Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Gay Obsession of the Duck

We have this amazing odd obsession of the Duck with trying to out people who are closeted. The Duck cries when people do the same to him. As a friiend of this blog who is gay stated one only knows if someone is gay two ways if they tell you or they slept with you. Of course the Duck can kindly let us know how he knows the person in question is gay. Does the Duck posses "gaydar" that works over the internet or is he hanging around with the idiots at a psychic friends hot line.

Ok the person in question is a racist. This must be amusing as the Duck is a certified anti-semite and apologist for every Communist regime on the planet. Moreover, contrary to his flights of fancy Nazis were a leftist phenomena and there is plenty of anti-Capitalist rhetoric in Hitlers speeches. Hitler allied with Communism and then turned on his allies because he perceived Bolshevism and Capitalism as "Jewish". Leave it for a person who is a communist sympathizer and a clear anti Semite to point the finger at someone else.

Lets go over this again. Who defended a nation quarinting AIDS patients? Who praised a health care system that historically placed gays in mental hospital and practiced lobotomies long after
the practice was dropped in the West. The reason these practices stopped is that Castro's daughter got involved. Too many of Casrto's apologists were being ridiculed over these barbaric practices condoned by folks like the Duck.

The amount of gays placed in mental hospitals by Pat Ronertson 0. Sorry, but the writings of the usual suspects show zero evidence of any comments about the Castro policies or the persecution of gays in Zimbabwe. There is also zero comment about the fate of gays living under Shariah. The grand alliance of Jew haters must make sacrifices.

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beamish said...

I really don't care about Ducky's homosexuality. So the guy likes ass to mouth. Why do I have to hear about it?