Monday, April 12, 2010

Been A Good Sport but now annoyed

Winters, I have defended our friendship. This is not Bad Eagle East Coast. Yeagley is a big boy and if he wanted to tangle with me I am not hiding. He was a former friend who failed his readers and his friends.

I don't know about you but I never signed onto a racial hate site. Had Yeagley been honest about his racial animus instead of hiding behind mock patriotism I might be more forgiving. I thought I was signing onto a Conservative site, not Stormfront lite.

While Yeagley can dismiss some dissent from non- Americans and that of the Communist Duck he loses in any tangle with me. Unlike Yeagley, who works with Communists when expedient I make their lives miserable. Unlike Yeagley I am trained in law and serve my country as an officer.

I am sorry for some of the sentiments said about Kidst, Amil and yourself as I consider all to be friends. That being said there is no rationalization for continued defense of Yeagley.

The way I see it is simple

1) He is a fake patriot and Christian
2) He is a racial arsonist
3) He is fairly homophobic
4) He is in no definition Conservative
5) He quotes books and articles he sometimes does not bother to read.

Those are the thoughts of an American patriot about a man I consider a disgrace. My thoughts were not influenced by the Editrix, Mac, Ray or anyone else.

Bad Eagle was a great idea. Unfortunately David Yeagley is a pathetic hate filled man who is deeply disturbed and not particularly bright. I don't know about you, but those of us who believed in the marketing of the idea have every right to be upset.

You want to post this rant on BE, be my guest.

The subject is closed.


Winters said...

The subject is closed, yet you're open for comments?

Fireflies on your horseshit, Officer! Why don't you toot your own horn, Real Thing?

What are friends for, if you can't be critical of their shortcomings, giving them a piece of your mind, yet still be their friend? Do fiends have to believe just like you? What makes Ducky and different from Yeagley, friendwise? You, a non-Christian, can assess who is and who is not a Christian? I thought that was up to the God of Abraham. "Fairly homophobic"? Who else do WE know that could be classed in that category? "In no definition Conservative"? No big circus tent here, it seems. Except for home schooling innovators like Sonia. Hell, this "conservative" blog bashes Ann Coulter even. David Horowitz has no problem booking her for his Restoration Weekends, however. I'll agree with number five. He makes mistakes, every once in a while. If I remember correctly he has always been quick to acknowledge his mistakes, too. The two little Stormfront twins comes to mind. He acknowledged the oversight immediately but it's still HARPED upon years later, largely as a vehicle to convince and/or self assure the accuser of their own overly argued for high ground.

I think you are all way too judgmental and cowardly to boot. If you are so upset with the man tell him so. At least Beakerkin did that, although his criticisms have taken on a much more decidedly harsh tone when not directed to him personally. Imagine that? The rest of you are so smug you expect him to come to you. You freaking people, at least those of you that admit to be Christians, show no Christ like compassion whatsoever. It's all about the cleverness of your quasi-witty frapping blog wordsmithing. I see very few independent thinkers here and a whole lot of back stabbing yuck it up back slappers.

My two cent. And I guess I could be wrong, but I don't think so. (I'm paraphrasing a self styled weasel wordsmith *EDUCATED* person.)

Winters said...

Beakerkin said: "My thoughts were not influenced by the Editrix, Mac, Ray or anyone else."

Horseshit, Officer.

Winters said...

Beakerkin said: "You want to post this rant on BE, be my guest."

Far be it from me to do that. You do it, Officer.

Winters said...

Officer Patriot Cold Warrior said: "3) He is fairly homophobic."

This, class, is a prime example of the use of a weasel word.

beakerkin said...


1) The Duck does not lie about who and what he is. He is a communist and a Red Sox fan.

You also have zero clue how annoyed I get at fake patriots spreading racial hygiene theories. You can look at BE archives and see examples of my destroying people like Tsiagane.

You do not know my friend Mr. Beamish, but you do know Warren. Do
not try the holding up the US flag while promoting racial hygiene around real patriots.

In short if the sentiments are likely to upset Mr. Beamish or AOW
who are genuine conservatives then that speaks loudly and clearly.
Refer to Jonah Goldberg or Daniel
Flynn if you wish to learn the Progressive roots of racial hygenie.

2) We have many fine Christians on this blog from Junglemom, TMW, AOW,Warren and none of them in any way condone racial hygiene.

3) My anger at Yeagley is distinct
and separate from the others. He lied to me personally. I did not sign on for Stormfront Lite. Had I any clue that Yeagley endorsed this racial arson I would have been out of there long ago.

I can forgive a commie as the Duck is honest. I will never forgive a false patriot for making a mockery of a concept I embody. Patriotism is too important too me.

Winters you forget that Yeagley and I correspond off line. I was far harder on him off line than in public. I was quite clear about my anger over the racial crap. I did regrettably tell him to drop dead. I also told him to never contact me again. He has complied with my wishes.

If he wants to challenge me it is a battle he can not win and he knows it. The best he can do is say you are a Liberal. He is no Conservative and everyone is rife for satire including Coulter whose books I have read.

Leave Sonia alone. She is a dear friend with brilliant views on many subjects. So her sex life is more interesting than Yeagley's. 90% of the planet has a more interesting sex life than Yeagley.

As far as my views on Gays they are different from those of my friend Mr. Beamish and Harkonen. Neither one would address me as a "gay activist". Moreover, gays that read this blog would be amused that the title would be given to a reactionary who wants them left alone.

The Obama as Negro bit made the racial crap too obvious. Becoming a featured speaker at Amren and the Political Cesspool have shown us the real Yeagley. My decision to go had nothing to do with Mac, Ray, Batty Ann.

Yeagley saw my anger and could not respond. He can not dismiss me as a commie and loses on patriotism. He asked me to go, but my mind was made up long ago.

Yes I read the site so what. It is a public site but it has been three months since I said anything.

I really do not wish to discuss Yeagley any more. He let me down. He lied to me. There is nothing more that can be said.

Yeagley knows that many former friends are upset with him. He understands this and has moved onto racial arson.

If you wish to be a partner in Stormfront Lite be my guest. I will never allow myself to be a part of this.

As an officer I took a duty to uphold the Constitution he mocks. My fellow Americans include Blacks some of whom are also angry at Obama. I will not toss my ideals over anger at Obama or support of a former friend Yeagley.

The_Editrix said...

Warning! Don't click on the link below if you have a squeamish stomach. Also, children shouldn't see it. Be also warned that it might put you off sex for a period of time depending on your sensitivity.

"So her sex life is more interesting than Yeagley's. 90% of the planet has a more interesting sex life than Yeagley."


Apart from a small 10% error you are absolutely right. Even his beloved F├╝hrer had a more interesting sex life.

Winters said...

Officer The-Embodiment-of-a-Concept. OK...

Racial "hygenie"? I confess I dreamt of her one day after school in my youth. And she was Arabic! You obviously didn't have a grandmother, or mother, for that matter, who advocated to marry within your race. Last I checked there were many Jewish grandmothers with this propensity. Call them racial hygenies if you will. And Italian ones, too, etc. etc. etc., on ad infinitum through the races. Call them all racial "hygenies" if you will. I think you will find reams full of case studies and files full of statistics enumerating the problems kids have as the result of interracial couplings, whether through marriage or no. And the divorce rate is correspondingly higher as well, even if they do get married in the first place. Preservation of a race is usually something only races that are threatened with extinction are concerned with. Like, historically speaking, the Jews, for instance. It has been historically a subject of much discussion amongst the Jewish community at large, no? Are the Jews racial "hygeniecists" too? The Dr. has no problem with great upstanding patriotic Christian Americans of African descent such as Jesse Lee Peterson, J. C. Watts and the like. His acerbic commentary on racial separatism is leveled at the prevailing anti social trends within the growing Afro-American anti-American anti social subculture. (Males of that community tend to not listen to their grandmother's either.) If pointing out statistics that illuminate the profound disparity between the number of Black on White crimes, as opposed to White on Black crimes makes one a racist then I guess this is why Stormfronters like Pat Buchanan. Tell me that Buchanan is a racial hygenicist. Now tell me Buchanan is not a conservative worthy of the Beakerkin and Bailey Big Top. (I'll show you mine even if you don't show me yours, and I'll show you mine even if you don't even ask me before hand if it is OK to show me mine. I'm reminded of the witch that flashed MacBeth.) A conservative Catholic American Patriot is what Buchanan is and rightly proud of it. The American Blacks, as an anti social subculture, need to be called to the carpet, for reasons other than raping White girls and propagating their seed. Let's talk about what the Socialist "emancipation" of the black worker has done for White women in S. Africa. Or Boer men, for that matter.

Winters said...

When I was a kid I could recite to you the game by game change in statistics of 18 time All-Star, seven time Gold Glove recipient and Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, my Dad being from the largely Sicilian fishing village of Glouchester, Mass. We always read the paper together, he handing me the sports page, and teaching me to read. Yeah, that's right, I'm a Red Socks fan, Yanker! A fan of the bloody sock conservative, Curt Schilling.

Always On Watch said...

Winters said: You, a non-Christian, can assess who is and who is not a Christian?

A Christian's light should shine before all (paraphrase of Jesus' words).

And remember the fig tree and "by their fruits ye shall know them"?

One doesn't have to be a Christian to pretty well know who is and who isn't. Yes, there are deceptions, but there are also clarities.

I have visited BE maybe once or twice in the past 10 years, so I can't speak to other matters cited here.

Frankly, I've heard via other sources that "BE isn't the place it used to be." Obviously, something ugly has been going on there.

Winters said...

You're right. I understand why you titled this thread the way you did. I have most certainly been a good sport, but now I'm annoyed. You are annoying, at times. Friend to friend, that is.

CM said...

OOOOh all the name calling by a mild mannered Winters....seems like he turned into a bad Winter Storm. Winter Storm wants people to sign in all the paper work just to confront yeagley....he knows better than that. yeagley does not allow people just to comment...they have to believe in everything he does, kiss his adventist feet, he CANNOT take contructive critsim.

Yeagley has NEVER been quick to acknowledge a mistake, when a couple of times he did, he had an excuse, he didn't feel well, he can't read everything, he was very busy under pressure, etc, etc. His site has gone down because of his Racists views and batty ann. You and one token Comanche "Q" and a couple of made up admirers that always seem to come to his rescue telling him how handsome and intelligent he is, its soooooooooooo damn fake its pathetic, along with his racist blogs, and unpatriotic stance. I told him long ago that batty ann and tall solder were going to do him in, that was their motive. They both are siouxs and they both threatened him more than once. He used them and would not rid himself of them. Those he could not "USE" he asked them to leave then he banned them.

He is such a weinee, now he is using you Winter Storm, can't you see it. I assume he sweet talked Kidist with acknowledging her article, he needs traffic, begging her to post. She won't stay too long when batty ann sees the admiration!

I think you should advise yeagley to be a good sport and respond to all the comments here, what is he afraid of???? As long as batty ann is not a poster here he would be safe. He won't because he hides behind whom he allows to post! Here it would just be open to discussion. I see no one being disrespectful, having an opinion and personal views is not attacking. I would for once like to see cordial comments from yeagley to a poster without it ending in attacks from baggy ann. All readers have ever seen from him is "his" racists views and "his" history of Comanches that not one Comanche can say they heard of BadEagle in the way he has offered, his past is catching up with him, now he again wants to be involved in the Comanches whom he has disrespted for view from a White mans' perspective, I view him from a Native American stance and he is not popular with the Native Americans, that I can tell you for a fact. Can YOU Winter Storm, in all sincerety, tell me why that is? Open your eyes and read his past comment on the Indians...not too many are flattering, thats how he wants it for you as White reader! All brown people are less than you, second class, nowhere in his eyes...yes he is trying to


Ducky's here said...

1) He is a fake patriot and Christian

Who are you to give the definitive definition of patriotism and while I will certainly cut you some slack on the question of Jewish identity, who the bleep are you to define who is Christian?

2) He is a racial arsonist

He is a white supremacist moron but that never bothered you unless you felt he slighted Judaism.

3) He is fairly homophobic

He is gay.

4) He is in no definition conservative.

May we have a few of those definitions? Just to know where you are coming from.

5) He quotes books and articles he sometimes does not bother to read.

Is that unusual?

Ducky's here said...

What's he done recently to get you so steamed, Beak? He come out against settlement expansion or something?

I do have a fondness for his site. I've never been banned three times anywhere else, although I've been thrown at of a lot of better joints than his.

beamish said...

Well, I'm not homophobic. I just hate fags.

The Pagan Temple said...

Mark Winters-

While I personally would probably think long and hard before marrying a black person, and more than likely would not marry a black person, it is absolutely none of yours, mines, and most assuredly it is none of David Yeagley's business whether or not any other white person marries a black person-or Oriental, or American Indian, etc.

That's what Yeagley doesn't seem to get. Me, I personally would be loath to marry into a group of people who would vote more than nine to ten for Obama presumably just because he is their race, or, even worse, because he is a fucking Democrat. That has nothing to do with race, I just would never marry a liberal of any race.

But that's beside the point. At least its nice to see Yeagley has the hots for J C Watts. They would make a cute couple.

By the way, although I personally like and admire Buchanan while not agreeing with him on some things, you will find he is not well loved on this site by most.


Don't go see the next James Bond movie. A clue-what he brings out of the closet is not Q's newest secret weapon.

beakerkin said...


You have me confused with someone else. As Jews come in all racial categories most Jews could care less about race. They prefer that their kind marry other Jews regardless of race.

I rarely talk of my personal life. However, unlike Yeagley it is far more interesting. Those who know me off line like AOW, TMW and Mr. B
are probably laughing over this commentary. Suffice it to say I follow my heart, not idiotic racial
idiocy. Sometimes, the woman is Jewish and many times she is not. I also really do not care about who other people chose as lovers.

As far as you being annoyed, this is my site. While I have been a patient and supportive hosts there
are limits.

If you wish to support Yeagley, be my guest. I want no association or contact with him. My choice to leave has zero to do with anyone other than Yeagley. He lied to all of us and failed us. Nobody, I know signed onto Stormfront Two.


Basic reading of the New Testament
shows there is no justification for racial supremacy in the New Testament. Similar readings of our Constitution show no justification for that concept either.

As a commie you are not American.

2) His comments are best described as arson.

3) There is no evidence Yeagley is Gay. Unless you claim to posses gaydar lets take his word when he states he is not gay.

4) Mr B and AOW embody Conservatism. Racial Arson is a progressive illness. If Yeagley changed his sentences from White to Black he would be commie approved like Pastor Racist Wright.

5) Quoting Books that one has not bothered to read is laziness. He has read articles wrong, quoted books he has not bothered to read.
This is unusual.

I resent having to discuss the clown because one of his supporters wants to discuss the merits of Yeagley. I did not sign on for Stormfront lite.


CM said...


OOOH MY, blushing as brown as I am. Hitler it would seem is way more attractive than yeagley, thats just my opinion of course, not really knowing of course.

I have a baby Davey who needed my attention, so I didn't finish my sentence up above ....I did not choose that name for my new Grandbaby, but love him much, it is a White name huh after all. My Baby Davey is more Indian than yeagley. He is 1/2 white(mother) 1/4 Comanche and 1/4 Choctaw, he is beautiful, not a misanthrope, throw away nor lusus naturea as yeagley calls mixed children. Yet you Mark Winter Storm
supports him when you say nothing about these ugly hateful remarks. My Granchildren are the reason I cannot fathom yeagleys' hateful racist stance on the Human Race! Black, Mexican, Indian anyone not WHITE. yeagley knew exactly what he was saying when he supported the albino white twins you spoke of, he is not innocent there!

Everone seems to have a very good reason to dislike yeagley ennit? Feeling sorry for his behind and taking up for him isn't doing him any favors.


The_Editrix said...

"As Jews come in all racial categories most Jews could care less about race. They prefer that their kind marry other Jews regardless of race."

Here's a story to prove your point: A friend of mine who lives in a European capital saw with some displeasure that his daughter was hanging out with the kids from the Kenyan embassy. He said he'd send her to Israel because "there they have Negroes as well, but at least they are Jewish." ;-)))

beamish said...


I wouldn't say I embody "conservatism."

I'm more anti-left than right. If I have to stand on the map somewhere, I'm where libertarianism runs parallel to conservatism.

beamish said...


I'm not a James Bond movie fan, so if they're turning Bond queer it's just another reason to not watch.

Winters said...

Of course, Beakerkins answer to the racial hygiene question, as it pertains to Jews in particular, is the "racially correct" one.

Let me play the advocatus diabolo and take the racially incorrect one, for the moment.

Only 2% of the Israeli population can be categorized as Black after thousands of years. A byproduct of geography, no doubt. The large percentage of that 2% are the Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel. A small percentage are converts and/or seeking asylum. But even that unquestionably Jewish Ethiopian Israeli population isn't integrating so well, even in the most tolerant society on earth. It seems the 98 percent of Israelis that are undeniably White aren't jumping at the opportunity to swap coloration. At least not from the White side anyway. I may very well be that a large percentage of these White Israeli Jews are racial hygenies too. The studies show clearly that children of mixed racial marriages don't fare well in life. This is due to the predominance of racial hygenecists I suppose. There is the world as it is, and the world as it should be. The desire and push for a Utopia on earth takes many forms.

Jews encompass all. A race, for those ethnically divorced and atheist self identifying and hereditary Jews. A religion for all converts, and practicing Jews. An ethnicity for all those that, although not practicing still observe some of the holidays though not religiously. Some self identify even though none of the above. One can pick and choose it seems. All of the above.

Beakerkin, what would your own mother and grandmother wish for you? A nice White Jewish girl I'll bet, with green eyes and alabaster skin tones. Tell me I'm wrong. And then classify your and many other grandmothers and mothers as racial hygenecists. Personally, I think it is most natural to chose a mate who looks like one's self, racially speaking, among the other attributes that one may and/or must look for. Kids that look like Mom and Dad can't be all bad. Would you want your child to look like you, or Barack Obama? Now, tell me you wouldn't care what your child looks like. Or how your child is home schooled, either.

Winters said...

The_Aviatrix said: "A friend of mine who lives in a European capital saw with some displeasure that his daughter was hanging out with the kids from the Kenyan embassy. He said he'd send her to Israel because 'there they have Negroes as well, but at least they are Jewish.'"

Was your friend's daughter particularly attracted to African boys? Why couldn't he have trusted her good sense and abilities when it comes to proselytizing? Then it wouldn't matter who was coming to dinner. Besides, the children would have been Jewish even though the father wasn't, if I understand Jewish convention/law correctly. That quote could as easily been interpreted as racist as racially tolerant.

Good Catholic girls pass such pictures around. Emulating the Savior again?

I mean, if were all going to be partaking in the judging of others, why not me too?

Winters said...

Beakerkin's definition of Patriot is Benedict Arnold, which, by the way, could very well be seen as an appropriate adjective for him personally.

Because Arnold lost his records and was found to be in arrears by 1000 pounds, and was mildly rebuked by Washington, he decided to treacherously betray West Point to the British. Benedict Arnold is a well defined adjective meaning treason to the American State.

The Pagan Temple said...


They're not exactly turning him queer. The way I understand it, there is a gay sex scene, but it has something to do with his mission. There will also be a full frontal nude scene, so it should overall rank fairly high on Sonia's must see list.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I want you to read the following quote from one of Yeagley's most recent comments directed to a poster going by the name College Graduate. As Yeagley attempts to act as though he gives a rat's ass about Indian people, their cultures, and their lands, he actually reveals what he truly think of those Indians that still wish to practice their beliefs and exericise their treaty rights.

Yeagley wrote on his comment section of his editorial about the North Dakota retiring the Fighting Sioux mascot, "The Indian problem is fairly simple, socio-psychologically. Indians prefer to be Indians, no matter what the material sacrifice. That sacrifice has turned out to be pretty high, in terms of moral costs. lethargy, inertia, lack of impetus, carelessness, just sort of riding on body functions, like pure heathenism."

Please note that his understanding of being "Indian," today, regardless of tribal affiliation, is to be someone that is culturally degenerate, morally bankrupt, lazy, and motivated by pure animal instincts. In other words, that which he claims to be fighting for, to be preserving, really wouldn't be a laudable goal to most intelligent people were his words actually true. You can agree with the asshole, but at least see where he's at least severely guilty of serious cognitive dissonance here. As a tribal person myself, I find little to recommend Yeagley's views for a better "Indian America," political affiliation irrelevant.

Ask yourself, if you were a tribal member, would you trust in the words of someone that waxes eloquent about "tribal sovereignty," "Indian blood purity," etc.. followed by a clear, unambiguous declaration that the end result of trying to preserve Native cultures is to be on par with an animal? You like him and his site because it may accord with your views politically and racially. But to scream that one's site and viewpoint is staunchly in favor of Native people and their preservation culturally and politically, and to be completely against those principles time and time again, sickens those of us that do actually care about Native people.

And we care about our relatives and communities and refuse to sell our people out, only to be used as mascots for the political ambitions of some sleaze-bag that cares only about his own career and comforts.


The_Editrix said...

"OOOH MY, blushing as brown as I am."

Don't say I didn't warn you, CM! ;-)))

beakerkin said...


You have no idea what you are talking about. My grandmother hated my wife who he viewed as stupid and lazy. She was forever trying to get me to date the cute Chinese girl who lived up the block who would make a better wife.

My family is more evolved than that your cartoon descriptions. My father and my brother are dark skinned. My paternal grandmother had dark skin and her husband was blond with emerald green eyes.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Jews are not racial in any description. I also do not live my life according to such idiocy. I assure you that those who are aware
of my personal life like AOW, TMW
and Mr. B are laughing.

Winters said...

Well, that explains how you got the way you are, I guess.

beakerkin said...

FYI I did not describe Arnold as a patriot. I do advocate looking at the entire career of a brave man and capable leader. There may not be a United States as we know it without Arnold.

Moreover, his heroic actions are noted even when his name is not listed on the monument. There is a blank space left there purposely acknowledging his efforts.

Learn to read.

Winters said...

Your grandmother "he"? I think I understand. You been reading Gore Vidal lately?

Winters said...

Does this mean that you aren't as White as Yeagley?

beakerkin said...


Yes, that is how I became a widely respected officer known for his dedication to the law. You know less than nothing about my life.

You may delude yourself with whatever fantasies you like. My life is likely superior to yours and certainly more balanced than that of Yeagley.

I laugh at your assumptions.

If you wish to support Yeagley this is your choice. Unlike Yeagley
I am trained in law and took an oath to uphold the Constitution. You remember the Constitution it is that paper that Yeagley never bothered to read in between John Birch Society meetings.

The Pagan Temple has summed up the situation. It is none of our business who is with whom.

Winters said...

I think I'll call you the Weaseling Cold Warrior. (Cold Warriors are usually dead.) (No reference to Elie intended.)

Winters said...

Ray, you're twisting the reading to suit yourself. Ask him. I'm sure he would welcome any reasonable dissident. Give him the opportunity to clarify instead of putting words in his mouth.

Winters said...

Let's play What's My Line. I'll be Groucho.

Are you working for the TSA?


Officer Beakerkin blowhard.

(As I tip my cigar ash into your front pocket.)

Winters said...

What do you exactly find fault with regarding the John Birch Society?

Anonymous said...

It's really a sad spectacle to witness the few sycophants left at David's site continue to so tenaciously defend him. Unlike Beak, I cut ties with him years ago and am comfortable having stated my opinion of what I think of him without apology. You have a creepy loyalty to someone that would never lift a finger to support or help you. With time, you'll probably have to learn this the hard way, I suppose. I will say that you seem to share some of his views on race.


beamish said...


Why is your blog becoming Bad Eagle Addicts Anonymous?

Ducky's here said...

This thread should be included in the Beak Hall of Fame.

I still don't know what that Yahoo Yeagley did recently to steam off the Beak. Must have been a doozy like posting the names of Jewish communists.

beakerkin said...


Yeagley let a lot of people down. His site is a shell of what it was and some of the community gathered here.

I am trying to move off this subject.

CM said...

As expected Mark Storm rationalizes yeagleys' hateful comments, he is taking over where Thunderstorm left off. He like she very seldom disagrees with him, she is after all less Native American than even yeagley and Mark Storm could care less about the Indian issues.

yeagley says:
"The Indian Problem is fairly simple. Social Psychology, Indians prefer to be Indians, no matter what the material sacrifice. That sacrifice has turned out to be pretty high, in terms of moral costs.(what the hell does that mean, are Native American Immoral?)lethargy, inertia, lack of impetus, carelessness, just sosrt of riding on body functions, like pure heathenism.

I think in the last part, he is describing himself only, especially the part about just sort of riding on body functions, like pure heathenism.

He speak like this of the Indians, then makes up posters that praise him and his intelligence and his own beauty!

yeagly is a pitiful speciman of a human being, using his somewhat intelligence in his very disrepectful discription of the Native American for his white viewers, I think I will copy this off and hand it out at the General Council, let the Comanche people get to know the man who claims to be Comanche.

Right after this stupid blog entry against the Native American, whom he actually hates, he rants after the Kenyan Dictator-Obama who screws Native Americans and the Mad Jewess!!!!

His M.O. statement after his outburst as always he says "I went overboard in this Blog a little angry, a little dramatic, not mean't to offend" PLEEEEEZE AZZZZZHOLE!

I have a feeling yeagley does so read Beakerkin, why else would he be so damn angry? Absolutley no one dares to contradict him on HIS Blog. His two admirers colleague graduate and thasymachus are beginning to sound like batty ann, remember she praised thasymachus to no end, now as colleague graduate she makes a point to say where she is from(florida) just little nuggets of baggy ann all thru these posts, at least she is putting her diploma to good use in trying to be cordial putting her foul language aside. Must be hard for her vulgar heiness, I don't believe baggy ann ever left his side.