Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The John Brown/ Uptown problem

John Brown has zero to risk in this battle. His blog has one reader and other then Renegade Eye nobody goes there to read his posts. Spamming a blog with 100 plus comments and a silly fake allias H-ass-an is annoying.

I have zero problem with dissent as Ducky has never been threatened with a ban. He does not repeat himself and keeps the vulgarity to a minimum. Even 167 has never had a single post deletted and he also posts under at least two names. Warren and I caught him as the Low Loader.

Uptown Steve is a moron and we will not provide special ed classes here. Moreover he made a promise to leave and we hold people to their promises. The entire world knows about the Nazi- Soviet pact except Uptown. Uptown demands proof of a point in an a post we give it to him but he doesn't read books. In cases like the fake Rabbi Lerner he was given a series of links. He doesn't read them and says I don't believe it.

This blog is really not about me. I provide the setting and some interesting content but it is part of a community. We hear the wit and wisdom of Mr Beamish. We can venture deep into the philosophical and theological questions with Justin, Farmer John and others.

We do not seek out these unwanted guest. I have been off FPM for several months and Socrates is still crying. I am not entirely convinced Hank Snow is not an alias of the bloated one. I hadn't thought about Uptown for months as I moved ahead. The next thing I know he is here with the stupidity, commie perpetual victim bit and his trademark anti semitism. Weasie to his credit has a couple of readers and has kept himself content. Soc has reduced himself to fecal humor. Amazingly 167 is still crying more then a year after my last comment on his site and has out posted me ten to one. He has taken to calling himself 167 in a comedic tribute.


Warren said...

Stain, is still trying to spam my blog as I post this. Over 30 last night, more than 30 this morning.

He resorted to spamming AOWs blog after he noticed my comment notification was turned on.

He's not very bright.

the merry widowl said...

Warren- That's what happens when you believe a lie, you gradually lose your ability to think critically or logically because there's this large elephant in the livingroom and he's so busy telling himself that it isn't there! Creates a rather large blind spot in your thinking! Makes you stupid because you have to turn off significantlly larger areas of your brain, is he terminal yet? shrug


Mr. Ducky said...

What lie is that merry widow?

Always On Watch said...

Warren is correct. He spammed my blog. I've got the cleaning-up done, however, and my comment-notification is on. Not really a problem for me as I'm around most of the day.

Warren said...

Now he's spamming AOW's comment notification.

Freedomnow said...

While AOW and Warren are suffering, Beak is reaping untold profits from his exploited trolls.

Beak selfishly uses our oppressed trolls to promote his unjust and unilateral blog.

It is a coalition of exploited working class trolls and it has to stop.

The time is now to lead the proletariat commentators in a Socialist revolution against the Bourgeoisie blogger class.

Class unconsciousness is the key.

the merry widow said...

Ducky- Will have to get back to you on that, my internet connection is haywire, hopefully by tomorrow night, Friday at the latest!


Steve Vaughn said...

Now beaker is the supreme censor.

I bet he can even get an erection now.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well you are partially correct, freedomnow. The hits went down on Frontpagemag after they banned us.

You might think the quality of ideas went up but it doesn't appear that iis the case. Just more of the usual "liberals suck" without "fascists suck".

I continue to maintain that discussion is quickly becoming impossible and I have to blame the right for thrusting "rabies radio" upon us. That did terrible damage to the national dialogue.

beakerkin said...


You are all class. What can I say to that.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I don't want to go to comment moderation. I like the "chat room" atmosphere open comments can have if two or more posters get into a discussion. I shouldn't have to babysit my blog comments section from obsessive coprophages.

Clicking the "delete comment permanently" trash can is far less time-consuming than LoBrow posting a cut-and-paste troll post a hundred times.

the merry widow said...

Ducky- Wonderful people in the phone company, they came out today and fixed the problem!
What I tried to write twice and got dropped both times, was this; The lie jobro believes is that America is evil and the military is bad. Okay, I don't agree, but, he has reached the point in his anger at America, et al, where he is no longer able to seperate differring views from the person. If I don't agree with him, I am evil myself and do not count as a person! You and I disagree on many things, yet we still can find common or at least neutral ground to treat each other as human! I am not threatened by you and I sincerely hope you do not feel threatened by me. jobro has fallen for the lie of not seperating the person(due respect because G*D created them) and thier opinions and ideas. That is the elephant in jobro's livingroom, what he has not realized is that by lumping person and idea together he treats others with disdain and contempt! When the other responds in kind or in retaliation, he cannot understand and ends up retaliating and escalating a situation he started. This is a sign of immaturity on his part.


Brooke said...

JoBro is a moron. I think all of us, Ducky included, are well aware of that.

I wonder if that idiot will put us all on his "klanwatch" list? The last time I checked, Yours Truly was still there...Heh. He must be in a tailspin; he didn't freak out to that degree when I banned him!

I think, Ducky, that your radio argument doesn't fly. (No pun intended.)If it is talk radio to which you are referring, there is always Air America...

People don't listen to it, however, becuase it stinks.

As much as I'm NOT a Rush fan, I also don't want to hear Al Franken's grating nonsense, or Alec Baldwin mumbling Ummm....... Followed by a lot of dead air.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Dorky,

the national discourse is in the toilet because leftists are incapable of discourse. Your mob is irrational, dishonest and intolerant. Leftists shout down their opponents, talk over them, use ad hominem attacks, spew slogans and stifle debate whenever possible.

I crack up every time I hear a leftist refer to moderates and conservatives as "fascists."

Consevative talk radio took off because it provided audiences with the honest news they couldn't get from the media establishment. For decades, the media establishment had a lock-hold on what news was presented and how it was slanted--always to the left, of course. There was no national dialogue, only assigned talking points. Conservative talk radio began as an underground movement to reach the masses. People were hungry for the truth and glad to have the issues that were important to them discussed honestly.

Fox News and blogs hit the scene next. The left's strangle-hold has been broken. The majority of Americans don't trust and even detest the dishonest media establishment.

The Fox website and blogs can be accessed 24 hours a day for selective items of interest. Blogs especially have a wide array of topics to choose from and an often unrestrained take on them.

Moderate and conservative blogs address the issues of the day.

Left-wing blogs are Bushophobic echo chambers of hatred, stupidity, deceit and conspiracy theories. They have no new ideas and offer no solutions to the problems of today. They're stuck with the stale rhetoric of the past and dwindling influence.

You're a perfect example of the left's growing irrelevancy.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
Clicking the "delete comment permanently" trash can is far less time-consuming than LoBrow posting a cut-and-paste troll post a hundred times.

Yes, but waiting for the comments to load can be tedious.

I admit that the blogsitting needed for comment moderation might interfere with some discussion. On the other hand, I see some benefits.

beakerkin said...

I hate doing this as it takes away from the vibrancy of this site. Uptown sent four messages of which I allowed one to pass. John Brown knows better his time here is finished.

As the great Richard Poe said to me "tis no great feat to discern an honest man from a knave". Mr Poe is a wise man.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


the national discourse is in the toilet because leftists are incapable of discourse

What gets me is that there are actually people who have faith that one day a leftist will be capable of rationality.


Jeff Bargholz said...


I've yet to meet a leftist who is rational or honest. Neocons are the only ones because they ditched their moonbat wings.

You're right. It's impossible to promote the left's warped agenda rationally or honestly. They don't even LIE rationally.

nanc said...

that is the faith of a mustard seed.

the merry widow said...

Brooke- I enjoy polite discourse, Ducky asked mea question, I answered it. I believe honest and polite discussion should be honored, Ducky is the official troll of this site, so I try not to carpet bomb him, besides he is not a boring one note samba! He is more mature than that, so he is owed more than jobro or uppity. Those names reflect thier willful immaturity, it's like calling a little child, Timmy or Susie, it's a reflection of thier age not thier "lack" of worth as people!
Good morning and G*D bless all with a beautiful day!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Well, there is that "with faith all things are possible" clause, but I'm still healthily skeptical of the bizaare "leftists can think rationally" premise.

tazzmax said...

I like Jeff's daffynition of "Ducky" as "Dorky"! LMAO!

uptownseteve said...


"Well you are partially correct, freedomnow. The hits went down on Frontpagemag after they banned us."

Duck, FPM banned you?


I still post there from time to time under "Sheik Yerbouti".

The moderator has to know that I'm the erstwhile "uptownsteve" on FPM.

They couldn't have banned you for vulgarity, race-baiting, or their other excuses.

"American Bad Ass" hurls curses and racial epithets regularly.