Tuesday, December 05, 2006

John Stossel Rather Amusing Take on Organic Food

I lived in a fashionable area of Manhattan and everywhere you looked was the organic food craze. I have never been one of those yahoo's that bought into the organic food baloney.

The reality is that the foods are no more nutritious than there non organic counterparts. In fact organic foods take more land to produce and as they are grown with fecal matter they are more apt to carry bacteria.

I am old fashioned I like my produce grown with plenty of pesticides. I will galdly take chemical fetilizer over fecal matter.

I never bought into the organic crap in the first pace, but as PT Barnum said " There is a sucker born every minute".

Beamish in 08, Ducky to teach Clligraphy at Gitmo and John Brown to be deported to North Korea


Farmer John said...

I think the craze is largely being fueled by cancer survivors who've developed a new appreciation for the concept of "wholistic medicine"... but I could be wrong.

beakerkin said...

The craze in NYC is fed by crazed leftie Yuppies who are nuts. Stossel in the book claims to have seen people handling the produce like religious icons. If I didn't see it myself I would think he was exageration.

I like My apples with pesticide.

There was talk of growing producte with medication years ago. The process never got off the drawing board.

American Crusader said...

You don't like shit on your lettuce?
Related to this is produce that is genetically engineered. Anybody with a functioning brain cell should realize ALL our crops are genetically engineered.
That is how they became domesticated.

beakerkin said...

Give me chemical fertilizers and pesticide. The lefties are used to eating fecal matter.

Elmer's Brother said...

I thought they were used to spewing it beak.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

People should only eat things that can feel pain.

Robert Bayn said...

Give me real food and screw this so called "healthy" crap!

beakerkin said...

Rob this joke is in tribute to the late Rodney Dangerfield.

I tell you I get no repect. My Mom called me the other day and she said how many times do I tell you to eat your veggies. Then my mom handed me some spinach.

No thanks sir I want to have a safe meal so I'll have four Philly Cheese Steaks and a Diet Coke.

nanc said...

o.t. - that "no name" person is really being a pain in the arse at autonomist.

beakerkin said...

It sounds like Rightminded again. I went to Richard Poe for guidance on Rightminded. Poe is an excellent judge of charchter so I am not certain what happened.

As far as I know Brown and Rightminded are the only two posters banned at Rocco's

Anonymous said...

Evening Beaker,hello everyone.Stossel has done lots of these kind of stories,before Bernie Goldberg started exposing not only liberal media bias but the scare stories the MSm would run about food or whatever thing was going to kill you out there. When John Stossel started doing stories that basically said the sky wasn't falling he very quickly fell afoul of his media bosses. Did anyone evr notice that people who claim to eat ''organic'' food or work in health food stores look in desperate need of a load of Big Macs and milkshakes? Talk about enemic looking. Heres a little Rodney D. for you "You think you got it bad,my wife can't cook,I got the only dog in the world that begs for Alka-Seltzer''Johnnymac

Warren said...


My dogs beg for Prilosec!

But, but, but, you aren't getting enough protien in your vegan diet if you don't eat the bugs!

kuhnkat said...

Personally I think it is great that Leftards and other MORONS have other things to waste their time and money on than protesting the war, aborting babies, and trying to steal our weapons!!!


When the less well off see a HUGE increase in their food cost they lose interest FAST!!

FLORIAN said...

A bunch of idiots who believe that Organic diets and green tea will save them from the inevitable miserable death from cancer or stroke. I'm like Beak...give me plenty of pesticides and chemicals on my apples. I also don't buy produce from Mexico since they fertilize their crops with the piles of doo from the workers on the plantations down there.

FLORIAN said...

"Personally I think it is great that Leftards and other MORONS have other things to waste their time and money on than protesting the war, aborting babies, and trying to steal our weapons!!!"

Amen brother! Let em' do all that. As long as I still have the right to buy a fatty cheeseburger and greasy fries I'm fine--but in NY that may no longer be possible from what I've read. They want to impose their laws on everybody dammit.

Jeff Bargholz said...

"Organic" produce is more expensive and smaller than healthy produce produced with modern farming techniques and they taste much worse. They are also prone to worms, e coli, and other parasites.

The feces used to fertilize them are the prime cause of harmful e coli bacteria. That and the fact that they're usually harvested by hand by Mexicans with poor hygiene.

The only organic product I've ever seen that looks better than it's healthy rival is green onion bunchess, and that's only because they have a longer growing cycle. Healthy green onions are harvested as soon as possible.

Of course, the organic ones look good but don't taste good because they are allowed to grow too large.

The demand for P.C. food is the main cause of foodborne infectious diseases. Next to you-know-who.

It always cracks me up that these crazed lefties are more addicted to crass consumerism than the "greedy capitalists" they detest. They spout socialist pap while spending a fortune on their sluttish lifestyles.

We should sell them to poor countries as "organic" meat.

The Merry Widow said...

JohnnyMac-Research shows that the children of vegetarians have developemental problems and failure to thrive! Healthy eating is important, but "moderation in ALL things", G*D isn't stupid!
When my folks were in Brasil during the late 1940's, most of the vegetables were grown by Japanese farmers, using human waste, my parents were warned to soak all veggies, fruits and meats in permanganate because of it! So for 2 1/2 years Mom soaked and scrubbed to save their lives! DUH!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


kuhnkat said...

All the LEFTARDS and gubmint types are always looking for the source of e-coli in the food chain.

Bet that getting rid of illegals would decrease the incidence of e-coli poisoning in the US by more than 75%.

I grew up in the San Joaquin valley in Californicator and was around the fields and migrant farm workers. Even then they tended to just take a dump in the field where they were working!!

All those restaurants where they work have all those wonderful signs telling them to wash after using the head. Do they?? Can they read? English or spanish??

Not to mention all the processing plants that handle the vegetables and other produce.