Friday, December 08, 2006

Prof at BYU gets wacked for 9-11 conspiracy idiocy

Prof Jones of BYU has been suspened for his slipshod scholarship in advancing 9-11 conspiracy theories. The fact is that Professors have been abusing their authority in the guise of free speech. The reality is that these Prof. abuse their credentials with nutty speech.

Thus when Norman Finkelstein parades his anti-semitic vitroil at conferences with Hezbollah and cavots with Neo Nazis it reflects on his employer DePaul. DePaul is directly responsable for his statements calling most Holocaust Survivors "liars" and Ellie Wiesel a "Profesional Jew". His own abuse of other authors quotes such as Benny Morris and Novick bring all of his work into question. More to the point Finkelstein represents DePaul when he speaks at these Nuremberg styled hatefests.

The time has come for Universities to crack down on abuse of academic credentals. If Prof. want to invoke accademic authority for fringe causes then their University bears the responsability for their speech. 9-11 conspiracy advocacy and public support for terrorists is a poor reflection on their employer.


Elmer's Brother said...

they had him and other members of the tin foil hat brigade on a local cable channel barfing up their pseudo science in front of a crowd hard to believe they'd give the guy the time of day

The Merry Widow said...

The more outlandish the theory, the more credulous people flock to it! They are so busy trying to be in the "know" that they'd swallow a razor clam whole, in the shell to get "enlightenment"! And the profs. feed off the adulation and approval of these sheeple! A mixture that digs itself further into madness!


kuhnkat said...


I was laughing so hard at a Leftard in the Coffee Shop a week or so ago that I had a hard time pointing out to him that this MORON has no direct references from real ENGINEERS to support his STUPIDITY!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear somebody has trounced one of these kooks. Honestly,to even consider listening to one of these nut jobs,let alone debate them is mind-numbing. Folks without going to much into it,trust me,with the way those two buildings were designed,mostly just glass and light-weight steel,flying two domestic airliners weighing several dozen tons,loaded with thousands of gallons of flammable jet fuel at almost five hundred miles an hour was over-kill. Those poor souls,we must never forget people were killed that day,they died horribly. God rest them Johnnymac. p.s. Elmer,I got your e-mail. In my prayers.

Purple Avenger said...

If I saw this clown at an intersection with a "will work for food" sign I'd laugh at him as I drove by.