Thursday, April 08, 2010

Just stupid

You are a diplomat from Qatar and you have been caught smoking in the bathroom of a plane .

1) Ask for a beer and a copy of Playboy to go with your cigarette?
2) Apologize and resume flying
3) Blame Phillip Morris
4) Make a joke about shoe bombing.

If you answered 4 you are officially an idiot. This diplomat who is very low ranking should be tossed out of the country. Terrorism is no longer a laughing matter.


Alligator said...

AP says the diplomat was on his way to visit a jailed Al Queda agent in Denver. It is true that diplomats will send envoy to visit nationals held in jail.

However, there have been incidents where the remarks or actions taken by Arab Muslims on commercial airlines caused alarm, and then they cried "foul" that they were being profiled, persecuted, etc. So, are they really that stupid, or is it just plain arrogance or perhaps even an effort to probe security responses?

Could you imagine a westerner being detained on Arab Airlines and then cracking a joke about being a Mossad agent?

The_Editrix said...

They are yanking our chain.