Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Communist record on Jews

The familar cries of McCartyism by the far left attempt to detract from a record of lies and deception. Communists go through a series of deception to hide their loyalties. Thus while far left types like 167 talk about dual loyalties of Jooooos they neglect their own lengthy history of subversion and treason. Based upon history no group has commited quite the plethora of crimes against this country as the far left.

Most of us are familiar with the Rosenburgs whom the left claims were victims of anti semitism for decades. This comes from the same people who often write about Jewish cabals to blow up the WTC or invade Iraq. We now know that they were in fact guilty and deserved their fate. The Venona project has confirmed their guilt.

The Communists went to great lengths to spy on Jews in the United States. The Jewish Telegraphic Service was in fact targeted by Commie spies. Commie did attempt to infiltrate the World Jewish Congress. While there is a stereotype about Jewish Communists their masters in the Soviet Union made sure that they were led by non Jews. The official Communist Dogma was that Blacks and Jews were not genuine Americans and the official leader was Earl Broder a " real American".

The official Communist position was that Jewish nationalism must be surpressed but all other types are fine. Philip David was critiqued for " bourgeois nationalism" for a speech recounting the Jewish role in American History.

Communists were also fond of insane charges that Jews were traitors. A perfect example of this was Ion Yakir a Jewish Communist who was charged with spying for the Nazis. Communists have plenty of their own cases of lynching Jews who were in their service Heyndrik Erlich,Victor Alter, Solomon Michaels and Feffer. Feffer attempted to tell his good friend Paul Robeson about his impending death. Robeson said nothing and toed the Communist line that the Jews were fine.

There were plenty of Jews who remained loyal to the Communists even as they formed an alliance with the Nazis,killed Jews on trumped up absurd charges and sent others to the gulag. " In 1928 and 1929 and 1929 the GPU was still conducting " significant work for the liquidation of Zionist organizations...... During WW 2 Zionism would again become a major concern of the Soviet security and intelligence aparatus.

Thus despite the talk of Duncy Communists have a rather lengthy history of anti semitism. Yet Jewish Communists line up in droves and continued to rationalize Communist abuses against other Jews. The truth is that one can not serve two gods and
call themselves a Jew. Thus once again history shows that Communists sell out their country, ethnicity and even own families in pursuit of a pipe dream Utopia that is about as real as Sponge Bob Squarepants. It is hardly surprising that the leading propagandists of the enemies of the Jewish people are all Marxist vermin Chomsky, Lerner, Finklestein, Koevell.

The book Venona Secrets also shows Commie finks also spied on several Catholic organizations as well. This record of spying and serving their masters abroad is quite lengthy.

Next Payola and Spying by the American Communist Party.

There are plenty of places that Communists should congregate such as mental health facilities, prisons and Gitmo. John Brown visited Gitmo recently and three people opted to meet Allah rather then read his deranged post. Brown has turned on the Commie Fatah and has now embraced the Nazi Hamas movement. Anti Semitism does erode the critical mental facilities of its advocates. The only exception is Uptown Steve who is the worlds first internet vegtable. Repeated Cat scans of Uptown have shown no brain activity. He was classified as a Zucinni but protested he is not Italian.
After much debate he was reclassified as a Yam.


The Merry Widow said...

Personally, I think he's a cabbage, causes gas! Maybe he's sauerkraut?


beakerkin said...

TMW this is amazing because the original draft has Uptown as a brussel sprout with the same train of thought.

What a fool.

Mr. Ducky said...

If the communists thought jewish nationalism must be surpressed why did they arm Israel and become fundamental to its formation as a state?

Mr. Ducky said...

As far as spying on Catholic organizations I wonder how beak feels about the recent eavesdropping by the U.. on Catholic Worker houses. Not that it's the first time but I would like to read the drivel Beak will write to justify it.

beakerkin said...

Given the record of Communist subversion in such places it is approriate. The standard is still probable cause and merely being a Marxist does meet that criteria. If and when you break the law you should be stripped of citizenship and deported with no possibility of pardon or visitation. Have no fear as we do not have the onions to enforce existing laws on treason, sedition and interfering in US foreign policy.

Mr. Ducky said...

So Beak, why do you consider the Catholic Worker houses subversive.

Feeding the poor is a communist activity?

Would you like to explain yourself or jst continue to play the clown

beakerkin said...

Communist have a record of infiltration of many groups peace activist, poverty advocates and laywers guild are just some of the groups infiltrated. However they fail to take action and prosecute and deport Communists so have no fear. The notion of a genocidal subversive group as victims of government spying or black lists is absurd. Communist should be under scrutiny and where possible tossed out.

Mr. Ducky said...

So let me get this straight, Beak. The Catholic Worker movement is genocidal and subversive?

Dig a little deeper. You are making a complete ass of yourself.

beakerkin said...

Lets see is United for Peace and Justice peaceful.It may be if you live in Cuba. Moreover if your Commie brethern are within the law fine. However if you violate it D-E-P-R-T-A-T-I-O-N. If any Marxists are present probable cause has been established.

Always On Watch said...

John Brown visited Gitmo recently and three people opted to meet Allah rather then read his deranged post.

I wouldn't doubt it!

Repeated Cat scans of Uptown have shown no brain activity.

Isn't he the commenter who can't spell his own name? You might mean an EEG, BTW.

I know that the topic of your posting here is a serious one, but that last paragraph had me ROTFL.

bum from jersey said...

What exactly is the relevance of this post? If its anything besides for recreational social commentary - I don't get it? I am not going to argue w/ you about the relationship between Communism and Jews in America but the threat of communism and relevance have been absent from US public discorse for over a decade now. With that said - why bring this up now - or am I missing something?

douglass said...


I am with you in terms of opposing communism, but I don’t agree with you logic here.

I think that this:

And this:

Better describe what is left of the corpse of Marxism-Leninism today.

You never answered Mr. Ducky's question here:

"If the communists thought Jewish nationalism must be suppressed why did they arm Israel and become fundamental to its formation as a state?

I know that in 1947, it was the Soviet Union, not the United States that armed the Zionists with the weapons.

But I also know that the Soviets were more than happy to exploit the Zionist desire to have the Jews in Israel and deport Jews. But for a price.

beakerkin said...

Bum From Jersey glad to see you.

There relevance of this post is two
fold. This blog has been invaded by three Marxists. Communists have a lengthy history of anti semitic activity. Even Jews loyal to the cause end up betraying their own or getting killed.

The point was that Communists do have a lengthy history of spying on Jews in America as well as anti semitism. Thus it is hardly surprising that the most anti semitic statements come from Chomsky and Norman Finklestein. A communists true loyalty is to his insane movement and all else is secondary.

Let me know when you want to sit for an interview. Rob the Dirty Liberal sat for an amazing interview.

beakerkin said...

Communists were hostile to zionism through much of their history. The aid to Israel came through the Czechs and not the Soviets. Many of these Chzechs would later die for aiding zionism durring purges shortly later.

The record of the Soviet Union inside Russia is clear anti semitism. There was some moronic belief that Jews would form a Middle Eastern Cuba. However Israel opted for a UK style of democratic labor socialism that was anti Communist. After 1967 when the Commies realized Israel would never become a Soviet Puppet
they created a fake indigenous people known as Palestinians. Prior to 1967 the cry was march the Jews into the sea. Ducky and I have been over this before.

You can read Venona secrets for the truth about Communist espionage in the USA.

Good question but do not take the Duck too seriously. He is a Marxist but one with a smile. That means he will smile and be polite as he sends you to the gulag to work 16 hours and feed you turnips and fish heads.

douglass said...

Right, this ducky is redder than a bottle of Heinz ketchup.

RE: soviet-Israeli relations; It's a bit more complex than you make it seem.

RE: weapons; heavy weapons purchased by the USA and the USSR were shipped to Israel from Czechoslovakia during a 6 week truce at the beginning of the 1948 war (pushed thought the UN by the USA and the USSR I might add).
In 1947, the soviets paid for whatever weapons they shipped regardless of which satellite state the weapons were shipped through.

MissingLink said...

There was some moronic belief that Jews would form a Middle Eastern Cuba.
This is very true. Keep in mind that there were many radical socialist Jews whom Soviets considered potential allies (in Israel).
The real aim of supporting Israel was of course motivated by the Soviet desire to have a foothold in the Middle East.

beakerkin said...

Douglas many of those Czechs paid with their lives a short while later. Several of them were Jews and that is in the book as well. The exact role of Stalin and local Czechs is a matter of debate. Stalins record on the Jews in Russia and elsewhere is clear, he was an antisemite.

Mad Zionist said...

I think the problem is not enough people who are marxist are willing to admit they are marxist. They hide behind different pseudos, like "progessive" or "social democrat", or "liberal", to make themselves more socially acceptable. It's important to keep exposing these tricks and remembering what is behind there goals.

One look at the "peace" movement, or any rally for "minority rights", and you bring out the animals of marxist organizations that align themselves like glue to the moslem groups and take over the original cause and turn it into a Communist rally or "death to Israel" march.

beakerkin said...

Uptown sent another statement but posing as the decider precludes comment.You may whine on Hank's site of John Browns but you are history here.

I do wish you the best of luck and a good life.

FLORIAN said...

Uptown sent about 20 comments spammed to my site. What a loser!

MissingLink said...

I think the problem is not enough people who are marxist are willing to admit they are marxist.
I think the don't want to.
I mean, they know very well they are to destroy the existing order.
Would Ramsey Clarke get the job of Attorney General (or whatever was the title) if he clearly announced I am a communist, your enemy?

Only 'freelance' or so called street storm troopers will admit these days that they are in fact communists.
In Oz most of the 'old' communist parties dissolved after the fall of USSR - partially because they did not have any funds from the Soviets anymore.
They infiltrated other parties like Greens so they get the funds, legitimacy, and even get elected to the parliament (they couldn't dream about it as communists).

FLORIAN said...

Everybody ought to read Walter Williams latest article on what Marx really had to say on people of color. Ironic how most of his greatest following is from "civil rights" groups and other hell-bent people from the anti-white gang. Marx was a rabid racist. I'm sure Danny Glover, Maxine Waters, Harry Belafonte and Cornel West barely skimmed through his writings before they came to the conclusion to follow Marx's religion.

The Merry Widow said...

Not only did they support Israel, temporarilly, but they also supported; Nasser's Egypt, Syria, Libya and rebels in Ethiopia! After the 6-Day War caches of Soviet arms were discovered in caves in the Gola Heights! They really, really wanted a ME base of operations!
Good morning and G*D bless!


The Merry Widow said...

Excuse me please, it is Golan Heights, not Gola! Not enough coffee!


Always On Watch said...

That's a great commentary by Williams. I'm going to use it when I post Mr. Beamish's type-sketch of the leftist.