Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who is okay with this????

If you have AIDS the government should quarantine you in a velvet cage. Most of you would guess
someone right wing. Of course many Americans including myself would oppose this.

It seems that the Duck is rationalizing the behavior of Cuba. For a person who regularly brings up the subject of gays in odd places this is strange. If gay rights are important to you than backing governments that use official sanction to persecute gays is fairly strange. The PA does persecute gays who flee to Israel for safety. Cuba did quarantine AIDS patients in what I term soft prisons.
Cuba did place gays in mental health facilities. The latter practice stopped only when folks started subjecting Cuban apologists to ridicule and Castro's daughter intervened.

As far as outing the Duck feels fine when calling Dr. Yeagley Gay Eagle". There is zero actual evidence that Yeagley is gay. This rumor started when a disturbed follower Batty Ann started to call Yeagley gay. Yeagley has stated he is not gay and as far as I am concerned it is a non issue. Of course the Duck objects when Mr. B speculates that he is gay. As our friend Justin says one never knows who is really gay unless they tell you or sleep with you. In and of itself we really make too much of a big deal over being gay. When someone says sick and twisted lifestyle I think of Red Sox and Dallas Cowboy fans. How can anyone root for Tony Romo who should be selling ribs next to TGIF. Abnormal and deviant describe people who think people like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkola are fonts of wisdom.

Of course the Duck wants us to move heaven and earth at every goofy statement of Pat Robertson. Sorry, but he never placed gays in mental hospitals.


Ducky's here said...

Yeah, back in the 60's. And it was really easy on homosexuals in America at that time wasn't in, Beak?

Like many other nations Cuba has come a long way in this matter.

As for the quarantine, I don't know what I would have done but to discuss the issue we first have to have liars like you stop saying they were thrown in prison and at least write it up accurately.

Same old Bull. Dance, dance, dance and why not go over and give your favorite white supremacist a hearty handshake.

beakerkin said...


Cuba improved only when its apologists were subjected to ridicule. Placed in Quarantine sounds
nice except that is was more akin to a minimum security prison.

Gays were placed in Cuban mental heath facilities.

As far as America in the 60s I will have to look for the actual number of gays committed by the state to mental health facilities.

There may have been an odd municipality that did this but it was far different than placing them in facilities as a national policy.

Moving forward to Yeagley. One can see me disagreeing with his views
on race and gays with zero effort.
A similar view would have me back the wacky and moronic views of Trotskyite clown Renagade Testicle because I commented there.

beamish said...

The 60s were really hard on Ducky as a faggot.

Even then, none of his fantasy lynchers would spank him with a whip, and now it's just passe.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, what's the matter, Beamish, did the homos shake you down in high school and take your lunch many?

Maybe that's why you have to over compensate and listen to crap music just to prove you're a manly man.

Oh Beak, there has been a lot of progress in human rights and you right wing fanatics had nothing to do with it. You Rudi Brown Shirts think that because you live in a country that progressed, you were part of the progress.
Pitch till you win and go say hi to your hero Yeagley.

beamish said...

Nah Ducky.

I just point out the irony of your constant bitching about how you faggots had it hard in the 60s, and now all you can manage is a persecution complex.

beamish said...

Oh Beak, there has been a lot of progress in human rights and you right wing fanatics had nothing to do with it.

Really? The living opponents of Civil Rights legislation today are STILL Democrats. Klansman Robert Byrd is one of the most reliably leftist Senators.

Jimmy Carter was a big time Dixiecrat. Bill Clinton and Al Gore are the apt pupils of prominent segregationists. Missouri's Democrat governor is STILL a segregationist.

Obviously the left had nothing to do with civil rights legislation authored by Republicans and fought for over Democrat objections.

History isn't your strong suit, Ducky. Still to putting condoms on gerbils.

Always On Watch said...

every goofy statement of Pat Robertson

He does make quite a few of those statements. Then again, his audience is quite limited and not a jihadist threat, so I don't worry too much about what Robertson says.