Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laughing at Batty Ann and Yeagley

I want to point out reasonable people like myself and Ray can disagree on a topic without being disagreeable. Naiche and CM are always family and welcome wherever I hang my hat. I have been
away from Bad Eagle for months. The place is a colossal bore. Yeagley needs to tell Batty Ann to take her meds.

CM, Ray and the rest are welcome here and are viewed as friends by all.

Naiche writes above Batty Ann's IQ level and she needs to take out a decoder ring to decipher his writings. If you take every fifth letter multiply is by 27 and then divide it by twenty two and convert the numbers into Hebrew letters that correspond with the numbers and translate back into Hebrew you will find the secret message. Obviously her degrees are probably from thermometers placed where the sun doesn't shine. Naiche is a true genius.


CM said...

You've been a great host, very professional.

On this forum, I can read things of interest, yet you don't insist that every poster see things your way.

I tasted the itty bit of racism here, but when you have lived as long as I have with it, itty bitty doesn bother me at all, naw...only when an Indian degrades an Indian and is serious and vulgar and the hosts allows it and actually encourages it does it bother me and especially on the net and especially on a supposidly Indian Forum. I love being Indian and I loathe other supposidly educated Indians use their education to degrade real Indians, no matter what Nation! It bothers me....yes, yet I know "I" bother them more!!!LOL.

Thank you for allowing my input.


beakerkin said...


I do not think Batty Ann is educated in any description. It is too easy to run circles around her. As for Yeagley his credentials are in Music and Divinity.

We live in an era that is fused with identity issues. Unlike Yeagley my identity is fixed. I am 100% as far as can be traced. Would
anyone listen to him if he were Don Jones from any European country.

Secondly, I am a fighter and relentless. A group of people has spent the last 150 years trying to exterminate my people. They serve a cult that seeks to unite people from all over the world over the backs and corpses of my people. If
you think this is a jest see the words of the folks at AIM, Ward Churchill and Means on the subject.
Even the folks at Laraza that have
nothing to do with the mid east share this obsession.

A real Jew sees this sort in the same manner as a Black man sees the KKK. I understand Ray talks of local autonomy. It would be nice if
this crew would stop promoting death of Jews and pointless revolutions in Latin America.

The record of AIM and the Indians in Nicaragua makes my point. As the
indians died so called Indian activist Rigoberta Menchu supported
the communist government vs the actual indians.

Means walked away from AIM
in disgust. Yours truly championed
the cause of the Indians vs the Sandanistas when it was not fashionable.

The issue is current as Chavez continues this while the usual suspects feign ignorance.If you don't believe me ask Junglemom.

What you are seeing has zero to do
with race. This foul group is a menace no matter who is advocating it.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, Beak, Native people have just as much a reason to be skeptical and seemingly paranoid as any Jew around, particularly in this country. That said, I know of no Indian person that really gives a rat's ass about Jews or Israel on a daily basis, unless they're friends with or related to them. Perhaps when some Indian youth attends college and such, they, like most kids, become interested in issues outside their immediate communities. Perhaps a few of these individuals choose to examine the Israel/Palestinian issue and, gasp, comment! They're entitled to their opinion of that topic every bit as much as you're entitled to pontificate regarding their views and organizations.

I've heard some bigoted, racist Jews in the media like Debbie Schluussel, Charles Krauthammer, and David Horowitz say terrible things about Indians without anyone taking them to task. Schulussel waxes eloquent about the Holocaust, thus, in her eyes, giving her a green light to demean the most vulnerable, economically disadvantaged group in this country. And we're not talking about AIM here. And yes, Horowitz asking that reservations be dissolved would amount to cultural genocide. Note that he doesn't care to investigate what the problems facing many reservations communities or that it may not be all their fault either. The corrollary to Dumbwitz's would be to ask that Israel be dismantled as well. How would that sound? And all without ever looking into the right of Israel to exist. We know the hue and cry if an Indian said that though, don't we? Or, how about Charle's comment back in 1992 that no real culture or civilization existed in the Americas before Europeans arrived? Remember hearing any accusations that he was anti-Indian or that he even said that in our media? Me neither.

Am I being unfair by seeming to categorize individual Jews as representing the whole? That's what you've done with AIM and the various persons that once comprised it.

So, a few Native individuals dare comment outside their arena and comment on issues not directly related to their cultures, and it's signs that AIM is Communist and out to the get the poor Jews. You have a truly inflated sense of how important Jews and Israel are to many people, least of all to Indian people. I personally have zero animus against Jews or Israel. Rather, again, they're just another people with a country, some are good, some are assholes. There's much more anti-Indianism in this country than there ever was in a billion years antisemitism. That's just a fact, and a harsh one facing Indian peoples.

You're being myopic in how you perceive your culture. You project bad intentions to things you know nothing about. Really, your rants on how every social movement is somehow concerned about Jews and Israel is annoying now. Again, two can play the "woe is me, the world is out to get me card as well." Let's be frank: American Jews have zero, absolutely zero, to be concerned about in this country. You are royalty in this country and have the strongest allies the universe has ever known--American Christianity! Compared to Native people, Jews had and have continued to have a cake walk in this country. More power to you, as I respect you being concerned with your socio-religious community. And where I encounter bigotry against Jews, I've condemned it, as I did several times at Yeagley's as a way of sticking up for you years ago against real antisemites.

To be continued and then put to rest


Anonymous said...

But to act as though AIM ever really cared two shits about your people as far some sort of international issue is laughable. Take a deep breath and relax-you're all good in this country. Do you ever respond differently or simply rearrange your platform responses accordingly? We should give this one a rest as neither of us is going to really change our minds at this point. Let's have ourselves a good old fashioned cease fire on this for awhile, shall we? I'm too tired and am usually unable to hold back from responding on hot-button issues.

Lastly, I would go no contact and no response to those at the site that we shall not name. One person there thrives on confrontation and drama, particularly since the site has been abandoned. This person withers and dies without drama and getting into squabbles. You'd be more at peace never to mention or acknowledge them again. They're not worth anyone's time here or anywhere. In a sense, they were energy vampires. The owner of that place is bad medicine, like that classic Bon Jovi song that's now stuck in my head.


beakerkin said...


It would be nice if the folks at AIM stuck to the domestic side of the agenda.

In general my critique of many organizations is similar. This is why it is important to keep Marxists out of groups. Unions exist to improve the working conditions of its members. Yet when they stray from the job into politics beyond lobbying they are not doing their jobs and discredit
the organization.

Anonymous said...

All right, I can agree that Native organizations like AIM are often best served working in the U.S. This would allow the most beneficial work to be done without being pulled into international issues of tangential concern to Indians in this country. The exception to this is when the federal gov. refuses to cease destruction or "development" of lands deemed sacred by various communities. Along with issues such as this, I am in favor of various Native nations in this land going to the U.N. and making their issues known internationally. I loath the U.N. but do not begrudge the times tribes have sent delegations, given certain issues that have gone unheeded on the federal gov.'s part.


Ducky's here said...

It’s like flies gravitating towards a pile of fresh dung, put in place compliments of their favorite white supremacist closeted homosexual. The aroma is way too attractive for the demented lot to resist.

CM said...

I still do not see the connection between the South Americans and our own Original Indigenous, Native Americans Indians. Russell Means trying to gather a few of his own Warriors and rifles to fight their war does not count in the larger scale and should NOT be considered in any way a representation of the majority. Maybe we are all Brown....but not all Brown people are Patriotic Native American Indians....I would ask them to show their Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, which all American Indians have to have to be enrolled....geeee I guess I left Arizona just in time, being Brown and all, if the Police asked me to show a green card, I would be pretty P.O.d, but showing my CDIB card makes me pretty Proud!

From what I gather, Russell Means was in A.I.M. for all the drama he could muster for himself not the sioux nation nor any Indian Nation. He got dismissed by the real Leaders and like another sioux known to us he lied and lied and then lied some more. He has accomplished nothing for the Comanche, Kiowa, Apache or any other Nation though like a certain Comanche with the same agenda as Means he claims to represent the Indians. They never did and Never will.

Nicaraqua, Contras, Miskite, Sandinista, La Raza have as much to do with the U.S. Native American Tribal Nations, Bands or however anyone wants to describe us as we have to Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.


This was said by the real leader of A.I.M, and they mean't help....mentally! The real founders of A.I.M., Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Harold Goodsky and Geary Mitchell were tired of the misdeads of Means. Means resigned from them at least six times and still tried to represent them.....sound like another sioux that kept leaving a Comanche man and always came back. I think lying and deceitfulness is a sioux trait.
At least with ones that seek attention.

Ray is right again, meaning there is little to no hate against the Jewish People by Indians of America. Maybe if one attacked an Indian in some way, other Indians would come to the rescue, maybe not news worthy enough. My only encounter with a Jewish person was at a store in Lawton, she did not want me touching her merchandise, a toy of all things. I left the store never to return, and said nothing to the lady. Years later...I see it is sold in the dollar stores and thought of the Jewish Store. Indians just don't have that much interaction with the Jewish people....unless your speaking of some that may be in Washington....I don't know...and of course that certain person claiming to be Comanche.

South America Indians are not US!


Anonymous said...

Yo Beak thx for the nod of aok, the so called duo of lunacy is at IT again, or simply I post here and the dimwitt has to post vulgar crap about Me ok being bipolar and a bigot must be a very hard MO. Yet self-promoting and EGO driven azzclowns(for the dense means to talk out of ur azz). The LIES is her MO, yet she cries foul on this and that and states of Naiche being banned, ok exhibit A. on a real Indian site a certain civil rites person was banned for being a BIGOT and posting racist remarks on Blacks that is fact, soooooooo how is anything coming from such a dimwitt and the halfwit other than 'shock-jock antics' to get attention or more hits on that rag or so called indian site which by my tally among real Comanches who think dr jackboot is a JOKE. Thus the duo of lunacy is along with others degreed injuns will spin and pizz and moan and LIE due to they are FULL OF CACA. Hey to base views on race, yet be a mongrel breed is kind of like david duke going to a million man march and wanting to convert blacks, IT aint going to happen, so blah blah, blah for the duo of lunacy and both will get theirs, by their own words not liable not lies their own words. Point you and ME and Amil seem to be amigos while IT(the bag), rants and raves and LIES why IT is a diva while she claims to be all butt hurt with blah blah, she spews vile BS, on a site run by a lifer student who aint done a damn thing or EXPERIENCE real time real life. Thus azzclowns rant and rave on topics which they no dam clue other than to racebait Mex, blacks, jews oh yeah jews or words by a dimwitt 'I love JC but I hate jews' enough stated. but be sure IT will continue the lunacy why IT is IT's MO or this the bytch made vile statements on my dead son and the bytch will pay, no threats again by her own words. PEACE Naiche the shadow or a Jew twix ever, either way KOOL or this I will fight and be on the JEWs side against anyone anytime why I am free to BE, so any sob can kizz my azz if they dont like IT ta ta LOL

Anonymous said...

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