Saturday, April 10, 2010

The idiotic Duck

I was quite amused by the moronic water fowl's comment to the Editrix that I see everything through the prism of Israel. Of course saying this to a Jewish American is bigoted. He would never
make an absurd comment like this to Uptown Steve or posters from India.

The moronic Duck has yet to figure out that I am first and foremost a cold warrior. My relentless
opposition to Marxism in all its forms does not need a history lesson. I am also proud of the folks at Bababalu for their exposure of Marxist brutality and hypocrisy in Cuba and elsewhere.

The mindless Duck can not differentiate between a classic patriotic liberal and a Conservative. Mr. Beamish is your typical Conservative and I am somewhere more towards the center. While the Duck talks about workers he has not deduced that I am a union member and active in my union. My local fights for the rights of the workers and does what unions are supposed to do protect the rights of the workers and improve working conditions. Of course the Duck can lecture us about worker rights in Cuba or the Soviet Union or unions as adjuncts of a corrupt government.

The Duck is a walking example of the reflexive mindlessness of the left.

1) Cuba has great health care that placed AIDS patients in gulag lite, gays and political prisoners
in mental hospitals and practiced lobotomies long after it was abandoned in the West. One would wonder if some of the Duck's friends such as Ren availed themselves to socialized lobotomies.
2) Gitmo has better health care than Cuba and its prisoners can freely practice religion and read what they wish.
3) Cuba denied water to a political prisoner and tossed him into a freezing room to induce kidney
failure. Sorry, but this is more flagrant than panties on the heads of Muslims or water boarding.
4) Cuba houses cop killer Joanne Chesimard and other criminals.
5) Everyone in Cuba can read exactly what the government tells them to read.
6) The Duck talks about mafia prostitution in Cuba while ignoring his mostly Euro lefties flocking to Cuba and exploiting the locals. Prostitution is alive and well in Communist Cuba and its far left patrons are engaging in local Capitalism.
7) How long are commies going to blame Batista for the failed mess in Havana.
8) Cuban workers vote with their feet and leave and the only Americans who go the other way are criminals like convicted Communist Cop killer Chesimard.

The Duck supports a system that has in repeated applications maliciously starved people to death while railing about 50 kinds of Potato Chips think Utz with Crab seasoning. Gays are persecuted as policy in his sainted PA and communist countries.

Sorry but populist Jooo hatred does not qualify as original thought. Moreover, there are plenty of Hitler attacking Capitalism quotes on record. Nazis and Communists allied to divide Europe before Hitler turned on his Communist allies. The oft cited 20,000,000 dead includes 1,500,000
Jews that had zero to do with the Soviet War effort. Moreover this includes Hiwis and people who fought for the Nazis and were executed by Stalin. It is also not a virtue to get your own people killed by incompetence. Furthermore without Western aid the Soviets lose. Unlike the USA, UK and Germany they were incompetently fighting a single front war.

Who were the Hiwis and why did they fight for the Nazis has been reduced by some as simple Jooo haters. This does explain some cases, but the brutal crimes perpetrated by commies is responsible for the rest.

Nazism is a disgusting vile ideology. However, every single crime and criticism of Nazism is also applicable to Communism and to its corollary Islamo communism.

FYI Duncy when you talk of crimes committed by commies against Muslims you are in comedy mode. An apologist for a system that placed Muslims on cattle cars to Siberia to die talking about
Pseudostinians is comedic. If you think your 70% number is high try 90% of Jews killed in Poland and the Batic areas. Jews do not run around shooting school kids in the back or tossing seniors in wheel chairs off ocean liners.

The only good Marxism is that of the Marx Brothers. Chico Marx is greater philosopher than Karl. Get you tootsie fruitsie Ice Cream.


Ducky's here said...

Beak the paper pusher supports the federal employees union, what a surprise.

Next he'll tell us how he feels about card check legislation.

The Pagan Temple said...

My question is why are so many Jewish voters Democrats. Why the hell do they align so often with "liberal" voters, who obviously hate them, despite the fact leftists do tend to rail against antisemitism when it suits their purposes?

If American Jews vote for Obama in 2012, I will be convinced there are indeed self-hating Jews in America.

Even this goddamn spell check is antisemitic, it goes nuts if you try to capitalize it.

Netanyahu is not coming to the nuclear conference in Washington. He should send word that as a gesture of good faith, he will gladly get rid of all Israel's nuclear weapons. He should say, "now you and the Arabs might not necessarily like how and where I get rid of them, but that's beside the point."

beakerkin said...


As a typical communist all of your talk about workers and human rights is bull crap. As an officer I do more
to help families than you will ever do.

As an active member of my union I also have helped plenty of my peers.

While I have done these things you have studied doodling, watched a few foreign films and have been a blight on your country.

The best thing you can do for your country is to encourage your fellow commies to emigrate. North Korea needs people like you.

The Pagan Temple said...

Beak, come on now, the poor oppressed people of North Korea have enough problems as it is with the communists they have, they don't need anymore.

The best thing a communist can do for their country, if your talking about the US, is realize that its not their country. If they were honest, they would be the first to tell you that. If they were loyal to this country, they wouldn't try to change it to something totally alien to what it is and what it was meant to be.

The only thing they are loyal to, if anything, is some grand vision of a workers international federation made up of nations of limited individual sovereignty. They have no country to speak of outside that wasted vision.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Haven't been here in a while, friend.

The Duck is also lacking in good music tastes. Stop by my blog and see the kind of music he can't stand.

Alligator said...

A quick question for you Beak and Duck...How long have you two guys been going back and forth on this forum?

beakerkin said...

The Duck and I have been going back and forth for six years. We started these debates on Front Page Forum.

I want to be clear that while I loathe the politics of the Duck, I consider him an off the wall type of friend. This blog has plenty of non political posts where the Duck and I discuss film, literature and the arts. Some of the best posts on this blog are due to those exchanges.

The Duck has some odd unknown hostility to Renoir and an odd respect for Degas who we view as a lesser artist.

Some of our exchanges have an insider feel to them. Do note that while I do hate communists it is not personal with the Duck. Unlike
Renegade Eye he does not knowingly
lie nor has he ever done anything inappropriate to any blogger.

The most offensive thing he has done here is promote a sick and vile lifestyle that should be outlawed. Being a fan of the Boston Red Sox or Dallas Cowboys are really sick and twisted lifestyle choices.

John Kerry is still trying to wait outside Fenway looking for Manny Ortiz. The owner of the Red Sox gave Gomer Kerry a box up front in a nationally televised game.

The last we checked Manny Ortiz drives a cab and lives in Washington Heights NYC.

Kerry represents the far left fraud of MA. He is not and has never been Irish. In fact Gomer Kerry has Jewish roots. He is not a fan of manly sports and he looked like Elmer Fudd Duck hunting, he knows nothing about baseball or football and windsurfing is not a manly past time. His picture in a space costume was likened to Woody Allen's image in Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex.

The Pagan Temple said...

"windsurfing is not a manly past time"

I wouldn't go that far. It probably requires a good deal of skill, attention to detail, and stamina. Just because John Kerry does it enough to make a photo-op out of it doesn't mean the hobby is not without merit.

beakerkin said...

Real men do not windsurf. They do not watch foreign films, are not vegetarians ( except for Hindus) and do not watch chick flicks.

Real men play football, basketball and baseball. They like their John Wayne and Eastwood films and dead animals on the plate. We work jobs that we hate so that our wives can banish us to the couch and out kids can get a mediocre educations at over priced Bolshevik institutions.

Real men are embodied by the example of the NYFD on 9-11. They
served their communities at great danger to themselves and many paid the price.

Ducky's here said...

Now let's get it straight. Early on Renoir did some fine painting, The Boating Party and Le Moulin de la Galette but his palette became limited and his subject matter became very sentimental.

Now, calling a painter who had a small number of productive years superior to Degas is a controversial position. Renoir never had that extended period of superior composition nor the range of subject matter. Renoir was a very limited portraitist, just didn't have that feel for people.

You have to be careful Beak. Someone who just thinks still life is a bunch of objects and would not discriminate between the Spanish, Dutch vanitas, Chardin or Cezanne needs to train his eye.

Now Renoir's son, the director, that's a different story. Even Beamish might see the genius in "Rules of the Game". Watch it though, he was a socialist.

beakerkin said...

Still life is a bore.

Ducky's here said...

I swear, Beak, your as bad as that heed banger Beamish who thinks Tool is the epitome of Western music.

If you find something like Cotan's "Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber" boring, despite it's populist sentiments then you really need to train your eye.

Right wingers are so rigid. Once they leave their base they get lost and can't carry on a conversation.

beakerkin said...

Still life is a bore.

The Pagan Temple said...

What's wrong with foreign films? I'm guessing your kidding about that, but just in case you're not. I've seen some kick ass action movies that were foreign films. Okay I've seen one, a Mexican one. But it was a damn good one even if I don't remember the name of it.

Ducky's here said...

Beak has been doing time at the Beamish School of Fine Arts recently, unfortunately that school turns them out a little dumb.

Film is film. The idea that American cinema has been responsible for the totality of cinematic language is something only a moron American right winger would express.

Can't believe you haven't at least watched a few Japanese action films...or French noir. Real Americans aren't knuckle dragging barabrians like the Libertarian right.

beakerkin said...

Actually I have watched a few Japanese, Israeli and Indian films on rare occasions. The key word is rare.

The Beamish school of Arts is one of the foremost Schools on the Planet.
Adding the familiar Gasmask to classical paintings improves the Old Classics.

beamish said...

Ducky can't view anything not on the approved viewing list. If it doesn't toss him a fish, he can't bark like a seal and say "Im a good Communist."

The_Editrix said...

"Of course saying this to a Jewish American is bigoted. He would never make an absurd comment like this to Uptown Steve or posters from India."

Beak I understand your sentiment (I hope) and of course the Duck is bigoted saying that. But I think it oughtn't to be forgotten that Israel has a significance for Jews different from that ancestral land has for other Americans. Jews can now live in the West relatively free and unharmed. But that may change any time. History has told us. And I am not even talking about the growing influence of Islam in the West, which forces Jews in Germany to heavily guard their synagogues and to think twice before they display any outward sign of being Jews. No, I am thinking of, say, cases likes the Rosenbergs' who were clearly not executed because they were Soviet spies (other spies had been caught, but were not executed) but because they were Jews. (And if you say now that I am excusing what they did, I'll come over and personally bloody your nose!) "Gung Ho" patriotism hasn't taken the German Jews pre-1933 very far and although I am by no means equating America with pre-1933 Germany, that would be indeed preposterous, a cautious comparison and reminder of your history might be in order. Leo Frank, the Crown Heights riot or Jonathan Pollard speak for themselves.

'gator asks: "How long have you two guys been going back and forth on this forum?"

While I don't have an answer to that, I enjoy the exchange between Beak and the Waterfowl greatly.

Ducky's here said...

A few Japanese films, Beak? They are probably the foremost film making nation in the world, well maybe France. Hard to say.

A few? I kind of envy you.

Then we have that dipstick, Beamish, who doesn't know an establishing shot from a dutch tilt. I'm off his list because I only saw "Red Dawn" once, wretched piece of junk. Damn he's ignorant

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, I did you a favor and checked out the schedule at Film Forum in Soho. They're running a series called "The Newspaper Picture".

Some real classic stuff like "His Girl Friday", "Call Northside 777", "Citizen Kane", "The Sweet Smell of Success" but also a lot of less well known films. They even have a few double features, check it out.

Alligator said...

The Editrix said
"While I don't have an answer to that, I enjoy the exchange between Beak and the Waterfowl greatly."

That's why I asked the question. It's kind of like waiting for the next installment of Breaking Bad or the Sopranos.

Japanese movies - I always enjoyed Godzilla or one of the other giant monster movies for a laugh. I like MSTK3000 but I can watch these flicks for a good belly laugh on their own merits.

Recently saw a couple of interesting films "Kaidan" (1964)
Japanese ghost stories, very eerie, very well done and all set in ancient Japan. Then there was "Seven Samurai" which the American Western "The Magnificent Seven" was based on. I was amazed at how well copied the story line was.

Winters said...

Akira Kurosawa. One of the all time great directors.

If you liked Seven Samurai you'll like Yojimbo too.

I'm partial to Dersu Usala, Throne of Blood, Rashomon, Ikiru, Yojimbo, the Warring States era epic, Kagemusha, and the Sengoku era epic, Ran.

The_Editrix said...

"Recently saw a couple of interesting films "Kaidan" (1964)"

Now that's a film I'd shun like the devil the holy water because it reeks of "good taste". I am probably wrong. I almost missed one of my all time favourite film Chariots of Fire because it had won so many awards, which made me deeply mistrustful. I hate "good taste" and "culture". Not good taste but "good taste". Have a look at CoF's opening scene. It was shot at St. Andrews, Scotland.

Ian Charleson was the greatest actor who has ever lived. I think I put some information about him up at TBIS long ago.

Mark Winters said...

I remember the film well, even though I haven't seen it since it's theatrical debut. I had to see it several times at the theatre upon release. Had to get the sound track too. Vangelis and the British Hymn,"Jerusalem", about the apocryphal footprints of the Lord at Glastonbury.

Speaking of not running on the Sabbath. This bring to mind another curious and pious character. But I best not go there, out of respect for our host, and the several of his posters who find the subject detestable. (Frick! Darn my two brain cells!)

The greatest actor who ever lived? Hardly. He did a fine job, Yes. Ian Holm and Ben Cross did a fine jobs too. Not to mention John Gielgud, Patrick Mcgee and Nigel Davenport as well. A fine cast all around.