Sunday, April 25, 2010

Local Politics and the rest of us

I want to point out that most politics is local. We are in a new era that will be different from the past. There was a concerted effort by the far left to own local school boards and to claim ethnic authenticity of every group save the beloved Cuban American community.

The Tea Party Movement is a reawakening of the other America that was too busy working when Marxist hacks and their allies attempted to alter our country. The arrogance of Obama has created a back lash. I am not comfortable with the role of Ron Paul in the Tea Party Movement. However,after many up close encounters I am confident that the spirit of that movement does not knowingly endorse the lunacy of Ron Paul.

There are impostors in my community who pretend they are the voices of Jewish authenticity. They are not Jews and are actually followers of a death cult that infiltrates movements creates
fake groups and subverts anything it goes near. If communists want to participate they should do so without the creation of fake names like Code Pink. Let them call themselves the Marxist Ladies Senior Citizen without meds association. Of course if they ever did that many of their willing dupes would flee because they are not communists.

In a discussion about another group people conveyed that people they knew were not communists. This is almost certainly true, but communist use these alliances with non communists to further their own purposes. This is why if ever a commie would agree with me on
anything I do not allow my efforts to be tainted.

Most issues in our lives are strictly local. The Tea Party crowd needs to focus on local elections first. Taking our country back wont be easy, but it can and will be done.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, you need some new material. This is the same senile rant you've been giving for years.

You make as much sense as Yeagley and you're just as delirious. Remember, you're primary concern according to your pol of choice is controlling the squeegee men. Do you see any? Okay, job well done, no go back to sleep.

beakerkin said...

Yes the squeege men are working in the social sciences in Universities. We need to get those mendicants off the public dole and into something more suitable like working in KFC.

The truth is that communists have damaged local politics. People like CM and Ray talk about AIM and the rest of the country sees an organization run by bug eyed insane Communists. The group would have a greater chance of being heard if it would ditch the commies
and talk directly to the American people.

The question remains about honesty.
If communism is so benign why hide
behind fake groups. Let Communists be open about who they are and see
how far you get.

It is about the deception.

Communists are more deceptive than
any corporation who are bound to place the ingredients on the label.
If corporations engaged in this type of deception commies would be railing.

Hand me my fifty different bags of chips and you can sit with Hugo while the masses flee crime and can't locate consumer items.

beamish said...

While Ducky's comrades and fellow travellers haven't hit the Holy Grail of leftism to build extermination camps for Jews on American soil modelled on those used by Hitler's left-wing labor movement, we have to make sure Ducky feels like his leftism is accomplishing something.

Ducky has to count his left-wing victories where and when they happen. The ACLU has seen to it that the Ku Klux Klan can pick up trash on the roadside via the "Adopt-A-Highway" program. Fags in Massachusetts can marry each other rather than become Catholic priests.

Ducky's here said...

Beamish, why aren't you at a metal concert with the other meth heads?

Man, you are a piece of work. I'd figure you were just being provocative if I hadn't ad contact at a young age with some crackers. Man, talk about low functionals.

beamish said...

I'm sorry Ducky. I forget to list that leftists invented meth.