Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Janes Peanut Failed President and Anti Semite

Jimmy Peanut was the worst President in modern history. His inept bumbling and weakness created a mess around the world. The Soviets took advantage of Carters lack of spine and expanded all over the globe. Their over expansion and Reagan's backing of Rebels and defense initiatives bankrupted the Commie hell hole.

Jimmy Peanut has interjected himself into world affairs. He was seen in a better light when he was building homes for Habitat for Humanity. However, he has tried to rebuild his legacy outside the Whitehouse like Richard Nixon. Yet it remains clear unlike Nixon Carter does not show any inclination for working with US foreign policy.
Even Bill Clintoon turned to Nixon and not Jimmy Peanut for foreign policy help. Nixon was a pragmatist and devoted the last of his years towards Russian aid and improving Chinese ties.

Jimmy Peanut is directly to blame for many of the terrorist problems the West faces today. He expedited the fall of the Shah and did nothing except mount an inept rescue attempt. The American people were calling out for a firebombing of Quom but Carter did nothing. Part of the reason was the chronological closeness to Vietnam which paralyzed his kind. There was also a naive outlook where alies were supposed to be saints but we should forgive every left wing thug on the planet no matter how many people die from misrule and Marxist abuses.

Carter repeats a Communist screed often repeated by John Bwown and Ducky and calls Israel an Aparthied state. The barriers exist because Israel has to keep terrorists out. Now the Pseudostinians just lob inaccurate rockets loaded with plastic ball bearing dipped in rat poisoning in civilian area.

Carters first mistake is that he buys into the Palestinian lie that they are descended from the Phillistines. Obviously Josephus and Greek and Roman historians who make zero mention of Phillistines are in on the conspiracy. How is it we hear of no Phillistine rebellions against Rome or Greece? Carter has mistaken who the colonialists and the colonizers are.

Carter has been quick to blame the Jewish media for the backlash against his book. His smiling bumbling oafish response to a C-SPAN caller who kicked his behind was predictable. He went into the predictable "I am not an anti-semite bit .....Camp David...." He would like to obfuscate everything he has done or said since leaving the White House.

I would like to thank Carter and the anti-Vietnam war vermin for making me a Republican. In 1984 when it was time to register I shocked my family and friends by registering Republican. At that time it was unheard of for a Jewish teen to register Republican. However, Jimmy Peanuts bumbling and oafish Presidency and Tip Oneil's deffering Cold War policy to the advice of "Commieknoll Nuns" was enough. The anti-Vietnam protesters who fantasize about their popularity with the young were also Democrats.

Carter failed on every single issue as a President economy, foriegn policy. He seethed as America paid homage to the man who fixed his mess Ronald Reagan. The outpouring of love by the American people at the Reagan funeral is something Carter can only dream about. Early in my career a manager told me his secret follow an imbecile and you will always look good in comparison. Reagan seems to have followed this advice as Jimmy Peanut was the worst President and now ex-President in American history.

Beamish in 08


Purple Avenger said...

blame the Jewish media for the backlash against his book

Its always someone else's fault with these people. Senile old commies are truly wretched creatures.

Here's good grist -- Reuters has declared David "KKK" Duke to be an "academic". Bwaaahhhhahhhahhaha.

Warren said...

Nazis, Commies and Jihadis, all together in one place.

Time for a nuclear strike!

AlwaysOnWatch said...

Won't Carter shut up already? Hasn't he done enough damage to the world?

He should stick with swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity.

beakerkin said...


The problem with Carter is that he is a very jealous man. He wants to emulate the model of Nixon whose post Presidental work rehabilitated Nixons image. He never came to grips with his loss to Reagan and oddly seems to blame the Jews.

He seems to think by sticking his two cents everywhere he will be hailed like Nixon. The problem was Nixon was something Carter never was a team player. If one reads the excellent Monica Crowley book he even seems to have accepted his fate or at least made peace with it and moved on.

Carter's work with Habitat for Humanity was widely praised. However, it did not offer the opportunity for redemption.

The reason Bill Clinton has been quiet is that he thinks he is going back in 08.

Seth said...

What a coincidence.

I, too, am Jewish, and Jimmy Carter turned me into a Republican, as well -- I was 25 when I voted for Reagan for his first term.

Nothing that antisemitic, antiAmerican failure does will enhance his "legacy", except perhaps in the "legend in his own mind" category.

beakerkin said...

Seth when I registered as a Jewish Republican it was considered scandalous. However, the obstructionism of Cold War on the part of the Democrats was real.

The Democratic party seemed to be the party of excuses. We can't fix the econmy because.... We must appease genocidal communists because......... We can't reform welfare because......

The antics of Tip Oneil and the Commieknoll disorderdisgusted me.
Pardon me lefties but if you intervene in somebody's Civil war you could get killed.

American Crusader said...

Carter's ego must be in overdrive. Even his fellow Democrats claim his latest book is more fabrication than fact.
Carter's presidency will always be remembered for his inept handling of the hostage situation in Iran. This country was paralyzed for 444 days by an Ayatollah and eighth century demagoguery.
If Carter had moved swiftly with sure military might, I believe the world would be a very different place. His ineptitude led the groundwork for today's Islamic resurgence.

He will always be America's greatest dhimmi

American Crusader said...

Beak..DHS Doyle = John Brown?
What kind of person threatens to molest another's children?

AlwaysOnWatch said...

"Person" might not be the appropriate term.

beakerkin said...

Brown is a sick individual. I wanted to ban him for listing Warren in the Klan watch section.
Warren persuased me not to and then Brown started sending racist spam so I banned him.

He started to post as DHS Doyle and a blog Mullah Beak claiming I was a pedophile. Then he wonders why I banned him for life.

American Crusader said...

I have saved all his comments in case of any legal action.

beakerkin said...

Warren is preparing a case if you can contact him off line.

AlwaysOnWatch said...

Regular Blogger is down. I'm checking here to see if Beta is up and running.

Beak, you don't have to publish this comment.

beakerkin said...

Beta has less down time.

Mad Zionist said...

Beak, the times are getting very bad very quickly for Jews.

beakerkin said...


I am an optomist, President Rudy or McCain is on the way. Bush is a lame duck and history will not be kind to him or the Commies in the Peace movement.

America will get hit again as the Jihadis think they are supmen. America will rally and the statements of the left will hang like albatroses.

Justin said...


I agree with MZ things are getting bad for Jews. I want to know who these Orthodox Rabbis attending and supporting Little Hitlers conference in Iran. Why is the media so silent on them and why should they be allowed back in the U.S.?

This has troubled me greatly since first hearing of it. How can any Jew buy into the lies being perportrated at this confrence. David Duke I understand, Rabbis I dont.

beakerkin said...

The Rabbis are most likely from the Neturai Karta. They represent at most around 100 Jews in London and NYC. They have no following even among the more numerous Satmar which is also anti Israel.

Things are not as bad as they seem and we will get through this. The new President will not be named Conyers.

Israel is an independent country and needs to assert itself. Its economy will do just fine despite the gloom and doom talk. Iran knows Israel has nuclear armed missles on submarines so do not be fooled.

More interesting is the question is Norman Finkelstein in Iran as has been reported on Neonazi web sites.