Monday, April 26, 2010

The Recovery

Some signs that a local recovery are in their earliest stages are visible. The recovery may only be relative to the steep drop. Many good people are out of work and are annoyed because Obama has no plan. I expect him to start a program to alter immigration. It will likely be an effort to court Hispanics because his numbers are low. The midterm elections will have a few nasty surprises but the Dems knew that Obama's mania about a stupid health care program would hurt them.

The Obama NYT assures us the recovery is under way. Of course the paper has never printed a single critical article about Obama.

He is just clueless, but better than Biden. Biden is even dumber than Col Bernie Sanders who walks around in a fog. One Sanders supporter said it best "Bernie cares, just at times we can't figure about what".

In other news academic clown and Marxist stooge Gnome Chimpanzee is worried about the far right in America. He compares the atmosphere in the USA to Nazi Germany only we are blaming Blacks and illegal aliens. We are still waiting for the millions dead from starvation in Afghanistan that he predicted. He has a great track record of calling eye witnesses to the Killing Fields liars based upon reports from obscure Communist publications in Australia and supporting Holocaust Denial. It is time for MIT to ask this clown to retire and he can spend the rest of his wasted life doing bong hits with Bill & Ted. Bill & Ted appear more reality based than Chomsky, despite being fictional characters.


beamish said...

Noam Chomsky's reliable idiocy overlooks the fact that like a good student of leftism, the left-wing labor activist Adolf Hitler couched his anti-capitalist rhetoric in the shopworn anti-Semitic "Jewish international bankers" trope along with a plagiarized conflation of Juadaism with capitalism straight out of Marx and Proudhon.

Granted, America has just enacted a law modeled on Hitler's price controls on health care which by design led to forced euthanasia of disabled veterans and the mentally ill, but the law is not in effect yet so America is not totally down the left-wing Nazi path.

Not that Chomsky is known for even a passing familiarity with history, but I recall Nazism emerging as a faction in the inevitable violent conflicts between national and international socialists. Leftists commit violent acts to distinguish themselves from being confused with right-wingers.

Ducky's here said...

I know Beak, your idea is tax cuts. More tinkle down economics like the stuff that got us into this mess.

Cut taxes and just swap public and private debt. That should really get things going.

You really should by a vowel or join Beamish on dullards row.

Alligator said...

The "recovery" is a bubble. All this deficit spending beginning with GWB then accelerating BHO is going to catch up to us and we will go into a hyper-inflationary cycle, about the time VAT and the other tax increases start hitting us as consumers. Wish I was wrong, hope I am wrong, but unbridled deficit spending will eventually come due, regardless of what shell game Washington plays.

beamish said...

And true to ideological form, Ducky the leftist brings insults rather than intelligence to a discussion.

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah Ducky, by all means we should tax all those rich people and businesses, and then, when they have the temerity to lay off workers to make their expenses and retain some degree of profitability, or take their production off-shore in order to do so, or cut back in production or decrease the quality of their products, we'll show 'em, by God-we'll tax them some more.

Fuck those rich people who expect me to work for a living just so they can get a return on their investments. How dare they think I don't deserve to be paid as much as they make.

I got an idea. Lets hit them up with reams and reams of regulations. That'll show 'em what for.