Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enjoying Instrumental Rock

I am enjoying the instrumental rock. The Vegan called it elevator music or the sound trak from Pulp Fiction. I like the sounds of the Ventures, Dick Dale, The Surfaris and Duane Eddy. Someone objected to some of this fare saying it is inbred red neck music. How this style of music which contains tracks by several Black artists became red neck music is beyond me. In some ways this music seems to flow from R&B directly.

I will be listening to the twangy guitar playing a personal favorite Tuxedo Junction. Tuxedo Junction was written by a friend from my younger days Erskine Hawkins. My father loved his music and was happy when I introduced him to Erskine. Erskine was a modern man and like many artists forgot he recorded certain numbers. In this case my father taped some cassettes and gave it back. Side B in those days were real fillers and forgetable. However, nothing Erskine played was ever forgettable if you heard him.


The Pagan Temple said...

Greatest instrumental rock track-Frankenstein, by the Edgar Winter Group.

beakerkin said...

I like Mr. Moto by the Bel Airs and the Ventures. Telstar by the Tornadoes is also up there.

beamish said...

You oughta kick it up a notch and play some Joe Satriani instrumentals. Rock the office with guitar virtuoso goodness.