Monday, April 05, 2010

Amazing but Short Book

Through a Howling Wilderness is a short brisk journey into Benedict Arnold's invasion of Canada via Maine. Arnold was a man of brilliance and courage who unfortunately betrayed his country. In this day and age he would probably run for Senator in MA where this seems to have helped Gomer

The march through Maine is part of my readings on Maine history. I plan on traveling the route of
Arnold along the Kennebec River into Quebec City and the Plains of Abraham where the fate of Canada was decided.


Senator Down Town Scotty Brown said...

Are you accusing me of betraying my country and helping Lumiere aka Lurch?

Thah's a thinkin whi your dip stick, Jewmmy.

Senator Down Town Scotty Brown said...

Isn't Gomer somewheres south of the Plains of Abraham? Who's got an old map of the Levant handy?

Dr. David A. Yeagley said...

I haven't read this book, but may I comment on it anyway?

(Speaking of Benedict Arnolds. Fair weather fiends, they come and go. Whadareyagonnado? What can you do?)

And just how have I betrayed my people? All I said was,"Let my people go." That's it.

Ducky's here said...

I left Concord in Massachusetts for Bangor and the backwoods of Maine, by way of the railroad and steamboat, intending to accompany a relative of mine engaged in the lumber-trade in Bangor, as far as a dam on the west branch of the Penobscot, in which property he was interested. From this place, which is about one hundred miles by the river above Bangor, thirty miles from the Houlton military road, and five miles beyond the last log-hut, I proposed to make excursions to Mount Ktaadn ...


Pick up a copy of Thoreau's "Maine Woods". You'll enjoy it.

beakerkin said...


If you want to play Captain Spaulding or Scott Brown this is okay. Kindly stop impersonating Dr.
Yeagley and Mac.

I thought you were right but I think Gomer is someone's wife in the prophets. I thought it was a location in the Old Testament as well.

The comment about Scott Brown was funny.


I have a pile of books about American History to read.

Alligator said...

Actually, Thoreau has a great deal of influence on the early conservation movement in the country and his material still serves as a source of inspiration for natural resource interpreters in state and national parks. It's what they use to help campers and park visitors learn about and reconnect to the outdoors.

Rufus T. Firefly, Esq. said...

beakerkin said:


If you want to play Captain Spaulding or Scott Brown this is okay. Kindly stop impersonating Dr.
Yeagley and Mac."

I shall take that under advisement.

But can I continue to impersonate you every once in a while?

Rufus T. Firefly, Esq. said...

beakerkin said:


If you want to play Captain Spaulding or Scott Brown this is okay. Kindly stop impersonating Dr.
Yeagley and Mac."

Aren't you the editor? Only about half of my parodies are getting through as it stands anyway. You post or nix what you will, according to your fancy.

Can I post under the pseudonym of The_Aviatrix, at least? Nobody has used that name that I know of, except yours truly.

The Pagan Temple said...

Gomer was one of the sons, or a descendant, of Noah's son Japheth. Some people think he was the ancestor of the Germans.

Cateran said...

Why waste time Beak, just ban the moron. You have to know by now that he can't cobble a real post together, so all he's going to do is troll just like he's doing on this thread.

And anywhere else he's posted on your Blog.

And just like he does on BE too.

Geez, is it just me, or is there a pattern developing?

CM said...

Would break yeagleys' fragile heart to know Winters wants to be Beakerkins friend when Beakerkin jokingly told him to "Drop Dead",(something he reqrets) or is he a warrior scout for his Comanche Chief? Could be he is just plain bored at BE. Least he is clean spoken unlike baggy ann, although he and she have in common the use of many aliases.


Geezus, it's just you. said...

Gomer is also a region found within the country of Armenia, too. Could that be classified, historically speaking, as the upper reaches of Ur?

See, I can be serious if I want to be. My contention is that I am contributing necessary comic relief from all this falderal balderdash.

Cateran said...

Mark says...I can be serious if I want to be.

Mack says, fill your boots.

The_Editrix said...

I think you all ought to stop discussing him. Trolls thrive on attention, positive or negative, like bluebottles on excrement.

Mark Winters said...

Cateran said...

Mark said...And I agree with you, it certainly does appear that there is no First Amendment or any right resembling in Canada.

Well then, it appears to me that you can't manage to do the most basic of internet searches. In Canada, freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights. Thing of it is, whilst we have the freedom to say what we want to, we are held responsible for that which we say. [In this case she was held responsible for what she MIGHT say.] So, in Canada, entertainers like Coulter can't really get away with hiding their bigotry behind what they refer to as "satire". [Coulter speaks at the leading conservative venues. She is highly regarded by virtually all the leading conservative American thinkers. Cite an example of her bigotry if you can. Do it.]

Mark said...When conservative ideas can be labeled hate speech then all you will have is Leftist "Progressive" Liberal speech. Are you an advocate of that, Mac?

Don't fecking pontificate to me about conservatism. I happen to live in a country that has a stable, popular, conservative government. You don't. And the truth of it is, your brand of conservatism has caused such a blight on conservatism in America it can be held directly responsible for the first black president, and, by extension, socialised[sic!] medicine. ["Responsible for the first black president"? That could be taken as a bigoted way to phrase what I think you meant. Tell us about the Canadian socialized medical system. Or, better yet, dispute this article if you can. Conservatives didn't elect Obama. The Left as been gaining power for some time now. The balance of power has been going their way of late. Add illegals to the voting mix and they will be in possibly for generations.]

There's your conservative legacy, pal.

Mark said...And her body guards no doubt conferred with the police presence there in making their determination that the crowd was too raucous to risk it. She would have preferred to present her conservative ideas rather than get publicity she doesn't need.

Spare me the bullshit, Mark. That anorexic harpy is a media whore. "Publicity she doesn't need"; what a laugh. [How many NYT best sellers has she had? She appears regularly on Fox and at various high level conservative gatherings around the country. Most all of the leading American conservatives endorse her views. It's usually social secular liberal progressives masquerading as conservatives that have a problem with her, if not Socialists using strong arm tactics to stifle debate.]

Mark said...This is the same reasoning used in banning Michael Savage from Britain.

Never heard of him. [Second leading syndicated conservative talk radio host after Rush. Read this link to familiarize yourself with him:] Sorry, Mark, your political entertainers don't really interest Canadians all that much.[Since when did you start speaking for all Canadians? Savage has a large following in Canada.] Well, except as oddities, maybe. Thus Coulter's impressive two or three stop tour, where people came to stare and toss pies. [Leftist militant students came to shout down and intimidate a staunch conservative with veiled threats with the approval of a few enabling Leftist professors and college administrators.]

We use hate-speech laws to keep people like George Galloway out of Canada.

[First you compared Ann Coulter to Ernst Zundel and now you are implying that she's no different that a George Galloway. Qualitative comparison is not your strong point it seems. Ann Coulter is no more acerbic a conservative than The_Aviatrix and you know it, Mac. As far as I'm concerned we need more of them. Let me fill your boots for YOU, Dipstick.]

3:24:00 PM

Mark Winters said...

Yeah, I think you all ought to stop discussing me. Just like you can't help yourselves from not discussing DAY. The model Catholic you are, Aviatrix. Patterning yourself after the Savior, are you? But all we Christians are a walking somewhere along the path towards perfection.