition of meaningless words... absence of coherent or rational thought... detachment from reality.

Yep: you two are like twins, CENSORMAN.

John Brown said...


It gets no more "low grade" than someone who pretends to understand Marx pulling the lever for a slave to Bank of America like John Kerry.

Sambo Warren the Injun Killer is who he is for obvious reasons.

beakerkin said...


I am not a diplomat but you are the second most ignorant person that has posted here. Veggietown is the hands down winner.

When do you want to discuss Communism and ethnic cleansing. It sems that the same Marxists who like to point the finger at Israel
have extensive practice in ethnic cleansing. Can we say Balts, Poles, Ethnic Germans, Armenians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Greeks and others ethnically cleansed into Siberia. Can we say Miskito indians gunned down with helicopter gunships. Spare us the hypocrisy Communism and Islam have killed more people then Nazism which is still odious. If you think that Communism is any better then Nazism you are deluded as both are evil. Communism is Nazisms rival and not its polar opposite.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You forgot to say "Head Coffin" during your latest split from reality.

You're slippin'.

Mad Zionist said...

I see Uptown Uncle Tom is still commenting from his ivory tower about how well blacks in America are getting along. Have his house boy pass him a fresca so he'll be refreshed and ready to share with us more of his impressive views on race. What's that Uncle Tom? Oh, you have to finish your daily hair straightening session before making your next comment.

All's well, no doubt, in Uncle Tom's penthouse.

Warren said...

Juan said,
" Duck,

It gets no more "low grade" than someone who pretends to understand Marx pulling the lever for a slave to Bank of America like John Kerry.

Sambo Warren the Injun Killer is who he is for obvious reasons."

Yes, the reason is that you are a deviant that uses the Internet for sexual gratification, (plus a smooth brained idiot), and I pointed that fact out.

When people find out that you're masterbating while reading their replies to your juvenile posts, you go all limp, (so to speak), so the main point of your posting is negated.

Its quite evident you have a problem with syntax, (that means you don't understand what words mean when they are put together in things called "sentences"), or semantics, (thats means that you don't understand the connotative meanings of words used in context).

I could go on and on trying to explain the meanings of words to you but its like casting pearls before Marxist swine.

I've even tried to correct your stupid and improper use of mixed racial slurs to no avail.

Do you care to respond to those Marx quotes I posted showing his support of slavery and racist nature? (I won't hold my breath).

In fact, when anyone has addressed you in a civil manner you simply attack them and pull a well worn slogan from your filtly, over used, bag of revolutionary marxist bullshit and tripe.

Where does "head coffins" come from?

I know and I've pointed it out. Its another example of your inability to comprehend.

From, Bob Dylans "High Water".

"High water risin', six inches 'bove my head
droppin' in the street
Like balloons made out of lead
Water pourin' into Vicksburg, don't know what I'm going to do
"Don't reach out for me," she said
"Can't you see I'm drownin' too?"
It's rough out there
High water everywhere

You're simply unable to comprehend that the words "head" and "coffins" should be seperated by a full stop, (period). The song probably appeals to your vanity as an armchair "revolutionary" as does the appeal of a bogus "folk hero" like little Bobby Zimmerman.

You have the presumption of trying to propagandize the history of American Indians without knowing anything about their various cultures and traditions, (that you would gladly destroy for the sake of meaningless "revolution"). I suspect that you believe that your sexual deviancy would be accepted in such a world.

I won't tell you the same thing I told l'il stevie, you have nothing to "get over". My advice to you is, blow your brains out and do everyone in the world a favor! (I'll pay for the bullet.)

beakerkin said...

Well Uptown

Florian met your condition and you did not keep your word. Say goodbye, Veggietown and don't make promises because we will hold you to them

Fire up the shop vac.

Another troll abortion but Florian has offered to take you in adios

uptownseteve said...

mad zionist,

I'm trying to understand you.

You righties hate Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton because you claim that they always portray blacks as "victims", yet when a black man like me talks about the tremendous success of the black community you call me an "Uncle Tom".

Then you turn right around and claim that blacks reject "success" and regard it as "acting white".

What you are is a blithering idiot and a pathetic racist.

Go ahead and delete me beaker.

You clowns can't handle the truth.

uptownseteve said...


What's your blog address?

Mad Zionist said...

Uptown Uncle Tom, you woiuld understand me if you hadn't received handouts like affirmative action and quotas that enabled you to advance in school and employment despite your not having earned it.

I don't hate black wealth, I love it and wish there was more of it. What I hate are when a few were given free rides and then pretend their people are not disproprtionately suffering.

uptownseteve said...


Most blacks are middle classed.

The black poverty rate is 22%

If you have any evidence to the contrary produce it here.

But you won't because you're a lying racist loser.

You rant about "disproportionate black suffering" because it allows a worthless loser like you to feel superior to "somebody".

uptownseteve said...


You're a pathetic liar and that's why I'm not leaving so you will have to delete me.

You completely mischaracterized my quote, lied that I threatened Barber and continue to shamelessly rant and lie about the whole situation.

So delete me b!tch cuz I'm not going anywhere.

Mad Zionist said...

Uncle Tom, in your delusional black paradise, where all is well and everyone has a white picket fence, do you all play bridge and watch reruns of the Brady Bunch?

Let me know when the tooth fairy stops by the penthouse.

uptownseteve said...

zionist butt nugget

I guess you don't have those figures to back up your assertions

Didn't think you did.

And yes I live very well and have hook nosed fools like you working in my yard.

Mad Zionist said...

Sounds nice Uncle Tom. Jews are well known landscapers, of course. Just feeds your dillusional dreamworld, I guess.

You seem to have your fairy tale all played out: Jewish migrants manicuring your lawns as you and the rest of black society enjoys sipping mimosas at the polo club eating caviar and finger sandwiches.

Yea, that's the ticket.

Oh, and lest those who think that blacks in this country are not getting ahead in fabulous numbers, you can remind them that in your utopia the poor blacks can just eat cake.

Everything is just fine in the hood! In fact, it's really Jews in the slums and everyone else, including black leaders, are just making up stories about unemployment, crime, out-of-wedlock births, welfare, drugs, and dropout rates. It's all lies I tell you!

So, enjoy your game of bridge, Uncle Tom. I just hope you never have to face reality, because let's just say black Americans might not take to kindly to your dismissing their very real plight while kissing ass to white America's most racist elements. In your plantation, the cotton just gets picked and no questions are asked, eh Tommy Boy?

uptownseteve said...

The part that doesn't seem to penetrate your skull is that most blacks don't live in the 'hood.

You obviously don't have any facts, data, or figures to prove your assertions so all you can do is rant and rave racist bull$hit.

I live in a black community.

I grew up in a black community so I think that I know a little bit more about the situation than a punk a$$ed racist coward like you.

Got some news for you Hymie.

Most welfare recipients and drug absusers are white.

Will be very happy to provide links to prove it to you.

But continue on in your urine stenched apartment with the only light coming from your computer screen, dog-eared copy of "The Turner Diaries" and a half drunk bottle of Boone's Farm by your feet, picking your nose and claiming to be a member of the Master Race.

Too funny.

Mad Zionist said...

Uncle Tom, you are a disgrace to black America. When affirmative action and quotas that allow incompetent tokens like you get jobs are repealed, you will go right back to the misery you deny exists in black communities everywhere.

You'll probably be hung like the Uncle Tom you are by blacks who don't appreciate your belittlement. Keep laughing Bojangles, because when your hand-outs dry up the blacks you sold out won't be there to help you up.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


If two of the homes on my block are owned by gay couples (one gay couple is bi-racial), two others by large black families, and two others (including my own) by whites, do I live in a black community?

uptownseteve said...

mad zionist

Please explain to how me how affirmative action helps someone perform a job.

Provide any evidence you have that I personally benefitted from Affirmative Action.

Or maybe a sorry loser like NEEDS to feel that all successful blacks are AA recipients so you can make sense of your own personal failures.