Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Greg the Nebish does it again

I predicted that sooner or later Greg would have a serious problem on his hands. One can not be all things to all people and sometimes we have to make choices. Gert has a history of making hit and run attacks on Greg's blog and cring like a bitch when someone holds his stupidity up to scrutiny.

MZ and Greg made Peace and the outraged Gert rushed to attack MZ

One can see the quotes on http://hearoisrael.blogspot.com

Gertrude: I see you're now singing to the tune of the Mad Ps*ch*p*th, the Islamophobe par excellence and polite wannabe mass-murderer.

Since 9/11 equating all Muslims with the radical fanatics from Al-Queda has really become bon-ton ( Fwench words make people sound feminine)in the underbelly of the blogosphere, the dregs where exterists like MZ, Nanc TMW and consorts mirror there foes with equally rubbish "strong talk" ( ah the 101st -cyber warriors how brave they are!)

Lets see I know TMW who is known by most for her love and grace so this depiction shows how deranged Comwad Gert is. Nanc is not an extreemist in any definition and has a host of loyal friends. MZ has never engaged in criminal activity like Gertrude has himself.

MZ's little theme tune to that cyber tabloid of his, is nothing more than an extreeme manifestion of xenophobia, which if leveled at all Jews would cause an uproar, previously unheard of.

The above proves that Gert is a retard as MZ doesn't have problems with foreigner.
The correct term is Islamophobe, but Gert is a moron par excellece, in Gert's unmanly lingo. This is also quite amusing for one who used the words Jewish Cunt and Donkey of Zion and claims they are not anti-semitic.

Then he confirms his gross stupidity in the next paragraph. This is what happens when one reads only commie hacks instead of genuine scholars.

"First you're forgetting that through the centuries persecution of the Joooos culminating in the Holocaust, is mainly a predominatly European Christian phenomenon, not a Muslim one(See for example Unholy War by David Kerzter).

" Muslim anti-Semitism is much more recent and is more related to the creation of Israel: I support Israel but there can be no denying the event was traumatic for the whole Arab World and the Palestinians. Much of the hatred in the Arab world is a direct consequence of the Isreali/Palestinian conflict,surely you can see that? Please do not drag Al-Queda into this they have nothing to do with Hamas, Al Aqsa,Islamic Jihad PFLP and other extreemist Palestinian groups"

Gertrude is quite ignorant of 1400 years of continual human rights violations against Jews and other minorities under Islamic misrule. The argument that well the Christians perpetrated the Holocaust so that excuses 1400 years of Islamo Jim Crow against Joooos is flawed logic. Gert obviously has not spent much time learning about the lives of minorities under Islam and present his ignorance for all to notice.

The creation of Israel was a traumatic event for a people with a 1400 year continuous record of colonialism and abuses against the Jooos and others. This is akin to blaming Native Americans for demanding to much land from Americans and traumitising them with casinos.

The stupidity continues

"The mistake you are making is to taran entire group of co-religionists (Muslims) with the same brush, for the crimes of a relatively small number of Jihadists. For this the purpose of the entire cottage industry has sprung into being, including a myriad of "book" putting Islam in a bad light by misquoting and deliberately pulling out of context from Islamic texts. Paradoxically, this is what Jihadist do, for their own political purposes. Try not to fall for it....

No Jihadist read the Koran and anyone who has done so hardly needs any help. The first thing Christians and Jews who have lived under Islam will tell you is read the Koran. Those of us who havetaken the time like Felis and other find this laughabe.

It gets more insane.

And (What type of moron starts a sentence with a conjunction?) what of Jewish extreemism? Kahane and his cohorts to name a few( all seven of them) to name a few.
Should the world judge the whole of Jewery and Judaism by the intentions( note the dummy doesn't say actions) of these few whackjobs? (To be clear this is a rhetorical question and the answer is No!!)

Lets see did Kahanists shoot kids in the back at Beslan, blow up Joooish houses of worship in Argentina, Tunisa and Turkey. Did Kahanist smack planes into office buildings and toss seniors in wheel chairs off of ocean liners. This is typical Communist moral equivalence where no such equivalent is coherent.

But I could be wrong about this,as it would seem that Brittish Muslims are nowturning our school girls into Kebabs. ( This may be PETA approved)Of course this has been banned from the MSM by our "appeasment goverernment, but you hear it first from this interpid reporter...

He points to Pam of Atlas Shrugged who is a friend of mine and knows the name Beakerkin quite well. Pam also gets more hits in a day than Gertie gets in a year. However, he claims to be an expert in web development. Physician treat thyself before you lecture anyone else on audience building.


It's de facto impossible to have a debate with an extreemist airhead like you. Stay where you are Isreal doesn't need more fanatics. Don't try to plead sanity with me....

This is amusing because this whole thread shows what a total nut case Gertrude is.
MZ could care less if you live or died but you have demonstrated a Jooooo pathology.
This is equivalent to the Redneck who doesn't have problems with blacks but he bashes them 24/7 in an Elmer Fudd like delirium. Who died and left an anti-semite like Gertrude in charge of what is best for Israel. Do we Americans lecture Gertrude about his politicians?

"Mad Nuts

..... Have you worked out your Final Solution for the Muzzie question yet? How to Establish a Jooish theocratical Empire" What is it going to be gas or Nukes? You are not a racist,homophobe, you are a wannabe genocidal maniac and meglomaniac idiot to boot. And Frankly, ( Starting sentences with and is a sign of stupidity) I do not give a crap whether you're white, black ( Black people appreciate capitalizing B Comwad Gertrude)or a pink (Gert's color of choice) alien with purple polka dots : an idiot is an idiot (Gert is an expert on idiots being one himself) in your case a potentially dangerous one too...

Do it, chose your topic, you little blowhard extreemist..Should I add vermin to the list?"

Orwould you preffer me to drag up a list of Naziesque baloney that you come up with on that public lavatory you call a blog"

The Jooooo/Nazi comparison is the oldest one in the Commie playbook. Speaking of homophobes how come when Comwad Weazie called me Gay I laughed and you freaked out.
It seems that you are a homphobe yourself and almost certainly Gay. This is not my opinion alone but that of an openly Gay person who read your hissy fit. Gay or not, you are clearly not manly in any coherent description.

How is MZ dangerous did he commit a crime like someone who shall be nameless. How many brigades does MZ command? He might injure someone trying to get a beer on Sunday, but he has demonstrated more control and class than you.

Speaking of lavatories isn't that the term he used to describe my blog. However Gertrude has a fixation with toilets and Poop as he writes under the alias Beakerpoop. He has an odd obsession with the size of my genetalia that is plain creepy.

Lets look at Gertrudes blog with no comments and next to no original content.

12/12 an anti-Israel paste job shhhhhhh no comments
12/11 a post complaining about a post on Pam of Atlas site complaining about using girls in Kebabs. It was probably PETA approved and tastes better than tofu.
No commemts
12/10 Jimmy Controversial draw your own opinions but mostly more cut and paste.
No comments
12/09 Glick's remedy a critique of an article written by Carol Glick on the Baker commision. No comments
A patern should be obvious
12/08No Palestinians No Problem No comments or original content. No definition of what is the basis for this new ethnicity either.
12/07 Israel and Iran the forgotten aliance more cut and paste No comments
Patern should be obvious
12/06 Rub the Islamo facists face in the dirt more cut and paste No comments Complaining about an "Israel firster" at Israpundit. Gertie brings up the classic Commie cannard that Joooos are disloyal Amewicans. However Communists like himself have a history of treason Billy Ayers, Rosenbergs, Kim Philby are fine examples of law obiding Commies with a different definition of Patriotism
12/03 An appeal for an abandoned peope the people of Gaza more cut and paste no comments.

The pattern of Gerts Joooooo obsession is obvious. He posts on no other subject other than criticism of Israel the worlds only Joooish state. Comwad Gert rails against MZ for theocracy but he has not said a single word about the Jim Crowe Shariah laws that are practiced in Muslim countries. MZ is a homophobe, but he does not advocate killing Gays Iran and Saudi Arabia do that. The PA oficially persecutes Gays and so does the wonderboy Mugabe and Castro. Where are the Gay pride events in Mecca? The Gay people I know clearly use their head.

The real dope in this matter is Greg. Why does he permit Gert to slander people like Nanc, TMW, The Editrix and others on his blog? Why does he continue to defend a person who is clearly anti-semitic and obviously Jooo obsessed? For the record Gert thinks he is smarter than Ducky. I know Ducky and lets face it Gertie doesn't even measure up to the Duck.

I will leave this post with a clasic Mr Beamish quote to Gert " Get off of my planet asshole".


nanc said...

best rant i've read all week!


Mad Zionist said...

I find great humor in this Gert character. He does nothing but scream slurs, insults and obsenities at anyone who doesn't agree with everything he says. Cracks me up, though I guess he probably finds me very condescending...which only sets him off more! Great stuff. I play him for the fool every time and he never gets it.

beakerkin said...

Gert is a communist redneck and makes Greg look absurd. His posts are whiny screams and assinine.

He is soo upset about Pam posting an absurd bit about a girl being made into kebebs. He claims if Muslims accused Jews of doing the same there would be a UN resolution.

Iranian TV has run special with Isreali doctors stealing eyeballs from Pseudostinian children as well as the Egyptian National TV station that ran the blood in the Matzah bit.

Greg looks like an ass for telling the world that this clown is not an anti-semite when it is readilly apparent he is frothing with anti-semitism.

Anonymous said...

GertRUDE certainly is frothing, I keep checking to see if my rabies shots are current!