Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beakerkin disects an Eurotrash Anti-Semite

I am posting this here so that my readers can see my points demonstrated about the arrogant Jooooo obsessed Eurotrash Marxist mental dementia in action.

There is great reason Greg, MZ, Kahane Loyalist and myself should frequently write about Israel. We would not complain of Greeks writing about Greeks or Blacks writing about their own Community. However, Gert is a clear example of Marxist Eurotrash who writes about nothing else other than anti- Israel hit pieces. Currently, he has an odd fetish with Pam of Atlas, but as his proclivities are in doubt it is unlikely sexual.

The question again turns to if this Psuedostinian identity exists.

Kahane Loyalist tells a different version of the story. However, Gert ignores the history of the region and has his head in his behind.

Prior to 1967 the war cry was drive them Jooooos into the sea. The context of the war was Pan Arabism, another ethnically cleansed all Muslim state. There was no talk
of Pseudostinians because the goal was Arab unity. Commie bufoon Nasser realized Pan Arabism wuld sit well with Eurotrash Marxist types so they created the PLO and Pseudostinians. Do not take my word for it read the PLO charter and the words Arab Unity and Palestinian Arab are all over the place. A rational peron looks at the map and sees 22 Arab states allready are on the map with 90 times more real estate than Israel.

I will take you to the quotes of the demented Gertrude.

"No serious Jewish, Isreali or other historographer cnsiders the existence of the Pseudostinians an issue worthy of debate, not then, not now. Crocs like From Time Immemorial have been shown to be no more than opportunistic hoaxes, belonging in the same filing Cabinet as "the Protocols of the Elders of Zion",the trashcan that is. But I guess you guys know better than an army of peer reviewed and respected and highly professional scholars".

The attack on the book From Time Immemorial was done by none other than noted Communist anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. Respected and highly professional are not terms that are used to describe the twice or thrice fired scholar whose book was compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion by the NYT book review that can not be claimed as Conservative, unless one is a Stalinist. Moreover, the mere fact that a persn is a Communist casts doubt on all scholarship. Benny Morris, Novick and whose scholarship Finkelstein uses have also been highly critical of Finky, whom Gertrude has defenned.

Gertrude could sit and read the book himself but he is to lazy to even create his own posts. How Gertrude is an expert on a book he hasn't bothered to read is a mystery.

MZ provided a quote one of hundreds about the fake ethnicity game. Gert's response is
"As all conspiracy theorists, you'll drag in anything and the kitchen sink into your body of evidence as long as it leads to your desired conclusion".

Gert is 100% correct in that he will ignore history, logics and fact in order to justify his Commie Joooo obsessions.

Then Gertrude goes into anti-semitic overdrive and the superball of zion Greg does zero.

"You KL(and to some extent Gregand of course "Mr Zero Clue" Cuntenstein) are simply trying to fight a rear guard fight that was lost a long, long time ago. With no evidence appart frm hearsay and a few measly quotes, you,re trying to uproot an enormous body of evidence thats been around since Zionism started to organize itself.
Appart from some new arrivals in Israel (usually right wing American Jooooos and quite a few Kahane supporters) , some Israeli non-Jews ( usually American too) and a plethora of non-Jewish Israel Firsters ( This means Nanc, TMW, Warren, AC, Beamishn and many others), most of which are influenced from the "Time Immemorial school f thought, no serious person accepts the empty Palestine croc or its derivative there are no Psuedostinians, as anything remotely valid.

He spends alot of time on books he has not bothered to read.

Kahane Loyalist also points out that in the Arab world a majority of people believe the Holocaust was a Jewish production designed to steal Eretz Yisroel, popularity of an idea does not make it so.

This is not a majority view held in the Arab world, but there is indeed some ignorance regarding the Holocaust amongst Arabs. (Gert doesn't read MEMRI and he can find Holocaust denial in textbooks and official state controlled media. Yet he is sooo concerned abut Pam of Atlas's Kebab story)There are reasons for this the Holocaust was commited in Europe, not the Niddle East. (The great Pseudostinian leader the Grand Mufti planned a concentration camp in Nabulus)In the first few decades there was considerable ignorance regarding the Holocaust i the USA, for the same reason. (This is a lie as it was well known )US support for Israel starts after 1967 as a bulwark against Communism.

Gert gets this one wrong as well. The Commies had cast their lots with Nasser. De Gaule sold arms to Israel as a way to get back at Egypt for supporting the Algerian independence. The Commies then created the myth of Pseudostinians to replace Pan Arabism as the context and built the PLO with an Egyptian Commie lackey Arafat.

" You lack historicalknbowledge and perspective.Context doesn't matter to you, only what you can see here and know"

Gert is 100% correct if he is talking abut himself and his ignrance becomes comedic.

1 Who was the first king, President, Prime Minister before Arafat( who himself was Egyptian).

Gerts answer there was no nation of Palestine, nor was there a Jewish state prior to 1948. Neither statement means in any way the Pseudostinian people, nor the Jews(as a people) didn't exist.

How is it that Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Assyrian scholars all mention a nation f Israel. Where is the mention of these Pseudostinians in Josephus? How do these people just vanish from Greek accounts of the era. Every Archeological search finds plenty of evidence of a Jewish nation in Israel. Even Gertrude's beloved Soviet Union lists Jew as a nationality.

Where were the Pseudostinian Coins and Capital.
Ditto above

"If Psuedostinians are a seperate people why do they consider themselves Arabs who are from Arabia"

"Scottsmen,Welsh and Englishmen are all considered Brittish, yet consider themselves seperate people. The same is true in the Arab world Syrians, Iraqis, Pseudostinians are all Arabs, yet they consider themselves different people. MZ may resent the thought but besides being Jewish he is a member of the American people. You are confused about the meaning of words Nation State, Ethnicity and Peoples."

Gert shows how stupid he is as his example disproves his points. Scotts, English and Welsh all had history of self rule and linguistic traditions. A correct example wuld be the people of Brooklyn. There never was a nation of Brooklyn, a Brooklyn language or religion. Brooklynese have no biological connection to Canarsie Indians and are no
different from the people of Queens or Staten Island.

Gert also shows his ignorance again as all the states in the area were created by a Franco- English treaty of 1920. There are no Syrians, Assyrians are a Christian people who live in Northern Iraq and unlike Pseudostinians have a genuine language and historical identity. There is no Iraqi people and the region was Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Babaloynia and it is populated by Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians and Arabs
mostly Shia. It is not Kahane loyalist who is ignorant of history and facts it is clearly Gertrude.

" If Pseudostinians are real why do they have no language seperate from Arabic'

"If Americans are real (they are) why do they have no language seperate from English? Why are most of their surnames European"

Gert fails to understand England Colonized and harassed the native Americans into reservations. The Arabs invaded in the Seventh Century and dispresed them Joooos . Most of the time the area was unter Ottoman not Arab rule. The Ottomans and other Islamocolonial nuts oppressed Jews and other indigenous people for 1400 years. The reason Pseudostinians speak Arabic like the adjacent people is that they are colonial invaders and are not indigenous.

"What is it like belonging to a near extinct group the Palestinian Deniers".

This is another of Gertrude's frequent Joooo/Nazi comparisons. He tries to tie the belief of a lack of Palestinian ethnicity to Holocaust denial.

More hysterical anti-semitic Gert diatribe. Where Greg the superball of Zion when Joo/Nazi comparisons are made is unknown. He is a zionist in the same manner Snaglepuss is a lion.

You can do a better job of refuting my proof than: you have not refuted one iota of what I wrote, you have not dismissed it, you have simply ignored it, like you will anything that doesn't fit in your narrow, religious fascist doctrine. ( This is as opposed to Gert's Commie talking points and anti history) In this as a Jew, you stand alone. Good luck your wet dream fantasies will never come true( like Gertrude's Communism)but some of your opponents will use your case to show exactly how beligerent and closeminded you some people can be, ( clear case of projection) in your case as a fanatical Jew, ( why does he mention MZ's ethnicity several times, this is the same person that claims Jewish cunt is not anti semitic and Greg backs this nut)frankly as bad as those who wish to destroy ( except you want to destroy a whole lot more, including quite clearly modern Israel)Well let the worst man win.

Here we have yet another anti-semitic outburst. Gert compares MZ to Nazis and highlights his ethnicity several times. Jews can speak for ourselves quite well. We do not need Marxist Eurotrash with gender issues to form our opinions. Gertrude ignores Muslim terror, threats to wipe Israel off the map and is clearly ignorant of history and what is presented in Arab media. Two posts critical of Pam of Atlas and zero on Iranian Holocaust denial.

Houston we have a pathologicsl anti semite. What is with Gert's fixation about endowment? This is a sick one note blogger with no audience and no social skills.

In the words of the great scholar Mr Beamish " Get off my planet asshole"

Beamish in 08.


beakerkin said...

The brain dead Gertrude shows his ignorance by calling Iraqis the heirs of the Assryins. The dolt hasn't figured out the Assyrian Christians are alive and well and a minority in Iraq.

What a doofus.

Anonymous said...

To add some more info. The Assyrians are a minority in their own homeland today known as Iraq because of the continuous massacres and Genocides which they have been subjected to over the centuries and till this moment when their lands have been usurped and they're living in fear day in and day out with the international community being blind and deaf to their plight.

beakerkin said...

Thank you very kindly for the added information. I am a big fan of Fred Isaac and am one of the few blogs that even mentions the Assyrian People.

The far left are obsessed with alleged Palestinians and ignore the Assyrians with a far greater case because they do not fit their class struggle idiocy.

The Merry Widow said...

Heck, the Assyrians are a very ancient people group, and they originally "owned" the northern area of Iraq and Iran! With the ancient cities and structures to prove it!
Just like the Israeli's have ancient cities and structures. Der!


Mad Zionist said...

Gert imploded in my debate with him. It actually was sad to watch someone get pantsed in public so badly, but he brought it upon himself. I think I'll do a feature post of the exchanges to expose his hysterical leftwing idiocy.

Warren said...

Facts and history are not subject to consensus yet that is all people like Gertrude have, censuses. Only its consensus among themselves.

Where is a Palestinian coin, where is a governmental record of the "State of Palestine" before 1968? Name a Palestinian king or ruler of any kind before Yasser Arafat.

kuhnkat said...

Ahhh yes, Gert pulled the "Peer Reviewed" rant out of his @ss in that discussion with Madz. I wonder how many peer reviewed articles there have been supporting DDT killing all kinds of things other than mosquitos and man made global warming!!!!

How about the peer reviewed articles on drugs subsequently pulled off the market for side effects or lack of affect???

Didn't someone peer review the work on excess mortality in Iraq??


They need to stop peering and start using electron microscopes and large reflector and radio telescopes!!

Purple Avenger said...

It actually was sad to watch someone get pantsed in public so badly, but he brought it upon himself.

One must not feel sorry for these morons. That is interpreted by the commies as a sign of weakness.