Friday, December 29, 2006

Iran to be an Oil importer in 15 years

It seems that the bluster of Iran can not hide its failure to manage its resources.
A growing population and a regime that scares off foreign investors and experts has has created an RX for disaster. Communist waterfowl seem to think that oil grows on trees. However, in reality keeping oil fields productive requires investment and expertise.

Coal gasification will make these Islamonazi and Cocanutcommie regimes irrelevant. The reality is the market will react to threats and disruptions. The Saudis were well aware of this and tried to keep the disruptions to a minimum. However, Cocanut Commies are economic morons and forget that the private sector will react to market disruptions.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Caracas where he can blame the crime wave on capitalism and John Brown to star a Superfly 2 the progressive drug dealer. "The people need to be stoned in order to understand Communism."


Mr. Ducky said...

What's a cocanut? Is that like a coconut or does it ave something to do with drugs.

Over the high side once more, Beak? You need to relax.

beakerkin said...

Ducky that mispelling was intentional as Comwad Chavez is known to support FARC. FARC is a naco-terrorist outfit that fake progressives like John Brown like to pretend doesn't exist. They also seem to have memory problems with Drug dealing by Hezbollah.

Lets see communists and mullahs scare the investors needed to maintain the resources and in effect kill the golden goose.

This is Beakonomics.

Brooke said...

If we assume for Ducky's sake that the spelling wasn't intentional (sake of argument only, Beak), then he has proven the weakness of his own argument by not having anything more substantive than a mere spelling error to confront you with.

"Coal gasification will make these Islamonazi and Cocanutcommie regimes irrelevant."

Ahh... That'll be a great day! Party at my place, and you're all invited!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Setting aside the intellectually offensive idea that some people actually believe leftists are capable of rational thought for a moment, have you ever known Ducky to not have a weak argument?

Otter said...

Coal gasification....

I continue to hope that we will go back to Internal production of any and all oil and coal resources.

But I won't count on the 110th Congress to do anything Positive in that regard. I sometimes think the Democrats are intentionally holding us back in energy independance until their islamist buddies can get a stronger foot-hold in the US.

Elmer's Brother said...

Pina Coladas and plenty of these*

*note the cocanuts

American Crusader said...

Well I didn't even catch the intentional misspelling.
And if I had, I doubt I would have associated it with cocoa which actually was quite clever.

Maybe Iran realizes this...could nuclear energy really be behind Iran's nuclear push?

Not likely but it's just a thought.

Brooke said...

Come to think of it, Mr. Beamish.... No.

beakerkin said...


There is a serious claim that the development of nuclear power could prolong Iran's ability to export oil. However, a government that pays terrorists can not be trusted.

The cycle is as follows. Hostile regimes nationalize oil wells. Foreign investors leave and productivity goes into the toilet.

The assumption is that the market goes into a panic and prices rise.
However, the market finds alternative sources and methodologies. Communists like Duncy have zero understanding of markets.


Your use of the shells is more pleasing to the eye than my satire.


The technology to extract gas from coal exists but the breakeven point is high. A new Isreali method promises oil shale at $18.00
per barrel. The markets will provide alternative fuel supplies and Chavez and Opec overplayed their hand. The Saudis knew about walking a fine line but the rest of these thugs are market bufoons.

American Crusader said...

I would still prefer a massive push towards the construction of new cleaner nuclear power plants.
I haven't done any research about the environmental consequences of using and extracting shale but I don't imagine it would be environmentally friendly.