Monday, December 04, 2006

Sometimes government gets one right

The Government has changed the way dangerous criminal are being handled by the immigration process. The new Adam Walsh law mandates that pedophiles and other serious criminals will be dealt with more seriously. Previously, there was nothing an adjudicator could do other than approve the relationship if it was valid. Thus if a convicted pedophile petitioned for a five year old there was little we could do.

Now the government is taking charge and where possible dealing with these issues head on. Maybe someday the United States government will start denatuarizing some of these problem cases. This seems to have only been done in the case of Nazi War criminals. A sane policy would denaturalize pedophiles and violent criminals and sexual predators.

The naturalization questions are out dated and need to be country specific. There is no sense in asking a person from Kenya is they ever were a Nazi. An ideal system would ask country specific questions. Were you a member of the Baath Party of Syria.
Were you a member of Hezbollah? Were you a member of the Red Brigades? A list of Commie and Jihadi groups should also be examined. This is for the future and there is much room for improvement.

Beamish in 08. John Brown to be fixed, labotimized and sent to Gitmo.


Steve Harkonnen said...

When you say "denatured" is this the same as getting castrated? If so, I totally agree. Cut off not only the balls but everything else too.

beakerkin said...

Steve that is an interesting typo but denaturalization was my intent.
Deprovera is chemical castration and is controversial.

Farmer John said...

...good luck trying to get their countries of origin to take them back... Remember the Mariel boat lift when Castro emptied his prisons?

Brooke said...

Steve, why bother? Summary execution should be mandatory for all sexual predators, IMO.