Thursday, June 15, 2006


We will post the much anticipated Jeff Bargholz interview ahead of the Blogger shutdown. Jeff will respond when he can and blogger permits.

I want to take this opportunity to clear up a myth. Many people have a mistaken view that Communists were pro Jewish. In fact the Commies did spy on Jewish groups long before Israel was created. Moreover time after time when the communists murdered Jews
or signed the pact with the Nazis their loyal followers repeated the party line. In fact the only time anti semitism came up is when the Rosenbergs or other clowns were prosecuted for their crimes. Commies in Moscow who called the shots for the treasonous American communist party echoed the sentiments of Stalin who felt that Joooos and blacks were not American. One can look at the Commie ID papers and see that the official position was that Jooooos are a nationality. Then when the Jooooos get their home land the party does a 180 and a flip flop and changes its view.

Now that we will do a Jeff Bargholz interview the current most wanted list is

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Mark Alexander
4 Farmer John
5 Editrix
6 Amil of Bad Eagle
7 Woman Honor Thyself
8 Pims Ghost
9 Elijah
10 Cubed


beakerkin said...

I will post an ask the Beak thread which is open to our regular readers. No more then five questions and zero from banned posters.

Always On Watch said...

Blogger shutdown? Is that scheduled?

FLORIAN said...

Jeff Bargholz interview!!!! ALRIGHT! I can't wait for this one. Hopefully he'll talk about his favorite Samuel Adams brew.

Freedomnow said...

I'm not aware of any scheduled shutdown either, maybe Beak has taken over.

I am looking forward to the JBargholz interview. I wonder which face he will be wearing. His thoughtful intellectual side or his fiery no prisoners attitude.

Mr. Ducky said...

BORING !!!!!

the merry widow said...

Then pass on this party and go find another. I'm sure you know lots of folks to hang out with besides us, you're an intelligent person, go to dinner and the theater! There are lots of things I'm sure you would enjoy, lifes short don't be bored!

P.S. I'm not being sarcastic either!

MissingLink said...

Does Farmer John have a blog?

FLORIAN said...

Hey Ducky: Nobody gives a rat's ass what your art collecting liberal d'rat mind thinks anyhow. TAKE A HIKE!

FLORIAN said...

TMW: Feather-head collects "art" and lathers himself with his money. Those are his passtimes. Intellect and intelligence are always boring to him.

kevin said...

""Many people have a mistaken view that Communists were pro Jewish.""

this is the subject of my latest post

Duck, you're quoting the wrong Homer.

beakerkin said...


I wish the Farmer had a blog but like TMW he is blogless.

Always On Watch said...

Farmer hasn't been around our blogs for quite a while. I saw, however, that he recently posted a comment or two at Big Bubba's Misanthropundit.

nanc said...

hallelujah! you roped him in.

i miss the farmer too, linkster - where could he be?

yoo-hoo! farmer!

nanc said...

oh beak? how come i was a homeless blogger and the farmer is just plain blogless?

nanc said...

plucky - there is NO THING boring about bargholz - NO THING!

Elmer's Brother said...


What's the most embarrasing thing you have ever done?

beakerkin said...

One can compose a book with Beakerkin acting badly posts. Not remembering the name of a girl I dated off an on with for two years was really bad. I got caught trying to bluff my way through the coversation. However this womans excessive smoking had done a bad job on her voice and face.

This is a family blog so only Warren will get the joke off line
that goes with this story.

nanc said...

hey elbro? that sounds like a great title for a post!

as for much to choose from...

Always On Watch said...

how come i was a homeless blogger and the farmer is just plain blogless?

I noticed that little difference in terminology too.

beakerkin said...

It is not something I think of as I have generally described TMW as blogless.

The Duck is not exactly blogless as he can be predicatably found on any AOW or Liberty and Culture post. He is almost a cast member here.

Uptown is the true homeless blogger who wears out his welcome everywhere. Anyone want to start a pool how long he remains on Florian's site? My guess is ten days will be enough.

nanc said...

iiiiiiii don't know, beak. flo has a way with people (i use that term loosely where some are concerned) and is somewhat more tolerant than the rest of us.

flo? you on paxil? valium? now share!

Warren said...

Something about a coyote and having to chew his arm off to get away. J/K

I don't know if it even happened but there was a service interuption scheduled for 8:30 AM PST.

The message was in the edge of my dashboard text box.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I sometimes wish I was a homeless blogger.

FLORIAN said...

LOL Beaker! I've already received several emails from folks wanting me to ban him. You might as well ante up. Hopefully he'll comport himself.

Solid Surfer said...

Hey Beak,

Great to see a Jeff Bargholz interview coming up...definitely looking forward to it!

the merry widow said...

Mr' Pres-elect, Well, I do have a blogless home, does that count?


nanc said...

okay, beamish - booga-booga - you're a homeless blogger!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Okay, I'm homeless. So, who's moving into the Crank Files?

the merry widow said...

Mr. Beamish- At least you're not a booger!


nanc said...

a blogless booger?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You're a cute lil' booger. Who's nose did you come out of?

the merry widow said...

How about a boogerless blog?


tazzmax said...

You guys are crazy!Har,har.

uptownseteve said...

"Uptown is the true homeless blogger who wears out his welcome everywhere. Anyone want to start a pool how long he remains on Florian's site? My guess is ten days will be enough."

Beak, I haven't been on Florian's site.

He banned me, remember?

You ever thought that if you'd quit ranting about me and misrepresenting my views that maybe I'd stop coming here to set the record straight?

I really get tired of coming here and cleaning up your trash.

But I will continue as long as you keep it up.

uptownseteve said...

"I will post an ask the Beak thread which is open to our regular readers."

That means nanc and beamish will get to ask you how do you "keep going, spreading the good word in the face of all this communism and entitlement begging.

That'll be a tough one, huh beak?

"No more then five questions"

Why just five questions?

You don't have five regular posters.

"and zero from banned posters."

I guess that means me.

And I was actually going to ask SERIOUS questions which required thought.

8:07:44 AM