Monday, June 12, 2006

An eerie pattern

I am starting to see a point Richard Poe made in the book Seven Myths of Gun Control.
Utopian types of various stripes are not especially brave. They depend upon an unarmed populace to commit thei attrocities.

I have been reading accounts of the deportations from the Eastern Ukraine. Commie types deny the liquidations that were later dwarfed by greater Nazi attrocities. However at least 1,500,000 Poles were deported to Siberia. A great portion died enroute as people were given half an hour and told nothing about where they were going and to bring their own food. Yet our three stooges of Marxism deny these attrocities and have the nerve to talk about other groups imagined ethnic cleansing.

I have started to read some of the hair raising eye witness accounts to the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide commited by the Ottoman Empire. The book is not the easiest to aquire and is quite pricey but my hair is standing on edge. At the end of the Holocaust the Nazis often took prisoners on forced marches to nowhere.
This is how the Armenians died.

However the Armenians genocide followed a pattern that was identical to the Polish attrocities commited by the Commie finks. 1 Disarm the populace 2 Imprison the leaders and execute them 3 Use deciet at every opportunity and lie about the master plan 4 Reduce a population deprived of leaders via genocide.

This pattern was used by the Ottomans, Commies and Nazis. Yet the flat eath types deny the commie attrocities.

Richard Poe pointed out the disarming of the populace is an essential first step towards Utopian genocide. There is a reason Ducky wants you disarmed. A disarmed populace is easier to selectively cull for his commie fantasies. We can not have noisy Beakers who might become counter revolutionaries so disarm kill or send to the gulag is the commie pattern. This pattern repeats itself in China , Cambodia and everywhere else it is tried. However Ducky seeks to demarxify these attrocities.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

And why communism failed in Central America.

Chick chick! ;-)

beakerkin said...

The central tenent of the Dhimina was the disarming of non muslims. People who are armed can oppose utopian tyrants.

Anonymous said...

The Ukranians and poles were hit so hard by Stalin.Now the numbers for the chinese hit 50,000 000 sent to the gulags, executed, during and since Mao. Apparently still very active.

the merry widow said...

That is the fear of any tyrant! Lose of "control", I guess thier lives are so out of control they try to impose order on thier lives by controlling all factors that do, can, might or even might not affect thier lives. Oh, how it canckers thier souls to see those who live free! "Four walls do not a prison make,"but our hearts betray us every time!
I am free and even if you kill me jobro and uppity! You will NEVER touch my spirit and you cannot control me! Eat you livers out!