Friday, December 01, 2006

A New Duck Mystery

Saudi Arabia is not a vacation hot spot for most Americans. In fact it is around the last place Americans would seek to go. The relevation that our friend Poultry went to Saudi Arabia creates a new mystery.

Most Americans who go to the vile Aparthied Kingdom go for four reasons
1 They are a member of the US Military. We know that Ducky has never been in the military. Moreover actual Marxists should be prohiited from being two miles from a military base.

2 There are those who make a religious pilgrimage. However the Duck has claimed to be a rouge Catholic sypathetic to the apostasy known as Liberation theology.

3 There are American Oil Field Technicians that are rarer each year. This seems more absurd than the first two.

4 The Kingdom of Saud is known to import hookers. I doubt that this is reason as Ducky is not entertaining.

Communists seem to travel beyond their means. I asked a lowly NYC public school teacher how she was able to be a single mom and make regular runs to Cuba and other
Commie hot spots. I have yet to get a straight answer if these trips are subsidized and by whom.

The question is how long was Ducky in Saudi Arabia and what for. This may answer some moronic questions why the Duck dos not see anything wrong with Sharia. Those that impose Jim Crow on others usually have no objections.

However, I want to correct a few odd notions. We have had 167 who claimed to be an expert on Iran because he lived there for six months. We put 167's claims to noted dissident Amil Imayani and he was quite amused at the stupidity. Marxists in general seem to think they are the arbiters of authenticity. Thus we have a plethora of Commies claiming to be experts on Jews, Native Americans, Blacks and so forth. In reality the works and viewpoints of accolytes for class genocide are less relevant than those of junkies.


Always On Watch said...

The question is how long was Ducky in Saudi Arabia and what for.

Duck has alluded to his Saudi visit in previous comments. I think that he mentioned something about vacation or travels, but I could be wrong.

beakerkin said...


Ducky claimed he lived there and this could be a slip. This also may explain Ducky's dementia as the apartheid kingdom is not high on most travel lists.

Mr. Ducky said...

It involved the study of calligraphy. I was there for a few months. I can't say much for Saudi but as a "guest" I was well treated.

As a country they, unfortunately, have less chance of keeping their fundamentalists under control than we do.

beakerkin said...

Well the truth is less exciting than the theories.

Sadly rugs and calligraphy is the basis for Islamic art. The Koran forbids the depiction of the animate.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yes, Beak, the living form may not be portrayed. This is also similar for orthodox jews and is a big part of the reason that jews were prominent in the abstract expressionist movement.

You also demonstrate your supreme stupidity in assuming there is a single "Islamic" art.

You are quite ignorant, Beak. Study would help but you are far too closed minded to benefit.

beakerkin said...

I think you should tell that to the people at the Met who have sections of the museum labeled Islamic Art.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yes, to be more precise Beak it is your assertion that calligraphy and rugs are the basis of Islamic art.

You are simply incorrect much as you are incorrect that everything to the left of Hugh Hewett is Communist.

beakerkin said...

Try going to the MET and look for yourself. They have an entire Islamic Art section that is a bore.

Duck that is funny Freedomnow is on the left and Rob Bayn are there as well and have never been called Commie. You also forget your history of deception and hiding what your kind is.

If it were up to me I would treat it as a mental pathology. There are
clear common themes in Cults and Communism.

Mr. Ducky said...

You bore easily.

Farmer John said...

speaking of delusions...are then any republicans in mr. ducky's book who aren't rabid right wingers or members of the culture of DC corruption?

Mr. Ducky said...

Well Beak, can you explain what differentiates a "leftist" like Freedomnow from a commie?

Mr. Ducky said...

Actually Farmer John there are but they have been lying low.

'm waiting for people like Ed Brooke to re-emerge in the Republican party. Until you completely trash The Dear Leader you have no chance.

beakerkin said...

Lets start this slowly Duck as you are not as clever as you think. The sections of the Museum with Islamic Art do not draw traffic. Consumers of Art seem to prefer the Renoirs and the Monets to Calligraphy or tapestry.Unlike you I view popular opinion of the masses as a good thing as oppossed to your arrogant elitism.

Freedomnow is decidedly anti-communist and our positions are closer than you presume. I am just more vocal on the domestic front.

kuhnkat said...

FreedomNow is NOT a LEFTIST, another strawman thrown up by the Fascist Greenie Moron Sucky.

FreedomNow, from what I understand, would be more of a Classic Liberal, which has little relation to the Dhimmicrats, Leftards, or the current Liberals!

Keep showing your Brilliance Sucky MORON!!!


Robert Bayn said...

Beak, this new strange obcession with Ducky, concerns me.

beakerkin said...

No, Rob curiosity got the best of me. Rational people tend to avoid time in the Aparthied Kingdom. The question of why the Duck went to the most bigoted spot on the planet is interesting.

Lets hear the Duck endorse Islamo Jim Crow or whitewash it.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey, cumquart, it was Beak who claimed FreedomNow is a leftist. As far as I can tell you're all Nazis.

beakerkin said...


Being a Commie, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. This is standard Commie reparte but your kind is not known for originality, they are known for class genocide.

Robert Bayn said...

The most bigoted spot in the world? So he went to the Republican National Convention?



beakerkin said...

I would like to have the Duck visit Oral Roberts and see if he is as charitable.

Steve Harkonnen said...

See, Beak? You forgot to put down the point that Americans like to go to Saudi Arabia to study Calligraphy.

Drat. I wished you would've emailed me before you posted this one. Everyone should know that the study of calligraphy absolutely requires a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Elmer's Brother said...

maybe we could throw the communist manifesto off of Oral Roberts prayer tower, annoint Duhkky with oil and hang him up at the MET as an example of what our tax dollars are paying for through the NEA.

Purple Avenger said...

Come for the beheadings, stay for the beaches?

kuhnkat said...

Beakerkin, you said it yourself:

"Rational people tend to avoid time in the Aparthied Kingdom."

Does anyone here consider the Plucked Sucky RATIONAL??


Ohhh yes, Calligraphy. Hmmm. nothing in the Quran suras or Hadith about it. Must be safe to indulge!! Will make more GREAT CINEMA for the Sundance Festival!!


Warren said...

Nostradumbass, if we were Nazis, you'd be at home.

Elmer's Brother said...

Warren, the Nazi's only made the butches stay at home, it was the femmes they got rid of

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As far as I can tell you're all Nazis.

How is that even realistic? The Nazis were leftists like you, Ducky.

z said...

I'm with Robert Bayn...and was about to write that myself. Who cares about Ducky THIS much? While the bantering is educational and shows me lots about the left, enough's enough! My business partner went to Taif, Saudi Arabia some years back for our interior design business, a contract to do a medical clinic, by the way...all sorts of reasons for going to Saudi.

I can't picture Ducky doing calligraphy....don't know why, but I can't.

ANyway...bon voyage to him...figuratively and literally? I hope least for a little while!