Monday, August 31, 2009

Beakerkin Objects to Conspiracy Kooks

Long term readers know I was there on 9-11 and for the first blast in 93. I want to point out that
I am bothered by conspiracy kooks who make a mockery of a day that I experienced first hand.

One observer who claims to be a Conservative repeated the claim of anti-semites. The claim was that Jews did not show up for work. Obviously I was deemed an acceptable loss. A quick look at the victims lists shows Jewish names.

Conspiracy freaks start of with conjecture and a series of odd facts. The theories are easily debunked and the paranoid conspiracy cult makes excuses. When Art Bell points out how vicious the conspiracy crew is one should consider this an expert opinion.

Economic Porn

I am amazed that all of the stories of families down on their luck in a bad economy seem to have vanished into thin air. The people are still unemployed and the hardship is real. Is the media avoiding the subject because Obama is allready tanking.

A certain amount of erosion in his poll numbers was inevitable. I am troubled by some of the critiues of Obama. I am bothered by any that mention his race and I have seen plenty of that. A
pundit wrote "Obama hates white people". This is not accurate and Bill Ayers is still white. A biracial President should be criticized on policy alone.

He has damaged himself by having what appears to be a tin ear and by being arrogant at times. the real story of Joe the Plumber was the dissmissive I know what is best for you attitude. How would Obama know this as he has never held a real job. He is doing the same thing again with health care. Naming the bill after Ted Kennedy does not allay a single concern of most Americans.

The media seems to be asleep at the wheel on the critics of this health plan. I will contrast this with the way they idaelize antiwar protesters who are communist led.

It would be nice if the media did its job.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Officers Blues

The amazing thing about being an officer is you never know what tomorrow will bring. It is not uncommon to walk the streets and hear someone cry out Officer and thank me for making their dream come true.

I was thinking that Obama was going to push for immigration reform. However with the damage he took after the health care debacle it seems unlikely or a scaled version would take place. I am guessing no changing the legal codes to allow gay marriages or amnesty at least until he becomes a lame duck or the situation is hopeless.

I am starting to wonder if Obama will rebound with the economy. Of course a terrorist attack would boost him in the polls. Then again the lack of a major one since 9-11 on US soil helped Obama somewhat. I am somewhat concerned with what an Obama reaction to such a crisis would be as we have a shortage of grown adults in the administration. On 9-11 the story was about Rudy initially and then GW Bush made his famous speech.

The laws are made in DC and in family cases at the State level. It is an officers job to take the case through the maze. Each case is a human life. Most of the cases are decent people, but there are the excetions. The officer is tasked with applying the law with a human face and sometimes a sidgeon of humanity. The stories like us are human and each in their own way unique.

The other day a child of an applicant asked are all those law books in English. It was the salient observation of a child of the maze of rules we look at.

Tommorow brings new challenges.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The annoying Obama Logo

Will the folks in DC kindly stop ripping off the intellectual property of Pepsi. The Obama logo is a clear rip off of the Pepsi logo. Maybe McCain would have won if his folks plagiarized Tony the Tiger.
The campaign is over and that symbol needs to go. A more cynical type would wonder who is cross promoting whom.

Change in Japan

The same economic downturn that led Americans to vote for Obama will likely yield a change in government in Japan. In this new global economy maybe expecting overnight growth is unrealistic.
The global business cycles will likely be longer and more pronounced when they rise and fall.

Change for the sake of change ala Obama is not the best idea at times.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy and the Beak

We are not a fan of Ted Kennedy's in any description. However, I want to point out the rare time when he tried to do the right thing. The agency I work for has an absurd rule with hiring term employees. The term employees have no rights and are subject to arbitrary dismissal and next to zero union protection.

Due to an arbitrary law my agency was set to fire around 1000 term employees. The work would have to be done on overtime. Many of these jobs were in Vermont. Not surprisingly Bernie Sanders was MIA as were the other local politicians. According to our Union rep the sole person that stepped up to save the jobs was Ted Kennedy.

While there is legitimate reason to bash Kennedy for bad behavior in the Cold War and Immigration policy it is important to point out one he did get right.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now for a break in the political Slobs vs Snobs

From time to time the Duck and I talk of film and art. These are some of the more interesting posts
as most of the political stuff gets boring.

1) Lets talk of the popular super hero movies. Is the reason Spiderman is so popular is because of his human traits. He often struggles with bills, has a crazy boss and women trouble like the rest of us.

2) Does Hollywood forget about writing when it is preaching? Will and Grace was hysterical with well written characters who do not take being gay too seriously. The Ellen show was preachy and stunk.

Lets talk of classic TV

3) I enjoy a good cop show. Ones that stand out are Kojak, Quincy, Monk, Hawaii 5-0, Jake and the Fat Man. Do you like this genre.

4) I hate attorney shows like LA Law, Ally McBeal and can't think of one I like.

5) Sci Fi I enjoy the Original and Second Star Trek series. I liked Buck Rodgers in the 25 th century and the original Battlestar Galactica but not much else

6) Comedies The Odd Couple, All and the Family, Married with Children, Family Ties, Mash and
King of the Hill stand out.

I hate Roseann and do not get Tim Allen.

Actors and Actresses

7) I do not get Sarah Jessica Parker and find her annoying and just not interesting. Kirsten Davis is much more beautiful and interesting. Sex and the City is a bore I endured with a girlfriend. Unfortunately the characters are very real if you lived in NYC. Did you get stuck watching the show.

8) I do not get the appeal of Cher. She was good in Mask and Moonstruck but is dreadful in everything else.

9) Nicole Kidman is a bore. How does she get parts seriously?

10) Jim Brown vs OJ. I have to give the nod to Jim Brown on the basis of the Dirty Dozen. Goldie
and the Boxer may be the worst film of all time.

Other nominees

Battlefield Earth
Santa Claus vs the Martians


11) I liked the Lord of the Rings , but hated the King Kong Remakes.
12) I like all the Indiana Jones Films
13) I can like without Batman, but Spiderman and the X men are OK. Conan Stunk


14) All of us have books we loved and loathed
Lord Of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm, Any Mitchner Book, Drums along the Mohawk Stand out.

Ethan Frome, Song of Solomon, Silas Marner drove me up a wall.

15) I do like Eugene ONeil. However, I am positive the Emperor Jones would be trashed today
if it were written by a contemporary author. What are your thoughts on that?

16) I do like Shakespeare but find people who quote him to be obnoxious. I just see it as hstorical entertainment and the Teempest is my favorite.


17) I like all types of Rock from AC DC, Del Shannon, Peter & Gordon.

18) I hate disco and regae

19) Classical music puts me to sleep

20) I prefer Dean martin to Sinatra but like both


21) I like football better than baseball
22) I can't watch the NBA. The Knicks are the worst sports franchise with the worst owner
23) I would never watch golf on TV
24) Tennis is a bore
25) The most annoying athlettes

1) Terell Ownes
2) Ocho Cinco
3) Manny Ramirez
4) Gary Shefield Does this guy get along with anyone
5) Kobe Bryant

Monday, August 24, 2009

And what of the future

Many of our assumptions about the future remain unknown. There are those who talk of the end of Europe as we know it. Then again they are forgetting larger trends.

Africans are embracing a vibrant form of conservative Christianity. They are not slaves to Marx or PC ( unless they are Desmond Tofu) and are more confrontational vs Islam. We assume that the American prominent far left preachers are the norm. In fact they are cartoon cliches of what a Berkley activist would think a person of color should say.

Welcome to the future where all is unknown. What does a fake Black Liberationist Cult crackpot say to an Akinola who takes the his religion seriously. What does Rowan Williams, Tutu and Wright say to a man who has seen his people under Shariah and Churches burned. What do racial power kooks say about an African who is more conservative and Christian than they are.

India will be a power in some form. Its world class Universities will spur growth and power. Pakistan could be finnished or surrender without a shot. China will be China and slowly its people will inch towards freedom.

The messiahs of marx will create a brain drain in Latin America. As the economies move towards Zimbabwe style messes Commies will blame Chavez as they blame Stalin, Mao and await the next savior.

Obama at this point either listens to the wind or goes the way of Carter. He may wise up ala Clinton after a similar debacle, but Clinton was a pro. Obama is a University style Marxist with dreadful judgement surrounded by mediocrity. He needed a politician like Gov Richardson in his corner and instead brought in Mr. Mediocrity Joe Biden. He may be even more arrogant than Clinton who co-opted the wind on welfare reform.

The great part of the future is almost everything is unknown except two constants. The New York Knicks will stink and the big media days are winding down.

Beamish in 12.

I am trying to comprehend this infatuation of one crazy Batty Ann with the Duck. The Duck and I have been challenging each other for five years. We have an awkward type of friendship and whenever I do an interview the question of where is the Duck comes up. Maybe one day he will be interviewed on AOW's radio show with me.

We do talk of plenty of other issues besides politics and when not talking about current events and history he is interesting. We have had many fascinating threads on film and the arts including the classic Sonia vs the Duck on film. He is more nuanced than your typical Marxist Chucky Doll that drones on about Trotsky or talks of Marijana Marxism like Graeme.

Maybe in the coming days I will see if I can have a snobs vs slobs talk of film, sports and art with the Duck. This blog has many well read readers and who knows what tangents can be unleashed when we go into the unknown.

I will be out with Sunbeam tonight.

This may be funny but some of our most memorable posts came in non political areas. I am not imagining a thread on the Duck waxing on about the Doobie Brothers or Smokey and the Bandit but it would be fun for all.

I am envisioning discussing authors, literature, pop vs croisant art and the sports scene.
Of course the rest of you can join in.

am still somewhat surprised the Duck had not seen Zorba on Film. Then again I have never watched a Godfather film.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The World of Beakerkin Upside Down

I have to admit watching the antics of the Town Hall protesters with a bit of shock and awe. I am in awe that they have really moved the debate from a done deal on health care to DOA. I am a tad shocked in that this is the second time in my life I have witnessed this from the right.

I want to point out that for the second time in recent years Commies have been forced to sit on the sidelines as a mass movement sweeps the nation. Some far leftists also were on board for the anti immigration reform backlash.

I am watching the media describe the protesters in less than flattering terms. True, some of the rhetoric about Nazis and talk of Emmanuel borders on hysteria and Nuremburg style Jew hatred.Some of the talk is clearly racist, but not the majority. I want to contrast this with the silence by the media with exactly who organizes your average peace protest. There is also zero coverage of the most rabid forms of Jew hatred at those events and the Bush = Hitler crowd is airbrushed out.

Obama, Frank and Pelosi must be at wits ends because they never have to deal with passionate opposition outside of talk radio and a few blogs. Thus far Obama has done a dreadful job in trying to allay the concerns of the American people. Allaying the fears of the American people in this case may indeed be "A Bridge Too Far".

Sudenly, I see the future winds changing before us. Obama may lose seats in the Senate and House. I was also seeing immigration reform next, but that would kill the approval ratings of all parties.

Protesters on the right, with some ( small) anti semitic elements stoping a policy. The GOP making gains in the next election cycle. People I thought were hippies complaining about taxes.
The other day my closest friend at work told me in private. Obama was a symbol and just not ready to govern. Just months ago she was praising him as I said guard your wallet.

I remember long ago I wrote something picked up by Urban Elephants. In my day Conservatives were isolated. We were individualists and trained as street fighters with a Marxist
enemy. We were tough individualists. In my day a young Jewish Republcan was as rare as a whoping crane. I look about me at the young and see I was ahead of my time by ten or fifteen years. Today's conservatives are out there protesting and using satire effectively. They are not the pit warrior individualists of my era, but in fact are something entirely fresh and vibrant.

The winds of change are blowing and it is 1977. The difference is I am older. The energy on the right is growing and the country is ready for a Reaganesque It is Morning in America again vision. Obama seems like a lower IQ, but more competant version of Jimmy Carter minus the smile. The media will try to save him, but something has changed. Even folks who never say a nice word about the GOP are getting concerned.

I still remain a Rudy Republican, but what the country needs is another Reagan type who can lead us with vsion and optimism. Obama going over to Europe and Cairo and sending out apologies isn't going to help at home. Its the folks in Palestine Texas and not the folks in Gaza he needs to worry about.

Beamish in 12.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise Obama is Hostile to Israel

Many people were under the illusion that Obama would be a friend to Israel. However, given a lifetime of associations and far left ties I expected much worse.

There are those rabid commies that point to a few Jews in the administration, but ignore the rhetoric from the White House. He has honored people with very lengthy records of over the top
anti Israel activism such as Desmond Tutu.

Thus far Obama is using flowery words but has done little. Health care and then immigration reform seemed to have hit a very raw nerve. This is also precisely why he will pressure Israel to give something to his far left antisemitic core supporters, like Ayers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama derangement syndrome

I want to stress I am against the policies of Obama. However, there is indeed a paranoid racist fringe that is more vulgar to me than the policies of Obama.

I took an oath to serve my country. This includes doing my job with an odious administration. There has been little change in my area save one common sense move. I was hoping Obama's people would end the culture of cases going on for decades. America is not served by legal cases with endless appeals and no resolution.

The threshold for infective counsel needs to be exponentially raised.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fighting a Battle He Can Not Win

The wacky Doc points out I do not understand Indians. The source of my conflict with the Dr is not about Indians. I do not write about that subject. My conflict with the Dr is about material he has written about Jews.

Some of the rhetoric from the Elmer Fudd types point out Yeagley has been beaten. One antisemitic lunatic compared my dispute with Yeagley to a crucifixion. His rabid mongrel acolyte described me as cutting down an Indian.

I want to point out some basic facts in a misquoted point. My credentials as a Jew are superior to Yeagley's credentials as an Indian. Yeagley is by his own admission 50% German and was not raised in the traditions of his people. I am 100% Jewish in both lines and was raised and educated within the Modern Orthodox Community. My younger brother Rav Roov is an actual pulpit Rabbi and my beloved Sunbeam is modern Orthodox.

Yeagley in a state of arrogance feels his studies and visits as an honored guest have given him a greater authority on Jewish subjects than the genuine article. Sorry Doc, our dispute was not about theology it was about posting stuff that offends Jews.

This is not new for Yeagley who quotes books he clearly has not read. Amazingly he accuses me of not reading a book that is actually reviewed in Chapter form on this blog. How I managed to review a book and do a chapter by chapter analysis remains a mystery.

Yeagley also feels he is an expert in law and document analysis. He has no credentials in either subject. Unlike the Dr I do have training in both areas. This is akin to lecturing a mechanic about a car and never having been in a car.

He is fighting a skilled oponent on the opponents turf. His efforts are clownlike and ham handed.

The Essence of Americanism is Individualism

Americans are a nation of individuals. The basis of our rights are granted to individuals. We (Americans) are granted a series of rights as individuals. Group rights itself is a totalitarian concept. It is apparent that a self proclaimed patriot fails to grasp that diving society into a series of classes is Marxism 101.

We do not waste time obsessing over the ethnicity of the readers of this blog. When we think of a set of a typical reader like Mr Beamish our description comes down to one word American. We comprehend that our non American readers like Jams or the Editrix come from other countries and have their own perspectives as individuals.

America is the land of choice

Paper or Plastic
Coke or Pepsi
KFC or Popeyes ( Lees Chicken is not available by me so I may be disenfranchised)

The followers of this so called self described Patriot are familiar with this concept when they decide between burning books or crosses at their web based Nuremburg style rallies.

Racial supremacy is not American, it is not Jewish or Christian, it is not Conservative. Racial supremacy is an actual mockery of those concepts.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stealing the Mind of Indians WTF

Regular readers of this blog know I write on many subjects. I write book review, satire, current events and vivid descriptions of a well balanced life. In the vast history of this sight we have written next to nothing about Indians.

Imagine my surprise when a mentally disturbed bigot accuses me and I think the Editrix of trying to poison the minds of Indians. This might be amusing in that it is debatable if the BAG ever had a mind in the first place. She claims to have written four unpublished books ( why not 50). My question is how many of these books are pop up or coloring books.

This series of comments might be amusing in that the person making the comments is widely known on the web as a well known bigot. Then of course Dr Yeagley is just merely misunderstood when his writings regularly show up on sites like Stormfront.

You can't make this stuff up.

Among the more incoherent ramblings of the BAG apparently I am an Apache pretending to be a Jew. This would make me more Indian than Yeagley or the BAG. In other versions it is reversed
and I am a Jew pretending to be Apache. How or why I would accomplish this is just more of the wacky world of the rabid Baboons hallucinations.

There has to be some comedy about a well known bigot whose slavish support for a person whose works often end up on Stormfront calling someone else a Nazi. Earth to the BAG, the person whose work ends up cited at Stormfront is Yeagley, not Beakerkin or the Hun.


I would like to welcome Kuhnkat back to the blog. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kuhnkat he mostly agrees with me, but sometimes does not.

I consider him a friend and a sparring partner.

If you would like to spar over the birther movement or my views on law this is the more appropriate forum to do so. My dispute with Yeagley is a matter that is separate from those topics.If you would like to discuss them here this is okay as well.

As a Jewish American Yeagley has made some very serious errors that rise to the level of gaffes if not outright antisemitism. Yeagley is not as he claims and there are many here including myself who learned that the hard way.

You are a welcomed friend and sometimes foil. Feel free to ask or comment as you like.

I will always back the vision of respected author David Horowitz. Yeagley at best was the Kato Kelin of FPM and not a serious author. I may disagree with Stephen Schwartz on many things but I respect his writing and vision.

Look at Yeagley's vision a tad more carefully and you will see it is more packaging than substance.

The Jew as We Are

There are those who have obsessions with all things Jewish. The most comedic version is the Elmer Fudd antisemite. They usually repeat classic Communist talking points about Zionist control of the government, media, banks, Universities and so forth. They walk around in an incoherent blather and are essentially mentally disturbed.

There is another group that deludes themselves with feigned alleged expertise over who and what we are as people. No doubt some of these people consider themselves well intentioned, but tend to see the Jew as affirmation of their personal bugaboos rather than as a vibrant people.

My people do not share racial hangups of any kind. A Jew from Ethiopia is equal in status to a Jew from Russia or anyplace else. Jews have always welcomed converts as equals, but expressly forbid missionary activity. Children of mixed marriages with a Jewish mother are recognized no matter who their father is.

There is a seriously deluded so called self proclaimed "expert" who seems to think he is an expert on Jewish matters. He misquotes a book he has either not bothered to read or has more than likely confused with another widely read book. The actual author of the book in question would likely be scratching his head trying to deduce where this mistake was made.

It is very wrong and probably antisemitic to focus exclusively on the Jewish role in larger events
and unpopular policies. This is the case with the Black power lunatics who talk of exaggerated and often Imagined roles of Jews in the African slave trade. This is also the case with those who talk of neocon cabals and lastly this is the case of those who talk of the Jewish role in the Obama administration. Has the role of any other ethnicity been discussed on any of these matters. The entire premise of such a discussion is bigoted itself.

Racism is not part of the Jewish tradition. We find talk of blood and racial supremacy odious for very obvious reasons. A person who claims this expetise should be able to grasp this fairly simple concept. This person should also understand the historic reasons why calling a Jew in the Obama administration a Nazi would anger real Jews. Amazingly, this person oddly claims that pointing out his gaffes causes antisemitism.

The logic of a people who were exterminated for racialist reasons objecting to this vulgar ideaology eludes this author. Racial power types of any sort are offensive to Jewish people.

The authors understanding of Jewish concerns is rather limited by his intellectual shortcommings and infantile world view. He incorrectly sees in the Jew a false affirmation of his vulgar pathologies rather than as a vibrant people. Jews like any other people need to be viewed
within their own traditions as opposed to the narrow prism of a misguided and objectionable world view.

This author correctly points out I do not understand his community. However, we do not write about that subject nor feign expertise in an area that we are unfamiliar with. Unlike this author my lineage as far back as is traceable is 100% pure on both sides. My family evolved into modern Orthodoxy from a less religious but clearly Jewish tradition. I did attend Yeshiva and was raised within the traditions of the community. I do practice the faith and it is the height of
arrogance for a person untrained in law to make false assumptions about my personal faith based upon the way I interpret law.

The basic problem with this individual is his infantile world view. When Beakerkin looks at the law the Jewish vantage point is but one of many perspectives. I am also a law enforcement officer trained in how to interpret and enforce a series of complex laws. Of course the prime consideration is my oath of office to uphold the Constitution and protect my country from enemies both foreign and domestic. I also view such matters as an American Patriot and a resident of my beloved NYC. My world view is very much mainstream within the NYC GOP tradition. Were I to go to another state like Texas it would probably be not congruent within the GOP tradition and culture there. The author seems to think that none of these other perspectives would influence how a whole person would look at the world.

This is also the difference between a person who is very much in touch with life and the real world and a passive participant in life. When I think of my work and the people from all over the world I meet it is as an active participant in life. When I discuss my love for Sunbeam, my family, friends and travels as a NYC type it is a healthy representation of a very normal whole life enriched by all of the experiences and people, pagans and poultry I meet along the way. It is obvious that the authors monastic and isolated world is more than likely to blame for his rather
apparent intellectual short comings.

I would rather offer an outstretched hand to lift a person who has clearly fallen up. However, it is apparent until this person realizes they have hit rock bottom and have become a circus clown or a human cartoon there is no help I can offer.

I want to conceed a point to a valued friend, the Editrix. Horrowitz was a victim of a horrible world view based upon flowery words with deadly consequences. The author in question is basically a dullard who is a prisoner of his hatreds and a very detached monastic life
with very little genuine human contact. Your assesment that he is more than likely to wallow in ignorance produced by hate and stupidity is correct on a logical level. There is a spirit of American optimism ( Reaganesque) that is open to people seeing the light and stepping out of darkness. We will hold the door open for the chance that this person will grasp our vision, but understand the likelihood of that occuring is highly doubtful.

Monday, August 17, 2009

If you are under 40 ignore this post

I have been listening to the Ventures and am just amazed at their skill. I understand instrumental rock is not a popular genre, but their sound is just amazing. What amazes me is their ability to create better instrumental versions of the songs that were made famous by other groups. I listened to the more famous version of the classics Wipe Out, Pipeline and Telstar by their original bands
and the Ventures versions and favored the Ventures versions. The Drummer Mel Taylor is just years better than almost any of his peers.

I have been listening to some odd groups of the 60's and mix records. I am amazed by the sounds of Del Shannon and his amazing keyboardist Max Crook. Crook never got credit for his pioneering work. When people hear Runaway today they just do not grasp how ahead of its time it was.

One can rally not listen to AC DC records between interviews. I save those CDS for when I am driving alone. When I drive with Sunbeam Peter & Gordon, Roy Orbison or any other of the 60's fare is more appropriate.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Dr Yeagley has stated erroneously that I have never met or spent meaningful time with Native Americans. The truth is that this one was caught by a friend from Vermont who emailed me that Northwind was in fact part Native American.

In fairness to Yeagley many people are somewhat skeptical over the claims of locals in Northern Vermont to be Abenaki. The Abenaki do not care for Yeagley and there was a small exchange of ideas that wasn't friendly.

It never dawned on me to think of Northwind in those terms. I just saw her as a woman who I cared for that was deeply troubled and very unreliable. Facially she looked very similar to a woman I loved very much. I was very saddened to learn of her passing, but she lived a hard life. Maybe if I ever make it back to VT I will place flowers on her resting place.

When I talk of love it is a tangible heart felt thing. I love Sunbeam in a deep and very passionate way. I enjoy her company and every day together is like a honey moon. I think of the feelings and expeiences we share.

Sunbeam is not my only love. I love my family that I seldom speak of other than Rav Roov. I love my country and its wonerful people. I love serving my country with pride.

When a rather broken and empty man talks of my failures he has it projecting his failures on me.
My life is filled with many great loves and adventures. This person talks of love in his distant past and fails to grasp one who lives it. Is this the failure he speaks of ?

I work and am able to serve proudly and with honor. My position is held with higher regard than that of an Adjunct, social worker or pundit. I am addressed frequently as Sir, but my well known modesty always goes back to officer.

When one reads my posts my unmistakeable love for the American people is evident. Even though my country is headed in the wrong direction I still love it. One does not see alarmist rhetoric here.

My critic feels he has been misrepresented. The truth is he is damned by his own words and by a follower who has done more damage to him than his enemies ever could. With friends like that he needs no enemies. I did not start out as an enemy, and have zero desire to belittle him further. If David Horowitz can oversome Communism than this person can overcome racial power and general stupidity.

Beakerkin Watches DHS the TV Show

The show provided more depth than I had expected. These are human stories with real people and it is rare that there is a really bad soul that you want to toss out the window. My job was not one of the ones featured, but it was good to see other links in the chain. We do have friends that have moved on to every agency from the passport office, to the State Department, to ICE, CBP and the Secret Service.

I want to tip my hat to Tall Soldier. I understand his sentiment as I also swore an oath to protect the Constitution. I understand an empathize with the Obama critics. I do not owe any allegiance to racist critics of the President.

I agree that the country is headed in the wrong direction and the policies of Obama are disastrous. I would say these things regardless of the complexion of the man in the White House. The talk of Obama as a Nazi with his Jewish Death panel are disturbing and vulgar associations.

I am wondering if we are ready for beakerkin style insurance reform. The entire United States should have one set of insurance rules. Policies must be written in plain English with standardized claim forms.

Apocalyptic Rhetoric

I am somewhat surprised that it took the public so little time to turn on Obama. Some of the angst is caused by the economy. Of course he should have been out in front explaining to America about the depth of the problem. What we have gotten is an aloofness that seems detached from reality.

I am pondering going to the protest in DC on 9-12. I will go only if I find out that some of you are going as well. We do not expect the Great Mr Beamish to come in from St Louis. We also understand that in this tough times he expense of going to DC remains a real hardship. I hope bothat some of you make it there. It is nice to have a protest without Commies other than the wonderful Tibetians in NYC. I wish the organizers would ditch the clenched fist symbol for obvious reasons.I will have to see if the folks at Free Republic are organizing a bus from NYC.

It is important that we do not become a Conservative version of the Move On Dot Org crew and avoid racist rhetoric.

It is official Dr Yeagley is an Antisemite

I want to point out that the Editrix was 100% correct in everything she stated about Dr Yeagley.
Yeagley,in his own warped mind thinks of himself as pro Jewish. However, lets examine his actions and writings.

Before I point this out he needs to stop pointing his fingers at former members of the Bad Eagle family. He has falsely pointed his finger at the Editrix. The Editrix is aware of the history of the Holocaust and understands its implications. It would be as idiotic for a German to trivialize the Holocaust as it would be for an American to trivialize our historic crimes against Indians or slavery. These are facts of historic wrongs in American history and to deny them would represent ignorance and a poor grasp of the context of history itself.

In a previous post Yeagley pointed out his view that Communism was a Jewish reaction to prejudice. Identifying Communism with Jews is a Nazi classic theme. All he needs to do is add the Jews are the bankers part and he has a matched set.

The reality is that Communism is an internationalist death cult with millions of followers. We could probably find Communists in Wheel chairs and space aliens. No doubt some other antisemite will look for Jewish figures behind Mao, Pol Pot and Jim Jones. How is it that there is no discussion of French or Italian communists as there is no shortage of either.

We should examine Communism from the view of Toynbee. It is in fact a surrogate religion and as such its members should be considered converts. When Norman ( Maoist) Finkelstein rationalizes the Holocaust and praises Hezbollah he is showing "revolutionary authenticity". His subsequent actions are those of a small minded communist intent solely on spreading tyranny.

We need not look any further than the Rosenberg saga to see the reality of Communists. At the same time the Rosenbergs were on trial for actual crimes, Commies were staging show trials for imagined crimes that existed solely in the mind of Stalin. The American communists peddled a lie of the innocence of criminals for decades. When the fact of their treason was exposed the excuse was "the Rosenbergs had a different definition of patriotism". There is no mention of decades long deception and of actual Communist crimes against Jews.

One need not look beyond the actions of bug eyed hardened Stalinist Ethel Rosenberg to grasp what a Communist is. Ethel's embrace of communism was considered a family disgrace and her own father did not talk to her for years. She then decides it is more important to be a martyr for the cause and knowingly orphans her children. She does go out of her way to ensure her children are raised by fellow commies as opposed to family members. The actions of a bug eyed Stalinist even take precedence over a maternal bond with her children. Had the bug eyed Ethel merely pled guilty or admitted her guilt she would have been spared.

All actions of a communist are predicated by their fanatical loyalty to an internationalist death cult that seeks to erase Jews when not stoking populist anti semitism.

In his latest post Dr Yeagley continues some classic Nazi themes. We are not calling the Dr a Nazi, but we are pointing out his use of similar material. Yeagley points out correctly he is " not the spokesman for all Indians". No doubt millions of Indians are relieved to hear this. He challenges my Judaism claiming I do not think like a Jew. Maybe in the warped mind of the Dr all of us think the same things when not listening to Jackie Mason routines and eating Knishes. Unlike the Doctor my linneage is 100% including a brother who is an Orthodox pulpit Rabbi as well as a Modern Orthodox girlfriend. I was raised in the traditions and am well acquainted with my community as an insider.

1) The Dr points to some minor players in the Obama administration as the head of a Jewish cabal and likens them to Nazis. Of course Yeagley is well aware of the standard odiousness of comparing Jews to Nazis. He could have easily apologized for this gaffe, but refuses to even acknowledge why comparing Emanuel to a Nazi would offend Jews who do not support Obama.
This is no doubt Yeagley's variant of the classic Neocon cabal routine, all he needs to do is add in
ZOG and the folks at Stormfront will be pleased. The Dr also feigns surprise when posts like this end up on Nazi sites like Stormfront. No doubt a dog handler tossing red meat to rabid dogs is surprised when the dogs foam at the mouth.

2) Blaming some obscure thinkers for laying the groundwork for the Holocaust. This was a thread unrelated to an incoherent post. Antisemites frequently blame Jews for causing antisemitism. Rather than grasp the magnitude of the gaffe Yeagley continues with spin. The Holocaust is a historic crime committed by Nazis. There is no excuse or rationalization of this crime.

3) Taking on Jew out of a larger group and highlighting and exaggerating their role. Sorry but Emmanuel is but one adviser in a large cabinet. No doubt the Dr must think Emmanuel has some sort of Juperpower to be more influential than other cabinet members.

This latest post is the Doctors variant of the Neocon cabal role.

4) Excessively pondering who is and is not a Jew. The series of posts on Sotomayer are a classic illustration of this. There is no evidence the woman is Jewish. The Doctor feigns ignorance that a NY Puerto Rican with roots in Academia and NY Law would have extensive ties to the Jewish Community. The fact is nobody else had this obsession. The Dr is either unfamilar with the realities of NYC, ignorant or insane, the three are by no means mutually exclusive.

As for the history of Bad Eagle I was indeed a large part of that history and am entitled to my own view of things as an active participant. Many Jews took one look at the most rabid forms of bigotry aimed at Jews and left. The only constant who stood with him was yours trully. However, after his rabid mongrel acolyte stunk up the joint I began to read Yeagley's writings outside the Jewish sections I frequented. The criticisms of the Editrix, Mac, Gator and Warren are on target. A larger man would heed the advice of people who know him very well, but Yeagley is a small man.

In Yeagley's own heart he really does not see himself as an antisemite. However, those of us are also very familiar with people who swear they love their Black neighbors and say the N word every three minutes.

If Yeagley wants to use his so called love of the Jewish people to deflect attention from his White supremacy act he is mistaken. As a real American, I have no patience for racial power kooks, commies, Jihadis or Anarchists.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Insurance Reform

We understand for logical reasons the critiques of Obama care. The message from America against such a large program is starting to sound like the reaction to immigration reform.

Non American readers can feel free to fall asleep.

I would like to see a standardization of auto and medical insurance policies. This would foster competition by eliminating local laws. Instead of having a situation where residents of NY could select from 10 carriers and Vermont three the consumer would have greater choice.

The National Standards should be bare minimum and the consumer should have the ability to shop for policies suited to their individual needs. Companies would need to establish niches in the market.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeagley is not an Antisemite but another type of bigot

I want to point out that Dr Yeagley is not an antisemite. He really does have a love for the Jewish people. He does not understand the nature of what a communist is. This is fairly unusual for a person affiliated with the John Birch Society. However, when communists do anything their actions are as members of a death cult not Jews. Thus the Dr. identifies the ACLU as "Jewish" when in fact it has been long advanced that it is a communist front group. Communists are not Jews or Americans and their devotion to a death cult determine their actions. Of course the Dr does a 180 when describing the history of AIM that actually supports Communists in Chiapas and pretends this group is a prune, but coherence and logic are not his strong points.

The Dr has a blind spot when it come to race. I have heard the criticism of many former Bad Eagle friends and tended to discount it. However, after the infamous Hated White Race post I have to admit my friends Mac, the Editrix, Gator, CM and others who would prefer to remain in the shadows are correct and have been so for a while. Yeagley is a guy with a great concept that just fails to deliver.

As a writer the Dr is cognizant of the impact of his writings. He feigns shock that his work would end up on many racists sites. In the age of the blogosphere this is true as one never knows who is going to link what. Perhaps this post will be linked by a communist site and I am not responsible for that. Then again this post does not readily lend itself to Communism.

The Dr fancies himself a patriot and a Christian and bandies terms he knows little about calling himself a paleocon. Mr Beamish is a Conservative. The only con that applies to Yeagley at times is confused.

A conservative embraces our traditions and values as stated by our founders. Any notion of racial animus directed against Blacks is not patriotic, conservative or Christian. Blacks are Americans and are equal in every way. My country does not have second class citizens.

The Dr has some odd views of race mixing considering he is racially mixed himself. He seems to think the mixing produces an asthetically displeasing result. As a heterosexual man with rather generic proclivities Raquel Welch, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Phoebe Cates, Linda Carter, Salma Hayek and Shakira make his coments ridiculous.

The Dr attemps to use the term Paleocon as cover for his religious values dodge. However, the notion of denigrating people due to race just has nothing to do with that term either. Sorry, but racial goonery is not Christian either.

Were the Dr as brilliant as advertised he might look at the words of former friends and people unfamiliar with him like Pagan Temple and the Duck and look inwards. However, racists are quite obtuse and will rationalize and practice self deception.

Our self deception over the nature of the Dr ended with the Hated White Race post.

I am quite amused by the Dr's accusation that I try to draw his readers to this site. On the contrary I have not placed a link there for years. If anything is true it is more probable that readers of this site are more apt to visit Bad Eagle than the reverse.

I want to add that Betty Ann does look like Al Sharpton in drag and is even less coherent than Sharpton. If you take her goofy hairdo and post a picture of them side by side it could be a seperated at birth deal. As far as promoting this blog Batty Ann puts links up and quotes this site
on several blogs.

I also want to point out I consider myself a former friend of Yeagley. Any respect for the Dr ended with the Hated White Race post.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Colombians is the Duck Talking To

In the demented world of the Marxist Duck Colombia is a repressive government. Unfortunately,
this account does not seem to be backed by Colombians in the USA. I have never run across a disgruntled Colombian, but finding anti Chavez types is easy.

Commies believe their own fiction.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Country more divided than ever

I am dismayed at the Obama is Hitler threads at Free Republic. However, I have expressed similar concern when the Bush = Hitler crew was in overdrive. Obama is a European style Socialist with a
streak of megalomania that exceeds Clintonian excesses. There is legitimate anger at his policies and it is exacerbated by a job market that is in bad shape. We need to get America back to work and are going in the wrong direction.

There is also some shocking talk at Free Republic that some are claiming the Israelis are behind the birther movement. I want to point out that this seems like a far left blame Israel canard from the usual suspects. Of course if proof that Obama was born abroad the usual suspects would blame whatever Jews were involved as zionist agents working with forged Mossad documents. The folks at Free Republic were cheering the alleged Israeli role that seems like far left fiction.

To those birthers, be careful of what you seek. Two scary words President Biden... Is America ready for the first developmentally disabled President. Obama becomes a symbol like JFK instead of a failed Presiddent like Jimmy Carter and we have one hundred years of Obama worship.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rav Roov

The other day I sat and listened to the sermon of Rav Roov. This blog is named after my younger brother who is an actual pulpit Rabbi. Sunbeam had dragged me to temple and I went kicking and groaning.

Rav Roov discussed community responsibility of Jews to set a good example. He went down the list of familiar crimes including Madoff, Baruch Goldstein, the Rabbis convicted of financial hijinks and had there been a name available he would have included the killer of gays.

The message of Rav Roov is that as Jews we have a responsabilty for our actions towards God. Moreover, we have a resposabilty towards our fellow Jews to convey community in a positive manner with our conduct. Unfortunately, there will be antisemites and some others who will scan the crime blotters looking for Jewish names.

Communists are not Jews or Americans. It is in fact a surrogate religion that renders all ties to ethnicity and nationality irrelevant. Communists play a game of deception hiding who they are and their true alliegences. A prime example of this is the disgraced crank hack Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein plays up his parents Holocaust survivor bit in his own Communist antisemite industry bit. He tries to present himself as your average outraged Joooooo. He merely omits his Maoism from discussion. A Maoist by definition is a political pariah who has embraced the most lethal form of Communism. Finky merelyfor monetary purposes does not discuss this and calls himself a green. He hasn't published a word about actual green policy and his only green is large speaking fees and book royalties. Similarly Noam Chimpanzee pretends he is some form of anarchist while actually advancing communism. Sorry, but a person who waxes about phantom US-Nazi aliances while ignoring actual Soviet-Nazi alliances is no scholar. He is still rationalizing his denial of the Killing Fields while it occured based upon Communist publications in Australia with cirrculations of less than 100. No doubt some of us could go through the blogosphere and use his technique to find out that Noam Chimpanzee is a space alien
or has unusual affections for his houseplants.

Now is the time for Change vote Beamish in 12. Lower taxes, reduce the size of the federal government and get the Detroit Lions out of American Homes on Thanksgiving.

Shows we would like to see

Who wants to rip off Donald Trumps Toupe
Hunting With Dick Cheney
Senior Citizens Behaving Badly
Driving with Billy Joel or an actual Demolition Derby
Queer Eye for the Jihadi Guy. Now you must not wear plaid with your suicide belt.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

What is a Communist and who is a Jew

It is odd that I find myself lecturing a speaker from the kook John Birch Society on the subject of what a Communist is. A communist is a follower of a death cult be it Mao, Stalin, Trostsky or the flavor of the week. They are sworn enemies of man kind whose sole loyalty is to the advancement of their cult of death. Communists knowingly lie to advance their cult of death. They portrayed the Rosenbergs as innocent and knew otherwise. They have betrayed this country many times and have committed terrorist acts in the USA.

Communism is a surrogate religion as defined by Toynbee. A communist severs all ties to his nation, ethnicity and religion in favor of an internationalist conspiracy. They go through great lengths to conceal their identity and work to subvert large groups.

Orthodox Jews especialy those of my grandfathers generation viewed them as traitors and non Jews. Religious families have been known to disown communists. Ethel Rosenbergs father did not speak to her for years after she became a communist. Often members of families would not
acknowledge members who embraced Communism. In 40 years of association with the Orthodox community I never met a single commie and many who were hostile to communists.

When this member of the John Birch society portrays Communism as a Jewish reaction to bigotry he is repeating Nazi style material. For every war criminal named Trotsky there were likely five normal Jews trying to make a living in a small back water village.

I want to point out at first I did not understand why David Horowitz distanced himself from this person. Horowitz did so ahead of the objectionable writings embraced by white power types and a really stupid appearance on the political cesspool radio show. Horowitz is obviously a very perceptive man.

Religion Hypocrisy and Real Conservatism

Over the last few weeks I have been discussing the views that racial supremacy is not in line with
American values. I want to point out that it is not sanctioned by Judaism or Christianity. There is something severely warped in the minds of any Judeo Christian who believes that God sanctions
racial supremacy of any kind. Perhaps if noted author Stephen Schwartz stopped in he would add most varieties of Islam to this list.

I want to point out that no known large group of Jews endorses any kind of kook theories about race. Even the bug eyed Kahanist nuts accept Jews regardless of race provided they were born to a Jewish mother or converted. Any notion of human value based on race is deeply offensive to Jews.It is beyond incomprehensible that a scholar who is indeed a friend to the Jewish people could get this one so wrong. The logic is that a people whose families were exterminated on racial supremacy idiocy should then subject another group to this madness. Any devaluation of life based upon crank theories of race is very offensive to Americans and exponentially more so to Jews.

There are many wonderful religious readers of this site who are Conservative and religious. There is Junglemom who has dedicated her life to spreading the word of Jesus in Latin America.
There are many others from TMW, AOW, Warren and many others to numerous to name. And woe unto any KKK goon that ever goes near Mr Beamish. I have no idea what sort of devious mischeif he would plot, but I do not think it is possible to give clowns wearing bed sheets and pillow cases wedgies. Maybe some form of pink food coloring applied via a super soaker might be
appopriate. None of the Christians I am proud to call friends go near racial supremacy.

There is something severly warped about people who call others athiests or radical sons based upon stating the basis of law in our country is Civil Law. We do not have second class citizens of any type. The basis of our law is to respect individual rights and religious freedom. There is a concept of equity meaning that the law should treat people similarly or provide equal opportunities. I have disagreed with many over my support for Civil Unions. I respect that there are some who feel differently. This type of argument is part of our tradition of intellectual freedom.

However, I will not dignify the hypocrisy of people wraping themselves in our flag and pretending to be holier than thou while embracing racial supremacy. Sorry, but while my disagreement is within the bounds of intellectual freedom that is part of our traditions, racial supremacy makes a mockery of those traditions and is not Christian in any definition. Even in my casual reading of the New Testament it is an inclusive concept welcome to all.

Sorry, but I have never represented myself as a Conservative. I am a Rudy Republican. However, if people are going to make dogmatic litmus tests to determine who is a Conservative racial supremacists are not even close to the definition.

Rethinking Law In General

I am starting to wonder if our legal system is just overwhelmed and understaffed. The time pressures to make a decision and the endless cycles of appeals and motions drag cases on often for a decade. Law enforcement types at the police level overcharge with seven or eight charges and the result is typically disorderly conduct.

Maybe the answer is to hire more judges to reduce work loads. Maybe the answer is to swing for the fences on the first shot. However, the pattern is to go for the chip shot and see if we need to swing for the fences later. The discussion of this point was we have person x on charge a dead to rights. Lets go for a and save b if we really need it on appeal.

I am seriously annoyed at the treatment of drunk driving. It is not uncommon to have a situation where people have two or more convictions given one year conditional discharge. I want the following legal change to be written into law.

No change in Immigration status for five years after one conviction of Drunk driving. If a second one occurs while you are waiting immediate deportation.

Drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs is a very dangerous crime. We should take this far more seriously than mere possession of gun without a license. We do not take this crime seriously enough and it crosses all income levels.

Plaxico Burress is looking at three years in jail for shooting himself. In reality there should be a law against handling firearms while impaired. Burress also placed a gun in the pocket of his sweatpants and everyone knows what happens when one places anything in sweat pants pockets. New York State does not enforce the laws of common sense. Ironically had Plaxico merely been convicted of a DWI his career would have been uninerupted.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am an American

We rarely talk of my vision of America and the world.

I am an American. My brothers and sisters come from all over the planet and practice many faiths.We are a nation bound by a common vision. The basics of that vision is individual rights and intellectual freedom. My country does not accept second class citizens.

There are those who think that they own patriotism. They speak in loud tones and wave our flag, but do not understand what it for. We are one nation and hatred of anyone based on anything other than criminality violates our traditions.

An American Life

I walk the streets of NYC in a UN of ethnic enclaves. I drive to the swamps and famed diners of Jersey. Some nephew Nicos is always getting yelled at for his personal life. The owners breath taking niece named Sophia or Helen serves huge portions of great food.

My travels take me from the White Mountains of Maine to the wonderful city of San Diego. The cast of characters always changes across the rich landscape. As a NYC type there are mysteries of life we seldom see like Checkers, Fatburger and a host of new experiences. America is not uniform except in the ideals that unite us.

An American life takes us from meeting proud veterans at the Golden Corral in GA to sitting with a file clerk in Checkers from Nigeria. The American life has taken me through WTC 93, 9-11
and scores of blackouts.

What an adventure and honor it is to live in this land. We will survive Obama or if we are lucky he might grow.... not. The economy will get better but there will be pain ahead for many good people.

Immigration and Society

The time has come to rethink our model of immigration.

1) Immigration is not a right it is an honor

2) Society is not served by endless appeals that go on for over a decade.

3) There are certain countries the US has historical ties to and they should get preference. Lets end the 7% rule that discriminates against residents of the Philippines

4) Real penalties for law breaking. A five year penalty for the first DWI and deportation for the second.

5) Severe penalties for USC citizens engaging in marriage fraud.

6) Elimination of the sibling immigration class and married child.

The Big Table

I have taken the opportunity to thank many for helping me understand the difference between
faith in a friend and reality. Many of us have friends that we know are not perfect. I want to talk
of why I decided to part ways with Dr Yeagley.

I also want to differentiate between what is fair criticism and what is not

Many of you have conveyed similar disillusionment with the Doctor who remains clueless. He sees the critique as an anti Yeagley conspiracy. I see it as talking to a friend who has fallen off the path into antisocial behavior.

Yeagley has a great gimmick with much potential. An Indian thinker who celebrates traditional values and American patriotism. If he had better vision he would have become a media star. He is a genuine scholar with wide array of interests. Personally, he is likable off line and you really do want to believe in his potential.

I stayed for close to five years. Over time disenchanted Bad Eagle types approached me. I stuck by the Dr. I spent so much time dealing with the never ending armies of Joooo haters that I did not read the other sections except when a friend like Kidst or Winters among others was writing.
The army of Joooo haters never ceased and Yeagley never once waffled. His patience was perplexing and he deluded himself that insane types can be reasoned with.

I want to thank the Editrix, Mac and the other former site members for conveying accurately what they saw. Especially important were the words of Pagan Temple and to a lesser extent the Duck as objective opinions.

The final straw for me was his post The Hated White Race that has shown up on every racial supremacy site. As a writer the Doctor understands the power of words. His hostile race based critique of Obama repulsed me.

Many of you know the wonderful people at this site who are mostly Conservatives. However, our
brand is the big table of equals. We do not have second class citizens period. Blacks are equal in every aspect as full citizens. When we disagree with Obama it is on ideas. When we agree with Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell or Julius Lester it is on ideas.

Many idiots at Bad Eagle are questioning my partiotism based upon my view of Civil Unions. Sorry, but those who question my patriotism include racial supremacists, Nazis, 9-11 Conspiracy kooks and Elmer Fudd style antisemites. As for the charge I am a "radical son" in the Alinsky mode. I am honored by a comparison to a brilliant author David Horowitz. Unlike Horowitz I was never a Marxist. I was always a fervent Cold Warrior who voted for Reagan based on support for the Contras. The Duck who is a friend of sorts and has been trading barbs with me for six years knows my views on Communism. I battle them tooth and nail in a take no prisoner style. Many Conservatives are genteel and want to banter with commies. To me, as anAmerican they are evil
and should be denaturalized if they break the law. The folks at Code Pink who gave money to our enemies in Falujah should have been tried and ofered the choice 20 years in jail or denaturalization and a permanent bar from the United States. Peaceful dissent is quite different
from treason.

The critques of Yeagley and their fairness

1) Yeagley isn't an Indian. He is an Indian as the product of a mixed marraige. He is free to define himself as he chooses. Richard Poe, Stephen Schwartz and Jaimie Glazov all had one Jewish parent but chose to portray themselves differently. Products of a mixed marriage are free to do so or even identify with both. Julius Lester, was raised in a Christian home and sees himself as a Jew.

Where Yeagley does get this mixed up at times is he misidentifies view points. When I address him on law it is from the American perspective and as a person trained to work with laws. All of us wear many hats when I discuss politics with Farmer John I understand individualism. Americanism celebrates the essence of the individual. Our rights are individual, but Yeagley seems to miss this.

2) Yeagley is an antisemite. This is 100% false. He has way too much patience for the most perverse forms of Jooo hatred. He thinks such a malady can be reasoned with. For the most part
the extreeme antisemite is either mentally disturbed or a communist. Mental Illness and communism often are comingled.

3) Yeagley is a racist.

On one level as a man with conventional proclivities beauty is subjective. There is a decent man in my office who is very into Asian women. So Yeagley is not racist for stating a personal preference for white women. If we all liked the same thing people would be lonely and boring.

His contention that race mixing creates a degradation of beauty is interesting. Lynda Carter, Mariah Carey, Phoebe Cates and Sakma Hayek are products of people with mixed ancestry. Yeagley is also the product of such a union.

The article the Hated White Race and the Obama posts are ample proof. If Yeagley were wise he would look at the words of Gator, the Editrix, Mac and many others and consider his looking at his values.

Racial supremcy and American Patriotism are incongruous. A real American like Mr Beamish, AOW or Elmers Brother has zero patience for this. In fact all decent people ranging from Jams, the Editrix, Mac and so forth do not endorse this

4) Incoherence and the John Birch Society. Yeagley is a paid speaker for the John Birch society.
The John Birch Society has pointed to communist involvement in Civil Rights groups. However,
any discussion of AIM is off the table. Would he brush aside a querry about the NAACP similarly.

5) Yeagley is a homophobe. This is an unfair criticism. He is a traditional conservative who is has religious views of scripture.

Onto the last part. Yeagley has a parasitic follower named Batty Ann. She is atthis site more than I am. We did not publish her screed against CM. She is atthis site more than I am. A check of my sitemeter shows she is here an average of ten times a day.

Many of his foes would have gone away long ago had Batty Ann not created more hatred. She is directly and solely responsible for the Yeagley is gay material.

Friday, August 07, 2009


This site will be restored to its former tone over the next few days.

Sunbeam and I are doing well. My father is recovering very well from his heart surgery. Rav Roov is still around even as his son is studying at a Yeshiva in Israel. The princess hates my guts and we haven't spoken for over six months.

I would caution all of you who work about work spouses. The idea is great, but ultimately someone gets too attached and it goes awry. Before Sunbeam, I loved having a work wife. We ate lunch and breakfast together every day. I wasn't interested in her romantically or sexually and we never went out apart from work. I never cared about her boyfriend of the moment.However, when Sunbeam walked into my life she could not handle it and tried to end my relationship. She would walk in to a closed office and get into conversations with Sunbeam that devolved into fights. Choosing between Sunbeam and the Princess was no choice.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Alcohol and Children.

One of the more interesting things we do at this site is discuss smaller topics from local stories of child abuse to bantering with the Duck about film, art and literature. This is a personal post with an inspiration from a local news story. A local woman got drunk and stoned and drove a minivan
the wrong way on a local highway killing members of her own family as well as the occupants of another vehicle.

Recently at work, I participated ( was impressed) into participating in a charity walk to raise money for breast cancer research. My mother is a survivor.

After the walk, my coworkers gathered in a local restaurant and had a few drinks. I alone refused all alcohol as an eight year old girl was present. I do not drink alcohol in the presence of young children as adults are role models. I would also never smoke in front of children either. I am not a smoker, but if I were, I would never do so around children.

I took a great deal of criticism from my coworkers who thought my notions were archaic.

In other posts we discussed the local police in Vermont pouring the drink of a visibly pregnant woman on the floor and escorting her home. I had mixed emotions at first, but the policeman was preventing actual child abuse and doing a public service.

I have also witnessed the real dangers of people operating power equipment after a few drinks at lunch. Drunk driving and operating power equipment is a serious crime that should carry a mandatory jail sentence of at least a week in jail.

Should adults smoke and drink alcohol in front of young children? Were the police officers actions
an invasion of the woman's personal liberty or in line with public safety. Would you take the keys away from a friend who was about to drive a car while drunk. Should Drunk driving carry a mandatory jail time?

There will be no more Yeagley bashing here. I do owe the Editrix and Mac an apology. When they talk of the Dr like myself they are people with years of first hand experience. Their critique and descriptions are 100% accurate conveyances. I will defend the Doctor on any and all charges of antisemitism. I will no longer defend him on other areas such as the Obama posts and the infamous The Hated White Race article. Such sentiments are not defensible and most of us create a Yeagley of our imagination. This Yeagley of our creation, has nothing to do with the real Yeagley who is irresponsible in his witting and incoherent on many levels.

I had prepared a scathing disection of those incoherecies but decided to kill the post. I did a comedic classic satire of one of his infamous posts, but killed that as well. For better or worse he was a friend of mine who has fallen down on the job. As for his break with David Horowitz, I know both individuals via emails and the worst thing one can say about Horowitz ( he would likely admit it himself) is that he is a self promoter. Horowitz is a very sharp man and brilliant writer and is correct in saying nothing while distancing himself. I will follow his prudent example
and do likewise.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Maybe Never

I want to point out I am a NYC type and for me in my heart I live in post racial America. The man down the block is just that and it is my reality. The idea that any American is less than equal is foreign to the readers of this site.

I am having a hard time accepting the reality of the illogical of proclaiming one's self a patriot without getting that Blacks are American too. How does one proclaim patriotism, but miss that concept. Once again the Bad Eagle's Eva Braun addresses me as a foreigner.

In the eyes of Dr's quote number one fan "the Jew is foreign". Sorry but my family has been here for three generations.

When I talk of post racial America, I talk of the day where we embody the true ideals of Americanism. For many this was the promise of Obama. Of course Obama himself is more of a symbol than a person. His policies are dreadful, his judgment poor and his ego makes Clintons look normal.Maybe the dream will be filled when we can say his ideas stink and everyone focuses on the idea.

Perhaps it is naive to think post racial America will ever be a real place. Yet I know in the heart of my readers from Junglemom to AOW it is our mindset. We have the big table of equals in our hearts allready even before the Obama myth of a nation in need of healing was being bandied.

I look at Yeagley and he is the White supremacists dream. They get an Indian affirming their hatred of blacks in a proAmerica way. Of course Yeagley will correctly point out he never submitted these articles to racist sites. However, as a man of words he must understand his myth is larger than himself. The Obama being criticized in racial terms posts are something I can not defend. Of course even as I disagree on policy with Obama, our critique must be true to our American vision of the big table.

I recently found myself accused of racism a while back. I had a nonromantic friendship with a Black West Indian woman. I really was not looking for love when Sunbeam entered my life. Many did not understand the deep love in my heart proceeded our relationship. She was always the nuturing woman of my dreams. She was and remains very beautiful but there were many beautiful women but I was drawn to her. There was a magic I never forgot when our eyes would meet.

I found my love of Sunbeam criticized by many. For them we were two Jews and my choice was racial. I tried to convey us growing up together and the yearning in my heart. I never forgot her over the years. When she got divorced she looked for me, but I was adventuring in Vermont.
She and I exchanged emails and a few phone calls before we met. The electricity was in the air before we met. We were walking like lovers in less than five minutes of our first date.

At work I had a whale of a time explaining my changes. I had dated but was aloof and not looking
for love. They saw me change in weeks, but did not understand how it happened quickly. In reality Sunbeam and I knew each other for 35 years. We grew up together, but I walked another
path and she remained in the community.

I guess my coworkers expect love to be logical and rational like my vision of the big table. The big table form of Americanism is at the center of my soul. My vision of the society is different from my the yearnings in my heart as a person matter.

Maybe post racial America is as real as Utopia as some will always cling to hatred. Maybe there is a flip side to my belief that all is rational and logical. Maybe I have to accept that as humans there are things we cant convey and to expect logic and reason from some even myself is itself illogical.

Can I explain how people hold hatred in their heart and do not grasp the concept of the big table even as they imagine themselves patriots. Can I explain a deep love that bloomed in minutes to people who see my personal choice as racist and crazy. Do we need to accept that on some level
many of are irrational.

I remeber explaining to the West Indian friend the two times in my life I fell in love in seconds. She is a thirty something person who is materialistic and cynical about love claiming she never felt it. Oddly, Sunbeam said the same thing until over a year ago. I remeber being in college at a memorial service for a girlwholived up the block. Even though she lived up the block we never interacted as she was very religious and I was free. The few times we took the bus from College she would break my shoes about going to Hillel and meeting a soul mate. I was a young man with
movie star looks. My pictures from that time are regularly mistaken for Tony Curtis. I was dating the UN and at times socialites. It was a crazy time and I was young and believed everything was possible. This girl up the block died in a car crash and it was my one and only time going to Hillel. I went to the procession and a young woman came in with a friend. There were sparks going everywhere and it was as if there was nobody else in the room. I remember my friend knowing in seconds "Beaks she just isn't interested in me". Oddly when I run into people from that time they always remeber her even if they met her once. I guess the deep love that bloomed in seconds was memorable.

I discounted that as a folly of my youth. I met Sunbeam and in minutes the connection was there. The previous time it was like a thnderstorm, but this time it was sweet and sunny and just as passionate.

I could not convey this to a friend who felt rejected angry and jealous. Over time she tried to pull me away from Sunbeam. She couldn't compette and it was never a contest. It turned very bitter and we haven't spoke in five months. For her the fact Sunbeam stirr't achieve ed my heart was racist. For me it was the logical completion of a dream. Love and hatred are illogical and at some level all of us are irrational.

Maybe there are dreams we can not reach and things that can't be explained.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Sad Truth

I want to say dreams die hard. My vision of America is the big table where all of us are equal but different. We are free to think and pursue the questions of life as we see fit and are bound by a set of documents that unites us in a common vision based upon individual rights.

In the old days Bad Eagle was a magical place. There was something for everyone and many brilliant posters called the place home. There were the brilliant posts of the Hun, Kidst, Amil and many others. If you wanted a laugh the Gator, Mark Winters or Ajibik knew a great joke. There were many stand up people like Warren, TMW, Johny Mac, Raven, RN and many others. I look up and they are all gone.

When Mac was there the site was about ideas and information. Sadly it devolved into fratricide largely at the instigation of a Nazi and his psychotic troll.

Mac may be right that the place was always Stormfront Lite. The Hun has pointed out that once again Dr Y's writting turn up on a white power site. Now I know first hand that a few times things I have written have turned up in odd places. However, this racial based critique of Obama
is dead wrong and lends itself to White Power types. I want to believe in Dr Y as he is a friend. However, the racialist tone of the Obama posts can not be defended and I will not.

Even more insulting is the claim that the viscious behavior of Batty Ann is some type of cultural
norm. Sorry, but that is an insult to every loving Indian woman who epitomizes grace as she raises her children with love.

There are those who do not understand the big table. I always thought we shared that vision of America. We will promote that vision here.

I was out with Sunbeam and we had some funny moments. We were at a resturant and the waiter was confused. I ordered a Diet cola and she ordered coffee. It is usualy the woman who has the Diet Cola. I enjoyed my time with her and every moment is magical. She is the twinkle in my green eyes and the gleam in my dimpled smile.

Faith and Self Deecption

I want to start by pointing out all of us deceive ourselves at times. The truth is we live with standards and ideals and sometimes that which we believe in lets us down.

We have seen American apologists for Chavez knowingly lie about Chavez and FARC. We did not need the Bolshevik NYT to report this, but they did. The usual suspects will create a series of lies
necessary to further their cause. Most knew that the Rosenberg's were guilty but they fostered the lie for the cause.

I want to point out my own self deception. I consider Dr. Yeagley to be a personal friend as well as a good person. He has been subjected to a series of unfair attacks. However, there is no defense for the race based overtones in his criticism of Obama.

I want to point out the most influential comment was the critique of Pagan Temple. Pagan Temple does not know Yeagley or have any history there. The Pagan is independent, but thoroughly and unapologetically American. When the Pagan talks it became time to end my self deception.

I could somewhat discount my friend CM and Naiche's critique. This critique is an internal community thing although Naiche and CM do point to themes similar to my observation on race.
My hunch is that if the Dr's psychotic parasite stopped attacking them they would move on.

The critique of the Duck is typical. However, when the Duck calls a site crazy it comes with a cavaet. He posts at Renegade Eyes site that at times does post material that is off the wall. Ren is a typical Trotskyite talentless antisemite. One should read Walter Laqueur for information on Trotskyite antisemitism.

Similarly, the Editrix does have a history with Yeagley. Her fight was personal and one can somewhat discount it. However, when she points to some objectionable posts she is 100% correct and credible.

I wanted to believe the Doctor shared my vision of America. However, there is zero way to rationalize these anti Obama posts with charged racial overtones. I still consider the Dr to be a friend and a true friend tells one hard truths. These posts as well as the base antics of his insane parasitic developmentally disabled acolyte are inexcusable.

The Pagan is 100% correct. I keep waiting for my friends to return but other than Winters they are gone. Kidst and Amil rarely post much. Warren is more likely to be here or at Mr B's and hasn't been there in a year. What is left is not much of a community. Largely due to the antics of
Batty Ann the community is finnished.

The community died when it stopped posting about ideas and history. The begining of the end was when Mac left. Mac kept the "White Power freaks at Bay". I had my run ins with him, especially on the Amil matter. However, once he departed the quality and content of the site went into the toilet. It has devolved at times into Stormfront Lite.

I am guilty of wanting to believe in a friend when the facts dictated otherwise. Sometimes friends disagree on things and the recent Obama posts are objectionble. Yeagley has forgotten the American and Christian traditions of inclusiveness.

He is still my friend, but very wrong about some basic things.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Our American Vision

I want to talk of our America. It is a land of shared values bound by the wisdom of our founding fathers. We are not a people that share an ethnicity, we share values and ideals.

Our country was founded as a response to Monarchism. It was a grand experiment where the colonist sought to preserve and improve on existing right. The basis of our rights is on an individual
basis. We have these rights on the basis of our shared humanity.

The key concept to understanding America is intellectual freedom. Thus Mr Beamish and I may disagree on a policy or two but we understand that we both want the best for our country. This concept is the glue that binds all of us together in Amercanism.

My America does not have second class citizens. All of us must have equal opportunities and racial supremacy of any type is anathema to our shared values. I am frankly amazed at racial power kooks pretending they are more Christian or American than the rest of us. Sorry, but Mr Beamish, AOW, TMW and many fine Conservatives post here and none of them have ever supported any of this KKK nonesense. Christianity like Americanism is open to all who wish to join.

What does being an American mean to you? What is your vision?

I am preparing some tums in advance for the response of the Duck. Hopefully, it will have no obscure film references.

Many of the readers her have known me over five years. My bio is consistent and I have maintained a consistent set of ideas and a patriotic vision.The notion as promoted by Nazis and the insane that I am a far left radical is fairly comedic given bio as a Cold Warrior. The claims that I am a Gay activist or a secret homosexual are amusing to Justin and Rob. I am comfortable
with who I am and if I were Gay I would state so. Interestingly, AOW did talk with Sunbeam for a moment.

This rather insane woman has made the following claims

1) I am an Apache
2) I am Black
3) I renounced my Judaism
4) I am Gay
5) I sleep with any woman I can. ( 90% of guys do this. I respect my relationship with Sunbeam)
6) I am Mexican
7) I work for NYPD
8) I am a social worker

Perhaps the only things this deranged lunatic has not stated is that I seek amorous relationships
with the house plants. As the house plants are Cacti this would be a dangerous endeavor.

Being as hateful as our advesaries

I am saddened by the recent killings at a gay center in Israel. Israel is a place where violence is not unknown, but in general Jew does not kill Jew. Even if one is religiously inclined taking the law into ones hands is never called for. Sane religious types understand the concept of free will and let God handle these matters in time.

This type of criminal behavior is not typical of religious Jews who do follow the Torah literally, but understand what is for God to judge and the realm of man.

This is not about scripture. It is a criminal act committed by someone ignorant of our traditions and ways.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A post about 1%

There may be some who are perplexed as to why Obama is considered Black in the United States.
He was raised by a white mother from a very far left family. He claims his mother installed Kansas values in the campaign but his mother was a bug eyed far left activist.

Many African Americans are mixed race as the descendants of people that have lived in the USA for 300 years are apt to be. The topic of who is Black has been decided by the Civil rights community as anyone with any Black ancestry is Black.

The Nazi types also make a similar claims about Jews. People such as Stephen Schwartz, Jaime Glazov and Richard Poe are often named as Jews when in fact none of them have ever been Jews. The mere fact that one has a Jewish parent is enough for antisemites to obsess over.

I am disturbed over some of the racist criticism of Obama. It is okay to disagree with Obama for a variety of reasons over policy. I certainly disagree with his policies. However, I refuse to join forces with race based idiocy critiques of the democratically elected President. His policies are abysmal and his judgement is starting to make Carter look good. He is even more of an egomaniac than Clinton.

Leave me out of the mix when we criticize him due to his race. We are a nation of shared ideals and racism is anathema to those ideals.