Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bruce Springsteen

This is an excellent example of a leftist self centered boor who the media portrays as a man of the people.

In general artists should just perform their craft as beyond their trade they are normally dullards and imbeciles. More often like Harold Pinter their political views are laughable to the level of cartoon network fare.

I personally stopped listening to his music after the 41 shots idiocy. The police in a tragic accident while looking for a rapist shot an illegal African Immigrant who misunderstood the situation or knowingly disobeyed an order from law enforcement to stop and produce ID. The situation was a tragic accident, and no real critic in their right mind thinks NYPD officers have nothing better to do with their time than to shoot street vendors.

In his arrogance as a celebrity, he is less obnoxious than Streisand whose music causes me to leave a room. It used to be funny, but when I lived with a socialite she used to brag of my distant blood ties to the boorish simpleton.

Of course Spingsteen has campaigned for Obama and deludes himself that he has moral vision.
Obviously his exwife whom he cheated on with a far less attractive no talented back up singer
would disagree. Starting an affair with a subordinate would get the average folk canned at work.
He did marry this woman to his credit. However, he does not respect her either as he was named
in a divorce suit for cheating with another mans wife.

Sorry, but this is another example of the far left saying do as I say not as I do.

On a different note it is time for the government to close the door on big education's abuse of our immigration system. Many of these students do not even bother to show up at the school they were supposed to attend. Many of these schools are second rate language training programs.
We predicted that Obama would throw pork to his University Bolshevik constituency. However,
costs of higher education are every bit out of control as obscene health care costs.


Misfit410 said...

While Dancing in the Dark, he remained there.

Alligator said...

I never liked Springteen's style of music and I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes. Of course, I'm not a Michael Bolton fan either.

In 1975, Springsteen was marketed as the next Bob Dylan. Dylan identified closely with folksinger and Marxist, Woody Guthrie. Springsteen apparently began to identify himself with Guthrie.

In 1980, Springsteen began studying the "History of the United States" written by Henry Steele Commager and Allen Nevins, two New Deal Democrats. They depict the United States as a land shaped entirely by racial bigotry and class warfare. According to 'The Boss', “I started to learn about how things got to be the way they are today, how you end up a victim without even knowing it."

His childhood friend Steven Van Zandt, has also influenced his political views. Van Zandt is a disciple of Noam Chomsky. Springteen's lyrics often promote leftist ideology. However I don't think some of his fans grasp this nor do they understand some of the causes he supports. They just listen to the beat and rock on.

Considering that America is such a vile, unjust, horrific place, that is the successor of Nazi Germany, 'The Boss' has been doing very well as a capitalist.

CM said...

Never cared for his stuff his handerchief hanging out of his back pocket into his mouth!

Cheating doesn't have anything to do with Politics, its in their jeans!

Gotta give them Coalminers credit to go down that far into the earth.....someone has to do it.


The Pagan Temple said...

I never cared for much of his music after Born To Run, which was a work of genius. Everything else is pretty much downhill from there. I think he is more of a Pete Seegar aficionado than of Guthrie. Whatever I might think of his music, politically he's a world class asshole who should just shut the fuck up and sing, to paraphrase Laura Ingraham.

The_Editrix said...

Now this may reflect on my advanced age, but who is Bruce Springsteen?

beakerkin said...

Over rated singer "Born in the USA" and "Dancing in the Dark"

Always On Watch said...

I like some of Sprinsteen's music. One of my little quirks, I guess.

But Springsteen's so-called politics? Puke!

The_Editrix said...

I think I've heard the first one. I don't own a TV and listen to the radio only in the car and only to news stations. I am seriously challenged, pop-culture-wise. But I consider that rather an asset than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Well, not to play the part of contrarian, but I have always enjoyed his music, immensely so. I guess I don't really pay attention to politics of music artists all that much. Bruce is sorta leftist and Toby Keith is a righty. However, I like both their styles, albeit with Toby much less so and only at certain times.

If we're going to chastise Bruce for acting with less than stellar behavior towards the various women in his life, shouldn't we also regard the plethora of conservative or Republican politicians similarly? How about "Mr. I can't stay married to save my life" Giuliani?


beamish said...

"Blinded by the Light" as sung by Springsteen is the acoustic equivalent of an inescapable beer fart cloud.

The Manford Mann cover is better.

The_Editrix said...

"How about "Mr. I can't stay married to save my life" Giuliani?"

That man is an excellent example what you get if high intelligence is coupled with an utter lack of ethics and morality. And an utter lack of taste in women. The latter is probably related to the former. The feminist (MrsG2) and the bitch to whom he is currently married are really mirroring his own depravity.

But what really shocked me many years ago (and I am not all that easily shockable) was Newt Gingrich who said about his first wife something like: (I quote from memory) "She isn't young and pretty enough to be the wife of the President and she has cancer." Compared with him, Giuliani comes across as a staunch family man and good Christian.

Not to speak of the hailed Kennedys or Bill Clinton, just to show that this is not limited to Republicans. However, it DOES come accross as more odious if the sinner is a vocal, public (and professional) flaunter of ambitious and rigid moral values like, say, Laura Schlessinger or Rush Limbaugh.

I am always amazed at the juxtaposition of strong (and publicly paraded) Christian values and the utter moral corruption of so many politicians and public persons in America. Not that we are NOT slowly getting there. The antics of the horrible little man in the Élysée and the expensive amateur hooker he established there are a notable example, but at least we are not paying lip service to the name of The Lord at any possible and impossible occasion at the same time.