Friday, June 09, 2006

Honest dissent and apologists for genocide behaving poorly

I want to start by noting that all blogs have a focus. The focus is reflective of the
hosts interests. Thus Esther and MZ tend to devote alot of space to Israel and that is fine. AOW and Jason Pappas devote space to the evils of Jihadism. I have been and always be anti communist and make zero apologies for it. Marxism, Anarchim and the undercover greens are a menace to our country and almost always anti semitic. In fact
one can meet Muslims in the USA who show class and dignity. However a classy commie or anarchist is non existent. Being a traitor and a bigot does tend to preclude one from classy behavior as well as infantile behavior.

Now people are well aware of the fact that I disagree with plenty of people who post here. Rob Bayn and I frequently disagree on a range of topics most of them not serious. However I do note that Rob is proud to be an American and is civil in his discourse. When he posts that he is against the war it is a patriotic dissent. He believes that this is not in the long term best interest of the country. He stays on topic and his posts are well mannered even when some of those around him are not. Above all Rob is my friend and we may disagree on some things like should men over twenty five watch American Idol . Yet the basic respect and courtesy is there.

Yesterdays visit from the Editrix is a case in point. The Editrix whom I have always respected as an intellect came on to thank me for my praise of her posts. Uptown has no clue as to who this person is and starts trashing her. Unlike Uptown the Editrix regularly kicks racist bigots of all colors. Uptown being a low class clown started
his usual trash talking about an individual with whom he has zero knowledge.

Now Uptown doth protest my description of him as red. Lets look at the his record of stupidity and find out. He defends the Soviet Unions record of attrocities and feels that any discusion of history is a distraction from the war. He defends people who call themselves Communists , Socialist of varring duplicity, Greens or Anarchist.
He does not mind people being called Sambos, Aunt Jemimahs or Uncle as long as a Communist like Brown or Ducky is doing it and the target is to the right of Stalin.
His PC version of disposesed people who are owed something is a constant. No Uptown's real color is red his ignorance is hardly unique. WEB Dubois and Paul Robeson were Commie clowns and Jackie Robinson loathed Robeson. Uptown also sees zero problem with Cuba. He also feels the need to exhonorate the KGB from gay rumors
about J Edgar Hoover. Now that the book and source was listed perhaps Veggietown can tell us what diference Hoover and Roy Cohn sexual orientation have to do with their status in history. Can we say low class Commie bigotry ? You can also add anti semitic clown like behavior. What does Roy Cohn Jewish heritage have to do with anything. Uptown is a victim always seeking a hand out blaming the Joooooos 24/7.
While Veggietown is at it he probably missed Malkin's article on the DC Sniper who he complains we picked on because of his race . Who even mentioned his race or for that matter Hassan Ahkbar's. For ever low class Uptown there are plenty of blacks who serve this country in the armed forces, businessmen, police officers, teacher, clergymen and medical professionals. While Veggietown insists he is a "strong black man" this strength only exists in his own delusions in cyberspace.

The bottom line is both trolls come here looking for eyeballs. Brown's readership is a fraction of this blog and the others in our community. I did not seek Uptown Steve out and could care less whether he lives or dies. Both camp on this blog for hour at a time behaving poorly and above all boring the pants off of regular readers.

Florian has offered them both a new home and I wish them well. Adios don't write and do not visit. Uptown get your own blog wait one would need a coherent thoughts and some social skills.


Always On Watch said...

all blogs have a focus. The focus is reflective of the
hosts interests.

And, certainly, reasoned dissent is not objectionable.

But hijacking postings is not an asset to a blog. Ultimately, commenters from whom the blogmaster might want to hear will start avoiding that blog so that the blog no longer belongs to the blogmaster.

Here's hoping that Blogger behaves today. Yesterday the service was so intermittent that I had to give up on Blogspot and go elsewhere most of the day.

beakerkin said...


I am still trying to understand how we get from Zarqawi's death to reparations. Uptown and Brown seem to think I have obligations to post on every subject like the Duke Rape Case. I only post on subjects that I am interested in or that I think my general audience is interested in.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hmmm, how did the thread get from Zarqawi to reparations. Well for one thing, Beak, we like to jerk your chain since your world view is extremely neanderthal and you are apparently unable to get off your fascination with communism. Since I love movie references I suggest you explore your obvious affection for the inherent romance of leftist politics with Schlondorff's "Coup de Grace".

As for Zarqawi, you aren't about to enter into a reasonable discussion so why bother? I'll try:

... he started out with Ansar al-Islam who were never players. Their big claim to fame was getting the diaper pissers all excited when it was discovered they were cooking up ricin. The media immediately convinced the diaper pissers ricin is a "WMD" (LMFAO).

Then he goes on with a few kidnappings and televises the beheadings. Consistent with his position as the reputed head guy someone tells him to stop and that's the last of the televised beheadings. Seems he isn't the head guy?

Bush had chances to take him out before the invasion and turned them down. Maybe a good move, frankly, since the guy represented no particular threat and he was good PR for scaring the diaper pissers into backing an illegal invasion. We will not be hearing about it the way we hear the thousands of stories about Clinton passing on bin Laden, however.

So someone finally dimes the guy out and President Low Polls has a press conference and the next day there are over 200 civilian casualties in Iraq.

Check the body for freezer burns. Look at the photo. Did it look like someone who just got hit by 500 pound fragmentation ordnance? Just food for thought. Really nothing much to see here.

Any doubts about where the contemporary art market is going, they were dispelled this morning at Christie's Baghdad, where the US Government paid a record setting $286 billion --plus $240 for framing--for a portrait of the dead Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

uptownseteve said...

Here we go again.

Beaker says that I've "defended Marxists and Communists".

Where? When?

It's obvious why you don't want me here beaker.

Because I routinely expose you not only as a racist coward but an inveterate liar.

And I will continue to do so.

beakerkin said...


Did you defend Michael Lerner yes or no ?

uptownseteve said...

I like Lerner and Tikkun magazine.

Let's see proof that's he's a communist.

And don't give me your tired response of his "communist affiliations are well known".

Let's see evidence beaker.

I'll wait patiently.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, could you please explain why Lerner is a "communist".

I don't know much about him but I believe he preaces common sense and justice.

Seems to me he stands for many of the better qualities of judaism which it isn't so clear you do because you have allowed this insane fixation with communism to cripple your reason.

Could you give us some idea of what you consider to be "communism" and what you accept as progressive though or are you just another Michael Savage fan who is slowly letting his brain rot through disuse?

beakerkin said...


A Marxist by definition is not Jewish. Nor do the musings of a communist determine who is or isn't Jewish.


This is not a special ed class.

uptownseteve said...



Mr. Ducky said...

Beaker, this isn't a question about who is or isn't jewish. i frankly don't care.

I wish to know why you consider lerner, an apparently intelligent, decent man a "communist".

What is a "communist"?

uptownseteve said...

Another lie being perpetated on these boards is that worst human rights criminals in history have "leftists".

Not only is this a dishonest game of semantics Stalin was not a "leftist" but a totalitarian dictator but utter nonsense.

You've yet to explain how Hitler was a leftist.

The political positions Hitler took were solidly rightist.

Why did all of America's leading conservatives of 40 years ago OPPOSE civil rights legislation?


uptownseteve said...


He is not going to answer your question.

I guarantee it.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yes uptown, he seems to have dissapeared.

I'm afraid that our boy Beaker absorbs a lot of his "ideas" from right wing nutjobs and then confuses that idiocy with what few ideas he has on his own.

He has no comprehensive understanding of any of it and just turns on the "commie" rant when he's cornered.

Paul Robeson was a communist ... all blacks are communists and march in support of the Rosenbergs. Something bizarre like that.

uptownseteve said...

If they weren't so ugly and obnoxious I'd actually feel sorry them.

It's so obvious that they are afraid of the truth.

That's why they congregate on blogs where they can censor their opponents and just rant the party line.

beakerkin said...


All three of you are Commies and lets see. The feeble attempt to decommunise gulags, killing fields
etc is standard. Then there is the Zinnesque indict a civilization by its history game all three Commies play. However you scream the minute I play the same game with Islam and Communism itself.

Robeson and WEB Dubois were Commie goons.

Robert Bayn said...


I really don't know why you waste your time with these trolls, the debates are never productive, it's mainly just cheap shots and accusations.

We do disagree on a variety of subjects, however i do try to be fair and listen to the other side, because i'm one of those people who believes a great country is built when Conservatism and Liberalism work together.

uptownseteve said...

robert bayn sez....

.."I'm one of those people who believe that a great country is built when Conservatism and Liberalism work together."

That's sooo.......deep.

You think that up all by yourself?

Mr. Ducky said...

Mr. Bayn must feel that Beaker is capable of compromise. I suggest that you are going to have to move in mysterious ways to catch beaker ever moving from and right extremist position.

I would have to also ask Mr. Bayn what he considers to be an acceptable "liberal" position that he can work with, say on an issue like Iraq?

Well at any rate, if he is paying attention he will see that the so called "trolls" wanted beaker to explain an extreme posioton and the reply was incoherent

Mr. Ducky said...

It is curious that Beaker omits a couple of interesting facts:

1, Israel was founded with a (very successful) socialist ideology.

2. The communists armed Israel at its founding, otherwise they wouldn't have survived.

We'll wait for Beaker to respond.

uptownseteve said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Ducky said...

I'm sorry, JB but Trotsky and Marx could not possibly have been jewish since they were pretty clearly left of Beaker.

kev said...

Silly-assed name games. It's interesting how daffy attempts to drop zarqawi in importance, now that he's a good terrorist (read: blown up, dead). Perhaps daffy really doesn't believe he was as big as he was, but what's important here, is that the terrorists who followed him and the people who were terrorized and killed by him did believe it. I'm only happy the bastard lived long enough to have suffered, and I hope he suffered greatly. I hope his last vision was that of an AMERICAN soldier standing over him, doing nothing but relishing the sight. Please don't bother me with accusations that our military executed him, because, even though I don't believe that to be the case, I DON'T CARE. More head coffins! Next....

kev said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Ducky said...

Yeah kev, the "war on terror"(LMFAO) is over because senior al-Qaeda leaders dropped a dime an Zaqawi because they wanted to get rid of him.

We probably did al-Qaeda a favor and President Chucklenuts will end up sending the 25 million reward to mullah Omar.

It is so easy to dupe you suckers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Where to begin... where to begin?

Let's see.

Zarqawi was Al Qaeda's man in Iraq, wanted by Jordan, and Saddam Hussein refused to extradite him (prefering rather to shack him up in Mukhabarat safehouses).

A few terrorists in Britain and Germany with ties to Zarqawi and Iraq's Mukhabarat were captured in 2002 and 2003 with stores of ricin.

Ricin is a powdery chemical poison made from processing castor beans, and just a minute ingested amount will kill. Sprinkled over an open salad bar or supermarket produce display and it becomes a terror weapon.

Ansar al-Islam was a terrorist group operating inside northern Iraq (in another one of those direct contradictions of the retarded leftist claim of "no terrorists in Iraq") with extensive ties to both Al Qaeda and the Iraqi Mukhabarat (intelligence service). They liked to kidnap Kurds and experiment with chemical and biological weapons upon them.

The building Abu Masab Al-Zarqawi and his fellow terrorists were in certainly looks like it was hit by 2 500-lbs. bombs. Aside from the brain matter leaking out of the upper left side of Zarqawi's head and the fact that nothing below his shoulders appears in any morgue photo I've seen released, we can only imagine Ducky's "freezer burns" and "doesn't look like a bomb hit him" comments are probably just the predictible leftist reflexes triggered whenever someone begins to doubt a leftist is a moron, and not any sort of professional assessment or autopsy finding.

Michael Lerner is a self-proclaimed "rabbi," not recognized as such by any traditional Jewish schools. Lerner is also a self-identified Marxist. Doubt it, ask him yourself.

Hitler can be labeled a leftist because of the fact that he most certainly was one. This can be confusing to feeble intellects like Ducky who swear up and down Marxist communism isn't the only kind of leftist ideology except when it is time to talk about other leftist ideologies. This topic is actually a gold mine of exposing the innate stupidity that is prerequisite to becoming a leftist, and will take more than a brief sketch in a comment thread to lay out. I've done this before on my blog, at Ducky's insistence even, and the result was, as predicted, Ducky ducked. Hasn't posted on my blog since. Basically, it involves looking at the political platform and programs initiated by the Nazis and trying (in vain) to distinguish them from standard leftist wish lists. Hitler was just another leftist idiot.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Zarqawi was Al Qaeda's man in Iraq"

Beamish, how the f**k do you know, you freakin' dimbulb? President Chucklenuts told you so? You probably believe the iraq occupation is a success.

Thank you very much, beamish. We know that ricin is deadly. We also know that it can be produced in anyone's kitchen. It also denatures very quickly so mass delivery is very problematic. In fact it is far less desirable in weapons grade than botulinum or anthrax and the fact that they were screwing around with ricin means they had very limited ability to produce biological agents. Got it diaper pee boy?

Thanks for the low down on ansar. Not that it isn't well known. They were a group of thugs of no particualr importance who never had any presence internationally.

I hardly care what you label lerner as. I am somewha familiar with his writings and he simply seems like a decent common sense man. I know that labeling someone a "leftist" or a "marxist" or whatever can work in flyover country but it has no effect in the 1st world areas of America.

"Hitler can be labeled a leftist because of the fact that he most certainly was one."

Bravo beamish. Damn, you're stupid. That really is something. Hitler is a leftist because he is a leftist. Doesn't advance things. You really are a fucking deer in the headlights once you get out of crackerland, aren't you?

John Brown said...
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John Brown said...
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John Brown said...
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John Brown said...
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John Brown said...
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John Brown said...
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Elmer's Brother said...

jb just wanted you to know that your mother called, she said to go ahead and pull the trigger she needs your insurance money.

beakerkin said...

The question remains who is obsessed with whom. The answer is apparent to all.

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]

Why do you allow people who support slavery like CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER to post pure, unadulterated racism without pulling your little Goebbles stunt?

A little pip-squeak chickenshit scared of everything... especially words: that's you.

8:46:07 AM

2:18:25 PM

4:07:13 PM

4:12:31 PM

4:14:36 PM

4:17:57 PM

John Brown said...


All your little comrades in Iraq feel you've betrayed them. You're the reason they're coming home in HEAD COFFINS.

Elmer's Brother said...

Hey don't shoot the messenger JB and your Mom said you're late for dinner too.

Elmer's Brother said...

No Klanwatch for you.

He said like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld.

John Brown said...


No 500 lb. body armour can save your little comrades from coming home in HEAD COFFINS. They must really, really hate you for stabbing them in the back and running away, turncoat man.

Elmer's Brother said...

jb (aka moron) she also said your shrink said that your medication came in, they had to double it, but since you're on Medicaid the price only tripled.

I guess that was the reason the pussies of jihad rejected you.

John Brown said...

At least the "pussies of jihad" don't fight at 25,000 feet or wear 3 tons of body armor.

They're the real pussies. Which is why they get the Mujihadeen HEAD COFFIN treatment. And why JackBooters come home crying with PTSD shooting up their families like a bunch of rabid lunatics.

beakerkin said...

What no Klanwatch for me . I am insulted . Who reads his blog anyway.

Elmer's Brother said...

no they wear womens clothing and blow up women and children.

hey your refill is in.

Elmer's Brother said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Elmer's Brother said...

jb I almost forgot. Your mother told me your blow up doll came in with your refill. She says if you don't want him she'll be happy to take it off your hands.

Elmer's Brother said...

jb speaking of jack booted thugs your mother keeps calling me.

Justin said...

Beak: If I may make a suggestion to all here. Just ignore these two they are nothing but self loathing hate mongers and if you ignore them they will eventually give up and go away.

I made the mistake of trying to talk intellegently to them but they both proved to be on a lower intellectual level than the chimps at the primate house.

I for one will not respond to any of thier posts and I think you have the right idea of just deleting them.

nanc said...

i am here and i am in complete focus. but before i become unfocused again, elbro? did you step in something again? time to turn the scratch and sniff monitor off.

Elmer's Brother said...

nanc I am going to email you with an answer.

Justin said...

Mr. Ducky said...
"Zarqawi was Al Qaeda's man in Iraq"

"Beamish, how the f**k do you know, you freakin' dimbulb? President Chucklenuts told you so? You probably believe the iraq occupation is a success."

Ducky are you really as dumb as you write. If you will remember ooops I forgot you lefties dont like to be reminded of a simple truth.

Your Brother Ossama said quite clearly that Zarqawi was the prince of Al Qaeda. Perhaps you forgot how to read on that one.

Hey Ducky: A duck for a buck,
a duck for a _ _ _k. Get out Duck get in Girl. :)

Always On Watch said...

LOL! I know that duck joke.

nanc said...

elbro - remember the shoe comment at the dogeater's? i e-mailed you back.

Justin said...

LOL thanks AOW

Ok some one help me out here. The damndable left just lost me when they took that sharp right turn.

For 2 plus years they have told me that there were no terrorist in Iraq before we invaded right? Ok Right.

For 2 plus years they have told me there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until we invaded right? Ok Right.

But, but, today all their blogs and their news media are saying that us getting Al Zarqawi is no big thing we could have gotten him in 2002 when he was in Northern Iraq building chemical weapons.

I guess they forgot those two big lies they have been putting out for 2 plus years telling us that they werent there. Now we know they were there and so did the Left.

The one thing that makes me truely happy I mean truely estatic is the last face that Jerk saw on this earth was the face of a American Soldier staring down at him. Hopefully he will have that image before him as he burns in hell for eternity.

Elmer's Brother said...

nanc got it and I remember now. Crap!

Always On Watch said...

Don't expect consistency. It's too much to ask for!

Robert Bayn said...

Justin i wonder who these people are that are saying this.

Certainly we know terrorism was not a big issue in Iraq before the U.S. lead invasion, and now it is a huge problem, most agree these insurgents and terrorist are not Iraqi's, but terrorist who have come to Iran from other countries in the Region. However you could argue that Saddam was a terrorist in himself, which is a ligitiment argument, if just what he did to his own people.

This guys death has little importance because a new guy will just take his place, this is how their system works, but what it does prove is we are closing in on the terrorist and insurgents in Iraq, which proves the cut and run crowd to be wrong to say we are not having any success in Iraq.

Elmer's Brother said...

not too mention zarqawi looks good in a HEAD COFFIN

Always On Watch said...

This guys death has little importance because a new guy will just take his place

But maybe not somebody with Z's experience and level of expertise. I think his death is more significant than your assessment.

Yes, others will try to step up as replacements. But there might be some infighting over the position as well.

Yes, he looks perfect in a head coffin. I think a bit of touch-up was done before the photo. Notice the seeping blood in his nostrils? Evidence of concussion, I think.

Elmer's Brother said...

I bet he wished it was just a concussion. That'd be some headache.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Dorky,

the killing of Zarqawi is the most important story in the world. It's # 1 because it deserves to be # 1.

He died whimpering.

This was good news for the civilized world but bad news for you leftist hatemongers.

You can't deflect attention from this good news, no matter how hard you try. All the leftists in the world are trying--and failing miserably. What makes you think a plagiarizing cretin like you will succeeed where your stuttering gurus failed?

What was that? Haditha? Never heard of it.

When will leftist retards like you own up to your failures? I predict it will be when you're flat on your back staring up at your killer.

Who will your killer be? Mohammed or John Q?

Red states rule, asshole. You blue state mongoloids don't even have the sex-drive necessary for reproduction. While we're banging, you're harranguing.

If you neuters bred outside of your debased gene-pool you might have had a chance. Impotence is a real deal breaker, limpy.

nanc said...

would a head coffin be approximately ten to twelve inches long? what do they do with the rest of the body? i'm not normally so curious.

Elmer's Brother said...

ask jb supposedly he's been to Ramadi.

Well said Jeff.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Whoa, slow down guys and gals. This is Ducky we're talking to.


Scroll up. Now, pull your finger out of your nose and put it on the screen where I wrote that exposing Hitler as a leftist takes a longer discussion. Read that slowly (careful, don't smear snot on the screen!) See that part where I mentioned a previous exchange with you on my blog? I've had this longer discussion about Hitler's leftism with you before. As I recall you came in cap pistols ablazin' and got smoked. You retreated. Ain't been back since.

Now, I realize that as a leftist you have a calling to convince as many people as you can that you're a moron, and I commend you on your tenacity.

Take the big step. Convince yourself.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You blue state mongoloids don't even have the sex-drive necessary for reproduction

But they'll still wear condoms during anal sex to avoid pregnancy.

Justin said...

Well Robert, to answer your question the people who were telling us that there were no terrorist in Iraq before the 2003 invasion are : The New York Time, ABC Blog, NBC Blog,CBS Blog,CNN's Blog and the majority of the left wing blogs. Now they are saying. To cite one.
But NBC News has learned that long before the war the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself — but never pulled the trigger.

In June 2002, U.S. officials say intelligence had revealed that Zarqawi and members of al-Qaida had set up a weapons lab at Kirma, in northern Iraq, producing deadly ricin and cyanide to be used in Europe.

To say terrorism was not important before the invasion may be true but terrorist action and planning definetly were important.

To say Saddam was not helping or acting in concert with these terrorist has been blown out of the water.

Yes, Zarqawi's death has major importance in the war on terrorism. His death whether the left wants to admit it or not has dealt the terrorism net work a major blow.

"It's a great loss for the these jihadi networks," said Steinberg, who served as a counterterrorism adviser to Gerhard Schroeder when he was chancellor of Germany. "I don't think there is any person in Iraq able to control this network the way Zarqawi did. It's very decentralized. He was the only person in Iraq who could provide the glue.

"By losing Zarqawi, they run the danger of losing Iraq as a battlefield to the nationalist insurgents and others who aren't interested in bin Laden or the global jihad."

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

In June 2002, U.S. officials say intelligence had revealed that Zarqawi and members of al-Qaida had set up a weapons lab at Kirma, in northern Iraq, producing deadly ricin and cyanide to be used in Europe.

B-b-but we had to give the UN inspectors more time. I'm sure Hans Blix had a memo about it under his plate of tuna.

the merry widow said...

It's funny, the blue staters are the ones who ARE NOT ABORTING thier children! So, the implication is that blue staters will leave a living legacy, not a paragraph in future history books, hmmm!


John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]

I'm perfectly happy to talk about Zarqawi, CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER.

I've asked a couple of times who you think is the bigger criminal: him, or that fatass Vegetable Sharon?

I think it's an interesting question given the sheer amount of blood Sharon has on his hands.

9 June 9:07:28 AM

9 June 2:18:36 PM

9 June 4:07:27 PM

9 June 4:14:46 PM

9 June 4:18:05 PM

9 June 4:24:10 PM

9 June 4:26:19 PM

9 June 4:51:27 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]



Anyway, the question still stands, MULLAH TOADY the CENSOR... who's worse?

Don't forget about Sabra and Shatila as you deliberate.

9 June 9:27:25 AM

9 June 2:19:26 PM

9 June 4:08:38 PM

9 June 4:13:21 PM

9 June 4:26:39 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]


So do you determine who is Jewish?

Because I'm sure Trotsky was a Jew. So was Marx.

I suppose their crime is that they aren't pro-Apartheid like you.

9 June 10:43:22 AM

9 June 2:19:45 PM

9 June 4:09:00 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]

Isn't it interersting that hacks like CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER never acknowledge things like the Bush families Nazi connections.

Or the CIAs, for that matter.

Because they couldn't care less about facts or evidence.

9 June 10:45:58 AM

9 June 2:20:12 PM

9 June 4:09:28 PM

9 June 4:17:14 PM

9 June 4:25:41 PM

9 June 4:27:44 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]


I suppose it's perfectly fine to suck-off Uncle Sam, who's running a torture gulag and concentration camps while slaughtering the innocent.

9 June 12:00:39 PM

9 June 2:20:51 PM

9 June 2:31:46 PM

9 June 4:09:46 PM

9 June 4:16:51 PM

9 June 4:28:01 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]


Why don't you just make your Taliban-cum-Goebbles routine automated?

9 June 12:03:59 PM

9 June 2:16:16 PM

9 June 2:21:13 PM

9 June 4:10:15 PM

9 June 4:16:29 PM

9 June 4:28:25 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]


Slave Revolt Radio did a great radio show about Lerner and his ilk.

It's well worth checking out.

9 June 12:52:11 PM

9 June 2:17:12 PM

9 June 4:10:41 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]


Does that mean anyone to the right of him is a Jew? I really need his guideance on this one. All the conflation of his fake God's Apartheid whims and the political ideology can get so confusing.

Quick question: who said this?

"Since I have fought against these Jewish Soviet ideas in Germany, since I have conquered and stamped out this peril, I fancy that I possess a better comprehension of its character than do men who have only at best had to deal with it in the field of literature."

Answer - Hitler.

9 June 1:23:39 PM

9 June 2:21:58 PM

9 June 4:11:03 PM

9 June 4:15:54 PM

9 June 4:29:29 PM

9 June 4:44:36 PM

John Brown said...

[Posted Earlier]


Who is the bigger terrorist: Zarqawi or Sharon, the drooling vegetable pissing and shitting himself Terry Schaivo-style?

9 June 1:47:58 PM

9 June 2:22:23 PM

9 June 4:11:37 PM

9 June 4:15:23 PM

9 June 4:29:47 PM

9 June 4:43:50 PM

John Brown said...

Summarizing the latest wisdom spewing from one of SAMBO CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER's orfaces:



SAMBO CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER's grandiloquence then reached new heights with this sentence: "Hitler is a leftist because he is a leftist."

Nevermind Hitler's own words about fighting "Jewish Soviet ideas in Germany".

SAMBO CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER's "truth" operates on a whole other level than reality.

No dobut this post is genuine SAMBO CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER. Nobody else is that eloquent.

9 June 4:50:07 PM

John Brown said...

I'm obsessed with your Dickensian eloquence, MULLAH TOADY the CENSOR.

You're just so smart!

And your Goebbles-cum-Taliban censoring allure makes me just want to ravage you!

9 June 4:56:52 PM

John Brown said...

Oh, I plan on it, Steve. Every day.

Got it: Every fucking day, MULLAH TOADY the CENSOR!

No Klanwatch for you.

9 June 4:58:12 PM

Elmer's Brother said...

jb not enough to do on your blog huh? your mom told me you were trying to make up for a small penis. Looks like you still have some work to do.