Monday, June 14, 2010

Colombian heroes rescue hostages

Buried in the headlines is the rescue of more hostages from the Chavez funded and directed terrorists of FARC. The usual suspects pretend an abundance of information from captured documents is merely just inconvenient annoyances. It is abundantly clear that Hugo Chavez is funding, directing and arming terrorists beyond his borders.

He needs to be tried and hung with the same rope as his friend Saddam.

Regime Change in Caracas NOW.


JINGOIST said...

And the lamestream media never even covers it! Thanks for bringing this to me. I'll look up a good news story or even link to yours sometime soon and put it on my blog so NO ONE will see it. LOL!

Chavez is a terrorist thug, and his lefty supporters in America sicken me.

Ducky's here said...

The article at the BBC doesn't say anything about Chavez.

Do you have hard evidence, Beak? Your readers want to know.

sonia said...

With all the tanks and airplanes that Chavez bought recently, I think that he will invade Colombia, probably before 2012, hoping that Obama won't do anything.

It's the only way to distract his people from collapsing economy.