Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Speech and You

I am not a fan of South Park. Nor do I purposely like sticking a middle finger up at Muslims or anyone else for no purpose. The writers of the show probably could have been more subtle and creative and got their point across.

That being said the first amendment covers speech that is sophomoric. The only speech that is not covered is criminal acts and treason. In the work place speech is also curtailed by many other factors. Unfortunately, these rules are frequently ignored or used to persecute people for office political reasons.

The creators of the show had a right to say their piece. Muslims had a right to oppose the episode by the same free speech protections. However, those who threatened physical violence should be arrested. Unfortunately, we have to endure odious speech as part of the deal. It would be nice to tar and feather Truthers, Holocaust Denniers, KKK types and commies, but doing so would make us too much like Hugo Chavez.

The truth is many Muslims are more upset over the reaction and free publicity the counter reactions had. Thia plays into odious stereotypes and in truth most Muslims who live here want to work and are too busy to worry about stupid cartoons.


Misfit410 said...

I think this goes well above and beyond simple free speech and fully support what the makers of South Park were trying to say. The joke of the episode is that Tom Cruise and his ilk were sick of being made fun of, and wanted whatever it was Mohammad had that made it impossible for people to make fun of him without everyone rising up against him. The point was they had made fun of Jesus, Santa Clause, Buddha, Krishna, Joseph Smith, Moses and many others and no threats of violence, just gentle disagreement and opposition..

the entire joke was around the violence threatened at cartoons that were targeting the violent behaviors of Mohammads followers.. why is he the only religious figure that can not be parodied without death? They never said a single thing to disgrace Mohammad, they never insulted mohammad, they just had a town of people trying to keep him out of sight of the cameras so that the muslims would not attack the town...

IMO it was brilliant and this is the biggest example that this terrorist mindset even exists within our own borders in people who claim they do not support terrorism.

Brooke said...

I am of the thought that ridicule works far better on such fools as extremists, troofers, Holocaust deniers and the like.

beamish said...

Matt Stone and Trey Parker ought to mock Muhammed in every episode of South Park they make from here on out, until Comedy Central either drops them or broadcasts it uncensored. Is there an episode where Cartman doesn't disparage Kyle's Jewish ethnicity? They've even got Jesus and Muhammed as recurring characters, so why the fuck not Muhammed? (viva free speech)

It's silly the leaps people (leftist twits, usually) make to not admit the naked emperor of Islam is mushroom stamping them on their foreheads with a giant politically correct cock....

Don't draw Muhammaed cartoons, "they" might kill people. Don't intervene when foreign interests in the Middle East are threatened, "they" might declare jihad. Don't bomb during Ramadan, "they" might get offended and yell "Death to America" louder.

Even their wannabe apologists on the left seem to grasp, seem to be on the same page of agreement with an assessment of Islam as a violence prone and violence advocating religion. It's no "stereotype." Islamic groups do not dominate the lists of internationally recognized terrorist groups because the world is full of mean ol' Muslim haters.

Islam is ripe for ridicule, and should be ridiculed at every opportunity until it decides to evolve into a religion of civilized people.

I say that sadly as my own little sister is a convert. I can hope she'll turn into a reformer, but I have a real fear she'll be stoned or beheaded for trying.