Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Who loves America

I want to point out that a certain person who is quite clueless is proclaiming that they love America.
In fact this person does not understand what makes America unique.

Most of the readers here love America and one does not even have to be a US citizen to love America. In order to love this nation one must embrace the ideals as expressed in our founding documents. Our nation is one of shared vision an ideals open to all who share this vision.

Now a certain individual has wrapped themselves in the flag while denigrating Black people. Sorry,but Blacks have served with honor in every aspect of American life. This should come as no surprise as they are very much a part of the American family.

There are reasons to oppose Obama. He is more egocentric and arrogant than Bill Clinton and is amazingly less competent. He has spent little time trying to create real jobs for America and ran around promoting lousy ideas. He has gotten a free pass from the media without having any idea
of how to get people back to work.

None of the above has anything to do with race. In fact criticism of Obama on racial grounds goes against the ideas expressed in our founding documents.

The American ethos embodies individual rights and respect for property rights. The Duck is also
unamerican because he is beholden to death cult statism. Theft of private property under the
verbiage of Nationalization and class warfare populism are typical of this malady. Poultry regularly sides with every enemy of America and wants the tax payer to subsidize his obnoxious
views. People like poultry frequently call themselves "citizens of the planet". I would like them to
act upon this and renounce their citizenship.

The Duck also pretends that communist Larazza is fiction. The Duck will pretend that the racist
seditious group has nothing to do with communism while its leaders hail Chavez. Sorry, but the only things communists like Duncy excel at is treason and sedition

One can not be a patriot while castigating fellow citizens on the basis of their race. This person is merely misguided. Communists, seek the destruction of America and want it replaced with statism. They are unamerican and should do all of us a favor and join Hugo permanently.


Always On Watch said...

I've been called a racist for voicing my opposition to BHO's policies.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of being called something I am not.

Was I ever a racist? Sure. I grew up in the South, with Southern parents who grew up in the Great Depression.

But I've moved on.

In fact, I made a conscious decision to move on in 1969, precipitated by an event in my own family. The details of that event and my ensuing rift with my own family don't matter. What does matter is that most of my generation have moved on and condemn those who are stuck in the pre-Civil Rights South.

I'd like to point out that BHO would never have been elected had there been as many purported racists as the left likes to claim.

The_Editrix said...

"I want to point out that a certain person who is quite clueless is proclaiming that they love America."

Errr... Aren't we supposed to let Yeagley go?

CM said...

Who Loves America?

Americans and people waiting to be American, they love our counry, we have to hope thats their intent when they take that pledge. Even our temporary visitors and workers love it here, they want to stay. Why not...its a Free America. Who can blame them, no matter the color!

yeagley is a user, a hypocrit, an in your kiss up liar! The whole Blog is a lie from the very beginning to end.

All Memorial Day, real Indians Honored our fallen Warriors. We celebrated with others. We pray for ALL Americans, our Leaders, our men in harms way. Before a pow-wow begins or a gathering, we Pray for our Warriors and our Leaders. If not for them we would not be able to gather, having a good time.

He's made it clear how he feels about our Government, the backbone of America, when he stated "a Black man will never be President", when Obama was elected he said he was without country for four years. What the hell is he trying to say now?

Now he is suing people who only defended HIS statements against them. He has become a crying Indian. The crying Indian he loves to denounce, he has become one. He never was a Comanche Warrior, never will be.

I looked in yesterday before taking off, and his bestest friend was cursing all,(but again)and blasting his Indian site, saying how one side it was. She was tired of it and leaving. Can't remember all, but when I got home later in the evening....it was magically
gone! You see, he won't tolorated himself being cursed and berated, yet he allows when she does that to all others, he could remove it all, yet he allows it. Thats fine with me....I have been sending them to people I think might be of interest, theres no skin off my nose when she speaks of me falsely, and he lies constantly, it follows them two only, its their reputation.

To me that proves he used her...she maybe tired of it all. Maybe I should Honor her for being so damn tuff. Two Breeds dragging each other down once and for all...then he is begging on his Blog for mercy it seems. Hell No....I wonder to myself, why not her, she spouts all the dirt,
but I have more of a grudge against him for using her, and using the Indians.

Notice I never said her name!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I notice this is the topic of the day at GayEagle, also.

So the issue of who loves America is going to be decided by a white supremacist and a Kahanist with allegiance to a foreign government.

Get a grip and do a little self criticism you pompous fraud.

Ducky's here said...

It's interesting that you bring up La Raza and say I pretend it's a fiction. Typical cowardly liar.

I certainly don't deny it exists but I've said little about it.

I notice that any organization that isn't strictly white and preferably Jewish is generally considered Communist in your demented world. Go say hello to Yeagley and give your white supremacist buddy a big kiss.

The Pagan Temple said...

The last time I was at the LaRaza site almost half, at least, of their posts were anti-Israeli bullshit. What the hell does that have to do with Latino issues anyway?

I used to have them linked on my sidebar, so people could have a handy link to go to and see for themselves what they were about as opposed to just taking someone's word about it, or just linking them in an post that would disappear pretty quick.

After the last time I was there, for the first time in quite a long time, I said, all right, enough of this bullshit is enough and I took their link down.

Since they are so much in love with Palestinians, I strongly encourage them to get together a flotilla of boats to deliver the Gazans some relief aid. And they should kindly go out of their way to avoid docking in Ashdod.

Which, by the way, should be taken away from the Arabs and given back to the Philistines, its rightful owners.