Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arrogance from Albany

The ethically challenged Gov. of NY State has passed a beverage tax. Not satisfied with high alcohol, tobacco and energy taxes the far left Dems want to rob working families under the guise of curbing obesity. The most disgusting part of this diabolical plan is the plan to tax powdered drinks.
Is this idiotic out of touch political hack so clueless as to not be able to grasp that very poor people
use Tang, Ice Tea mixes and so forth to stretch limited food budgets.

The real solution is for all state employees making over 70,000 a year to get a 5% pay cut. The problem is not revenue it is expenditures. Also if certain departments are understaffed there should be immediate hires. Paying policemen and other law enforcement officers absurd amounts for overtime needs to end.


Alligator said...

Can you say VAT? With all this deficit spending (which is still rising) we will see every level of government raising taxes to pay for their excess spending. The feds will levy a Value Added Tax on all goods on services and will increase the caps on the income tax level. They are talking of raising the level of taxation on Medicare. They will lower the definition of "rich" for 250K to 100K soon. Joint incomes making that much above, I believe, will see 53% of their gross income absorbed by taxes within the next five years.

But the feds and most state governments are not going to hold down their spending or fire the top level managers of the bureaucracies. They will dismiss the municipal workers doing sewer and road work first. The national debt is $13 trillion and still rising. Running printing presses will not solve the issue so they will squeeze every penny out of of they can, until the dollar completely tanks and we go into hyper-inflation. Its' coming, because the government cannot or will not control its appetite.

beakerkin said...

I had several friends who work with me who were big Obama fans privately
tell me that after seeing their tax bill that they regret their vote. They would never say this in public.

I am considered by some to be an extreme liberal and by others to be a conservative. In general I talk about sports. I also read historical books and one really can't deduce a political leaning from my readings at work.

In fact even when prodded by Obama
people my reaction was see me April 15.

Alligator said...

I changed my withholding rate last year as did many of my colleagues. We read some of the fine print of the first stimulus package. Basically they gave us all a little in our paycheck and then took it all back, with interest. Those who did not change their withholding status got a nasty surprise. My tax prepare said she wished she had a dollar for everyone whose jaw dropped when she told them what they owed. A common remark was, "But I thought I would get that much BACK" to which she replied that was true under the 08 rules, we are now under 09 rules. She advises checking IRS tax policy annually now, and adjusting your withholding rate accordingly to avoid surprise pay ins. More changes to taxation rates are underway as we speak.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, Obama has not raised taxes. What does his policy have to do with their tax bill, you lockstep Bagger.

beamish said...

Obama has not raised taxes.

Ducky, this is the most obviously wrong thing you've said since claiming to not be gay.