Friday, December 01, 2006

In a case of we told you so Hezbollah trains rebels in Iraq

Anyone who had listened to the great John Batchelor radio show has known about this for two years. However, the NYT is behind the news cycle as usual. The NYT will probably wait two years to explain Hezbollah's drug connections and that of FARC. Most followers have known this for a while. A sane US policy would be to give the Israelis bombs and continue. Keep the pressure on Hezbollah in Lebanon and tell them to strike at Assad in Syria.

The United States has not used its leverage and should by all means do so. The Iranians can be given a swift boot should they intervene. The realit was that a strike at Hezbollah by Israel is good for America. If Hezbollah is occupied in Lebanon they do not have time to meddle in Iraq.

Where are the headlines about Hezbollah and Al Queda drug traficking? They must rank beneath the Abu Gharib naked twister bit and Foley Emails. The NYT is a has been and needs a shake up.

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