Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every Now and Then The Duck Reminds Us Of His Warped Values

The Duck has finally found a celebrity he would like to shut up. Now the Duck is quite critical of my boycotting films because of the presence of outspoken leftists such as Sean Penn, Vanessa Redgrave and Michael Moore. In general the Duck seems to think that outspoken morons who are
not paid to be pundits have a duty to remind all of us that they are political morons.

The Duck has found an athlete he would like to shut up. Did this athlete rape a woman or misbehave in a topless bar? Did this athlete do narcotics or abuse steroids? Did this athlete father a string of kids all over the country? No..

Meet Tim Tebow, an excellent role model, college QB and prospective NFL player. Tebow is an outspoken Christian who takes his religion seriously. He loves and respects his mother who was a gasp missionary dedicated to helping people without Marxist malfeasance. Tebow was home schooled by his mother. His mother was ill during pregnancy and doctors advised her to abort the child to save her life. The child grew up to be a star QB and an even better role model. He addresses all of his coaches naturally with a yes sir.

I do not know if he will be a star QB in the NFL. However, if you are Jacksonville or Buffalo and selling tickets is a problem and you need a QB I would draft him in a second. He is coach-able and willing to learn and unlike Jamarcus Russel has a solid work ethic. He will be an asset to whatever community he goes to. Bad news for the Duck is that Bill Belechik of the New England Patriots is a fan of Tebow and has multiple opportunities in the second round to draft him as a successor to Tom Brady. Tebow unlike Brady, will never end up in the tabloids for gallivanting with actresses and models. The Duck would then have to root against the Patriots as Tebow would just be too much for the Marxist Duck.

The Duck was having a field day because Tebow scored relatively low for a QB on his intelligence test. The Duck forgets that Tebow's score exceeds the general population. It is a safe bet to say he is smarter then Shaun Penn who can't string a sentence together. We now for a fact he is more educated than Barbara "barely got out of high school" Streisand. He is saner than the late Harold Pinter.

No matter what happens in his career Tebow is a winner. After football, he will likely marry have kids and be the next Merlin Olsen.


Ducky's here said...

I enjoy the fact that Beak is such a coward that, when he isn't resorting to his classic strawman style, he insists on projecting on other people's opinions.

I don't particularly care for celebrity activism but I do care about ability.
Now Penn is a great actor. He has taken on some difficult roles and if his political views blind you to his performance then that's your issue, not mine.
Redgrave less so although I thought she was very good in "Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment". Decent supporting role in "Blowup" also.

Now Tebow is also a case of celebrity activism which I haven't paid much attention to since I don't really follow football. Baseball and hockey in the winter is pretty much it for me.
There was the news clip about a player asking Tebow to shut up when Tebow grandstanded about a prayer before some event.
I'm glad someone told him to tie a sock on it. You don't trivialize God by assuming that God intervenes in football games. It's like batters that point to the sky after a home run. Utter fake showboating.

Ducky's here said...

I don't much enjoy Streisand either but there is the story about my Uncle Tommy seeing a young singer locally and buying her a drink before asking her what it would cost to have her sing at his wedding. Expensive, the singer was a young Barbra Streisand.

beakerkin said...


If Tebow wants to pray before games that is okay by me. At most high school games even in NYC a prayer is offered. Football is played on Sunday
and involves much risk to physical safety.

It is a game that spurs Conservative values Ruyan, Swan, Marvin Powell, JC Watts and Steve Largent all went on to become solid

The story that was on the wire appears to have never happened. If it did it says more about the athlete who can't get along well with others than Tebow.

Get used to him because there is a fifty percent chance he is going to the Patriots unless the Bills or Jacksonville decide ticket sales are serious business.

Speaking of athletes Maglio Ordonez was booed by his countrymen
for his support of Hugo the crack addict at the WBC.Funny but Venezuelans like Ozzie Guillen are
quite open about the disaster that
he has created in his country.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, he told everyone else in the room to join him. Utterly obnoxious.

The Pagan Temple said...

Didn't Tom Brady support George W. Bush? If Ducky could survive that he can survive Tim Tebow.

Sean Penn can be a decent human being in some very rare cases. He offered valuable assistance to a young Kentucky family who wanted to adopt a young Haitian girl. He got the child through the red tape and out of Haiti on his own dime and effort. They might never have gotten her out without his help, and most definitely it would have taken a lot longer.

He can be a piece of shit too. His politics are borderline subversive, but I don't think anybody can deny his acting chops.

Brooke said...

Every now and then? Try all the time, Beak. ;)

beakerkin said...

Brooke Pretty Funny

I am at home with a horrible cold.

Here is what the Duck misses. The Duck is a product of a snobbish Marxist mono culture in MA. He might make fun of Mr B about odd bits of info about music but we see how little he grasps American life.

In small town and suburban America
HS football is a big part of the Community life. Before the games it is customary to have a prayer.
Anyone who has attended a HS football game would likely have encountered this.

Naturally, when prayers are offered it is common courtesy to invite others. I have joined in prayer as a non Christian when requested. As stated the account is not verified and if true really says more about the lack of social graces of the person saying something nasty to Tebow than anything else. A person with proper social skills declines.

Perhaps the Duck misses even in the NFL players from both teams often kneel in prayer after games.
The prayers are frequented by players of both teams.


Brady was relatively quiet about it.

Ducky's here said...

Shut up Beak. I live in Everett. Freakin' high school football rules here.

You really are a dip.

Nice avatar Brooke, what are you going to do with the popgun?

beakerkin said...

Maybe you should have skipped your
cabal meeting and attended a game. There is more to life than treason, subversion and genocide.

What part of the pregame prayer did you miss. Let me guess you were playing Paul Robeson's best on the Ipod when the rest of the folks were praying.

Alligator said...

Ducky said,
"Nice avatar Brooke, what are you going to do with the popgun?"

I'd say she will probably shoot a bad guy if she has to. Looks like a 32 cal. Is it the nickel plated S&W Model 10?

Z said...

"Beak, he told everyone else in the room to join him. Utterly obnoxious."

Ducky, in America, they can say "NO"...so far. Until some Lefty makes a law saying they can't. But, for prayer, of course, they won't.