Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great News The Yeagley interview is in Bad Eagle

The first part of my interview with Dr David Yeagley is running in the Jewish forum of Bad Eagle. I encourage all of you who want to know more about the Commanche to take a look. The Commanche are an interesting nomadic people who have a distinct unique culture.

I want to welcome any Bad Eagle readers who followed the link. My site is a mixed bag and lately we have been running WWE style posts due to the preponderance of Marxists who have decided to visit.

You may find some familiar names like Warren, She Designs and The Merry Widow. Many names will be new to you but are extreemly interesting. Be sure to click on the links to the right and visit Democracy Front Line, Long Range, Always on the Watch and the hysterical Mr Beamish.


Robert Bayn said...

I braught a steel chair!

Warren said...

HERE is the interview.

Always On Watch said...

From Bad Eagle: BadEagle has decided to participate. The reason is simple: Beak's questions are so insightful, so important, that it would be a disservice to ignore them. So, piece by piece, question by question, BadEagle will offer response.

Look how popular your interviews are!

Kudos to you, Beak!

John Brown said...

Does anyone know how the Commanche people were genocided? Could someone describe, for example, the process by which they were forced onto Reservations?

What we need is an expert on Injun Killing... where oh where to find such a person?

beakerkin said...


Thanks for the laugh seriously.


Thank you for setting up the link.


Dr Yeagley wants to run the interview in segments. He is trying to build an intrest in the next set.


So good to see you adios.

beakerkin said...

John Brown

Why don't you ask Dr Yeagley but remember these are genuine Native Americans. They respond with their
own opinions so becareful.

Yeagley might ask you why the Sandanistas killed the Indians in 1980.

John Brown said...

Congrats, Toady,

The more exposure and popularilty your mind-boggling ignorance gets, the better for those of us who know just how truly ignorant you are and stupid you look.

Hugs and Kisses,

beakerkin said...


Lets see you and Vegietown come here for eyeballs. On your own you lack the talent to get readers. Veggietown loves this site so much he just can't wait till I fall asleep to post.

You idiots are drawn like moths to a lightbulb.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Bitter much?

John Brown said...

uptownsteve wrote:

Daniel Ortega, leader of the Sandanistas, WAS AN INDIAN.

God you're dumb.

And lets not forget the rampaging gangs of death squads that Uncle Sam under Bonzo the Crip bankrolled by selling arms to Iran.

The Sandanistas won a democratic election. Uncle Sam hates nothing more than democracy - especially when that democracy so much as pretends to respond to the poor - as its actions in South America demonstrate today.

beakerkin said...

Lets not forget the Sandanistas lost an election because they believed in their own PR.

Do not take my word about the genocide commited by the Sandanistas Ward Churchill was there and fought with the Indians.

Adios Uptown

beakerkin said...


You can read my posts on the subject at Bad Eagle. Adios

uptownseteve said...

Why not here?

"You say goodbye and I say hello...

Hello Hello...

I don't know why you say goodbye...

I say hello."

Paul McCartney

beakerkin said...

I will let that pass as it is creative.

uptownseteve said...


I do believe that you're developing a God complex.

John Brown said...


Perhaps you believe the fairy-tales about the Sandanistas told by the serial liar, Bonzo the Crip.

You have been known to do that, you know - trust the 'leaders' of your 'government' even after they lie to you over and over again.

Why is it that you continue to suck off the ruling order when they lie to you with such persistance? Are you really that dumb, or is it just easier for you to believe in fantasy?

beakerkin said...

Lets see are Ward Churchill and Russel Means left enough for you. They took up arms to stop the genocide. You want to talk about Indian Killers well lets start with the Sandanazis and their Pseudostinian and East German mercenaries.

This genocide happened in the eighties. If anyone is a supporter of genuine Indian killers it is John Brown and the Duck.

Justin said...

John Brown said:
Why is it that you continue to suck off the ruling order when they lie to you with such persistance? Are you really that dumb, or is it just easier for you to believe in fantasy?

Good Question John. Why do you do it. I guess you cant help being just naturally stupid.

You hang around and hit your knees just to make sure you get your turn at the trough.

Flee John, Flee, run like the wind leave this terrible Plantation you live on behind you and run like the wind to one of your so called liberated countries.

Good Question John. Why do you do it. I guess you cant help being just naturally stupid.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Uptown Skeev and John Browneye,

how long have you two been fellating each other? Did you meet in the psyche-ward or do you just take the same medication?

Where is your sympathy for the Miskito Indians the Sandinistas slaughtered? The nuns they raped and murdered? The children they kidnapped? Why are Nicaraguans so glad to be rid of your communist buddies?

Any atrocity is excusible if it's commited by a Marxist, right?

Rage on, you retards. The world belongs to us. You imbeciles are our employees.