Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Great Malaise

Over the last few weeks many of us have been in a malaise that reminds me of the Carter years. However, we must remember that Americans are a can do people. We look at the United States and our blood thirsty jihadist enemies and are xasperated. It doesn't help that many of you have forgotten we also have a domestic enemy the treasonous commie left. Many of you have failed to get out there and fight on the domestic front. Our verminous commie left has done what it has always done historically side with our enemy and betray our country.

Some of us on the right are going to have to ask ourselves some tough questions. There is no Ronald Reagan available but the qualities that made Reagan special were his can do attitude, vision and leadership. We do have a leader with vision and a can do attitude and his name is Rudy Guliani. Some of us are going to have to ask ourselves if his social liberalism is something you can live with. This is no problem for me as I am a social liberal. I am not bothered by civil unons for gay couples. Nor do I obsess over abortion but I would like partial birth abortion eneded. This country needs a leader with vision optimism and a can do attitude. In real life excuses get us nowhere.

I want to point to Israel's problem of leadership as a microcasm of our problem.
Olmert is not and never should have been selected as a leader. At best he is a number three man in an organization. The problem with Israel is it used to be a Beamish type can do country. However, Israel has far too many Greg types who want to be liked rather than do the right thing. I want to point out the difference between
Greg and Mr Beamish. A person who is obsessed with your country and bashes its people 24/7 is codled and defended when the whole planet knows the fool is an obsessed anti semite. I may not like Chirac, Livingstone and a whole bunch of Eurotrash fools, but I do not lecture Europeans about their affairs. Greg waffles and defends this clown even after remarks like Jewish Cunt. Mr Beamish on the other hand is a can do role model and summed it up nicely "Get off my planet asshole". A Mr Beamish type attitude is the correct can do response.

When you deal with a Commie, Eurotrash or Jihadi think can do and cut loose. We are Americans and we are a can do people. Europe let the far left paralyze them into oblivion. I retain the can do spirit, do you

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

Rudy continues to be my pick as we head for the 2008 election.

For me a moderate in the White House is a must, for to many years we have become a country that defines it self as Liberals and Conservatives, it's time to come back to we are AMERICANS!

Anonymous said...

That was one helluva pep rally, Beak!


angel said...

Amen Beak!..keep fightin the good fight!..

Mr. Beamish the Beta-less Instablepundit said...

"Americans can be trusted to do the right thing, after all other possibilities have been exhausted." - Winston Churchill

Dun Habin PMS said...

Rally the troops Beaker, where's the charge headed?
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

rob - tell that to our brethren who undermine our country and burn our flags and want any semblance of a country thrown out the window - you know, the multi-cultis!

our country is nearly beyond repair in anything that even represents unity - it's gone too far.

Anonymous said...

What's so great about it? I prefer the old term... decadence. The cadence has been disrupted. Everyone hears a different drummer.


This is Weimar 1930's...