Monday, December 04, 2006

Interesting delelopment on MZ's site

The superball of zionism Greg of Hear'OIsreal has appologized for some nasty posts about MZ. This was a move that was long overdue and should have been done ages ago. One can disagree with MZ without the over the top irresponsable idiocy that was posted. So for now there is sanity and as a good measure MZ has removed the superball from the chait site.

The problem is much like a superball one never knows what Greg will be there on any given day. Will he be moved by his need to please the far left anti-semite Gert. Gert's behavior has been a disgrace as his attacks on people that have never heard of him are a disgrace. The Editrix, Jeff Bargholtz and Mr Beamish had never heard of this clown before he started slandering them on Greg's site. For the record I have not always gotten along with the Editrix, but in no description is she an apologist for Neo Nazis or any other anti-semites.

Placing all the other tidbits aside Greg believes in the two state solution and I do not on a philosophical and practical level. Greg and others may believe in the Palestinian ethnicity, but I do not. On a practical level who do the Israelis make peace with Hamas, Fatah, Geraldo Rivara, Hezbollah, the Nazi Baath party in Syria or Woody Woodpecker.

The basic problem with the whole picture is the anti history of the left. Jews and Muslims did not get along fine until Israel was created. Nor is there any logic to the cry well the Europeans did X..... Abuse of Europeans does not justify Muslim abuses. History does not magically start in 1947, and Islamo colonialism is a fact. Arabs allready posses plenty of land to settle their own people on .

The problem with the left is that they would have you believe everyone else is at fault. It is dem Jooos, Serbs, Hindoooo, Zoroassstrians, Bhoooooodists, Philipinoooooos, Indooooooneasians, Soooooodaneese Blacks, Eithioooooopians, Christain Nierioooooooons. The problem is never traceable to the inability of Muslims to get along with others.

My coworkers and I did a double take when the French rioters demanded the French police leave the occupied territories in FRANCE. Ignoring, the real threat of Islamonazism will not placate the problem or make it disappear. However, we can not fight this problem while ignoring the damage of a Marxist clique in the media and academia.


nanc said...

he has likewise been at fern's making amends. let's hope it sticks and not just lip service. i'm all for giving a sucker an even broken leg if offered to me.

beakerkin said...

The problem with Greg is we have been down this road before. He isn't a bad person, just someone who is immature and not too clever. He wants to please the whole world but you can't.

In trying to please everyone you end up pleasing nobody. The moral of the story is be yourself unless you are John Brown or Gert and have no social skills.

I am glad he took off those dreadful comments about MZ. However, they stem from trying to please far left anti-semites and that is a waste of time.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Hey, Beak. I think most leftists are ignorant dupes of muslim propaganda. The rest are active participants in the blood libel.

If you hear only propaganda and no truth, it's hard to avoid being duped. I blame the Establishment Media for spreading the islamopithecine propaganda to the public. The so called MsM should be public enemy #1. Too bad Bush is nutless.

beakerkin said...


The problem with Greg and many Jews is that they seek approval from those on the far left. Nothing Israel and the Jews could ever do would please this crew. Thus trying to please this crew is an execrsize in futility.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Russians literally destroyed Grozny in response to Chechen Muslim violence. The world gasped, expressed mock shock, and went on about their business.

Just like they did with the Anfal campaign in Iraq, just like they did in Rwanda, just like the Sudan now.

The problem is not that nobody cares about killing here, genocide there, everywhere atrocities abound.

The problem is that too many people care - namely America - we cringe when we're merely accused of atrocities, especially when the accusations come from thoe most heinous of atrocious actors.

We've gotten away from the foundation of civilization - remember Cain the murderer built the first city - we don't need to set an eample on how things should be. We should make them that way, or else.

Logic dictates that Iran would not be a problem if Iran was vaporized out of existence.

FLORIAN said...

What the hell brought this about?
A change of heart? An ideology reversal?

Hey Bargholz!! Que pasa?
Long time no see my friend! Hope all is well with you and your family.

beakerkin said...


Greg is like a superball and Gert's antics hurt him badly. He made a series of enemies by trashing MZ and by picking a fight with me for no reason.

I never respected his intellect as he has yet to display any higher thinking. He tried to be all things to all people, but it just can not be done.

I do not like drama queens and as such asked him never to post on my blog again. He did not take it well and had been looking to provoke a fight. However, when one is a "zionist" and defending a person whose behavior borders on criminal and clearly anti-semitic one becomes a cartoon.

One can not defend comments like "Jewish Cunt... Donkey of Zion
and so forth". Even an Exasperated AC asked Greg " how do you know Gert is not an anti-semite".

I have no faith that Greg has seen the errors of his ways. He is too volitile to be taken seriously or to be trusted.

Bottom line is that sooner or later another brawl will occur. His friend of choice will provoke a fight with MZ in a month or so.

Mr. Ducky said...

"The problem is never traceable to the inability of Muslims to get along with others."

That's completely ridiculous. However, the problem can be traced to people like Mad Zionist and merry widow and other supporters of the Israeli Apartheid Regime and followers of the great float up who wish to make the problem EXCLUSIVELY muslim.

beakerkin said...

I rest my case about the stupidity of Marxists with yet another stupid statement from Comwad Ducky.
The problem is always everyone else's fault.

The Jews and not Arabs are the indigenous people of Israel. Arabs have a whole series of ethnically cleansed states on colonized soil.

The problem with Commies like Duncy is they do not learn genuine history. FYI MZ and TMW never shot school kids in the back or smacked planes into office buildings.

The Merry Widow said...

Nor do we have even a passing desire too! About the worst I would, and probably wouldn't do, is smack someone upside the head with a skillet to see if it knocks any sense into them! Otherwise, I'd just walk away from fools!


Mr. Ducky said...

Of course they don't. Beak. MZ hides behind the IDF as they go cruising for children and "suspected militants" and merry widow uses folks like Eric Rudolph and John Salvi as proxies.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Ducky if the IDF wanted to do as you claim there are ample places to do so. The facts are that terrorist vermin deliberately seek to have children slaugtered.
In fact this was the case last week when you were crying about the IDF shooting women. You left out the part about Hamas telling the women to walk into a fire fight.

TMW has never expressed violent tendencies.

Who do you hide behind Stalin, Mao, Tito or Latoya.

The Merry Widow said...

Eric Rudolph? Are you kidding? You'll say he's a Christian, but I will tell you now, he's no Christian! And I do not stand with murderers! I need no proxies, I am a woman, not a mouse! Who do you stand behind, plucky? Who are your proxies?


beakerkin said...


I listed them Stalin, Mao, Tito, Reebie, Jermaine and Latoya. He also stands with the Village People.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- I didn't want to say it,...but I thought he was one of the Village People. and I won't tell you which one, either!

Unless he was the designer of their record albums!

Warren said...

Go home junior (Nostradumbass). Your rhetoric is more childish every day! Its time for someone to pull the life support, he is clearly brain dead!

His statements should lay to rest the hopes of anyone that leftist morons would be mollified by a democrat win.

Lenin and Ducky in 17

Elmer's Brother said...

I realize duhkkky the reason you rail at our disgust with radical Islam is because your own ideology is closer to theirs than ours, but the real reason you're pissed is because they didn't put Boston on their concert tour.

duhkkky...really tmw and eric rudolph you're freakin' hilarious. Next time try a viagra.

Warren said...

"For the record I have not always gotten along with the Editrix"

Understatement of the year award! ;^)

"[B]ut in no description is she an apologist for Neo Nazis or any other anti-semites."

No kidding!

She and I teamed up and kicked some serious "Storm Front" ass!

She got one of the little Watzis so shook up that he pulled up stakes and disappeared from the Net. He was sure that the Mossad was going to get his $0.02 ass.

I was thinking about posting an aerial photo of his home and show him how they could sneak up the drainage ditch on the back of his property but he disappeared and it wouldn't have been any fun if he wasn't around to crap his pants.

Elmer's Brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elmer's Brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elmer's Brother said...

perhaps this guy was your proxy duhkkky

Elmer's Brother said...

duhkkky - that is assuming you thought either versace deserved it (like the head of PETA thought) because he used fur or you didn't consider him an artist

kuhnkat said...

I have come to the conclusion that Little Che Sucky the Greenie Weenie Fascist is either a Masochist or a Muslim or BOTH!!

Haven't seen ANYTHING in his posts (providing he really is a he) to suggest otherwise and plenty to support the idea!!


Elmer's Brother said...

actually he should really stop talking out his arse

Elmer's Brother said...

don't worry duhkkky we break out the fire extinguisher every time you speak.

Jeff Bargholz said...

Mr. Dorky:

"Apartied" Zionists and Christians do not fly planes into buildings, murder their own daughters for "honor," gang rape women and boys, shoot children in the head, bomb pizzarias, stone homos, or practice slavery.

Neither of these groups attack all their neighbors at every opportunity.

The problem lies with those who do, and those who defend their vile actions.

The problem lies with you and your islamopithecine fellow travelers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Ducky says all the asinine things that he does because deep down inside, he really wants everyone to know...

...that he's a leftist.