Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About Blogging

There are many subjects which we seldom veer into. I seldom delve into the subjects because they would interest only myself and probably bore the daylights out of the audience.

Here is the list of ten topics that I would like to do but have placed on the burner for one reason or another.

10) A joint blog post with Jams on the subject of immigration. This might be a unique post as Jams was a former immigration officer in the UK. It would be interesting to discuss the trade with a peer from another country.

9) A discussion of Education. Readers are to pick ten works of lit to assign students.

8) The Implied Social Contact of Immigration. What is it? Does it still apply?

7) Rape of the tax payer by lefties. The vulgarity of regressive taxation by people who claim to be for working families.

6) You're a guy and you screwed up. Surviving the dreaded if you don't know what you forgot than I am not telling you.

5) Slobs vs Snobs on film. This was inspired by Mr. Beamish's joke about having the Duck discuss
watching Smokey and the Bandit.

4) Reflections of life changing events. Long term readers know what events I write about that changed my perspective.

3) Guys behaving badly on road trips. Take a few Mountain Dews in the cooler ( I can not find Code Black) , an oversize hero, surfer instrumentals on the radio and what happens.

2) Did you ever tell an obnoxious tourist to shut up. Is this ever called for.

1) Things we need to demythologize.

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