Friday, April 30, 2010

Anyone can be a racist

I guess the part that is difficult to accept from the days at the other site is of some Native Americans being racist. I have been in NYC long enough to see plenty of Black and some White racism. Much of the Black racism is thinly disguised Marxism and it flies under the radar as "Black Liberation theology" ala Pastor Wright.

Many people have either one side of the coin or the other when dealing with Native Americans. Either they are the all knowing wise men or the brave warrior. Yet neither view is really productive and even the tribal casinos doesn't really convey an image to most. Certainly Indian CPAs, Carpenters and Lawyers exist. Maybe the time for true progress will come when one can think of Indians as just the oldest residents of the block.

It is important to own up to our historic treaties and deal with our historic wrongs. That being said as those wrongs are evil in American history they remain evil when done by Marxists in Latin America. When those who want to lecture us about our history sanction identical crimes
or support regimes that commit these crimes they deserve the rhetorical back of the hand.

None of this nor the fact that someone with a few degrees can be so painfully wrong about America, Race, Theology and History. When one is beholden to warped ideas usually Marx or racial kook theories one can not give rational analysis. Thus it does not surprise me to see how central deception was to Communists and the creation of international terrorism in today's FPM.
Nor should it shock us that Marxist activists would anoint themselves as saviors of the planet fake research and contrive global warming. Given the record of communist countries on the environment this is a warped joke at best.

The problem is not really with Native Americans as they have been themselves for hundreds of years. The problem of dualism is attributable to the romance of the noble savage myth. In reality this critique is more of a rejection of the present society than any genuine insight into Indians. Native American history should be respected and the treaties should be honored.

People can have different perspectives and views and this remains part of our process. Thus when Mr. B, AOW or myself write we are writing from the perspective of American Patriotism.
When the Duck writes his words are a reflection of a mindless death cult. Americanism is an open
table to all those who believe in the concepts of the founding fathers, respect others, respect private property and are not beholden to hostile foreign ideaologies. In the case of the Duck he is an apologist for an idea that has been proven deadly in every application, seeks the destruction of the USA and has no respect for private property or individual rights. In the case of the failed pundit he has zero clue about what it means to be a patriot or Christian.

It is important to know that we do not need idiots to tell us about how to live with people from different cultures. Americans do this each and every day and have done so since our founding. We welcome those who come legally and obey our laws and pay taxes. Those who wish to create
world socialism, califates or racial seperatist states would do all of us a favor if they headed for the exit. Commies like Madea Benjamin tried to live in Cuba but were to spoiled to live in the statist tyranny they support.


CM said...

In the case of the failed pundit. Here are recent comments on why his site is failing, except for two or three people, even then they are hisself!

Southern drawl or outright racism???"yessah, them Nigrah women", "yowsa", "hisself", "we gotts".

He seems to be interested in poking fun at everyone else's race but the Jew, and White Anglo Saxon Protestant! Oh and the Persians.

Colleague graduate seems fascinated it his lifestyle, even bringing up Eunuchs in the same sentence when praising him!!how strange it that??? A new word for me, of course I had to look up the meaning and site.....OH MY!!!!!!!!

I have no reservation to stay in so I best keep to my allotted lands from here on.

Oh, and just wanted to clear up my trip to Phoenix to a trash bagg...I paid for every cent in my own earned money, unlike your special Comanche speaker whom you still finance. Comanche Elders, my Mom said, called these kind of men "Pretty Boys", meaning the woman took care of all their needs, they didn't have to do a thing. Only thing is, this is one Elder Comanche man "hisself" not a very pretty boy!

Sorry, Beakerkin.


The Pagan Temple said...

Most of these people that scream about racists are so full of shit they could fertilize my yard for ten years just by walking through it once. I've seen enough and heard enough to know that every race in the world has a certain percentage of racists, and if you want to get right down to it, Americans are probably the least racist people on the planet, if you go by percent of the population.

So when leftists decry racism, it's important to bear in mind that what they are REALLY saying is "we should NOT be like THOSE people".

They kill me, I tell you.