Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clinton warns of the creation of right wing terrorists

I am quite amused and perplexed by Bill Clintoon's concern that the Tea Party protests could foster the growth of terrorists.

There are a bunch of losers and freaks who talk about revolution in America as the answer to all of societies problems. They are more doctrinaire and fundamentalist than the folks who watch the 700 club whom they mock and their Muslim allies. Their statements are virtually indistinguishable from Nazi type of bigotry.

The government seems oblivious to hate when it is expressed at so called peace protests or in tax payer supported Universities so long as it is sanctioned by Marx or Jihad. Of course Clinton is not honest about the true source of 90% of the world's terrorism. However, he did have a rare good moment when he told off a 9-11 truther in uncharacteristically direct terms. Of course Clinton has not deduced with rare exception truthers are from the far left and those who are not
merely ape the rhetoric about Jews from far left sources.

Clinton was a lousy President. However, unlike Obama he was clever enough to know how far to push the envelope to the left. Obama is clearly clueless and those who wish him ill should consider that Joe Biden would even be worse. We would be stuck with a series of Obama mythology that would be on a par with the JFK mythology. The midterm election will send a message, but will Obama listen.


Always On Watch said...

Great minds run in the same channel, Beak.

I also posted on this topic this morning, but with a slightly different take: Bill Clinton made an ideological mistake, one showing his disregard for American principles. He confused the government, specifically this administration, with the nation!

Alligator said...

Bill is just trying to remain relevant in the Democratic Party.