Friday, June 23, 2006

Sexual harassment and tyranny

The governments insane sexual harassment policies are the most absurd totalitarian and arbitrary rules I have ever seen anywhere. I am against genuine sexual harassment but the definition of what constitues this has been so watered down anything constitutes sexual harassment. Most of these minor issues could be resolved with a simple I do not like it when you do x or y.

The situation does get worse as one is not entitled to know who is making the complaint. How does one answer a complaint if one doesn't even know who the complainer is. A friend was accused of whistling at a worker. This same worker doesn't know how to wistle so the charge was obviously false. The accuser had a record of making dozens of these complaints but this is moot. This same accuser is the one who complained about me because I stated sample size in the fashion industry is size eight and use your cocanut. I always thought a cocanut was shaped like a head obviously I must not be with the times.

I am against genuine sexual harassment. Women should not be propositioned or degraded due to their sex. Foul language is not a sexual harassment issue unless it is aimed at women or individuals. The notion that any disagreement between male or female workers is sexual is absurd. Somewhere in America a male and female coworker are arguing about tastes great less filling and this is not sexual but opinion.

This may sound odd but a handful of people make up the lions share of complaints. This same person was sent on a detail after a series of complaints and had more complaints on the detail. At what point does the question get asked " Are some of these complaints frivolous? Does this person making the complaint have a problem getting along with others? Is there a political motivation behind these complaints?
How is it that other females worked with person x and never had a similar complaint?"

The problem of sexual harassment is genuine but the remedies are almost worse then the initial harassment. Careers have been ruined and mediocre workers have made spurious complaints.

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Beamish in 08


nanc said...

my husband sexually harrassed me just this week at work! who do i go to? dayam i hate ending questions with prepositions...

Always On Watch said...

Here's a personal story...Years ago, when I was working at a private school, a real nutjob joined the faculty. She was a pot-stirrer like none I'd ever encountered in the sheltered environment of a private school.

One day, our custodian--a gentleman well into his 60s and a friend of my husband's and of mine for nearly a decade--was chatting with me in the hallway before students arrived for the day. I believe this might have been around the time that my husband was undergoing brain surgery, so I was having a tough time dealing with all the medical issues and continuing to work. The custodian put his arm around me--that's it! No innuendo of anything, just a grandfatherly "It's going to be okay. How can I help you?"

Along comes pot-stirrer (who could never hold a teaching position in any school for more than one year, BTW) to say to me "You should sue for sexual harassment." I looked at her like she had three heads.

From that time forward, the custodian made sure that he was never alone with the pot-stirrer. She got fired thereafter for an unrelated matter.

Sure, some cases of sexual harassment are real. But some aren't. Just the charge of sexual harassment can result in a life ruined by unsubstantiated innuendo.

Mr. Ducky said...

Boring !!!!

Brooke said...

I agree with you, Beak, that most harassment is perception. With the "litigation lottery" mentality of today, this is an exploited issue.

Most harassment can be stoped with a firm, unequivical denouncement...

But there is always going to be some jerk that is truly propositioning or discriminating against the opposite sex.

Just like the race card, false accusations of sexual harassment cheapen the definition and ultimately hurt the victims in the end.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Just claim to be a gay Muslim and threaten your employer with a discrimination lawsuit.

MissingLink said...

There are so many cases based upon accusations of militant champions of 'women's' rights it is not funny.
One of my employees was accused of sexual harrasment.
The person who was allegedly 'harrassed' tried to sue the company not the employee.
The incident happened with about 20 witnesses around so there wasn't an issue as all of the witnesses could testify there wasn't any wrongdoing. Nonetheless just to get a lawyer to counter the accusations cost us a few bucks.
BTW, the person who tried to sue us was a professional belly dancer.
Probably over sensitive.

Elmer's Brother said...

Ducky, I heard your thermometer was thinking of suing you for sexual harrassment.

Jeff Bargholz said...


your company has lousy management. Competent managers would have disposed of that trouble maker long ago, even if your commpany's discipline policies are enforced by its incompetent HR department.

It's an overlooked fact in America that militant women have a stranglehold on HR departments. Vapid girls with no experience in the real world, much less the business world, are hired straight out of college. The sexist cronyism that fuels hiring practices in HR departments guarantees a preponderance of incompetent HR staffers.

The next time you're in your HR department, take a look at the staff names. Look at the subjects on their bulliten board--guranteed to be slanted towards coddling women. Look at the magazines the department subscribes to: "Modern Woman," etc.

Companies are losing a shit-load of money because of this overlooked problem. They're also suffering from countless, unnecessary internal problems like the one you described.

Blame the left for instigating this, blame the right for allowing it.

Russet Shadows said...

Sexual harassment legislation was never intended to seriously address the issue, and we're missing the point if we think that it was. It, like a lot of the PC laws, have one thing as their end goal: choke American business. Where regulation multiplies, business becomes uncompetative and dies a slow, painful death. That is what the PC folks are really about -- putting an end to American economic power. Make no mistake about it -- or did you ever wonder how America became so great while being so "backward"? Clearly, PC BS has a ulterior motive in mind.

Elmer's Brother said...

for sexual harrassment training we got a movie, some soft lights, a bottle of couvosier and some Barry White music. My wife said it was one of our best nights out.

Always On Watch said...

Just claim to be a gay Muslim and threaten your employer with a discrimination lawsuit.

Headline in the June 24, 2006 WaPo: Muslim Gays Seek Lesbians For Wives: Social Pressures Push Some Into Sexless Marriage. Article HERE.

FLORIAN said...

PS: A drone of uppy's called "Kamal Jaqi" has shown up at my blog. Delete and abort when you see him.

Mad Zionist said...

Kamal is a hilarious spoof, Flo. Check out his blog, "Thavage Juthice" for a huge laugh.

Storm said...

I was recently reading about the Clarence Thomas debacle and suddenly it hit me.

The hypocrisy of letting Clinton abstruct justice in his trial but for Thomas we must investigate every claim no matter how ridiculous

Fariq Ali Musad said...

Kamal Jaqi is a falafel eating, goat herder. I spit on him.

Always On Watch said...

Lots of information on falafel at Wikipedia. Seems that a controversy has recently emerged. See information under "Current Events," toward the end of the above link.

Kamal Jaqi said...

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Iben Habin PMS said...

You spit on everything, you camel humping old man!

Fariq Ali Musad said...

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