Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Actions and reactions

When I posted communism and mental health some of you thought I was exagerating. My point was that there is indeed a mental health pathology amongst many of the far left. The Duck may be missing a few cards but his behavior is not criminal. Uptown's post to La Shawn certainly was sexual harassment.

This brings us to the world class psycho John Brown. Brown has a blog that nobody and I mean nobody reads. Even Ducky and Uptown do not waste their time their. Brown is a failure as a blogger and as a human. His posts are incoherent to the point of comedy. I suppose with some cheap alcohol classics about the genocide in New Orleans might become comedy classics.

Some of you have allready seen the posts of a cloned blog stating that I am a pedophile. This crosses the line from disagreement to stalking. Each day Brown grows more desperate. Today he was banned at Freedom Now for these spoof posts claiming to be me. He has poted them on the Mad Zionist, Long Range and Elmers Brother. If you have not allready done so I urge you to ban John Brown entirely.

We have a fine blog community and as we grow in size with new members there will be
people who wish to infiltrate. In the case of Brown he lacks the social and writing skills to create a blog sucsess story as most of you have. The key to a sucsessful blog is to have a great community and indeed I am blessed with a collection of fine
friends and one odd poultry.

When Warren and I started this community we never anticipated how large and popular this site and his would become. The key to this formula is to respect your audience
have lively posts . We do not shy away from debate and disagreement. Yet we do expect our posters to have some basic intelligence ( this excludes Uptown) and to be reality based ( this excludes Brown and to a lesser degree Weasie).

I encourage all of you to maintain our commitment to high standards.


the merry widow said...

Beaker, you're right, we have a wonderful, intelligent group that can discuss issues. They don't rant, unless they're really passionate about something, then they are still coherant, logical and based on reality! I enjoy the different takes on life, the universe and everything!


Elmer's Brother said...

This community is good and we don't need John Brown.

If he needs validated I have suggested to him to seek professional help. He'll probably need his crack money to pay for it though.

kev said...

I don't even want to get started on brown eye. I'm just glad he's gone. He added nothing.

beakerkin said...


I think we should all visit the parody site. Brown's immitation of me is almost coherent and better then his usual material. It would be a kick in his pants if his imitation of me got higher ratings then his own site.

Always On Watch said...

Some of you have allready seen the posts of a cloned blog stating that I am a pedophile.

Yes, I saw. And he attempted to post a comment using that Mullah handle at my site. I didn't approve the comment, of course.

Did you catch that he called me a "pederast" at his main site? Sheesh!

Old saying: "You can't reason with a sick mind." I guess that applies to Brownie.

nanc said...

you also cannot reason with the spare tire in the trunk of your car!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Your avatar has disappeared because I took it offline. LoBrow was stealing the bandwidth that I pay for to host that image to spoof you. That makes LoBrow a thief.

Everyone who has been harassed by LoBrow on their blogs has a pretty good civil case against him, beyond the violations of terms of service that will get him removed from Blogger and get his ISP to drop his internet account. He has clearly crossed too many lines.

Beak, you've got a pretty good slander case against him.

I'm in the process of discovery right now.

When I have LoBrow's personal information (real name, address, phone number, driver's license photo, SS#), I will make it available to everyone who wishes to pursue legal options and / or those who wish to videocam LoBrow getting beat down with crowbars, as the case may be.

beakerkin said...

As long as you have the avtar that is fine. For a second I thought he was responsible for that.

A Grim Beaker replette with scythe would be cool. Beakerkin the commie killer sendind Marxist on their way is kind of unique.

I would laugh if his parody of me got more hits then his own site.

Brooke said...

A liar, a coward, and a thief.

AoW, he called you a pederast? Does he even know what the word means?

the merry widow said...

jobro is really low. He hasn't done anything to me except insult me, I consider that a compliment!
Nanc- A spare tire serves a useful and practical purpose, therefor it is of greater purpose than jobro and is more easily tolerated or desired!

P.S. I can get feathers, would a nice yellow do?