Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lack of manners

I usually do not stoop to deal with the type of comments offered up by Mark Winters. Regular readers know that I am not a TSA officer. I have friends who do that job. Of course long term readers know where "Officer Blowhard" works. Then again we have not heard what type of vocation Winters works. We do know that at various times Yeagley was an educator and social worker.

I am a mainstream NYC style Republican. My politics lean more towards Rudy than the current Mayor but either is more capable than Obama. The John Birch Society is a fringe movement that more mainstream types like William F Buckley had little time or interest in.

Onto the Cold War, my position is relenting and unyielding opposition to Marxism. Unlike Yeagley I do not work with or associate with Commies when expedient. There is no wavering in my stance unlike Yeagley who seems quite absurd as a born again Cold Warrior who frequently will work with AIM when it is expedient. Sorry, but any reading of this blog is quite clear on that subject.

On a larger note. We respect the loyalty you have for Yeagley. However, each of us have decided
to walk away for our own reasons. I can not talk for anyone other than myself. Yeagley knows where I can be found and has acceded to my wishes to promote my own vision. My request when I departed was for no further contact.

I will talk only of my own experiences. I did not nor would I ever sign onto any type of racialist hate site. I too granted and argued with Yeagley about the differences between attempting to preserve a culture and racial purity. I really did not read much beyond the Jewish sections and Heat. I would read the brilliant posts of the Editrix, Amil, Kidst, Mac and many others. Over time I noticed some nasty comments about race by Yeagley. I took his spin, but in light of the constant Obama as a Negro bit this became too much.

I tried to have an honest discussion with Yeagley about what being an American is all about. Each and every time the topic was brought up his rabid developmentally disabled mongrel Batty Ann would veer into an attack, Ray Friggon would wax off about conspiracy of the week and Yeagley would avoid the subject. It has become abundantly clear that his vision and mine are vastly different.

Now I have many friends with whom I disagree on many subjects. However, I will not debase myself and continue to be associated with a site whose racial commentary is vulgar and offensive to my view of Patriotism. If you like I encourage you to ask the Editrix, Mac, Ray, Gator, CM, TMW and Warren why they left Bad Eagle. Yeagley has no interest in the subject and has moved on and so should the rest of us.

If you wish to walk with Yeagley that is your choice. I respect your choice, but it is one that is not
for me.

Officer Blowhard left a higher paying job to serve the American people after a series of close encounters with death at the WTC. It was not enough to be a number on a ledger sheet. I was too old to go to Iraq and I wanted to change lives. I signed on to work with DHS. My job requires an oath to uphold the Constitution which I readily took even though I could have affirmed for religious reasons. My job is to serve the American people and this includes people of all races, religions and national origins. In doing my job I have to display the correct respect for people who are different. One must perform the task at hand while dealing with cultural issues respectfully. The notion that I would ever treat people adversely due to race, religion and so forth is abhorrent to Officer blowhard.

Officer Blowhard is a Native NYC resident and has lived there most of his life. As a fairly normal NYC resident he is adept and appreciates other cultures. He has had serious romances with women who were not from his culture and lives a very ordinary life. In NYC one lives and comes
into contact with a variety of people. This is not the case of some NYC types like Rav Roov who is more traditional. However, Rav Roov interacts and appreciates people from other cultures. He is sophisticated enough not to pass judgment on others while being faithful to his religious principles.

The choice of any person to stay or go at Bad Eagle is entirely up to their own personal convictions. As much as I respect the Editrix, my choice to leave was when I could no longer look at the really hateful comments and disdain for the American ideals and justify my continued presence. If you do not make similar observations we respect that. If over time you see it my way it would not shock me. Some of us took longer to notice but have left for similar reasons.

Officer Blowhard writes about many subjects. He would kindly appreciate it if you would leave the subject of Yeagley to posts dedicated to such topics like this one. I really do not wish to discuss this subject on other threads.


beakerkin said...


Allow me the indulgence of trying to lay this to rest once again. Oddly, Winters has not noticed I defended him even as he has insulted me.

I left for my own reasons. All of us have to be faithful to their core values. For me I could not remain faithful to my values and remain at Bad Eagle.

I do not criticize those who remain, but it was time for me to depart.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, everybody with two braincells to rub together knows that I (or Mac or the 'gator) had nothing whatsoever to do with your decision to leave BE. I guess even Mr. Summers has two braincells left. What he says is both, an attempt at insulting you and trolling for a reaction. And therefore we really ought to close that case.

Winters said...

If you actually look at the tenants of the JBS you would actually make a good fit there, judging from your often expressed views on communism. Buckley was, at one time, a good friend of the founder. A slight disagreement caused their parting of the ways. But taken in toto, their espoused tenants look, for the most part, quite similar. The heirs to Buckley's legacy at National Review have taken issue with Ann Coulter, over minor points of order (A particular humorous aside, actually.), but they are largely on the same side of the fence. Jonah Goldberg could easily be speaking along with Ann at a Horowitz gathering, with no problem whatsoever, even though he was instrumental in having her column removed from National Review. They still speak to each other, she even acknowledging his work on Liberal Fascism. And he no doubt can appreciate her acerbic wit even if he can't quite do it publicly all the time, for political correctness' sake, and the propensity for Jewish all inclusiveness.

OK, I apologize for calling you Officer Blowhard and tipping my cyber ash into you cyber pocket. But you can toot your own horn with the best of them, Officer.

I'm not a follower of DAY. I merely respect his individuality and afford him the right to be one. Your characterizations of his politics and world view is just that. A caricature. Even I have questioned his choice of wording at times but there is usually a larger issue behind the provocative introduction that is worthy of debate.

The point being that Goldberg and Coulter haven't given up associating, even if they don't see eye to eye all the time. They are generally working in the same direction. And it doesn't help anybody for them to be stabbing each other in the back.

Winters said...

The subject of DAY comes up here continually without my help. Lecture your other posters on that score.

Winters said...

Officer The-Embodiment-Of-A-Concept said:

"My request when I departed was for no further contact."

Is that reason you've repeatedly emailed him since?

Winters said...

You want to know what I do? I've spent the last 35 years driving 20 penny galvys and/or 60 penny heat treated ring shanks with a 32 oz. rigging axe or pouring and finishing 75 yards of concrete a day or working high steel construction putting up buildings like those Camel Jockey's brought down in NYC, all the while raising three kids, one of which died while serving his country and it's interests as a PFC station in S. Korea. I'm not an important self touting "Officer", Officer The-Embodiment-Of-A-Concept.

Winters said...

Cut the shit about manners, will ya? And get over your feelings being hurt.

The Pagan Temple said...


Is it possible Yeagley has put Winters up to coming here as a means of drawing you back in?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what did you do to steam off Officer Obie?

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, check out the front page at GayEagle today. He's put the batshite crazy needle to 11.

The man is psycho.

Hey, how come you didn't ask me why I left three times?

beakerkin said...


He is always on Planet Yeagley. Then again a multi racial white supremacist is an absurd concept.

Why did you leave three times?


The Doc wants nothing to do with me. Bad Eagle is a Ghost Town and he needs new blood.

Winters and Yeagley do communicate
off line. What Yeagley tells him is not exactly truthful.

Since I left I sent two private mails. In the first one I apologized for wishing him dead and thanked him for respecting my wishes for no further contact. The second private mail was to ask Winters to please stop bringing up the subject of Dr Yeagley. I again
have thanked him for respecting my
wishes to be left alone.

Winters is his own man and enjoys a lively Bad Eagle. I have always gotten along well with him.

Many people imagine or viewed my role as larger than it was. As the site attracted many Joo haters I was always in Don Rickles mode. Consequently, when many broke with Yeagley I was approached to depart as well.

Now that Yeagley is very open about his racial animus I am a liability. He can not win in a battle of patriotism with me and he knows it.


I too have always spoke up and told Yeagley to define himself. He
has defined himself in a way I can not deal with. If he wants to do the white race and Obama as a Negro bit he is free to do so, but I will remain here.

I am glad Yeagley still has people that believe in him. It will allow me to walk away in peace and to be forgotten.

Ducky's here said...

I didn't leave, I was banned. A record to be proud of.

Alligator said...

I left of my own accord, because I saw David Yeagley taking racist positions that I could not abide. His approach towards Indians was perplexing and offensive, not just to me but to the Indians I know. No one talked me into leaving, no one twisted my arm and I in turn did not do the same to anyone else. Some of the former BE members have congregated here and in other places, because we struck up friendships that continue. In that respect, we owe a bit of thanks to the Doctor for bringing us together. But the departures were not the result of some organized plan. They just happened because of the views that David held. With the exception of Beak, Mac left long after me. I had been a member of Mac's site for almost a year before I left BE, so it is unfair to say that Mac drew me away. No, it was my disagreement with Yeagley's own words, pure and simple. I rarely speak of the matter because it is over, but I thought I would respond since my name is brought up in connections with the threads.

CM said...

I was publicly asked not to post, then he quickly took that statement off. I defended myself from baggy anns'
attacks and he reprimanded only me, he never had respect for me as a Comanche poster and she knew it, he felt threatened so did she. Like I said, I had met him in person and we talked and I did congratulate him when he was so elated on interviewing Colter, he liked me then....but he never knew I was Comanchemoon until much later. Then he banned me, then he asked me to post again. "NO" I told him.

I spoke to the Comanche Chairman a few minutes ago and read to him what yeagley posted about the Indians being lethargic, inertia, lack of impetus, carelessness, just sort of riding on bodily functions, like pure heathenism. He exclaimed "WHAT THE....he sure wants to be Comanche though HUH?"

According to freedom of speech and all that, yeagley has every right to say this, but he should do it in an Indian only inviroment, let them know how he feels about them, no on an all white Blog, just making pure D Fun of the Native American.

We are such a small minority doing all we can to keep our heads above water, then being slapped down by racist such as yeagley, just because he holds such hate for his being bred into being Indian. He likes being all alone on his Blog and Forum, free from other Indians free to say what he wants, he is safe there all alone, just wait!!!


Mark said...

Then there was the time a couple of them (Ahem!), who had left, came back for a spell, just for old time's sake. It was kind of a five year reunion of sorts. And I for one was glad to see them. I suspect I wasn't the only one that was glad, but here we don't speak of the dead any longer.

People go their own ways for a myriad of reasons.

The_Editrix said...

"Mac left long after me. I had been a member of Mac's site for almost a year before I left BE, so it is unfair to say that Mac drew me away."

It is a deliberate insult if they (he and his asswipe) suggest that defection from BE was induced by somebody else and not based on what happened there. He is into that sort of thing because he doesn't know what a free, intellectually honest and independent decision is. I remember that he once said that my "Catholicism was rather recent" and that it had something to do with Syler (Romanreb). Yeah, right. I changed by belief because somebody I met a couple of weeks previously in the Internet told me so. Only a sicko who thinks that the symptoms of a woman with a head trauma are divine epiphany can say that.

I can only strongy recommend that you (and the Beak) take it as the "reasoning" of a sociopath who has as little knowledge of integrity as a cow of quantum electronics.

Mark said...

See, Gator, she is "strongly recommending" you take it a certain way. Her way. This is called letting people arrive at conclusions independently in an atmosphere free of other's affecting influence. She also dedicated a considerable amount of time and space on her blog and other blogs to influence conclusions best left for people to arrive at independently, without undue prejudice and predisposition. (Which I have no doubt you did, arrive independently, that is, one year later, and support your right to do so wholeheartedly, if not the conclusion you came to.)

And, Aviatrix, eat my brown striped shorts!

Mark said...

Judging from the examples you are prone to cite, and their supposed proof of sociopathy, especially the one above, I'd say that a cow has more knowledge of quantum mechanics and/or sociopathy than you do, Aviatrix.

Alligator said...

"Then there was the time a couple of them (Ahem!), who had left, came back for a spell, just for old time's sake."

Yes, Mark we sure did and I ended up thinking this was not going to work this time either. I learned a little more about David's worldview and decided I just needed to pull the plug for good. Mac even helped him straighten out some board problems on that "reunion" before things went completely south.

He is who he is and we are who we are, and the twain shall no longer meet. No anger or bitterness is imputed in any of my statements.

The_Editrix said...

"And, Aviatrix, eat my brown striped shorts!"

Beak, Free Speech is one thing, but do you believe that you are doing your blog, yourself and your readers, a favour if you are allowing here the misogynist, uncouth and vulgar rants of somebody whom to describe as boor, redneck or hick would be unfair to boors, rednecks or hicks?

Is that really your idea of "comedy"? I mean, in a way it's exhilarating that Yeagley's asswipe is so eager to prove that every word I said about him is true and that I must have really hit home, but would you allow that your mother, wife or sister is spoken to like that?

Just curious!

CM said...

Yes, yeagley is reading here, why else would he devote an extra extra long Blog trying to explain why he believes the way he does. Feeling guilty HE IS, no Not yeagley.!

Still claiming Indian. According to his latest Blog story of stolen souls, his soul has definately been lost with all the many pictures of himself, worshiping himself on his Blog, he is a man without a Soul, He is a man without country(he claimed this himself for the next four years because of his racist hate for our Black President) he is a man without Heritage, since he says you need to claim one and one only, the Comanches DO NOT claim him. He is a Card Carrying Comanche only.

He says "My Parents are no longer living I don't know how they would feel about me at this point". Well I'd say his father would be bursting with pride at his little Indian mascot chief for being so racists. Yeagley is a product of bi-racial union and so is a dusky misanthrope and lusus nutrae if ever there was a thing.

He fought for keeping the detrimental Indian Mascots now he is calling our first ever Black President a Lying, Alien, Black African, "Mascot". I guess we can be thankful for his name calling has gotten a little more civilized for a Comanche Savage! I think we can thank batty ann for this though, without her he is taming his attitude just a wee bit, but talk about crying Indians.... he is one bad azz crybaby Indian, making us look bad! Yep he has a loooooong blog defending his own bad self, I just skimmed over....its too long and self serving.


Stormy Winters said...

I can say, most assuredly, that I've always aimed to exhilarate, if not merely please. "Hit home", you say? That, I did, apparently, no, most assuredly so. And if you think for one moment that it was you that did the real hitting home here, and that you can convince anyone of that just by whining it be so, whine again. That method only evinces a text book formula for the psychological manifestation of the propensity for the unconscious crutch of projection, if not desperately wishful vainglorious imaginings that it to BE so, if merely said so. If a wife, mother, or sister (Those are the three feminine archetypes you are allowed to relate too, Beakerkin. Not daughter for sure. But why not aunt or grandmother? Yes, Grand Dam.) were to sally about and forth defaming fine upstanding gentlemen, such as meself, with highborn superlatives such as asswipes, for example, and passing pornographic pictorials yonder and about, they should kindly expect repayment in kind, in the feminist spirit of equal pay for equal product, only much funnier, in relation to your case specifically, since you have never shown any evidence of a detectable sense of the humorous before and probably never will, if history can be trusted. And because of that very fact, it is very curious indeed, that you speak of humor at all, since all you seem to be able to do in relation to the concept is snigger at this or that, neither originating with you. Speaking of communicating in grunts, or was it WITH a Grunt (Who, me?), how goes it with your internet aviating intercourse consisting of the pretentious promulgation of pornographic pictographs these days--corrupting the minds of tender and impressionable grandmothers along the way--with which you have graciously graced our fine upstanding patriot host's blog and this fine gathering of thoughtful intellectuals herewith? Getting a rise out of a following, are you? Or have the exchanges gone flat and flaccid? You are way too sour a Puss and complaining for help seemingly incessantly of late. And disclaimers will not count for shorts, present or absent, sitting on pew within the Confessional Booth, Good Little Catholic Girl. Speaking of alternate modes of intellectual intercourse, I'm wondering how perceptive you may be at envisioning the profound and insightful sign language that I'm communicating in your direction at this moment in time? I salute you, and a fine good day to you, Frau Brinker. Vaya con Dios, mi amiga.

The_Editrix said...

"He says "My Parents are no longer living I don't know how they would feel about me at this point". Well I'd say his father would be bursting with pride at his little Indian mascot chief for being so racists."

I wouldn't be so sure. Yeagley may have overstated what his father said to justify his own racism. Also, his father was probably just a run-of-the-mill, everyday, unthinking racist (I guess there were countless of those in his generation) and not consumed by this sensual, festering racism that permeates every single aspect of his son's existence.

Basically, I find it unfair to judge a man whom we only know from his son's apologetics.

I saw the picture of his parents he posted. If his intention was to prove that his mother was 4/4 Comanche he hasn't done himself a service. By the way, how such a beautiful woman and such a handsome man could have begotten anything like that weasel is beyond me. Maybe there is some truth in the saying that the mind makes the body.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, my question still stands.

beakerkin said...


My mother and my sister are apolitical. She really does not think beyond local matters.

As for the insult by Winters. No the comments were wrong and above all not creative. They show no comedic verve or deep thought.

Winters was pretty funny at one time. I guess like his mentor he has focused to much on his reputation.

The_Editrix said...

"My mother and my sister are apolitical. She really does not think beyond local matters."

What does that have to do with anything? Are you joking?

Would you allow that somebody tells them: "Eat my brown striped shorts!"? Or that they are deriving sexual pleasure from riding horses? (And don't effing tell me now they don't ride horses because that's beside the point!) Has nobody taught you that uncalled-for and unprovoked sexual innuendo, let alone explicit sexual insults, and gross vulgarity towards women are something that is not done? And no, not even in an Internet forum?

beakerkin said...


Eat my shorts is a line made famous by Bart Simpson. I see nothing sexual in it. I do see hack cliche writing by Mark Winters.

I am sorry if you are offended by the remarks. If it is any consolation you should see some of the real nasty personal attacks that far left types write about here. With rare exception we do print them.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, he did NOT say "Eat my shorts". Go and read the entire quote. And I did not say that there is something sexual in everything he says, I said: "...uncalled-for and unprovoked sexual innuendo, let alone explicit sexual insults, and gross vulgarity".

If you think that nasty personal attacks on you by leftwingers you don't choose to publish excuses anything Winters says, you better think again. However, I guess there is no arguing about sensitivities, manners or taste.

beamish said...

1. You admitted you were powerless over reading Yeagley's blog —that your life had become unmanageable.

2. You came to believe that a Power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity.

3. You made a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as you understood Him.

4. You Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.

5. You admitted to God, to yourself, and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs.

6. You were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. You humbly asked Him to remove your shortcomings.

8. You Made a list of all persons you had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. You made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

10. You continued to take personal inventory and when you were wrong promptly admitted it.

11. You sought through prayer and meditation to improve your conscious contact with God as you understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for you and the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, you tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all your affairs.

And yet... over a year later, the mention of Yeagley berings his congregation out of the woodwork to argue with the infidels who abandoned him.

This blog needs an enema. :P