Saturday, December 30, 2006


Still down for the count and I pushed myself too hard. I went to work for seven hours when I should have been in bed and I am paying for it. With luck I should be able to rest until January 03. That is of course unless we run out of beer for Northwind.

I should be able to make a couple of trips to the market and recoup.

While I am resting I may do my own satire of Dick Clark's New Year Celebration.

Mr. Beamish blasts the New Year in kick ass style.

We do not drop apples in NYC no we drop half a Daisy Cutter in the Sunni Triangle.

Join the familiar cast of charachters


Always On Watch Two said...

You had a backset?

Will you be able to celebrate New Year's Eve?

Take care of yourself. Getting over food poisoning (or other gastroenteritis) takes time!

muse said...

my new years
was a few months ago

nanc said...

hmmmmmmm...running out of beer...could she be related to nancpop? he did pay me very well to stay home for a few years to keep his beer cold!