Saturday, June 17, 2006

Freedom of Speech and Blog Ownership

I am commited as ever to freedom of speech. Yet each and every one of us owns their own site. Most bloggers will honor basic frredom of expression to disagree. A clear point in matter is that vulgarity is not freedom of speech but an abuse of speach. Thus people being called the N word or gays being called the familiar f word is not acceptable.

Posters should not post more then the actual blog host as a rule. Nobody complains about real spirited debate on topic. Thus I have zero problem with Rob or Justin advocating their side of an issue on the rare post on gay themes. Most of the time I tend to agree with them to a certain extent.

However having a board filled with the same posts over and over is not freedom of speech it is abuse of speech. Since banning John Brown he has taken to the creation of a site that depicts me as a pedophile. I join the ranks of Dr Yeagley, Michelle Malkin and others in having more then one parody site. The real crime is that the satire is so lame. There are many posts to be satired on this site but satiring a post on a gay bashing crime was more odd then funny. However, Brown has no skill and Hank Snow has never been known for creativity or wit. Snow is known to have the intellectual capacity of your average sea sponge on his best days.

The bottom line is that as this blog and others grow we should expect attacks. The posting of Ducky is not an attack but an on topic dissent and we support the right of dissent. However I disagree because of............... is another animal the the ranings about Muslimgoblins and head coffins.

Uptown is a special case and is banned due to his own promise. We hold posters to their word and Uptown is no exception. Uptown sets the standard of stupidity everywhere he goes. He has posted and interacted with me for three years and still hasn't figured out the difference between a Cold War Liberal, a conservative or liberterian. We do not post on race here as blacks are Americans. Unlike Veggietown many blacks serve their country each and every day. They do not sit around with the attitude this country owes them X,Y or Z. They work hard for their families like any other Americans. Nor do I look down on low wage earners who struggle. My friend Jerome works more then one job and does the best he can every day. Jerome does so as an American just the same as you and I. Uptown has always been more Red then black. When dealing with Uptown think Frankfurt School clown too lazy to read the text.

Genuine posters are always welcome but as our community grows one should expect satire and nut jobs like Brown to target this site and some of yours.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky hiding from Elmer, 167 a ratings dud, Uptown now classified as genetically altered produce and John Brown to a mental health facility nearest home.


Always On Watch said...

I saw the satire to which I think you're referring. But I'm not sure that it technically qualifies as satire, as the intent of satire is to promote reform.

So my conclusion is that the satire is actually sour grapes. Do you know that particular fable from Aesop?

Had this happened a year ago when I was an "upstart" (your term and accurate), I'd have been upset. My reaction is quite different now.

beakerkin said...

In an awkward way this is a tribute. You are correct that Brown's site is sour grapes. Brown fancies himself a writer and this is a poor effort even by his standards.

Brooke said...


Pitifull, really. A disjointed, nonsensical and poorly written diatribe produced by a chemically altered mind.

FLORIAN said...

Uh Beak...did you check Brownie's site? He claims you're a child molestor!
Satire or just plain stupidity and vile behavior?

Either way--you're now an esteemed member of the Klanwatch.

beakerkin said...


I stand corrected. I will also add lowlife unemployable and incoherent. Yet we should expect this from appologists for genocide.
A coherent rational person wouldn't advocate Communism in the first place.


Brown is a bore and should be booted at your site. The point is he is not there for ideas or debate. There were times I disagreed with Richard Poe. Yet any disagreement was always civil and dealt with broad issues. An honest man and a knave are two different animals.

Warren said...

Actually, the "stain", is not just a bore. He is a delusional loutish bore.

beakerkin said...

The truth is as this site has grown we have to expect this. Brown's charachter assassination is a futile attempt to get readers. Do his other posts draw readers.

He had to interview Florian to draw numbers. As a blogger Brown is a failure.

Always On Watch said...

In an awkward way this is a tribute.

I suppose. However, the phrase "sick puppy" comes to mind. But that insults the poor puppy--the four-legged one, I mean.

Elmer's Brother said...

As a blogger Brown is a failure.

Make that as a human being Brown is a failure.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As a general rule of thumb, I expect the intellectual levels of leftists to always come up short of the average box of rocks, so LoBrow's behavior on our forums is neither shocking or surprising.

Whatever his grievances with all of us, nothing has been more adamantly clear than LoBrow's desire to leave little doubt that he's a moron.

Unfortunately for him, I expect that from leftists as well.

beakerkin said...


As Brown is banned from more blogs he will become more shrill. Every action produces a counter action. Yet the consequences of allowing him to post at MZ or Florian are very real. Florian risks pushing away readers. MZ is aware of the taste bit but a frustrated Brown will increase posts. The question is will either take back their blog.


Brown is a failure as a human being.

I like his claim about censorship pens. In his case my actions are more of a garbageman variety.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

Brown is incoherent Muslim Goblins
AlCIDA. His latest bit is one DHS employee is a pedophile thus it is an institutional thing.

This comes from the person who claims that anyone who connects Communists to Gulags, Killing Fields and deplorable human rights abuses is a Nazi.

The prosecution rests Brown is classified as an official moron.

MissingLink said...

My principle is not to talk to human refuse.
Not even indirectly.
But...I never claimed to be a good person.

Elmer's Brother said...

and trash must be taken stinks up the place.

venice said...

i agree.. i talked it over with my friends at wealthymen dotcom and i cant believe that we agree for that same thing!

beakerkin said...

Thank you Venice. It is a shame that uncivilized types make moderation necassary. Yet as the blog grows in size I should expect some of this. A blog that has no readers generates no comments. We have two parody sites dedicated to me. As a semi public blog figure this is to be anticipated.

the merry widow said...

EB- Not only does it stink, it also draws flies, they lay eggs which hatch into maggots. Nasty!


nanc said...

i want to know how i got into the article, beak? i mean - for crying out loud - i'm not old enough to be your mother, older sister, aunt maybe, but mother? i've been gone since yesterday morning and come back to this!

beakerkin said...

Nanc I saw that but Brown is deranged. He needs cheap publicity
to attempt to gain readers. Brown will get on Florians nerves next. Where he goes after that is unknown.

Jeff Bargholz said...


Browneye will be muttering your name when they drag him off to the nut house.

He probably has a wall covered in photos of you. He probably has walls dedicated to all the people he's fixated on. If he gets any crazier he'll bite his own head off.

nanc said...

does that mean our avatars are endangered?

Brooke said...

"He probably has a wall covered in photos of you. He probably has walls dedicated to all the people he's fixated on."


Nanc, if Brown did have an AV, it would suck. My AV could kick his Av's backside any day! Heh.

nanc said...

well, mine would want to do a little rearranging of his!

zinla said...

"we don't talk race on this site because blacks are Americans."

Okay. you got me.

i love that.

love what you said about Hank, too........sad, because he's not a dummy, just highly misled and, lately, kind of mean, frankly.

So, what about dubya at FPM. If he's here, I'm out. (like youc are!)