Sunday, December 17, 2006

The situation in Gaza

We may be using the wrong frame of reference to view the events in Gaza. The participants are not Jeffersonian and are more or less street gangs. The brutality and senseless violence exceeds what is even seen in most of our organized crime fueds. In a classic mafia altercation children and family members are left alone. The targeting of a Fatah suporters children does not shock me.

Fattah is a corrupt Communist creation that has no legitamacy. Much like traditional Communists its real purpose is kickbacks and the perpetuation of the gravy train. It frequently resorts to violence to solve internal matters.

Hamas is an Iranian and Syrian creation that is battling for turf. A certain amount of violence is to be expected when street gangs battle over turf. Much of Fatah's problem is that its Communist Couch potato leadership was too lazy to assert control.
Now the problem has grown much larger and this may escalate into a civil war.

Do not be shocked if Hamas wins again as Fatah was never intetrested in real governance. It was a fake Ponzi creation of a Communist stooge Nasser as was this mysterious Psuedostinian ethnicity. Hamas is not any better but the Commies of Fattah have allready failed in Jordan, Lebanon and now the PA.

Do not expect them to go quietly as Commies never do.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

In time, the rats will eat each other.

Anonymous said...

The Sunni/Shi'a "civil war" is spilling over...sectarian violence and pent up frustration of a thousand years of Sunni oppression.

...of course, the media only see's civil war and sectarian violence in Iraq...

They've compartmented/classified the problem into one of "nations" and can't see the "big picture" of Islam on Islam violence.

-FJ ;-)

Justin said...

I see these groups marching by the 100's and 1,000's on t.v.

What a missed opportunity to remedy a problem. :)

Happy Chaunika as bubba would say Beak:

Anonymous said...

Fattah?? Fattah than whom??


Urban_Infidel said...

Funny how Sunni and Shia get along fine when Haniyeh went to Iran to pick up a suitcase of cash.

"Hey, you got Shia on my Sunni!,

And you Sunni in my Shia!"

Farmer John said...

Fattah than the UN dole they're all fighting over...