Thursday, December 14, 2006

Special Ed For Comwads

Commies are comedic creatures that are to be despised just like Nazis, Jihadis and racial power kooks. It is so amusing to hear an acolyte of class genocide rail about the evils of liberterians. Did Randoids send anyone to Killing Fields, Gulags organize terrorist groups or betray their country?

Israel is an independent country and as such sets its own policies. The far left has this myopia that if the US tells a Commie thug regime to clean up its act it is medling but the same dolts insist that we meddle in Israels affairs. Israeli citizens should decide their own policies based upon their needs just like any other country.

The far left also has this obscene obsession with Joooo Israel and dual loyalty. None of us would criticize an Italian for writing about Italy or advocating pro-Italian policies. However, commie vermin like to talk of Jooooish Americans as "Israel Firsters, Neocons or tribalists". In fact if there is any group that had a virtual monopoly on treason and serving the interests of every enemy of our nation it would be Communists themselves.

Do not bandy words with ANSWER, Code Pink and UPJ types. They are communists and as such should be verbally abused. If one is stupid enough to make common alliances with Communists one gets what one deserves. In the demented world of the poultry there are no such thing as front groups. The act is that these groups were created by Communists and led by Communists.

The evidence of far left bigotry and redneckism is quite clear. Ducky calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and hides behind Harry Belacommie. Uptown Steve calls people such as Donal, Pointman , JBaumgaurt and Hispano JEWS. Gertrude is quite fond of Jew Nazi comparisons, Jewish Cunt and Donkey of Zion and John Brown calls Native Americans Samboes and Jooooos Mullahs.

Gertrude is the most comedic of the entire lot as he cries so much. We have had the brain impaired Weazel come on this site and accuse me of being gay. My reaction was so what it isn't a big deal. Gertrude appears gay in the eyes of most people he encounters. In reading the thread where he slanders the Editrix several people made the same observation. This observation is also corroberated by his obsession with my genetalia when he writes under the name Beakerpoop. He rails about MZ's alleged homophobia but throws a crying fit when people call him gay. If he were so enlightened his reaction would be similar to mine. Moreover, a person who is stupid, bigoted, has no social skills and has an Elmer Fudd like obsession with Joooos and Israel has greater problems than any stigmata assigned to his sexual proclivities.
Calling a person a Jewish cunt isn't anti semitic..... may be the stupidest comment on the blogosphere. Even his good friend Greg the superball of Zionism readilly assumed a person who compared the Talmud to Mein Kamf was Gertrude. Greg may mouth the words Gert is not an antisemite but his actions in that episode reveal he may think otherwise in his heart.

Gertrude had another comedy classic yesterday. He is railing against my friend Pam of Atlas Shrugged for writing a post about a shop that allegedly made school girl kebabs. He claimed that if a Moooooslim made such a claim against Jews there would be UN resolutions. Egyptian TV has produced programing where Jews are accused of making Matzah with the blood of Christians. Iranian TV produced miniseries with Israelis doctors stealing the eyeballs of Pseudostinian children. These are official state sponsored media and not the works of a talented blogger with a wide audience. Did we mention Pam was Jewish? Why does Gertrude direct all his scrutiny on dem Joooooos and none on Arabs. Do not worry about actual beheadings commited by Muslims chanting Allah Ahkbar. Worry about Jewish Randoids writing about creative meat substitutes in Kebabs.

The Duck is another comedic genius with no grasp of Military history. Commies were the Allies of Nazis until the Nazis double crossed the Commies. Losing 20,000,000 in WW2 is more a testament to Commie ineptitude than sacrafice. The often quoted 20 million number includes 1.5 Jews in the Holocaust and people killed by Stalinistic purges. The Duck also forgets who supplied the genocidal commie thuigs who got their behinds kicked by Poland and Finland.

Mr Beamish in 08


AlwaysOnWatch said...

He claimed that if a Moooooslim made such a claim against Jews there would be UN resolutions. Egyptian TV has produced programing where Jews are accused of making Matzah with the blood of Christians. Iranian TV produced miniseries with Israelis doctors stealing the eyeballs of Pseudostinian children. These are official state sponsored media...

Ever since I learned of such insane claims, I've been aghast. In the Arab world, Muslims actually believe those claims! And not just uneducated Muslims--those with respectable college degrees. Is their no end to self-delusion and to blind hatred (anti-Semitism)?

American Crusader said...

Easily one of the best rants I've read in a long time.
And even better is that you hit the target with every barb.

the merry widow said...

Someone's been busy! Thanks for putting me on your blogroll! If I can muddle myself into it, I'll give it a try! But I just changed my wardrobe, and can't do a thing with my hair, err sidebars. heheh


beakerkin said...

Ask Warren to do it for you. See if he can give you a blog shares account.

I just mimimiced the links above. Beta links are much easier.

I owe the Solid Surfer, Brooke and Kevin.

Elmer's Brother said...

thanks for including me beak, it's an honor

beakerkin said...


Your site is easy to link but the solid surfer has been a tad dificult.

beakerkin said...


Your will not be posted as you listed Pam of Atlas Shrugged real name. We do not engage in this practice or in petty blackmail.

Pam is indeed Jewish and quite open about it. However even an idiot can look at those names and be fairly certain.

You are an anti-semite and unwelcome on this blog. By the way
what is going on with your obsession about my equipment when you write under the alias Beakerpoop.

Even your good friend Greg is well aware of your anti-semitism. It was no accident he accused you of the post that compared Mein Kamf to the Talmud. Your mere presence on Greg's site has killed his audience.

Sorry Comwad but I do not buy the bit that you had no idea Pam was Jewish either. This is an insult to the intelligence of my readers.

Moreover she gets more hits in one day than you get in your entire life.

We do not allow criminals on this site.

beakerkin said...

I think that does it for links unless there are any requests.

I will place links up for steve, Kevin and Brooke at a later date.

There will be no weazel links.

Elmer's Brother said...

There will be no weazel links.


beakerkin said...

I want to direct everyones attention to some sites you may be unfamiliar with.

Amil is a friend from Bad Eagle who has an excellent site.

Possum has one of the best sites that I read regularly.

The Solid Surfer is a solid read

In Russet Shadows has high quality posts.

I will be adding Steve's Hodgepodge, The Editrix and Kevin's site. I will add Brooke's site at a later date.

If I have over looked anyone let me know.

AlwaysOnWatch said...

Amil is a friend from Bad Eagle who has an excellent site.

Beak, are you referring to Amil Imani?

beakerkin said...


I am indeed refering to Amil Imani.
I ran the interview with him on Bad Eagle because Dr Yeagley deserves some high quality content.

The most memorable part of that interview is where Amil describes children being used to clear mines.

Dr Yeagley wants the next up comming Rav Roov interview. I am probably going to run that one there as we had a Rav Roov interview allready.

Anonymous said...

I like Amil's "Persian" take on things. Now, if we could just figure out a way to pry the mullah's out of Persia, the Middle East might get a whole lot friendlier...

but it'll never happen if we continue to push the same-ole-same-oh that convinced Great Britain to divest herself of Empire. All we got out of that was sixty years of UN corruption and French ho-ho-whoring.


beakerkin said...

Farmer John

I did interview Amil on Bad Eagle in the Jewish forum. It was a memorable haunting interview.

I am surprised because I thought only Warren and AOW were aware of his writings.

Anonymous said...

Nope. I read your interview at Bad Eagle. It was excellent! Then I read his recent article over at Democracy Frontline about the "Houses of Islam". I'm glad you posted his link. I can finally comment and ask him questions at his blog...
I wouldn't have known anything about his writing had it not been for all you guys. Excellent work!


beakerkin said...

I was going to ask Felis to provide a link for Amil. I wonder who noticed his writings at Democracy frontline.

beakerkin said...

Gert tried to submit another post.
Pam does sign her name on the posts
and it is readilly apparent she is Jewish.

We do not print posts that refer to Genetalia.

Funny Ducky and Weazie are intelligent enough to submit comments that get the message across. Then again anyone both are clearly more intelligent than you.

Mr. Beamish said...

Free Iranian-occupied Persia!

beakerkin said...

Comwad Gert has sent over more antisemitic hate mail. He clearly is retarded if he can not identify Pam's last names as Jewish.

This blog does not post material from criminals or retards so you are out of luck.

Thank you for visiting daily. My numbers and participation dwarf your so we must be doing something right.

If I had one fan this would be larger than your readership.