Friday, December 15, 2006

Bullets and Beans For Iraq

The solution to the current problems may be the Bullets and Beans redux. The often criticized program worked and proved deadly against Marxist vermin in Central America.

Civil Wars by nature are deadly matters and this part of the formula is forgotten. Communist foreign supplied and trained mercenaries impressed and extorted the local civilians. The left discounted numerous assasinations and acts of terrorism with familiar excuses about colaberators, class enemies. This obfuscation of reality only works on College campuses where doctrinaire Commie thugs live in tenured positions.

Back in reality where General Rios Montt lived the policy was to arm the local populace so they would not fall victim to Communist aggression. The locals are in a position to know who is supporting the acolytes of class genocide and defend themselves. This is opposed to Cuba, Cambodia, Eithiopia where normal misrue caused fatalities.

Let the locals defend themselves from Jihadist vermin in Iraq. Arm and train ordinary citizens so when the Jihadist vermin show up they are slaughtered. The spate of kidnappings depends on an unarmed populace. Those that are anti regime easily find weapons so arming the locals is just an effective countermeasure.

Training the Iraqi army itself remains job one. However, training locals to protect themselves against Jihadist and criminals should be considered.


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose the Iraqi Constitution has got a 2nd Amendment.

Probably not. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

And what's with our big "McCain led" push to surge forward an additional 30k troops??... to disarm the Shi'a militias.

Had the central government in Iraq been able to exercise authority, there wouldn't have been any militias needed to protect disarmed Shi'a civilians.

The militias were about the only thing standing between a terrorist victory, and an all-out American defeat, and are what kept Saddam out of Sadr City for twenty years.

Nothing would bring democracy to Iraq faster than giving every citizen in the country an AK-47. Would there be bloodshed? Yep. Would Americans die? Yep. "Civil War" Yep. But hiding in their green zone "citidels", our troops could do a lot to re-stabilize a new Iraq once the frenzy died down.

Everyone, Sunni and Shi'a have to "want" peace. And neither side will give in until its' too tired to continue fighting.

And with everyone getting an infinite number of UN/ coalition mandated and supervised "time-outs", the fight drags on and on and on. No K/O's. No "technical decisions". Just round, after round, after round...

War won't end until everyone is sick of it. And nobody is sufficiently sick of it yet, to tell their mad-mullahs to shove it, and go home.

We're on slow-bleed.


Anonymous said...

In other words, Iraq needs "more militias", not "disarmed militias".

Hell, even the DPRK and Hugo Chavez push the "populist" line... only they only give guns to "their" supporters. The other 49% are treated like milk-cows.

Everybody needs a gun. Without that, a power-vacuum starts sucking in innocents... each one "un-armed".


Anonymous said...

Democracy not only requires political equality, it requires actual equality of capacity... and nothing brings that about quicker than actual "physical" equality and the "happiness of a warm gun".

Sam Colt made all men equal.


Anonymous said...

What part of...

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

...doesn't McCain get?

Anonymous said...

btw - Do you know how much time it takes to train a militia? About as long as it takes to load a gun... once.


Anonymous said...


you seem to have picked up some much needed coherence posting anonymously!!!

Not worrying about your appearance as much?? ;>)


Anonymous KuhnKat

Anonymous said...

Funny, how that works...

-FJ (in-cog-neat-oh!)

Anonymous said...

Pictures visually convey what can't be said... that part of the world which is what you label incoherent and is not otherwise well understood.

You should try it sometime kuhn. It's "fun". And few things seem as incoherent as "fun" is...


Always On Watch Two said...

Is Duck locked out of Beta blogs? Hmmmm....