Monday, June 19, 2006


I want to talk about some common stereotypes. I see people as individuals except for Utopians who by definition are mental midgets. Most of us are grouded in reality and stereotypes are for people who lack the skills to see people as individuals.

Lets look at the common gay stereotypes. Gays railing against religion and loathing team sports while spending all their time in art museums listening to Broadyway musicals. Rob and Justin are Christians with another view point of Christs message. Both follow team sports and enjoy watching them just like the rest of us. The last two are perplexing because I do enjoy Broadway and Art museums. This often comes as a shock to far left types who think that they own culture.

Christians are portrayed as ignorant and homophobic. Many of the objections of Christians to homosexuality are based in their interpretation of scripture. Do note that none of the conservatives supported the gay bashing assault in NYC. A surprising number of the posters here including myself favor civil unions. Most recognize the insanity of theological law would make us as insane as the people we fight in Iraq. The concept of Civil law and individual rights protects us. I am not a fan of tolerance as it implies inferiority. Respect is due each and every person until they prove otherwise.

The notion that Christians are uneducated is wishful thinking. The posters of this blog are well read in a myriad of subjects. I could go down the list but it would be endless. Even the Ducks views on films drew some amazing critique from Felis.

The notion that blacks are savages and prone to anti social behavior is also a myth.
This description does describe Uptown who is more Red then black. This description does not fit the black coworkers and friends of all walks of life. They have the same concerns as most of us jobs, family and making ends meet. Yet unlike Uptown I do not disparage low wage earners of any race. My friend Jerome works two full time jobs and his wife works nearly sixty hours. No thinking person disparages those who try and do their best each and every day. There are black entrepenuers and professionals but few sit around blaming Jews and righties. These people like professionals of all stripes take advantage of opportunities.

People are individuals but it is the far left that turns them into cartoons. Native Americans according to John Brown should all think x. Blacks according to Brown and Uptown should all think Y. Here is a creative concept for the far left think for yourselves.

People are not stereotypes but we do have stooges that visit this site. Ducky plays the Moe Role as the cerebral apologist for genocidal Marxism. Brown does not have the apptitude for stupidity and plays the curly role. Then there is Uptown who is todays curly stupid and lazy. Some of Uptowns mistakes are comedy but it is from geting his ideas in snippets on the web rather then reading books.

Let us all remember that people are individuals.


the merry widow said...

Beaker- The problem is, except for Ducky(and he is problematic as well) they are too stupid to be funny except by accident! There is ignorant, which is cured by education. There is stupid, which occassionally is genetic, but then there is foolish, which is willful blindness! jobro and uppity are foolish!


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, am I being banned or censored? Just let me know so that I can stop posting, if necessary.

beakerkin said...

All your comments have been posted duck

Mr. Ducky said...

Maybe my error. I did post a question about your reaction to steretypes when you conflate leftist, socialist, marxist and communist into a stereotype of your own making.

It's similar to stereotyping done by the right when they refer to the "right wing media". Very little of what is occurring in the national conversation is open fair dialogue. I will agree on that but for you to intimate that the right has somehow avoided stereotypical though or politically correct thought is laughable, Beak.

Brooke said...

I do not hold stereotypes... Most people will prove themselves one way or another very quickly, so it seems to me to be a waste of time to pre-judge.

FLORIAN said...

Stereotypes have some validity in them--some moreso than others. But I agree with Brooke in holding judgement on somebody until I actually know them better.
Uptown is a clown who believes any black that doesn't tote his radicalist ideals is a "boot-licker".

Robert Bayn said...

Sterotypes are pretty lame, obvisouly in every group, there are different people, with different beleifs, but they all come together under one goal or one beleif, or they have that one thing in common that links them together, but to say all people in a certain group are this or that is pretty lame.

Excellent Post Beak.

For the record, name the time and place, via email or whatever it might be, and we can do that 3 way interview you wanted to do.

beakerkin said...

For the record according to the popular stereotypes I am more likely to be gay then you or Justin. I lived in Union Squre NYC and like Broadway musicals and art galleries. There are gay people who fit those descriptions and many
who do not.

Robert Bayn said...

Well beak, i happen to like Broadway and Musicals, but i also like sports, and i'm very passionate about Football, especally Michigan Wolverine football, i havent missed a game since i was 15, i even worked as a teenager at Michigan Stadium concessions, just to see them play.

Elmer's Brother said...

I try to treat people as individuals. Sometimes I fail. It's been my experience that on both the right and the left that there are some who try and label or lump people into groups because then they can be marginalized or called extreme. However because I am a Chrisitian I believe one's value is given or endowed as the Constitution by the Creator and not by the opinions or judgements of other people.

nanc said...

yeah, yeah, yeah - i like burly guys in kilts!

beakerkin said...


Many of our likes and dislikes are shaped by our environment. Would Ducky be functional if he grew up in a normal state. I doubt I would enjoy the arts or Broadway if I were not a NYC native.

Elmer's Brother said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert Bayn said...

Kilts are skirts! and a man in a skirt is just wrong, and yeah i'm scottish, i just think its weird.

Jeff Bargholz said...

I agree with Florian. There's nothing wrong with stereotypes. They're just accurate descriptions based on observation. It's only when you try to apply them to every member of a group that you run into problems. Not all gays are effeminate, not all tough guys are uncultured, not all women are self centered, not all men are insensitive, etc.

Mr. Dorky,

all leftists hold Marxist beliefs, whether they're educated enough to realize it or not. socialism and communism are part and parcel of marxism so anyone with Marxist beliefs has socialist and communist beliefs. It varies in degree from leftist to leftist but you all suffer from it. Some of you are raging communists, some think socialism is far enough and others think they're being altruistic. Most of you have never read the works of Marx, Engels or Lenin. There are millions of unconscious Marxists in this country.

All Marxists are fools. That's not a stereotype, that's a fact. Expecting the crack-pot economic theories of an unemployed freeloader to serve as the basis of a utopian society is foolish, to say the least.

Expecting a political system that's a proven failure to work the next time it's implemented is criminally stupid. How many more people have to die and suffer before you imbeciles face facts? Marxism killed 100 million in the last century and every single socialist/communist country has failed miserably.

The reformed countries were so devastated by their idiotic political systems that they still haven't managed to drag themselves out of the mud.

The present socialist/communist countries have the lowest standard of living on the planet. North korea, China and Cuba are dystopian shit-holes. The average Chinaman lives like a coolie on less than a dollar a day. Things are even worse in North Korea and Fidel Castro actually prohibits Cuban peons from improving their lives.

The standard line from you commies is that the Soviet Union and the other commie regimes didn't practice "true" communism. "What's 100 million dead and untold suffering? Let's give it another shot."

Horse crap. You morons are so driven by your contumacious hatred that you refuse to see reality. You bask in the sensuous lifestyle provided by the political system you hate and try to tear it down for doing so.

The only thing more violent and oppressive than a communist devolution is the aftermath. The gulags, executions and repression necessary to maintain a commie regime are well documented.

I don't know what you mean about "the right-wing reffering to the right-wing media."

You probably think all moderates and conservatives are "right-wingers." Right-wingers are paleocons like Pat Buchanan, libertarian nut-jobs like Lew Rockwell and Neo-Nazi flakes like Kurt Nimmo.

America is not divided into two warring camps with "Right-wingers" in one and left-wingers in the other. Most people are a combination of moderate and conservative, as a glance at a map of Red and Blue states shows. They tend to want the same things from life. They expect the same things from their government "representatives," they just disagree on who would best represent their interests--Republicans or Democrats.

Then there are the right-wing extremists I mentioned at one end of the political spectrum and the secular, left-wing extremists like you at the other. You guys are fringe players. The majority of Americans reject both of your hateful ideologies.

The left-wing bastions of deceit in the media establishment, Hollywood and the professoriate try to portray leftist fringe sentiment as being mainstream, and conservatives as callous and evil, but it just ain't so.

The majority of Americans do not want to cut and run in Iraq, kow-tow to the UN, impeach Bush, oppress Christians, teach "self esteem" in school, continue with affirmative action, or have someone tell them that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, imerialist country.

We sure as hell don't want to embrace Marxism.

FLORIAN said...

Speaking of trolls. I just aborted Uptown Steve once and for all at my blog. He crossed the line with his last pointless rant.

nanc said...

rowbear - kilts are NOT skirts! until you've seen a couple thousand different men in them at once, you don't know what you're talking about!

my husband said he'd even wear one if wrangler would start making them out of denim and he's about as masculine as a man gets - of course, he's also the man who says only men comfortable with their masculinity can get away with wearing pink! take it back!

beakerkin said...

John Brown

Your days of posting here are over. You will never post a single letter. The choice was made before your stupid parody.

I may reconsider Uptown on a limited basis but you are out of here. Actions have consequences and when you spam a blog with vulgar repeatative posts you force a couter reaction. Place as many parodies as you like because nobody reads your site.

Always On Watch said...

Speaking of trolls. I just aborted Uptown Steve once and for all at my blog.

I haven't been up to most of my blog rounds today, so I didn't see the rant. Ah, well. Same old, same old, I'm sure.

Your site, your rules. Never forget that.

Always On Watch said...

Kilts? My husband had to wear a kilt at a private school he attended. PE at times consisted of Scottish dancing. The students at that school were so good that they got to compete at the Hemisfair in San Antonio.

To this day, my husband isn't too fond of bagpipes, especially if they are used for reveille (sp).

Elmer's Brother said...

Beak, speaking of JB he left 2 comments expressing a desire to molest my children today. The man is demented.

beakerkin said...

Brown is well on his way to a blogger complaint. The site is still owned by Blogger and there are limits.

Always On Watch said...

speaking of JB he left 2 comments expressing a desire to molest my children today.

That is crossing the line! Even further crossing the line, I mean.

the merry widow said...

The man is becoming more and more unhinged! What is he thinking, no, never mind, I do not want a peek inside that mess!


nanc said...

if people do not wish to be stereotyped they should not be soooooooo stereotypical. i'm sure beamish would even agree with me.

Warren said...

Its that time people!

Here is the link to complain.

Read the blogger TOS, (terms of service). and only complain about things which violate it. Complaints about stalking will probably earn you a "go tell a lawyer" Email from blogger.

Be specific, attach posts or Emails.

nanc said...

brownie is sick and needs to be treated as such. here on the farm we put a shovel up against sick animal's head - postehaste!

Mad Zionist said...

I can't believe how demented this Brown guy is. A blog devoted to pretending to be you just so he can rant? No joke, he should be put in a sanitarium.

nanc said...

fern just banished the browneye! hip-hip for our fern!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Jeff Bargholz,

Not to dig up an old bone, but Pat Buchanan is a national socialist, and therefore not "right-wing." He's made 3 hard right turns in his life and wound up on the far left and is barely distinguishable from Arianna Huffington (the difference is A.H. has people who think she's politically relevant behind her)

Batya said...

My favorite is "liberal." People who claim "liberal philosphy" are frequently the most intolerant of all who aren't pc according to their liberal ideology.

nanc said...

beak - tell me you're not posting as any other than "beakerkin" on longrange - check your e-mail. brownie is trying to infiltrate - get with warren for details.

the merry widow said...

Batya- That is soooooo true! Liberal used to mean open handed and hearted! Willing to listen, give the benefit of the doubt, now we are seeing the demonization of our language! It has been hijacked by the most intolerant, lockstep, closeminded and unhinged people around! I don't want to be associated with them!
Good morning and G*D bless in spite of the circumstances!


the merry widow said...

Nanc- It is so obviously NOT Beaker's style, he is not deranged or a spluttering nitwit!


kev said...

Stereotypes, generally speaking, are innacurate and harmful. And you mentioned that native Americans and blacks are expected to think a certain way. Regretfully, that is so. And it can't be denied that other black people ostracize them when they don't "fit the mold." Look how Colin Powell, Secretary Rice, Justice Thomas, black Republicans in general, and even Bill Cosby when he demanded personal responsibility, are treated. It makes one wonder what the advocates of black status quo have to fear.

Mr. Ducky said...

Let's go real slow for Jeff Bagholtz. "All leftists hold Marxist beliefs". Notice that Mr. Bagholtz is apparently unable to perceive his own stereotyping.

1. Jeff, what is Marxism? Frankly I really enjoy it when a right wing reactionary tries to answer that.

2. Is Marxism an economic or political theory or both?

3. Do you accept Marx's belief that capitalism contains serious internal contradictions as great economists like Robinson and Schumpeter do?

I await your answer. Unfortunately I have yet to run into anyone on the Beak board who has even a cursory understanding of Marx's economics and frankly when someone calls me a Marxist --- "When you call me that, smile."

Mr. Ducky said...

kev, Powell helped cover up My Lai, he covered for the Raygun administration and supported the Negroponte death squads killing thousands in Central america, he gave Hussein permission to fly attack helicopters after Gulf I and he lied knowingly when he made his U.N. speech about Hussein's Mobile Labs of Death (which you bought 100% because you only read the main stream reactionary media).

The man is a self serving piece of garbage who's big achievment was to get that fat, chipmunk cheeked useless kid of his a job at the FCC.

See, if we don't support the human offal favored by the right we are "PC".
Get a grip.

Oh, and Condominium Rice is a useless clown. Just what are her accomplishments?

Mr. Ducky said...

"The majority of Americans do not want to cut and run in Iraq, kow-tow to the UN, impeach Bush, oppress Christians, teach "self esteem" in school, continue with affirmative action, or have someone tell them that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, imperialist country."

In other words, jeff, you want America to be safe for the steretypes of angry white fundamentalists everywhere, is that it?

Just how are Christians oppressed? because you aren't allowed to strut and do anything you damned please? Explain if you would?

Cut and run in iraq? Isn't that special. Chimperella has failed at everything he's tried and you want to stay on and fail some more. Now that's a plan.

America isn't homophobic? You couldn't prove it by the gay marriage debacle.

Jeff, you seem trapped by steretypes, I'm here to help you understand leftists and your own tunnel vision. Never hesistate to ask for help.

Jeff Bargholz said...


so buchanan is a National Socialist, huh? he's even more out of touch than I thought. I guess he's moved so far to the extremist right that he's crossed the top of the clock and entered the extreme left.

Jeff Bargholz said...


how are stereotypes inaccurate and harmful?

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Dorky,

you opened your wimpy attack with an ad hominem and Freudian projection. Very original. *I've never encountered a leftist who did that before.*

As usual, you waste the time of everyone you pester with your knee-jerk (reactionary,) leftism. Oh, I'm sorry--MARXISM. I already refuted your spurious accusation about stereotyping leftist twits like you.

Save your idiotic essay questions for someone who gives a shit. Read a book and educate yourself--I'm not a teacher anymore.

Here are some questions for you, smart-ass:

What is the broad school of irrational thought that knowingly or unknowingly espouses the crack-pot economic theories of Marx?

Are the politics of this failed movement based on contradictory theories on the production, distribution and consumption of commodoties?

Can a system like capitalism that exists as a fact, be contradicted? How do you contradict a fact without lying?

Do you feel any shame for plagiarizing a citation of Robinson and Schumpeter without having read them yourself?

What do fabled "anry White fundamentalists" have to do with what I wrote?

Do you suppose they're the only Americans who are turning the map of the country Red? (Not the commie red you dream of.)

When did I write that Christians are oppressed?

If a Christian is prevented the free exercise of his faith, is he being oppressed?

Does the left oppose the presence of christian displays and sentiment during CHRISTIAN holidays at schools, on public property, government buildings, etc., etc., etc?

If the less than 10% of non-Christians in this country try to impose their will on everyone else, are they being oppressive?

Why are leftists so angry and frustrated? Is it because you cant preen and do anything you damned well please?

What is your reasoned plan for the mission in Iraq?

Will abandoning the Iraqis to the terrorists and Iran make the world a safer place?

Will it honor the memory of America's fallen soldiers?

Why do leftists propose cutting and running but object to the term "cut and run?"

Your President: overthrew one of the world's vilest dictators, prevented the production of his WMD, allowed the citizens of Iraq to establish a legitimate democratic government through three elections, snuffed the world's most effective terrorist (your hero,) denied a safe haven for the funding, training, arming and harboring of terrorists, established a staging ground for the impending invasions of Syria and Iran and will soon finish training the Iraqis to police their own country. This has all been done faster and with FAR less casualties than in any previous US engagement of this magnitude. How do leftist dip-shits like you define this outstanding success as a failure?

How does the glorification of homosexuality in America constitute Homophobia?

How does the intolerant assault on marriage by gays and (primarily,) leftist activists constitute tolerance?

How does the defense of marriage constitute homophobia?

Do you want to marry your boyfriend or do you just want to destroy a tradition held for millennia?

Have you ever had an original thought in your life?

Will your superior IQ, extensive education and sage wisdom give you an edge in your next retort?

Can an ignoramus be a pedant?

Do pigs fly?

You're accidentally right about one thing. The attempt by you hatemongering activists to co-opt marriage was a debacle. I guess you'll have to come up with your own tradition. If you dorks had any imagination or integrity you would have done so a long time ago. It's sad, really.

Dorky, you're trapped by dogma. I'm here to educate you on on your own hateful ideology and let you know that you cant deceive the people here. Never hesitate to curl up in a corner and suck your thumb.

I'm smiling, Marxist--in derision.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


One of the great ironies of life is that Buchanan's stint on CNN's Crossfire with Michael Kinsley epitomized the domination leftists once had on political discussion / news analysis shows.

Look at Buchanan's economic proposals as a Presidential candidate. Tell me the difference between them and slogans on an window-smashing "anarchist" anti-globalization creme puff's protest sign.

Elmer's Brother said...

Beamish have you picked a VP yet? If not you and Jeff would make a great ticket.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Jeff and I don't see eye to eye on a few things that would get in the way of effective policy execution. (i.e. he'd warn foreign diplomats to get out of the UN building before the airstrike hit)