Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Social Contract

I want to discuss immigration in abstract. In the days of my grand parents there was an implied social contract that was understood by immigrants. There was no need to state it as it was understood. What has changed is that we have an entire profession dominated by Marxist hacks who have decided to alter what has worked for decades. If you think this is a joke seriously head over to your local University and ask for a list of classes required for an MSW.

1) Immigration is not a right. It is an honor bestowed upon selected people who follow the rules as determined by the host country.

2) While here legally remember the following.
A) Obey all laws of the host country. If you want to have more than one wife please remain
where you are.
B) Remain gainfully employed. Do not abuse the social safety nets indeffinately.
C) Respect others. If you do not like gays, Jews, Blacks or whatever keep it to yourself.
D) Learn the local language and familiarize yourself with the local culture. You should not
expect services in your language. While you need not participate in local culture you should
have some familiarity. For example hunting and Maple Syrup production are part of the
local lives of residents of Northern VT. I respected the traditions of the locals and
supported their right to hunt, while not doing it for personal reasons.
E) Make sure your children attend school. Do not make excessive demands on the local school
district. There is nothing wrong with bringing your own lunch if need be. Above all try to
show respect for your teacher.
F) Show some loyalty for your host country. You do not need to agree with all of the policies
and if you are a citizen feel free to speak up. However, if you feel compelled to criminal
activity or treason kindly depart.
H) Cultural Issues do not trump public safety. If you want a passport or drivers license you
need to be photographed. If you wish to get services this is expected. It is OK to cover
your head or wear a hat for religious purposes. Covering the whole face is a public safety
issue. In rare instances such as burns a person may wear a mask for medical reasons.
These are the exceptions for obvious humanitarian reasons. I have not suffered from
seeing the face of Lynne Stewart whose face would be improved with a veil.

Most immigrants understand this. However, merely stating these things in this day and age is passe.


Justin said...

Its not just passe, if you state these things you are a right wing teabagging racist. :)

The Pagan Temple said...

1. If the dems have their way immigration as a right will be one of the next constitutional amendments, right between right to an abortion and you have to be a registered member of a state militia in order to own a firearm.

2a. But violence and property destruction to some are mere forms of civil disobedience to others.
b. Prostitution and the operation of sex slavery rings don't count.
c. Better yet, stay the fuck where you're at.
d. Translation-learn English, motherfucker. Yes, I eat pork, and you will learn to accept it. But if you try to eat my cat your fucking head might well end up on a pike.
e. Don't throw acid in your female classmates face because you saw a bit of leg, and don't rape your teacher (wait for her to make the first move).
f. If you don't like it here, restrict your objections to the voting booth and peaceful expression, otherwise go back to the third world hell hole you came from.
h (should be g)-Get that fucking rag out of your face, BEE_AATCH!!